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2Moons 2 – Reboot Review

On June 29th we started into a new adventure…2Moons 2 The Series started airing and with it came a pressure to perform well. The special pre-episode told us the first 3-4 episodes are gonna tell the story we all know and then the new plot lines are starting. For now 5 episodes have aired so I will review those for now and maybe a full on review later on.

A new start

Not long ago they announced they would re-tell some of the story from the previous 2Moons and would then go on to tell new story lines. So do not expect too much from the first 3 episodes since those are pretty much just a re-telling of the story and not much else.


Suprisingly the re-telling brings quite some new things and dynamics which you may have thought about but not seen before.
We get more insight into Kit’s feelings, as well as some spin on the back story between Phana and Wayo. Their story seems to have a whole different undertone but I give that to the new actors (which I will say more about later). In general the reboot/season 2 brings a whole different aura and feels like you may watch something new with a little bit of a deja-vu feeling beside it.

The Cast

I wasn’t really into the new cast at the beginning. Not because I liked the old one that much but because their acting in teasers and trailers seemed shallow. So what to really expect from the new cast? They are better than I imagined, really, BUT they are really different than before. You know the saying that every actor and actress gives new characteristics to a character? Well, this time it is definitely like that.


So what changed? Well, Pha is definitely more tough character-wise and does seem a little bit colder. I think that fits really well considering Wayo never really knew his feelings were reciprocated and it would have been strange if he never noticed anything. We get some back story of how Pha finally realized his own feelings and stepped out of his comfort zone to admit he liked a guy (compliments for having such good friends who wanted him to be honest and support him). This side was totally missing from season 1. Also Pha seems a lot more playful around his friends and later on when he gets closer to Wayo. In general he seems to be the kind of guy who is really close and sweet when he knows someone well and kind of cold but polite when he meets some stranger. Before he was mostly handsome and in love with Wayo but this time he is a lot more playful in the relationship. I like the new characteristics a lot and it leads to a new set of scenes with Wayo. While this playfulness does make him seem younger, the kissing and more intimate scenes with Wayo give the character some feeling of being grown up, so we also get that.

Wayo is a little bit more awkward which doesn’t really hurt the role (since the character is awkward too) and also he does seem like someone who is in love with Pha for years. Previously he had more backbone and while he did seem like a guy with a crush, he did not seem like a guy in love all the time. In the first re-telling episodes the new Wayo kind of lost all backbone but do not worry, he gets more cheeky in episode 4 and 5, so we can hope for the future. I do think it’s nice though, to see the new Wayo with his little self-confidence but still being able to act like a normal person. He did not turn into a total soft person who doesn’t know the word “no”.


For his story line the producers stayed more loyal to his original story and it really was mostly re-telling at first and not many new scenes. I do admit that he was one of two characters I really was on the edge about whether I liked them or not. In episode four he was adorable so he had that going for him but he gets much better in episode 5, so I guess we will see even better acting from him from now on.

As for Ming and Kit: Ming seems a lot more age appropriate than before. I mean the characters are just starting their college years so it’s nice seeing him being confident but also young, cheeky and sometimes insecure. His friendship with Wayo seems a lot more to the ground too. Before it was this friendship between the cute little guy and the cheeky confident guy. This time it is more balanced and they actually seem as if this could be two real boys who have been friends for years and are there for each other when there is trouble. As for Kit, I think he’s my new favorite of the show. He seems the most natural of all of them and while you already see some of the underlying insecurities, he has a feeling of seniority about him and I appreciate it. It’s nice actual seeing him be their senior and not just the guy who gets weak when he’s around Ming. I do think their re-telling story line suffered a lot from the shortness of scenes but since the play a bigger role in the new story, I think we can all be excited for that. The two actors also mix quite well although I would like to see them a little bit more engaging since they seem a little bit stiff around each other. For episode 5, though, I give the biggest compliments to him, since the face he gave Ming, when he knew he was breaking the guy’s heart? That was acting-gold! You could see him being uncomfortable and not liking how the situation turned out. He did break the guy’s heart but at the same time he felt like an ass for doing so and didn’t really want to do it and you could see all that in his face. For now definitely my new favorite of the new cast!

While most of the others swayed from their previous characteristics, Forth is the one character most similar to his previous part. He is still tough with some fluff on the side. I did love the new scene between Pha and Forth. They seemed like friends, finally talking it out and I love how Forth accepted Pha’s interest in Yo but at the same time warned him to take good care of the little guy.


