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Descendants 2 / Review

So yesterday saw the premiere of the long awaited second installment of the Disney movie Descendants “Descendants 2”. I watched and loved the first installment and after watching the second one, I decided to do a review of what you can expect and if the movie lives up to the hype.


Side note: This is not spoiler free for the first movie.

Side note 2: Paragraphs with spoilers for the second movie will be marked with a red ‘#’

The plot

The Descendants movies are mainly about the world of Auradon (like a wonderful and good world only possible in fairytales) and the Isle of the Lost (like villain-island where they put everyone evil or bad) and how one day the young and about to be king prince Ben decides to let the children of villains come to an Auradon school and give them a chance at normal life. The four chosen children are: Mal, daughter of Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty), Evie, daughter of the evil queen (from Snow White), Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians …or was it just a 100?) and Jay, son of Jafar (from Aladdin). It’s about them trying to fit in, make their parents proud and also maybe get some happiness for themselves.


Disney Channel Original movies

Every year Disney or Disney Channel releases a few original movies like in 2014 “Zapped”, “Cloud 9” and “How To Build A Better Boy”. Normally those movies star many actors and actresses known from Disney Channel shows and some new faces. And every few years the release a movie that allows for a sequel, some of them though made for having a sequel, others not so much. In my teenage years it was “High School Musical” and its 3 installments, then they had “Teen Beach Movie” with 2 installments and which was nice and some amazing musical numbers but just not exactly my taste (although I thought it was interesting to see a Disney Channel movie ending not exactly ‘happy’ but kinda open).


In 2015 they released “Descendants” and it became a big hit. And I totally understand why. Having old stories and fairytales reinterpreted or seen in a new light is not something new on TV but Disney took a step no one before really took (except for maybe the TV show “Once Upon A Time” – but that’s much more serious and dark and without musical numbers). Also “Descendants” impressed with amazing and modern music and dance numbers, had interesting and catchy characters, great costume design and created its own little world. I’m really not surprised it got as popular as it is.

So did the second movie live up to its prequel?


# Storywise the movie is definitely a teen movie, you notice in some cheesy scenes and plotlines but otherwise I have to give big compliments to the writers. The trailer for the movie seemed reaaaaally typical and cliché but after watching it, I realised, the writers pumped up the pace and jumped the total cliché of story and went for the showdown of the goodies and the baddies quite fast. And just when you think, the highlight is here and over, the real highlight and big showdown comes (even though the dragon/seamonster and Ben in the water scene CGI was kinda well…obvious CGI, I loved the CGI in the normal scenes, so nice).


# Also “Descendants 2” got a more serious tone than the first one, definitely. It’s not only about not fitting in and faking being someone you are not, this time it is also about being honest and friends helping friends to get through something. The scene where Carlos makes them sit down and talk for real, this scene had quite some depth for a Disney Channel movie.

Side note: Read further in the character section


# The music of the first one was already great but this one…this is definitely step up. Especially because the songs are quite different from each other. There is the ‘wicked’ song, that’s like the continuation of ‘Rotten to the core’ from the first movie. Then there is ‘What’s my name?’ which is just badass and has this strong and deep tone in it which I just love. Also ‘Chillin’ Like A Villain’ which features a totally different vibe than any other “Descendants” song. Ballad/dramatic song ‘Space Between’ which makes you want to have a best friend like Mal and Evie. And there is ‘It’s Going Down’ which was a mix of showdown song and rap battle, also something you normally don’t get from Disney Channel movies. And last but not least ‘You and Me’ which may be the usual ‘we are one and we may make mistakes but we will help each other and do better’ song but still gives it such a nice ending (also the dancing!!!)


Just great and so nice. And it gets better during the movie. Loved the choreo for ‘Chillin’ Like a Villain’ and ‘You and Me’ so much!!!

And big compliments to Sofia Carson and Cameron Boyce…great dancing and they made the stage theirs with their dancing.


The character development in this movie was…more than I expected. You not only got a look into our main main person (no, not a mistake, I repeated it on purpose) but also quite some depth to the feelings of our other beloved characters (and amazingly with just a few lines). Also over the course of the movie I TOTALLY forgot that these people were actors and actresses. Compliments to the cast!!

