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Review: The Gifted (Thailand)

Note, I am not talking about the US series The Gifted but the 2018 series from Thailand. That series is also NOT a remake or reboot or something from the US series. They are totally separate things and having nothing to do with each other. They just share the same name.

I still remember when The Gifted aired. I was watching a different show at the time and really had a different impression from The Gifted than what the show actually is and so I didn’t watch it even though it features one of my favourite actors.

I don’t really know how big of a hit or a flop it was but I can only say: to everyone who watched it, I seriously doubt it could be anything but amazing. The Gifted managed to get into my all-time favourite TV series worldwide list. No kidding, I mean it. It’s like with wedding dresses, you never think the first one could be the right one. With this show I didn’t think it could be one of my favourites after just two days but yes, it is. So let’s get deeper into what the series is about.

Note: I will not really mention the reality criticism behind the show since I’m neither from Thailand nor do I know much about their education system, so I’m not here to judge their system. I’m just here to judge and review the show 🙂

Note 2: the first part of the post is without spoilers but when the spoilers start, I will put a notice!

The Gifted – General

The Gifted is a 2018 Thai TV series that aired from August ’til November on GMMTV. It consists of 13 episodes and is available with English subs on the official GMMTV channel on Youtube (See Here). It is based on a Thai movie called The Gifted that came out in 2015 and that is known to criticize the Thai education system where academic success trumps everything else and unfair treatment directly relates to it (by the way, I’m not saying it is like that, I’m just saying they portray it like that). I have not watched the movie yet so I cannot tell you how that one is though.

The show has four directors according to mydramalist: O Patha Thongpan (ThirTEEN Terrors; Malee: The Series), Waasuthep Ketpetch (ThirTEEN Terrors; Malila: The Farewell Flower), Dome Jarupat Kannula (The Golden Hand Chef) and Sand Dhammarong Sermrittirong (The Gifted – movie; The Golden Hand Chef). Don’t ask me how these four seemingly totally different people got together but I compliment them on making such an amazing show.

The premise

The story is about a school that not only has the usual classes separated by years but also separates them in 8 different classes. Class 1 is academically the best and they get the best equipment, preferential treatment as well as an earlier lunch break so they get more food. Class 8 gets the worst equipment, worst rooms and has the latest lunch break when almost nothing is left. Once a semester the school holds a placement test and some students are chosen to also participate in the Gifted class, a special additional class everyone wants to get into. Pang, a student of Class 8, isn’t really keen on being the best, he just wants the unfair treatment to stop but he gets the shock of his life when he gets called to the Gifted class after the test. And since all students from the Gifted class are from Classes 1, 2 and 3, he feels like the black sheep and like he doesn’t belong. Well, soon the 10 students of the class discover that there might be a different reason they got into the Gifted class than what they originally thought. 


The Cast

The cast consists of quite a few actors and actresses you might know from other shows, if you keep up to date with GMMTV shows in general.


There is Nanon Korapat Kirdpan (Oh in My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17; S in Senior Secret Love Series) as our main protagonist Pang. He’s also gonna star in the 2019 upcoming series Blacklist (so excited for that!!). He plays the main lead who acts less like a hero than I would have expected in the beginning but is pretty much the only one really trying to change the system and realising how wrong it is. Pang, the character, does kind of have a naive perspective but he is still a teenager so you cannot really be mad at him for it. Also he does not kid himself into total naive thinking but knows when he has to play it smart. 

Also we have the other gifted students:


Chimon Wachirawit Ruangwiwat (Sun in My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 and Our Skyy) as Wave. He’s currently starring as Prince in He’s Coming To Me. While he acted as the nice kid in other shows this time he is kind of the main lead’s enemy, although not the main antagonist. For me he really hit it home since with this role he really convinced as the bad guy while I’m only used to him as a good guy. 



Lilly Apichaya Thongkham (Bell in The Promise; Snoopy in Love Songs Love Series) as Namtarn. This girl is sixteen. Yes you heard right. I have never been so surprised. I mean you do notice she is still young and does not have as much acting experience as some others but she still has solid acting. She plays Namtarn, another naive thinker who loves the gifted class and would do everything do be there. She is also close friends with Pang and Ohm. 



Jane Ramida Jiranorraphat (White in Part Time: The Series) as Claire. She also starred in the main role in My Dear Loser: Edge of 17. A lot of people criticized her in My Dear Loser, although not just because of her acting but also because the role was…well, not that great. Well, in this show she plays a totally different character. Claire is a pretty girl who loves to stick it in other people’s faces that she’s better than them. But over time you see that she is still a normal girl. I loved her chemistry with Gun as Punn (see below). While I was kind of on the edge about them being something like a couple in the show, I was convinced during watching and totally rooted for them. Also her acting improved soooo much! 



Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (Rome in Senior Secret Love Series and Our Skyy) as Punn. If you don’t know him, you did not spend much time on this website or with GMMTV shows, especially not in the BL sector. He also acted in the show ThirTEEN Terrors and is starring in the upcoming 2019 show Theory of Love. Gun has proven multiple times over the years that he can act and in this show it is no different. While GMMTV does have a steady cast of good young actors now that can act convincingly, I do think there are not that many that could have pulled of Punn. He is a perfect guy that can pretty much do anything but is also under a lot of pressure from the people around him. I loved how he definitely had a weakness for Claire and suddenly became sweet every time she was there. 



Sing Harit Cheewagaroon (Per in Love Sick The Series; Din in Senior Secret Love Series) as Ohm. While he’s not starred in many main lead roles he has appeared in soooo many other shows as a recurring character. From Slam Dance the Series to the My Dear Loser series. Currently he’s starring as Khiaokem in He’s Coming To Me. He’s proven over time that he really developed as an actor and while the kind of characters he plays do not change much he shows that he can show a wide range of emotions. I think in regards to GMMTV actors he definitely had the best development. He started awkward and can now convince in his role. He plays Ohm, Pang’s new friend in the gifted class with a lot of humor and who wants to make the class laugh and have a good time but tends to lose his things all the time. 



Fiat Pattadon Janngeon (Graph in Slam Dance The Series; Dae in Sotus S: The Series) as Korn. He’s also appeared in a lot of shows as a supporting actor and will star in the upcoming 2019 show A Gift For Whom You Hate. For me his acting was really good and nice but I really did not like his character. His character was kind of annoying but turned around in the end and kind of got more likeable. But you notice that it is his character that was the problem because his acting was convincing and emotional. 



Puimek Napasorn Weerayuttvilai (Ainam in My Dear Loser: Edge of 17; Khao Fang in Sotus S: The Series) as Mon. She’s also appeared in a few other shows and will star with Fiat in the 2019 show A Gift For Whom You Hate. She has also acted in a lot of shows I watched and I think his one is her best. She definitely developed well as an actress and shows that she can play serious characters too. 


These are all the main actors and mainly featured gifted students. Most of them you should know from My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 and ThirTEEN Terrors.

But now, after this long list of actors, let’s get to the real review.

SPOILERS AHEAD – I won’t spoil the ending though!


The story – best pacing but no surprises

One thing that can cost you viewers is the pacing of a story. Some people dislike slow storytelling, some dislike if it is too fast and too many things happening at the same time. Well, The Gifted found a good solution for it. There is a general story line underlying everything but it features a lot of minor story lines that get resolved (at least to some degree) quite fast but feature as a good distraction from the main story line not really going anywhere for some episodes. The main story line is an underlying element for the whole 13 episodes but only really shows up as the highlight in the last 2 episodes. That doesn’t mean you’re totally surprised by it, no, not at all. You kind of feel the main story in all the episodes but it is necessary to feature all the other story lines of the characters too. Like this you get to know them better and start understanding them and their actions. So, like all of the characters above get an episode to their own (except for Pang, but let’s get to that later) and to show how they struggle and try to persevere in life.

And since the stories are only one episode long and always kind of connected to the main story, the story moves forward quite well.


Scenes, amazing – surprises, not really

The show does have some scenes where they just…well, talk for some time, but the show manages to underline it with sounds and with camera angles that make it interesting and show you that even the small details are important. So even when they have a five minute conversation (as in five minutes of the episode), you don’t get bored. In general, the show features a lot of impressive scenes and camera angles that make things even more exciting.

At the same time the show does not feature a lot of surprises. You can kind of guess what is gonna happen later on (except for the ending) and you never REALLY get surprised by anything. But while this does sound boring, it is not in The Gifted. Like I said the execution of the show is different to what you usually get and even if you knew something was gonna happen you are still impressed with how it IS happening. The images and camera work of the show is just amazing.


Let’s breath for a moment – humor

Note that the show is quite heavy. I mean, if you seriously think about it, it does feature a lot of serious topics and a lot of underlying meaning. That goes from bullying, unfair treatment and jealousy to straight-up murder. Yes, the show is no joke. Also the atmosphere of the show is quite dark. And just when you think it is too much, they put in a little bit of humor or just a normal scene with no underlying meaning but mainly as a filler, so your nerves won’t explode from all the seriousness and heaviness of the show. You might think, does it fit? Well, it does. Mainly because they start it from episode one and don’t really stop with this system until the end and stay true to it, also it’s not really a forced humor but it fits the show well. Also a lot of these scenes are there to really hit it home that these kids might be gifted and fight against an unfair system but also, they are still teenagers. They are not perfect, they are partly still kids but maybe exactly that is what makes them perfect for fighting this system.