We didn’t get much of Beam yet. He does seem like less of a playboy and in his scene with Kit you can already see where the story is going. Depending on the pace of the Kit-Ming story, I guess, we are getting our Forth-Beam couple. I’m curious how those two are gonna fit together. I did read the novels so yes, I’m excited.

Overall we are getting on a different ride than before and I am happy they are retelling the story since we can get to know the characters first. I think this was a really good decision since it would have been really awkward otherwise.

The background

As for the materials, rooms and so on, it’s nice and looks good, the only thing I am criticizing is the sounds in the movie. Sometimes the show gets the perfect song but a few times they did not play anything and you noticed the silence even more. I mean I was thinking: “did they screw up the editing?” At least for the first two episodes it was like that. It gets better by episode four. You can kind of see that they put more or better work into the new story then into the re-telling episodes, but I don’t really blame them for it. I think it is better this way and the new scenes, plot lines and story seem very interesting and fitting.



It does seem like a nice show and I’m definitely gonna continue watching. Especially because they are releasing it with english subs. Since when are we getting that??? I love it. So let’s support them and start on this new journey.

Note: the kiss between Pha and Yo was really nice. Not just a shy little one but…well, I did not expect that much ^.^ nice seeing them change that and the actors really doing well.

So this was my review for the first four 2Moons 2 episodes. I know it is a little bit chaotic but I’m melting here. Still I hope you liked it. Now I’m gonna go back to getting grilled in the 37°C sun.


HIStory3: Trapped – Mid-Season Review

Like I promised here is a mid season review for the ongoing BL series HIStory3: Trapped. I hope you like it and check out the series or continue watching if you are already watching it.

General information

Trapped is a 2019 BL series from Taiwan and is the…wait let me count…sixth installment of the highly popular HIStory franchise. It is also the first installment of the HIStory3 series. It consists of 20 episodes and airs Tuesday and Wednesday. It is currently on episode 11 (aired on the 14th).


It tells the stories of Meng Shao Fei (played by Jake Hsu), a police officer with a temper, and Tang Yi (played by Chris Wu), a cold gangster boss. For four years Meng Shao Fei has followed Tang Yi around to find out what happened to his senior police officer without getting anything from him and Tang Yi has tolerated the police officer at his side. One day, through an unfortunate incident, they grow closer and start to develop something more than just simple interest in each other’s past…

The expectations

I still remember after the three stories of HIStory got released and they announced HIStory2, people were going crazy and a lot of people (me included) doubted the producers could get us with their sweet and passionate story lines again. Well, HIStory2 broke through all those expectations and definitely proved us all wrong – it was even better than the previous installments. It was just amazing how they could suck you in with just 8 episodes (back then) and make you cheer, groan, cry, laugh, giggle and scream with the couples and their stories. Despite all the doubts they fulfilled all the expectations and made you love the couples.


Of course, when they announced HIStory3 fans were on cloud 9 again and the expectations became even higher. I mean it’s the HIStory franchise…yeah, so now you know how much pressure lies on Trapped. One question has to be asked: Does it live up to the hype?

Unexpected surprise

I will not straight out answer this question yet. In my opinion an ending can make a series golden or end a show in general, so I won’t answer this question directly before watching all 20 episodes. I will try to answer the question for the first 10 episodes though.


Trapped had a lot of pressure and in my opinion, after watching half of the series, it comes out on top. Trapped starts of at a point where you don’t know where it will go at all and I read an interesting comment somewhere. The viewer had no idea what the story and atmosphere of the series was gonna be like after watching episode one. And no, that person did not mean it as a compliment. I do though. I remember watching the other installments and there are not many parts where the producers didn’t just throw you into the story and let you figure out everything on your own.
It may not sound like a compliment but it is. Being thrown into the story and not knowing all of the facts while some are just there and you have to deal with them, surprisingly brings a lot of good with it.


The best advantage? It feels more natural: The story development, the feelings between the leads, the characters, just everything. It’s not just a slow introduction like with other shows but it starts right from episode one. Also, since there are just some parts that are just “there” and you won’t get an explanation or background knowledge to it, there will always be some curiosity about it. We all want what we cannot get, right?


Another thing I liked with the new story line and characters: I really enjoy story lines where the leads do already know each other and don’t just randomly fall in love with a person they have known for 10 minutes. So bonus points for the show here.