# With Mal, soooo many compliments to Dove Cameron. Seriously, I wasn’t a fan of hers before, I am now. She played the overwhelmed girl in a princess outfit like it is usually done in Disney Channel movies, then the rebel going back to the Isle totally embracing her character and finally the hurt and overwhelmed girl who just wants to feel like herself like…well, exactly like a girl in that condition would act like. Dove Cameron is definitely the main and front reason why you’ll forget that the characters are played by actors and are not actual people.


Evie, she definitely became the best friend you could ever have. She understood Mal and accepted her, whatever her choice may be. She was there for her friends while also being honest. Also you could see a lot of her feelings when she made Ben promise not to leave her on the island and when she offered Mal the choice of coming or not coming to the dance whatever she may feel like and not forcing her to come if Mal didn’t want to. And just for fun, Ben and Evie make such good friends, so there for each other!


# Carlos. I really really loved three scenes which told you a lot about Carlos. He also offered a lot of the funny scenes with Doug (was that the dog’s name?) and Chad. Firstly, the scene where he makes his three best friends sit down and talk. He told them the trutht and admitted that he didn’t like it when the girls didn’t talk with the boys about their feelings. They are all family and have been together for a long time, so they should all talk to each other and not just part of them. This scene was very important for the story I think and one of the most honest, deep and open scenes in any Disney Channel Original movie. The other two scenes are kinda connected. First off, Carlos telling Mal that he didn’t want to go back to the Isle since he connects it to his mother. And secondly, the one little comment about him telling Evie, Jay and Ben that they better be quiet and not make their parents notice they were back on the Isle. These scenes makes you realise that these children really did have a very different life on the Isle and that there is a reason why they like it in Auradon and it gives the character more depth since you realise that he is actually afraid of Cruella de Vil, his mother, something that played a big role in his character development before the “Descendants” storyline and maybe explains why he is became such a great person.


# Jay, in the first movie I totally thought he only played a side role which was sad, so I was really happy when he had a bigger role in this movie (officially he was a main character in both). This time he plays a very big role, at least in my opinion. You not only see him breaking some stereotypes or at least some rules to get a talented girl into the fencing/sword fighting school team although women are not allowed (someone wrote ‘men’ and didn’t think of ‘women’ when writing the rule book for the team rules). But Jay also makes you realise that sometimes what you think is right may not be right for others. Mal doesn’t think she fits into the Auradon world and the others who may not think it perfect to return to the Isle accept that after realising her true feelings. And Jay, after all four of them talk for real, even offers Mal to take her back to the Isle personally if she really wants to. Imo that shows that he really understood, that everyone is different and not everyone feels the same. I loved that scene, definitely one of my favourite.



When watching “Descendants” you always have to know you’re watching a movie for the audience of 10 to 20 or so, I guess. But if you feel young inside and like movies like that (like me) or if you are part of that age group and like Disney Channel movies than “Descendants” is interesting and really good.

“Descendants 2” had A LOT to live up to, really. And in my opinion IT DID. Maybe it even reached higher than my expectations. I really liked it and I wanna watch it again and again. I really enjoyed it and I really hope there is gonna be a third installment.

Now I can put “Descendants” on the list of sequels who are actually better than the prequel…and that list is not very long.

So, check the movie out or if you have no chance too than check out the released performances on youtube or the full soundtrack.


I hope you liked the review…see you soon!


The Originals. Family…always and forever?

We finally have the finale of the fourth season of The Originals and I now finally know what it means when you hate to love something. Those are my feelings about this finale…I hate that I love it.


Warning! Spoilers about the Season 4 finale will be marked by a red (*)

I’m a sucker for The Originals. I was a mediocre fan of The Vampire Diaries, watching it just enough to know about the world, the original vampires and well, the main plot of each TVD season but I’m definitely not a hard-core fan (I read the series finale on wikipedia and watched some scenes on youtube instead of actually watching it). But when The Originals came out, I was soooo interested and now it is definitely in my top 3, if not even my number 1, TV series.

The show in general


For everyone who does not know what The Originals is about. (all season’s spoiler-free!!!) The Originals are a family of original vampires (which roughly means you cannot kill them at all – except for with a white oak stake which is like – super rare).

