My favourite artists


My Go-To when I’m sad and need some cheering up. Also I really loved their cheesy debut series “To Be Continued”. Will never forget how I fell in love with “Innocent Love/First Love”.



My Number one Go-To when I need to do some chores or just wanna feel badass. Put on “Fire” and chores seem like fun ^.^

I actually have fan merchandise, even though they are not one of my favourite groups. I guess I like their merch so much XD


I just like boy groups better than girl groups, so in general I’m not such a big girl group fan. Well, MAMAMOO still impressed me. I don’t know much about them but I definitely love their music!



Let me introduce you to my favourite K-Pop group. Their CD was the one of the first K-Pop CDs I ever bought and I love everything about them. Nothing more to say except for me they are awesome.


One of my  two all-time favourite K-Pop groups. I love their songs, their MVs, their characters, pretty much everything. Still it took me two years to get their CD. Well, now it’s one of the things I listen most to.

My favourite song? “Eternity”. Favourite MV? Can it even be anything other than “Voodoo Doll”?

 Eric Nam

I originally thought this page just for groups. Why is he here and I changed the site though? Because he had to be included after I realized he is the only solo singer where more than one song is in my all-time favourite song list. And I don’t mean only K-Pop solo but in general, he’s the only one worldwide.

 Block B

Block B is another group I noticed from the beginning. What made me fall in love with them? “Nilili Mambo”. After that I was a goner and I’m always excited when they have a comeback.

 Stray Kids

Even though they just recently had their official debut, I’m a fan of them. I’ve seen their show from the…third? episode onwards so pretty much since the beginning XD. No, I just really like them and their music so much! I hope we will see more of them in the future.

The East Light

I still remember when they debuted but I admit I did not notice them then. Just recently I clicked on their MV for Are You Okay? and I loved it. I immediately fell in love with them! Definitely gonna look out for them in the future.



Recently debuted and I’m already a fan. Depending on their next songs and promotions I’ll decide whether I really like them or just their debut song but currently they definitely left a big impression! Love them although I still have no real idea how to pronounce their name ^.^



I don’t know why I haven’t discovered them before. Their songs are catchy good tunes and “Senorita” definitely put me into K.O. mode and made me their fan. I’ve never been a fan of someone after just ONE song except for VIXX’s Voodoo Doll and BTS Fire.


Super Junior

The kings of K-Pop, at least for me. They prove time and time again that even though they belong to the older generation now, they can still surprise and amaze you.

Also if you ever watched a variety show with them…well, I don’t need to say much more. You rarely see someone as comedic as them.


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