The Gifted (SPOILERS AHEAD!*) 

*for this paragraph

So, here a spoiler, that I also gave myself to watch this show: the gifted students are in the Gifted class because they have special powers. I won’t spoil Pang’s powers, but I will tell you that his are the most powerful and important, and I do think it matches him well. It is funny how the show gave the students powers that match the characteristics of the characters well. I mean they do mention that the powers match their personalities but they really kept with the concept. For Pang, I think his powers match very well, regarding the fact that he wants to change the system and the people living in it. He wants to make people believe in a better world and wants to change it so everyone can live with fair treatment. As for the others, their powers matched very well and I loved the fact that the potentials they had also hinted at some of them having a more evolved version. I mean, we get to know that Pang can evolve his powers but you also see that the others start getting better at what they do.
One thing I really appreciated: Compared to other shows featuring people with special powers, the potentials in The Gifted had a real dark side too. It wasn’t just “gifted powers make us different, so we can’t be with others” but there was a real disadvantage to their powers. From Wave suffering physically when using his techno-pathy, people going crazy when interacting too closely with Mon, to Punn developing multiple personalities when copying too many talents. The potentials weren’t just powers but came with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Episode 13 – ending (spoiler free)

Soooo, episode 13…yeah, I spend the whole episode hoping and glued to the screen trying to guess how it would end. I hoped for a happy ending since I hate bad endings. Well, I won’t tell you how it ended and if I got my wish but I will tell you: The ending matches the show well and fits into the story. If it ended differently I don’t think the show would be as good as it is. Also it left space for a second season!!! Yay!
And while I did say, there are no surprises, well there are a lot of things that happen in episode 13, that I already knew beforehand but the ending itself…I had no idea, at all. That was probably the biggest surprise of the show!


The casting and acting

In my opinion the casting was done perfectly and the acting really hit it home. Not only Nanon in the main role but also all of the others really convinced as their roles. There were no scenes where you’re like “this doesn’t really match”. No, everything matches well. I do have to give the best compliments to Nanon for his overall role, Chimon for portraying so many different emotions and naturally going from one to another and Gun for episode 5. These three really did amazingly. And really notice that Nanon acted in a lot of different roles.


Now the bad stuff

Like every other show and movie, there are things that did not go as well as others. For The Gifted I have two things to criticize: First off, where is Pang’s background story? You do get a glimpse from time to time, like him calling home or when he interacts with his friend from class one. But other than that, the others got an episode about their background and how they became who they are now but he didn’t. I really don’t know why but I really hope we get a second season and see more of his upcoming.
The other minus of the show, the last three episodes had a little bit of a strange pacing. Just when you thought it would go faster now it slowed down and just when it picked up its pace it slowed down again. I cannot even really say if they should have cut some scenes or added more. I’m so confused by it, I cannot really say. It does not ruin the ending though since the last 30 minutes of the show go quite well again, so don’t worry, they did not ruin the ending.


Pleaseeee, give us a season 2!

So, we are at the end of the review. I know this time I had to say a lot of good stuff, but I think that’s a good thing. I really enjoyed the show and watched it in 2-3 days. I did wait some time to write this review though since I didn’t want to be in a watching high when writing it. Some time after watching it’s always easier to see clearly than right after the show.
Now, I can just hope for a season 2 since the show is still and will continue to be in my all-time favourite shows. Please, please, please give us a season 2, GMMTV!!!



Ending notice: I just loved the opening of the show. I seldomly rewatch openings but with this one I did. The opening just gives such an eerie but exciting feeling, hehe.

I really recommend watching the show, it is definitely worth it. It is not your typical teen drama show but also not your typical supernatural show. The atmosphere of the show in general is mysterious and totally different from what I thought it would be. I really recommend the series!


Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians, the romance comedy hit of 2018. The one movie that was a big hit in the US but unfortunately only aired for 2(!) weeks in my own country. So I couldn’t actually watch it in cinema but recently I bought the DVD and checked it out and I have to say. I did not really expect what I got. Read on to find out more 😉


Crazy Rich Asians is a 2018 American romantic comedy drama. The director is Jon M. Chu…yes, the guy from the Step Up dance franchise and Now You See Me 2. I did not expect to see his name when the credits started rolling but yeah, a pleasant surprise I have to say. The movie is based on a 2013 novel by Kevin Kwan. I saw the book in stores before the movie even aired and that was the thing that made me watch the trailer and get interested in the movie in the first place. The movie features a cast mostly with Asian descent which is pretty rare in Hollywood movies, so points on that.
The story is about Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), a professor at NYU who grew up in the US and Nick Young (Henry Golding), Rachel’s charming boyfriend who wants to introduce her to his family in Singapore. Well, after deciding to go there, Rachel finds out Nick is part of one of the richest families in Singapore and next in line to inherit the whole fortune. Of course, his family is not all happy about him bringing his “common, American” girlfriend to meet his family.


The introduction

While the first scene and introduction to the movie wasn’t that important it was a nice introduction into the movie. In the end it is mainly about showing what money and connections can do and how first impressions can be wrong sometimes.

After the intro scene we get a musical title sequence which I really enjoyed especially because the song is really nice too. Afterwards you’ll get to know our protagonist and her as well as Nick’s introduction is as normal as it can be. You see what they do, how much they like each other and how they get along.

In general, the introduction to the movie is very natural and you get to know this new world together with Rachel herself. Except for the fact that Nick comes from a rich family and that people are not that happy about him dating a common girl, you find out all the other things together with Rachel and get to experience everything with her.

The drama

The drama of the story stays true to the initial start: It keeps everything natural. Unlike other rom-coms there is no overly dramatic drama where people throw water at each other or slap the rival or something like that. No, the dramatic moments of the show seem like stuff that could actually happen which makes the movie even more enjoyable because it is not too cringy like other movies. And cringy scenes are kept pretty short. For me that makes this movie more suitable to watch with friends who may not be into romantic movies than when you want to watch movies like Love Actually or stuff like that.


Also it features not only our main couple but other couples too and I think it’s interesting to see that they are not perfect either and that some couples might not get the happy ending they wished for, because…well, life, you know.

Rachel and Nick

I really enjoyed the dynamics between Rachel and Nick. Even if there were problems they were your everyday normal couple going through good times and bad times but at the same time being there for each other and trying their best for each other.

Also it was a fun to see them joking with each other like you joke with your partner and family in real life. They were not just lovey dovey and kissing but they had natural dynamics that showed they could just enjoy their time together withouht needing to be all “we are in so in love”. They could laugh, talk and have fun with each other. Another thing I thought was really good: While, yes, Nick did not tell Rachel he was from a rich family, overall they did not have communication problems. There were bad times yeah, but they talked about things and when someone wasn’t feeling good or something happened they talked and supported each other whatever was coming their way.


The comedy

So after mentioning the romance let’s get to the comedy. Like 50% of the comedy came from Goh Peik Lin’s family. Peik Lin is a college friend of Rachel’s and has been asking her to visit her in Singapore. She becomes Rachel’s support during the tough times in Singapore and Peik Lin’s family is just a comedic joy. From the parents to the kids they were an awesome family, not just funny but also loving and supporting their friends.

The other 50% of comedy came from small little comments here and there, some offered by Rachel, some by Nick, some by Nick’s best friend Colin and so on. In general though, the comedy is kept low. I think that’s because if they had more it would’ve been a more ridiculous movie and less serious and honest. So I like that thing about the movie.


The minus

I wrote a lot about what I liked about the movie, now let’s get to the part, where I talk what I did not like about the movie. It’s easy to find that one. Sometimes the story or reactions did not make sense. Like when Rachel meets Nicks mother Eleanor: the only bad thing Eleanor said was a comment about Rachel following her passion, said in a kind of mean tone, but other than that the conversation was all well…so where did Rachel get the “she hates me” from. And there were more scenes like that where I had wished they did put a little more drama into it. Of course, not putting so much drama in kept the movie more like real life but still, it’s called a romantic-comedy drama so yeah. other than that I had nothing to complain about.




Overall the movie is really enjoyable and different from other rom-coms, not just because of the cast, but also because of the story, the acting, the dynamics and relationships. The chemistry between the leads but also all the other actors was really good and enjoyable and I really recommend watching the movie if you have not already. It’s good entertainment, especially for spring time 🙂



Introduction to BL 105 – Information (final)

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Introduction to BL 101 – General
Introduction to BL 102 – History/Origins
Introduction to BL 103 – Actors
Introduction to BL 104 – Couples

So this is the final part and yes, I know I’m late but I wasn’t feeling my best and I’m still not but I’m trying my best 😥

This last post is mainly about a few things you should know when going into the BL world or being interested in the BL world.