Oh and DO NOT underestimate the show’s humor and touchy scenes. While there has not been many kisses, you feel like you get so much. And the humor is sometimes just a nice underlying humor while in some scenes it’s straight up comedy.

The characters/cast

Big compliments to the actors. They seem so natural and their chemistry is really good. Not just the main leads but also the second leads, Jack (played by Andy Bian) and Zhao Li An (played by Kenny Chen). All of them match so well with each other.
I like that the main leads and the second leads are so different and it’s not the same thing repeated.


And for everyone who likes it when both of the leads have some…hm…let’s say sass in them: this is definitely it. While in other shows there is a clear top and bottom in the relationship… yes, it is also pretty clear in this one BUT I just love how Tang Yi seems to just give in to Shao Fei. Shao Fei is so different from Tang Yi, he is sometimes impulsive, has quite the temper and is pretty direct about what he thinks and what he does while Tang Yi seems more collected and quiet. And maybe it’s because he is like this that he seems unable to say No to Shao Fei. I just adore it!

It’s not like with other shows where the top lead just adores the passive lead and finds him so cute he cannot say No but it is actually because Shao Fei can be pretty adamant about what he wants.

The difference

I do not want to say too much about the story and the feelings, since there are still 10 more episodes but I will have to mention some things, otherwise it won’t be a review 😀

The story line is not totally unusual. There are some stories about a gangster and a not-gangster out there but the way they tell it, it does seem quite unusual. The story is not one of those dark and broody gangster BL films out there but is actually sweet and nice. Don’t imagine rainbows and unicorns just yet though.


Two things that totally make this show different than their previous installments. First, there is a lot more action (or “action-y”) scenes in it then with the other shows. I know there were some volleyball scenes in Boundary Crossing and an almost car crash in Obsessed, but this one has more fight scenes and a lot more serious action scenes at that. The second difference to the other parts and the one reason why I recommend this to every BL fan: We do not get a lot of BL shows where both leads are adults with a job (or something like that – is gangster boss a job?). No one of the leads is in college, training or at school. Both have an equal standing. Most of the BL shows out there either take place at school, in college, in training or at least started out at those places and therefore still keep some of that school charm with it (best example SOTUS 2).


Trapped does not carry anything like that with it. Like I said, both have an equal standing and since they both work in a different area of expertise, there is also no senior-junior thing going on. This show is just about two people with their own agenda who get together and slowly fall for each other. I mean a relationship can be totally different if you see the other person as a senior or junior. Trapped offers new dynamics and perspectives and gives the characters a charming grown-up vibe that blows some fresh air into the BL world.

Oh my…the drama is coming…



Overall, I think, Trapped is definitely worth a try. I do recommend checking out at least two to three episodes before deciding whether to watch or drop. Not to figure out the story, since, like I mentioned, there are just some things you won’t get with HIStory shows, but more to get a grip on the pace of the show. Just watching episode one I thought it was gonna be slow paced, especially since the show has 20 episodes, but it is actually quite fast-paced. I appreciate it, since it would have ruined the show if it was slower and more drawn out. Like this it is nice and neat even if it does have 20 episodes.

So I definitely recommend the show and depending on the ending in a few weeks I will decide if the producers fulfilled the expectations yet again (oh my god…and there are still some upcoming installments, I’m shaking O.O ) I do wanna say: the outlook is good, so if they continue like this I might have compliments coming in the final review 😉


So check out the show and tell me what you think about it! I’d love to hear what expectations you have with the show ^.^

So lucky #randomremarks

I recently decided that I’d like to post some updates regularly. Updates like: what is new in the BL world, what kind of song releases are interesting at the moment, what movies are in the cinema right now and so on.

You can find the first one of these, here.

So what is new this week?
We got some new BL news also a short review on Dumbo. Maybe I’m gonna give you a full one later on. Also we got some new trailers.

Dreams coming true (BL corner)

Mark it in the calendar, next week is the finale of He’s Coming To Me. I don’t know whether to be excited or afraid …


I think something that has a lot of BL fans taking a big breath at the moment is this little special called Reminders (or ReminderS). If you have not heard about it yet, here is your chance to find out why everyone is going crazy right now: It was pretty clear from the beginning that the widely popular series Love By Chance is not going to get another season. There were so many troubles regarding the airing and channel changing of the series that it was like 95% sure there was not gonna be another one and so a lot of people prayed for another season and a little miracle. Well, we are not exactly getting another season but we are getting something.


