My favourite artists

I’ve been a K-Pop fan for over 10 years now, so I’ve seen a lot of artists come and go or better even, come and stay 😉 To be honest, I’ve only ever added to my favorites list but this time I decided to think a little bit and only add the artists I really like and love.

Note: The MVs are randomly selected.


Let’s start it off with my only girl group on this list. In general I’m more into the charismatic and badass concepts and less into the cute and lovely concepts, so there are more male groups on here than female ones. Mamamoo won me over though and I’ve been loving there songs more and more and I cannot wait for more from them ^.^


I’ve been loving Infinite pretty much since their BTD days and I’ve never stopped following them. Unfortunately some members left the group and atm they have to do their military service but I hope they come back even stronger when everyone is back from service. I cannot wait for their comeback!


VIXX has been my number 1 group since…wait, let me count…2013. Yes, one year after their debut. Their concepts, their characters, their performances, I just love everything and I cannot wait to see more of them. Though I do really hope that Ravi’s departure from the label does not affect their promotions and they continue promoting as a group and release more amazing songs.

Eric Nam

Eric Nam is the only solo artists with two songs on my favorite songs list and I know it’s not gonna change anytime soon. I just love his voice and also his humor. In general I think he is pretty much my favorite solo artists worldwide.


It’s funny how Pentagon is not actually my number 1 favorite but they are actually the only group I know where I like every. single. song. I’m serious, there is always at least one song I don’t really like (and I’m not just talking about the title song but all the other songs too) but Pentagon is the only artist out there where I like every single song. They have yet to break that record and release something I don’t like but I don’t think it’s gonna happen anytime soon. Also Pentagon was my first K-Pop concert and it was one of the best days of my life!!!

Super Junior

Like I said, I’ve been a K-Pop fan for a long time now and when I started out SuJu was pretty much one of the top groups out there and one of SM Entertainments biggest artists. I still think they hold a special spot in K-Pop history and I think they deserve the utmost respect. They still release amazing music and I love the new music style they have shown in the last few years. Now that all of them are finished with their military service I expect to see more of them. Also, let’s be honest here, they were and still are the top variety idol out there 😉


And here it is, the one group that threw VIXX of my number one spot after about 6 years. Funny enough, same as VIXX originally, it’s also the year after their debut that ATEEZ managed to snatch the number one spot in my heart and tbh I don’t think they are gonna leave that anytime soon. I’m going crazy for that group and I cannot wait to see them in concert soon. Also they finally managed to get me off my ass and make me want to try out some dancing…I’m not any good but maybe in the future…
I mean…their stage presence is crazy good! They just make you watch them.

So these are my favorite artists, some probably expected but maybe their were some surprises their. What are your favorite artists?