1 – There are more countries than the US and Thailand.

What I mean with this? Don’t scare away from trying movies and series from other countries than the US or Thailand. Before it’s LGBTQ ban, China produced quite a few good shows, Taiwan is really good, Philippines has a few, Japan too, I even know a few Indonesian ones. And if those examples are not enough. There are also shows like SKAM season 3 from Norway and its remakes in France, Germany and Italy…I think there was a forth country but I can’t remember right now. There are a few UK ones too. So you can find it all around the world, so I recommend checking them out too. Otherwise you’ll miss out on a lot of shows and I think that’s really sad.


2 – Support the original as much as possible

Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s really hard for international fans to enjoy shows and movies from other countries. I mean I’m from central Europe and it’s even hard for me to watch US shows (thank you Netflix and Amazon Prime!!! but I still have to buy a lot of stuff on DVD and wait for it to be send to me). You cannot watch it on TV, since most of the TV channels are local or at least restricted to a few countries. In the best case I happened to stumble upon a channel that was available on the whole continent but not farther than that. And if you want to watch it online on the channel’s site, it’s geo restricted. So what to do? Well, we all know what you’re gonna to but that’s not what I’m saying here. What I’m saying is: channels like LINE TV and GMMTV have come forward with their shows. Before they were only available in Thailand but now the also release international links for international fans, that are not geo restricted. Also there are other producers like the production company strongberry. As example they made the South Korean BL movie Long Time No See. And they released it on Vimeo on Demand and yes, you have to buy it, but it’s not overly expensive and the story is totally worth it ^.^
So please, support the original if possible. The more you support the original, the more the chance we fans will get more 😀


3 – Facebook and update site

I know, I know, facebook is supposedly not IN anymore. Well, I still like it more than Twitter but that’s not the point here.
Facebook actually has a lot of BL groups and fandoms on there in groups and it’s really great to join one. With so many people in one group you can stay up-to-date with everything, as well as exchange some fan banter and find some friends with the same interests as yourself. I’m in one of these groups myself and I totally love the group. We inform each other when there’s something new and exchange funny and lovely pictures of our stars and so on.

Find a page that gives information on the newest releases/trailers and stick with it. I have a few pages I support and love and I stick with them because I know I’ll get all the news and updates from them. If you change all the time you will lose sight and not get what’s gonna come out soon. If you stick to one or two sites you can keep a clear view.

4 –

I’ve already recommended a few sites here but this one is important. While the site does not have many articles and news items about BL (which I understand since we are very passionate fans and would totally take over ^.^) the site has pretty much all of the BL releases. You can check for titles, dates, actor info and more on there and even keep an list on there. I found some dear friends on there and when you have a problem the site’s support and the admins are really nice and supportive. The site really offers a lot of info and help keeping everything in order.


5 – Don’t rush other supporters

There are a lot of helpers for the international fans. People who understand international fans’ problems: we don’t always understand the language. A lot of international fans, me included, need subtitles and if they are not provided with the original video it takes some time to add them. There are a lot of youtube videos (even released from the original channels) and some people only write “Subs!!!” below it. Seriously, can’t you be a little bit nicer? The subbers are doing their best to release them as fast as possible. I still remember with Love By Chance. The official subber did so well and most of the time you had it a few hours after release. And then the subber got busy or sick, I’m not totally sure now, but so many people were supportive and I think that’s what we should do. Be supportive and understanding. Subbing a video is a lot of work and I think the deserve that we compliment and cherish their work! Thanks to every subber of BL shows for your awesome work!

6 – Don’t ruin others beliefs

I’m one of these people that very rarely changes her opinion in what she likes and dislikes, at least regarding TV shows and movies. But just because I have my own opinion I don’t mess with others’ opinions. If someone else hated a show I loved I listen to their reasons, state my own, and that’s it. I don’t start disliking or disrespecting that person. Over time I realised that BL shows are seen very differently. A lot of people loved Make It Right and a lot of people hated it. So many people loved Love By Chance and I read a chat between fans of the show and some fans that didn’t like the show. Well, it wasn’t a nice conversation and I think that’s not okay. We are all allowed our own opinion and I think it’s wrong to ruin someone else’s opinion. Let’s all accept and respect each other!



If you stick to these points I think you can find a lot of good people in the fandom and have some fun watching BL and find a lot of new things! Start your adventure now!


Cinema 2019: What’s on, what’s gone, what’s coming?