ReminderS tells the story of three couples and yes, two of them are build with the actors from Love By Chance. We are about to see more of Perth and Saint and Mean and Plan and can go crazy about them again. One thing you need to keep in mind though – the characters are not AePete/TinCan. Yes, I heard it is because the rights for the story went back to the author recently and since there have been some problems in the beginning when LINE TV took over the airing of LBC, so they probably couldn’t mention the characters anymore and changed it. Do not worry though, since the new characters are just as amazing, maybe with a few additional character traits but all of them having some parts of their initial characters in them.


Another big surprise from ReminderS, though, is nothing other than Phun and Noh from Love Sick coming back! Yes, even before the announced third season of the series, we are getting a little snippet of them and I just could not stop smiling while watching it. I just love them so much and Love Sick is such a classic and started so much for me that I cannot wait!!! So only episode 1 aired already, the other episodes coming on Friday, 19th and I think Sunday, 21st (but not sure about the second one though), and I can tell you, I love seeing the LBC actors together, I love their new character traits but what I love even more: Phun and Noh more grown up, still having some of their charm from Love Sick and the chemistry still being there! I also really appreciate that they seem to be the most stable couple in this 3 episode “reminder” 🙂 Maybe the director decided to keep the big drama to the third season and give us a treat with a drama free short special…hahahahaha, we all know that’s not gonna happen 😀

I mean we all know they just want to make some promotion for Love Sick and also give fans something in return with the LBC couples and PhunNoh but still, I’m excited! So episode one already aired, episode is out on April 20th!!

For BL fans there is also other good news, we are getting some Love By Chance candies in general. While it is not totally clear yet if the whole thing is with the Love By Chance characters or if it’s just the same actors playing different roles – though I doubt that since even two of the couples are the same, did not see AePete though (probably same problem as mentioned above), but Perth (Ae’s actor) is coming back. Well there are gonna be three movies called Love: Must Fight, Love: Must Slap and Love: Must Take It Off and they feature some of our favourite couples bringing us smiles and hopefully no tears this time!! Other good news, release date is May 5th.

Get ready for a full on Disney year! (Movie Mania corner)

Disney has never been a company that releases a movie trailer like a month before the actual release. Usually they release a teaser around a year before and a full on trailer at least three to four months prior. Well, with this in mind, I waited for the actual The Lion King trailer on the edge of my seat. There were some doubts since they could have released the trailer on the same day Aladdin starts in cinema but fortunately they kept to their usual and released it two days ago.

Soooo…The Lion King seems to have the same problem as Aladdin, the villain sounds too smooth and soft but while I was surprised by Scar’s voice I was more interested and excited for Simba’s voice…well, Disney decided to keep that for themselves for some time more. You hear Scar, Timon and Pumba and Mufasa but no Simba. But I did enjoy the little singing snippet of Timon and Pumba at the end. I am still curious how they are going to animate all the other song sequences – since seriously, The Lion King is so famous for its music, you cannot make a movie without the musical sequences – but since they seem to have done a great job with Aladdin, I am going to believe in Disney and trust them to make my favourite Disney movie into a must-watch miracle. (haha…no pressure at all, I know)

As for the Dumbo movie, I just watched it in cinema this week (or since I am going to release this on Tuesday, it would be last week then): The animation is nice and the acting is really great, especially since I watched it in Spanish and I may not have understood everything they said but those parts I did not understand I understood with their acting 🙂 The only flaw the movie really has is the fact that it is sooooo cheesy. Like a serious cringe factor. It is endearing and charming and sweet but if you cannot watch a romance or kids movie without cringing, this one will probably make you cringe too. The few but still existing funny snippets of the movie are great though and the chemistry between all the actors seems really nice and binds everything together. Also Dumbo is so cute ❤


Oh and today I went and watched The Kid Who Would Be King. Short review: the CGI and production of the movie is amazing, the actors are more than just nice, you can see they give it their all and they definitely succeeded. The humor is really funny and the modern spin on the movie is like a fresh breath of air. There are a few overly cheesy and dramatic scenes though, so if you are like me and don’t shy away from watching a movie made for a younger audience even though you are not part of that predicted audience, feel free to watch and enjoy! I had a blast even though I had to go to the toilet in the middle of it…don’t drink too much coke guys!