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Year 2017
Year 2018

Here’s your update to what is coming to your cinema in the new year 2019. I give no guarantees to the monthly schedule since things can differ from country to country and everything can happen, but here you have an overall schedule 😀 I hope everyone finds something for them:


January. The month of snow and Christmas afterglow. The month where everyone is still hopeful about their new year’s resolutions and hopes for the new year. Well let’s see what this hopeful month brings this year. 

First up this month offers The Favourite. A movie I heard a lot about and with Emma Stone in quite a new character compared to her previous roles. It’s a historical movie and I’m not good with those so I’m gonna skip it if it’s not overly praised by critics. 

Another one this month is Mary Queen of Scots. Another movie I heard a lot about and also historical. It seems we are returning to the historical genre of films this month. It seems like a very dramatic movie so maybe I’m gonna watch it. Maybe because I have someone who might like going with me but I’m not overly excited for it. 

There’s also gonna be a LEGO movie 2 after the first one got better reviews than anyone expected. Glass is also coming out this month. Didn’t watch the previous installments so no idea if it will be any good but maybe I’m gonna check those out first and then decide later whether to watch it in cinema or not. Escape Room is also coming out but I’m gonna wait for the first reviews on that one. I’m not a big Saw fan and I’m very very afraid it’s similar to those. 

  • Others: Norm of the North Keys to the Kingdom / The Kid who would be King / A Dog’s Way Home / The Upside


February or the month where everyone throws away their new year’s resolutions and starts wishing for spring just to spend Valentine’s alone and nag everyone about the snow and it not having 30 °C out. Well it’s February. It’s still supposed to snow. 

February gifts us with a lot of installments. First off the long awaited (at least by me) third installment of How to train your dragon. I am sad. It’s probably gonna be the last one but I’m still happy I get to see them again. I just hope it has a nice ending. 

And the hit of this February, or for some locations in January: Instant Family. Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne in their best form and together they are a really funny combination. The trailers seem awesome and funny with just enough drama and a little bit of sassiness. It’s not the most original story but I love the actors and I believe they might have managed to achieve an awesome movie start into the year. 

We also get Alita: Battle Angel, a movie that has been promoted for over a year. At least that’s what it feels like. I’m waiting on the reviews about this one though before I go and watch it in the cinema. 

  • Others: Cold Pursuit / The Rhythm Section / What Men Want / The Prodigy / Happy Death Day


March brings the long awaited Captain Marvel movie. The trailer’s been out some time and everyone is excited, also because it finally means Avengers 4 is coming soon. So Captain Marvel has quite the interesting cast especially because I did not think Brie Larsson would ever play a super hero but I think she can give this whole super hero world a new charm. I’m intrigued. 

And March also shows another long awaited favorite of mine: Dumbo. Disney is really stepping up its game this year. So many movies coming from them. Quite a line-up of live-action movies. Well the trailer seems really cool and I can’t wait to see Colin Farrell in a good character role again after playing the bad guy so well in Fantastic Beasts. 

Another movie I am excited about is Five Feet Apart. Not actually because it may be awesome but because I wanna see what the young actors can show us and how they handle the seriousness behind the story. Whether this will be a simple no one noticed it movie or a serious and touching movie, let’s wait and see. 

  • Others: Chaos Walking / The Force / Wonder Park / Us / Hotel Mumbai


Okay let’s start at the beginning. May brings us (finally) Avengers 4 or Avengers: Endgame. I think I will never understand why there was such a big drama about the name. Endgame tells me absolutely nothing. Zilch. So yeah that one is coming. Trailer seems interesting but tells us pretty much nothing. And don’t tell me otherwise. We are all just picking at little stuff so we can overcome the time to the movie release. 

Note here: this one was originally scheduled for May and only starts at the end of April so I put it here but it will probably last through May. Definitely, I’m sure. 

We also get Shazam!, a movie where I cannot decide whether it is a comedy or a super hero movie. The trailer seems fun though, so maybe I’m gonna check it out. 

We get a few horror movies this month too, but since I’m not much of a horror movie viewer I’m the wrong person to ask here. 

Hellboy is another movie coming out this month. I think it’s a reboot but I’m not a hundred percent sure, maybe another installment? Ah, I just looked it up – it’s a reboot. Well, the last one was praised a lot so it has some fandom to live up to but whether I’ll watch it, probably not, unless the effects have gotten better. 

  • Breakthrough / Pet Sematary / Little / Curse of La Llorona / Missing Link


May. The one month each year everyone goes to the cinema at least once and discovers what has changed since they have gone – either because of a Marvel movie or because they are the unlucky person to know someone who wants to go watch the new Marvel movie. The one month where DC will probably never release a movie in. But well, Disney is. 

This time Marvel is releasing its biggest blockbuster 2019 end of April so everyone releasing a movie in May has to be very sure of themselves. 

Rivaling Marvel this May is Aladdin by Disney. One of the really high pressured live-action adaptations of Disney. This could be either a total success or a total flop. I’m definitely watching this. I think it’s not a bad idea by Disney to release it in May, since it is totally different from Avengers.

Also a movie I made fun of before watching the trailer and actually laughing my ass off when I watched the trailer: Detective Pikachu. The trailer is hilarious and I’m definitely gonna check it out. Even if it is horrible I would not like missing it if it is as funny as it seems. 

Also we will get to see Godzilla 2 or Godzilla King of Monsters. Whatever you want to call it. The trailer does not tell much expect for its gonna be an action packed movie and there’s gonna be a multi-headed dragon (so cool). I’m not sure whether to watch it but if someone says they want to go I’m definitely not going to say no. 

  • Others: John Wick: Chapter 3 / Brightburn / Ugly Dolls / The Intruder


June brings us the long awaited return of the X-men main characters with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. I’m curious how Sophie Turner is gonna play her role especially because I don’t think it’s gonna be that good but I’m always happy when I get positively surprised.

Top Gun: Maverick, second installment for Top Gun, the hit from I-don’t-know when is also getting another chance and coming back with a second installment. Haven’t watched the first one, don’t know whether to watch the second one but considering how much time has passed I’m kind of curious how they incorporate modern things into it. 

We also get a lot of installments in June: Toy Story 4 which I no nothing about and I’ve kind of grown out of the Toy Story franchise I admit.

There’s The Secret Life of Pets 2. The first one was funny but not so funny to make me wanna go to the cinema and watch it I have to say. I’m also gonna wait on the reviews on that one.

The one movie a lot of people are looking forward to this June is probably Men In Black: International. A new installment of MIB and yes, Will Smith will reappear in it, so I’m excited and all for it, especially because I liked the humor in the previous installments and I like Chris Hemsworth, who is also starring in the movie.

  • Others: 47 Meters Down / Child’s Play


Whether two months is enough time between the release of two live-action Disney movies, I don’t know but it’s happening. July gives us the already teased The Lion King live-action adaption. If Aladdin is already a risk, The Lion King adaptation is a jump off the cliff and hoping for the best. Let’s see if Disney lands in a nice lake or is crushed against the hard rocks. 

We also get Spiderman: Far From Home, the second installment with Tom Holland as Spiderman. The one movie that already told us Peter Parker is not really dead. I’m excited especially after finding out who MJ is and I’m curious who the new villain will be. 

There’s also supposed to be a new installment or spin-off of Fast & Furious but even I think they’ve had A LOT already so I might just let that pass me by. 

An another movie where I don’t know whether to be kind of excited or hide under my sheets immediately is Annabelle 3. This is getting another installment…oh man and I’m still trying to work through my nightmares from The Nun and Annabelle 2. I’m not gonna say I’m not watching it because I said the same thing about The Nun but I’m not too happy about it either. 

  • Others: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood


In August, we are supposed to get X-Men The New Mutants. I don’t really know what it is about but a colleague of mine who works at the cinema told me they got the posters for it months ago so I guess it’s been long coming. Normally I like X-men movies so I’m gonna check it out. 

Also there’ll  be a movie called Artemis Fowl this August. It has a cool poster but I don’t think there’s much news about it yet. 

This August is also supposed to give us PLAYMOBIL: The movie. I wasn’t really into the LEGO movie announcement so I’m also not into this one. 

Also set for August is another long-awaited return of the Has Fallen franchise with Gerard Butler: Angel Has Fallen. I’m quite sure I’m not gonna watch it though, except when I really have too much time on my hands, since they did announce some of the storyline and I hate it when someone gets used as the scapegoat and has to prove their innocence after the previous action packed installments nonetheless. 

And last but not least we will get Angry Birds Movie 2. A lot of people have told me the first one was funny but nothing special so I’m probably gonna watch the first installment until August and then decide the rest. 

  • Others: Dora The Explorer / Boss Level / Good Boys


For horror fans we have IT: Chapter Two. The adaptation of a book that not only is deeply disturbing but could also be used as a murder weapon with its 1500 pages. 

September also brings us a Downtown Abbey movie but since I have not watched the series and I haven’t really done any research on that I cannot tell you what it will be about. If you are a fan of the TV show, maybe it will be interesting for you. 

Also we will get Spies in Disguise. An animated movie. I don’t know more. 

But be aware that August, September and so on are normally the months where things are promoted like 2 months prior and they may become summer hits. So maybe we will get some surprises this time too.