K-Pop comebacks and dance covers (K-Pop corner)

From the K-Pop perspective or the TV show corner I don’t really have many news for you.

BTS had a comeback which would be awesome but well…I don’t actually like the title song as much as the previous songs 😥 I do like the Dionysos track though. That and its performance version is amazing!!

Also, side note, don’t put “Kpop in public” as a search term in youtube…you will pretty much only get Kill This Love covers…still I have to admit the energy in the one below is awesome!

Renewals and Cancellations coming up…(TV Mania corner)

Game of Thrones is releasing new content to promote its final season and has already started airing. I’m waiting for the finale and then binge watch it but if you want to have a blast and the excitement of not spoiling it for yourself, do it like a normal person and watch it regularly (yes, I’m not a normal person regarding TV shows, if you haven’t noticed ;))

Also renewal and cancellation time is coming up guys. April and May are like the second time of the year (after the new year, new news period of series news) TV channels are releasing news about TV show renewals and cancellations. Also streaming services are giving out some news.

After 7 seasons, Arrow has been renewed for a 10 episode final 8th season. Also Supernatural is getting a final 15th season and ending after, I grew up with this show so it’s quite harsh T.T


Here a very short overview of other shows:

Renewed: A Million Little Things (excited for it and happy for them, the show seems nice and I do plan on checking it out as soon as possible); The Good Doctor (I’m a 100% on board with the original Korean version but I appreciate that a successful remake has finally been made); Modern Family has been renewed for a final 11th season (never watched it, tried it, didn’t like it, sorry); Criminal Minds (gonna end o.O renewed for a final season though); God Friended Me (yes!!!); Magnum P.I. (I still didn’t get to check it out, lucky I get more time now); NCIS; Young Sheldon (for two more seasons even); The Resident (YES!); Brooklyn Nine-Nine (yay :D); Chicago Fire / Med / P.D. (Yay!); Manifest (a surprise tbh, but I like it ^.^); New Amsterdam (it’s getting more awesome by the minute); Legacies (I’m still angry with the ending of The Originals and while I did want to watch it I kind of lost interest); Dynasty (I’m enjoying this show more and more so keep going!); The Flash
Not clear yet are some of the newer shows like Single Parents, Whiskey Cavalier and The Rookie. I only watched Single Parents though and I really hope it gets another season. Also another show hanging is Bull – please don’t cancel it!!! Also MacGyver…I love that show, but no news yet…
Cancelled: Elementary (nooooo T.T); Code Black (I watched a little bit of season one but that was it); The Big Bang Theory (I do think that’s been known for some time that the finale is airing this year); The Gifted (hm…I like some parts of it but not really the whole show); Gotham (I have season one on DVD since some time ago but never watched it, tbh); Midnight, Texas (that show was kind of addicting though)

More detailed list HERE.

On a more positive note, I recently purchased Deadly Class on Amazon after they finally published it there. Still haven’t watched the last two episodes of season one but I guarantee, this show is absolutely awesome and the most binge worthy material I’ve seen in a long time!!!


Ending: Don’t forget Avengers: Endgame is coming! And beware the movie is 3h (and I think, 58 seconds) long and there is NO INTERMISSION. Since I hate going to the toilet while in the cinema (but it always happens, since the coke seems to go in and want to immediately come out again), my mind is like YES! My head who knows I’m gonna have to visit the restroom for sure, decided to just bring someone along who can go with me and tell me what happened while I was gone 😉

So, this is the newest #randomremarks update. I hope you liked it. I’m thinking of posting it like every two weeks or whenever there is something new coming out. Hope I can keept that up ^.^


Review: Mr. Merman (Series)

Let me make this clear, I love mermaid and merman shows, I really do. Also movies. But the quality has to be really good or at least the storyline and the characters have to be interesting. Otherwise I won’t enjoy it much and drop it after just a little bit of watching.
I did not know about Mr. Merman for a long time but when I discovered it I was over the moon since I could finally watch another mermaid/merman show and it was good and not just some lousy effects 😉

So here, even though it has been like a month or two since I watched it, is my review of Mr. Merman.


General Information

Mr. Merman is a 29 episode long 2018 Thai TV show about three men, Payu, Talay and Plangton, trying to uncover an ominous organisation while keeping their origins as mermen a secret. One day an unfortunate event leads to Talay having to rescue Fahfon and accidentally turning her into a mermaid too. While that may come as a shock there is also the little problem of mermaids turning into sea foam after three months. So the three men and Fahfon have to figure out a way to save her and keep their secret hidden from the mad scientists of the organisation.

The show stars Boat Tara Tipa as Talay, Namwhan Phulita Supinchompoo as Fahfon, Kiak Wattikorn Permsubhirun as Payu, Best Vichayut Limratanamongkol as Plangton, Namnung Suttidachanai as Ploysai (Fahfon’s best friend and Plangton’s love interest) and Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor as Nannam (Fahfon’s other love interest and a powerful CEO).
Except for Tao I didn’t know any of the faces.


The story

The story itself is sometimes quite cheesy (especially the ending) but overall the story flows nicely and the number of episodes fits well. I did not think I’d like it that much but I did. It was nice to see another mermaid/merman show with quality like this. I especially liked that they showed strengths and weaknesses for our main leads and didn’t just put it as “the strong merman save the weak mermaid”. No, everything made sense in that regard and the dynamics between the characters where really nice. The one thing I loved about the story line: It did not take long for some of the main people to figure out the mermen’s secret and tbh I loved that. That brought a whole new dynamic into the mix. (But don’t worry it is not revealed right away).

I did not like all of the story developments but over time I learned to trust the writers and saw that they handled everything quite well. They did try to keep some things secret for as long as they could but sometimes you could just see the discovery from a mile away.


The characters

The characters are really nice and while some characters may have an obnoxious or annoying side to them the writers definitely tried not to put focus on it for too long. So even Ploysai, the funny best friend of Fahfon and with a mad crush on Plangton, wasn’t annoying but seemed really charming and grows on you over time. Also the chemistry between the romantic interests was charming.

There were some whiny characters though and they annoyed the hell outta me but don’t worry, like I said, “supporting” characters. They don’t appear that often.
Also while watching I read a comment that someone though the mad scientist’s laugh was as fake as it could get. In the beginning it seems okay, I guess, but the viewer was right. Be prepared that around the end it is totally fake and annoying.

My favourite characters are Talay and Ploysai. Talay because he could be caring, tough but also show a weak side. I love that they included a story line where he had to be cared for by Fahfon and not just always the other way around. That supported the chemistry so much. As for Ploysai, normally I dislike characters like her, but this time I really enjoyed it. While she did go over the top for impressing Plangton, she also showed that she knows when it is too much and she wasn’t just a madly in love character but still had time to get embarrassed, hurt or annoyed.



Comedy-wise the show is lacking. There are some comedic scenes but it seems like the writers did not know how to put them and it’s quite an awkward humor. But don’t worry, that does not destroy the overall story. Like someone told me some time ago: The story may not be funny, but it is fun.

Another minus point though, is the sound. Seriously I have never seen such a noisy TV show. I don’t think the producers knew how to add the sound in the right scenes so there is like music all the time or at least some background sounds. Those moments when it is finally quiet, seem really dramatic though, since finally there is no music.

Why I’m recommending it

Mainly because I think there might be mermaid/merman fans out there that love shows like these and while there are many minus points, I did binge-watch the show since I was totally into it. The story is addicting. And since I needed some time to discover it, I’m recommending it here, because maybe there are people who also don’t know the show and maybe want to check it out!

I highly recommend watching the first five episodes and then decide. Don’t judge by the first episode though, because you won’t see much of the dynamics yet.


I know this was a short review but I thought I could finally write a review where I did not gush about a show or movie like a crazy person and also recommend something that I did not love but just liked. Sometimes we have to try new things, right? 😉

Review: He’s Coming To Me

So a few days ago one amazing reader of my posts asked me to post a review of He’s coming to me. I’ve been thinking about writing one but I wasn’t sure whether I should especially since I normally only post reviews after the shows are completed. Well, behold the power of motivating comments, I’m sitting here and writing one even though I thought I wouldn’t have the time to since I’m on vacation 😉


General Information

He’s Coming To Me tells the story of Mes, a lonely ghost procrastinating on a graveyard, and Than, a young boy who can see ghosts but unsuccessfully pretends not to. One day they meet (and in Than’s case – acknowledge) each other and the wheels of fate start turning. After finding out that Mes doesn’t remember anything from his past and the only hint is an old cassette recorder, Than decides to take Mes in and help him find out about his past.