  • Others: Abominable / The Kitchen / The Hunt / The Art of Racing in the Rain


October is gonna bring a lot of horror movies I’m sure but since not that many things have been announced yet we’re gonna have to stick with what all the movies we do know. Which is: there’s gonna be a The Addams Family movie. I loved the TV show and it was really enjoyable so I’m excited for the movie. Although I don’t know what it’s gonna be like since it’s an animated movie.  

There’s gonna be a movie called Gemini Man that stars Will Smith and is kind of sci-fi but I don’t know what to think about it. 

October also sees another second installment: Zombieland Too. I absolutely loved the first one. It’s not really confirmed if and in what capacity the original actors would return but I’m hopeful. Let’s see what the first trailer looks like. 

  • Others: The Crow Reborn / Joker / Are You Afraid Of the Dark?


November. Winter is starting. Kind of. November brings us the return of the one and only movie where no one can hear the title song again. Frozen 2 is coming out and I’m on edge with this one. I don’t know what it’s gonna be like so maybe I’ll check it out, maybe not. 

There’s also gonna be Charlie’s Angels, a reboot of the original series and I’ve heard there’s gonna be a lot of changes to the original storyline and surroundings in the story, so I’m interested, not hooked, but interested.

We are also supposed to get another Kingsman movie, a franchise that was kind of nice in the last few years so I’m keeping an eye out for that one.

  • Others: Death on the Nile / Margie Claus / Terminator 6 / Sonic The Hedgehog / Arctic Justice Thunder Squad


December 2019 is supposed to bring us Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2. I’m very curious about how they worked the Comedy plot line into a second installment. Could be interesting or a total fail. Let’s see.

Also we are supposed to get Wicked. Don’t know whether this is supposed to be like Wicked the musical or a horror movie. Could both be true.

We also get another Star Wars installment: Star Wars Episode IX. I admit I’m a total star wars newbie and have yet to watch one of the movies (yeah yeah I know. How can I not have watched at least one? Well easy. I wasn’t interested in action movies in the galaxy. Before Guardians of the Galaxy I’ve not seen myself as much of a galaxy movie or series fan so yeah…). 

  • Others: Masters of the Universe / The Call of The Wild


So that was it. I hope I could give you some kind of overview of what movies are coming in 2019 and when to save some money for a cinema trip. I’m keeping my mind open especially because I watched a lot of stuff I did not recommend or skipped last year so let’s see how on the spot I am this year about my movie trips 🙂

I’m totally unreliable #lifeinanutshell

I’m not sure whether to say sorry or whether to just say “I have a life. Suck it” because I did kinda promise in a previous post I’d continue writing and publishing… Well I’m an ass I guess since I did neither since then.

I mean I did a lot of things since then:

  • Lose 5 kilos with a lot of work
  • Visit a fitness studio for the first time
  • Get the special bonus card at my local cinema
  • Buy myself stuff I don’t need
  • Buy myself some stuff I do need
  • Gain 6 kilos with a lot less work than I would’ve liked
  • Celebrate Christmas joyfully
  • Celebrate my birthday happily
  • Take a 4 week vacation from work
  • Start writing my university paper
  • Clean out my room
  • Get new work colleagues
  • Celebrate my one year anniversary at my work place
  • Go to a dance/night club for the first time and only return at 4:30 in the morning
  • Start ice-skating again
  • Buy myself a Korean book and not read it

You see I did a lot of stuff and these are just the things I can remember. Okay, but let’s just get to the point here:

I’m back and hopefully this time for real. I’m currently revamping the site – although it should be finished when I release this post but who knows with my scheduling skills. So, I’m not trying to better myself, I’m just tying to be honest here. You won’t get regular from me. Not until I’m paid to do this. Which I am not. YES, I’m a very materialistic person, I need to pay bills too you know.

So stay with me and please be patient. I can only tell you what I am working on, which currently is:

  • a new edition of the CineMania series for 2019, so you know what to expect, what to watch and what to blatantly ignore
  • part III of the BL manga recommendations which I promised months ago – I DO already have the recommendations, I just haven’t added much else
  • a recommendations post for BL shows (Thai etc) for 2019, since so many of you liked the last one
  • a review for 2018 Cinema

I’m working on all of that but no real idea when it’s finished. Currently my plan would be to release one post per week at least and the 2019 recommendation should be out by the end or middle of January, so let’s see.

Wish me luck, I will do my best, but everyone who has been reading my posts so far, knows, I’m highly unreliable regarding everything schedule-y – I know that’s not a word


Sorry, but I have a life, so do you.