I think pretty much all of the more prominent actors in the show are pretty known faces. We have Prachaya Ruangroj (Singto) from SOTUS as Mes and Pawat Chittsawangdee (Ohm) from Make It Right as Than. The supporting actors are Harit Cheewagaroon (Sing) from oh-so-many shows as Khiem and Wachirawit Ruangwiwat (Chimon) from My Dear Loser or, as you know if you are a regular reader of my posts, The Gifted as Prince. I’d love not to be the horrible person who only mentions the male actors now but tbh I didn’t find the name of the female actress playing Than’s friend and the only female in the group of friends.



Okay let’s all admit it. We all had high expectations of Ohm and Singto but at the same time went in with a heavy heart. It’s not every day actors who are usually mentioned in other couples end up acting as main leads on their own. We all were still thinking of Arthit and Kongpob / Book and Frame. At the same time we were all excited. Ohm had proven multiple times that he can act out more than just one type of role and makes you fall in love with his quirkiness and cute smile. Singto also has proven to be a great actor and one thing he has shown that you don’t see with many other actors, he can create chemistry with more than just one co-star. Usually when an actor from a popular BL couple starts acting as a couple with someone else there are always comparisons and/or awkwardness. But fortunately not this time (but let’s get to that later). So we all kind of expected a lot of them both while at the same time preparing to be disappointed.

Well we wouldn’t have needed to worry. Okay the show is only at episode 5 but since it only has 8 episodes we are over the midpoint.

The story of a lonely boy meeting a lonely ghost – Quality ❤

So the story in general may not be that original…except when you see it in the context of BL shows. Regarding BL shows the premise is kind of new and unusual. There are a lot of shows about school and college but not that many light hearted shows about a lonely boy meeting an even lonelier ghost and them living together.
There are a lot of shows that totally depend on the leads chemistry, charisma, charm or the show’s overall storyline or comedy. This show is no different in the regard, that it depends a lot on the chemistry between our two leads, Singto and Ohm, but at the same time it also depends on a lot of their individual charms. Both actors execute couple scenes but also friendship or single shots with their best work. You can see that a scene showing one of them playing basketball is executed just as well as the couple scenes. This gives the show an overall acting quality you don’t see often in other shows.
In general the show does not feature many new actors but mainly actors and actresses that have been in multiple shows before, making it more mature than what we are used to from other shows. I think that’s one of the reasons why this one is set out to become a new favorite. The overall quality – even the special effects of being a ghost – are quite well executed so you can just totally appreciate every single scene in the show.


Heart break is waiting

But now to the story line itself. I mean I knew beforehand that we BL fans can be quite masochistic. Just look at all the teases and bromances we watch even though we know it won’t end well…this show is set out to be no different. Episode 5 already had me in tears and giggles but since one of the leads is a ghost, as in “dead”, as in “even if he finally gets reincarnated he will be 22 years younger than you, Than”, we are all still watching. So here may be the question: is it worth it? In my opinion and judging from episode 1 to episode 5, yes, but read the post and decide for yourself whether you want to watch it. Also note that I’m an avid bad ending hater and still I’m watching this. So either I’m overly masochistic or the show is just that good.

Note: No, really. I hate bad endings. One of my favourite TV shows ever has a bad ending for the main character and I still haven’t watched the last few episodes and I just refuse to watch it – ever.


Oh also let me give a compliment to the leads for crying beautifully but also convincingly. The one tear down the cheek is so old, I love the new “tears gushing down the cheeks and puppy eyed looks” the show is going with.

Comedy ahoy and refreshing new character traits

In the previous paragraph I said major tear jerker and we can probably expect a big heart break at the end but at the same time this show is really comedic. It works a lot with sounds and doesn’t just depend on the usual funny supporting character, which is a nice change. A lot of comedic scenes come from our leads. The whole story creates a really great dynamic between Mes and Than. While there is no doubt at all who has the bigger pull in the relationship, Mes is not just standing by. He pouts, he begs, he throws puppy eyes and he judges, and he does all that in a wonderfully charming manor. He actually reminds me a lot of the wonderful 2moons scenes where the love-struck Wayo sometimes stood tall and told Phana what he had to do and what was gonna happen. Mes definitely has a sweet spot for Than (and vice versa) and doesn’t want to be a bother but at the same time he still stands straight and shows when he wants something and when it’s time to listen to him.


Than is not that different from Mes except that he is more open about what he wants and uses the begging and puppy eyes only when he knows it will work. You could say he is more grown up as a character. He is also more headstrong. He is an avid basketball player and loves hanging out with his friends. And while he wants to keep his ability to see ghosts from them he doesn’t care if a whole city park or the rest of the shopping center sees him. You could say he knows where he has to put a line and when he doesn’t want to cross it. One thing I love about him, and the story line in general, though, he admits he likes Mes. He’s not denying his feelings. He may say he’s confused and scared but he knows what he’s feeling is attraction and maybe even love. Mes also confessed and I love how Than just overlooked the “he’s dead and he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings” Mes was talking about and was going straight to the point. It’s nice seeing Singto in a prominent but passive role. It suits him just as much as the active character.

Supporting friendships

Of course we also have to talk about the supporting characters…while Mes’ past is as mysterious as ever Than’s friends are not – not at all. You could read them from a mile away. Still that doesn’t destroy anything regarding the story line but only supports it. The writers are not letting the viewers guess what someone is feeling and spend half of the episodes with them discovering their feelings but go straight to the point of them trying to figure out what to do with those feelings. It reminds me a lot of M’s storyline in SOTUS. While it is clear the straight love story is not the main one it doesn’t stop the story tellers from exploring it and doing so in a way we BL fans won’t have to skip through it.


In general I love the friendship between the four college students. They fight, they make up, they are worried, they laugh together. And while there is a lot of teasing they don’t overdo it. I think that’s mainly because the shows comedy doesn’t depend on it so the writers did not have to put much focus on it. This makes the friendship seem more realistic and convincing. And while I did say there is no funny supporting character, there is, but he’s not just the funny supporting character. Khiew (Sing) is probably the happy-go-lucky guy in the group of friends but since the leads also contribute to the comedy of the show, Khiew is not just marked by his comedic characteristics but can also show when he is worried etc.

Multiple traits

Since we are already on the topic, I really appreciate the fact that we get so many character traits for each person. No one is just the gloomy or just the comedic character. Even our leads have multiple sides to them. Mes can be quiet and a thinker but at the same time he can show puppy eyes and whine like a kid, Than can be crazy with his friends, has the heart on the right spot, but at the same time he has a weak spot for his ghost friend and has moments where you catch him cheating on a test or in a sports game with Mes’ help and not think twice about it. Prince gets quiet when the topic goes to him secretly being in love but gets crazy when paired up with Khiew and he can joke around just as much as the others. Khiew is the comedy friend but also shows that he seriously thinks about his friends and worries a lot.
It’s interesting to see them all having so many sides to them and how this gives more quality and enjoyment to the show overall.


Development and pacing

The show stays true to its pacing. From the beginning until …episode 5. I don’t wanna say end, since I haven’t seen it yet. It’s possible it’s gonna pick up the pace after episode 5 but we will see. Overall though, the story’s pacing is the same from the first minute. It does seem it takes some time and you will wish that the episodes were longer or the pacing faster but in general it fits the show well and there are not that many unnecessary scenes. I have to say, it wouldn’t have hurt to pace the show just a little bit faster but well, we cannot have everything. The story development is nice though and it goes quite naturally. The feelings broke out in episode 5 which did seem a little bit sudden but I think that is just if you keep some time between the episodes or watch 10 other shows in between like me.



I recommend the show, but I do admit, I don’t recommend it to everyone. If you don’t like bad endings AT ALL and try to avoid them at all costs – wait until the show aired and then let someone else spoil it for you, whether the ending was bad or not. Also note that until now the show does not feature heavy stuff like Together With Me or Love By Chance but is more like the fluffy little bunny toy everyone had as a kid. In general the show is a giggling fun because you just enjoy the overall atmosphere of the show, the dynamics, the characters and their interactions. I think a lot of this will change a little after episode 5 but we will see. It also doesn’t feature a fast storytelling but considering it’s just 8 episodes it is as fast as it can be without stuffing to much content in those episodes.
I totally recommend the show if you want to watch a BL show with quality acting, refreshing characters, a nice chemistry and funny lead characters.

For me, the show is on its best way to become one of my favourite BL shows out there but the ending of the show can make it or break at this moment, so I’ll wait before I decide on that. I do trust LINE TV and GMM though, so hope dies last and I think they will think of a way to make this whole thing work without making me cry for weeks after watching it.


This is my review on He’s Coming To Me. I am probably gonna post an ending review later on but for now, this is it. Of all the currently airing BL shows though, this one is definitely the best, without a doubt.