The Originals are the Mikaelson family:

Freya (who died as a child), Finn (who…was killed either in TVD or at some other time I think), Elijah (a ‘suit wearing and always helicopter-parenting his crazy little brother’ vampire), Niklaus or Klaus (the main protagonist of the show and a brutal and psychotic killer vampire-werewolf-hybrid who tends to dagger his siblings into unconsciousness…yes, literally), Kol (who was also killed in TVD as far as I remember and who is the witty little brother who tends to betray or annoy the sh*t outta his siblings…well, mostly Klaus), Rebekah (vampire who loves romance, wants to be a human and tends to hate-love her family a lot) and Henrik (who also died as a child). Three of them (Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah, ’cause the rest …’wasn’t available at the time’) took an oath with each other “We will be there for each other always and forever” like thousand years ago. The show is about some unexpected surprise waiting for the original family in New Orleans which throws their whole world around and changes everything and also tests their oath.


Others who may or may not be part of that New Orleans life-changing surprise: Hailey (a fierce werewolf in unending search for her real family and who tends to fall for the bad (and psychotic) ‘boys’), Marcel (a vampire made by Klaus who has a bad father-son relationship going on, is the leader of the New Orleans vampires and who has a serious loyalty and morale problem), Camille (a human that seems to ignore all her survival instincts and doesn’t know it may not be advisable to insult a thousand-years-old-and-unkillable-vampire) and Davina (teenage witch with a tendency for drama and hysteric teenie episodes and a whole lot of witch power)

That’s the most spoiler-free plot version I can give you. The show is mainly about family and what makes you hate them even though you love them and how you can love someone even if that someone does something horrible. It is all about family, sacrifice, betrayal, forgiveness, bloodshed, fighting for something and sticking together. Let’s just say: The Mikaelson family is crazy and totally …well, crazy, and there is a reason why the have a scary and bad reputation…everywhere.

Season 4 itself


What I really liked about this season was the new dynamics. Like seeing Klaus as a father. Before, even after Hope was born, he could just go out and kill his enemies in cold blood and so on, but now Hope is old enough to understand what her daddy is doing and can build an opinion of her own. So, he wants to be better and I think that creates a very new and interesting side to the show. Also this season finally started with the Originals actually sticking together and not one of them being like totally against each other – total difference from the season …was it season 2? …finale, where they all hated each other in the end. I loved to see them acting equal or even weak with Marcel and I also liked seeing Marcel trying to be different. It would be boring and so typical if he just acted like the Mikaelsons would have. Also Vincent got a much more interesting role in this season. Before he was the guy who always seemed to have a deal going on with someone. This season he was the guy you could rely on and who tried to do his best until the end. There were many new dynamics and relationships in this season and I loved it.


The finale

(*for the rest of the post) So, what about the season finale…The emotions went on a roller coaster in the last episode. There were good times, bad times and soooo many epic times. The one thing that will stick with me though, won’t be Klaus smile at seeing his brother finally happy and peaceful, also not Rebekah and Marcel reuniting and also not Hailey and Alaric looking happily at Hope and her new friends. No, the moment that WILL stick with me is: Hope calling out to her father. She started out with a normal question and Summer Fontana (the actress who played Hope) did an amazing performance showing Hope slowly understanding that something is wrong and that her daddy is not acting normally. And the last cry for him…that was just heartbreaking and seemed so real. Compliments to the young actress!


This cry also symbolises everything in this finale. Soooo touching but at the same time sad. In the final episode you got a deeper look into what this oath of ‘always and forever’ really means to the siblings and what family really means to them. I think after watching I could finally understand a little bit better how they are still together even though they didn’t just do horrible things to others but to each other too. You see them portraying their love for each other, how deep it goes and whatever may happen and whatever may separate them, they are a family. It’s like those story moments where someone let’s someone go, just because the person knows the other one will definitely be back…maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day. One day the Originals will always come back to each other. (Sure, THEY don’t know it, but WE do – It’s the Originals after all)


Also, I think they did a great job with Klaus and Elijah’s relationship of Elijah wanting to save and support his brother. He knew he would not be able to leave his brother alone and Klaus knew that too. So he wanted Elijah to promise to leave him alone and Elijah knowing he would not be able to do that, made Marcel compell him to forget his vow of always and forever. It is an amazing set of scenes, ending with Klaus finally taking the role of the brother who checks up on the other.

When Hailey got the truth about what would happen after the spell I thought for sure, she would not tell the others and if she hadn’t, I would sooo have hated her. But she saw Klaus and Hope and understood that he would be a great father and she finally trusts him to do the right thing. That means a lot since they had so many problems as to who should take care of Hope or who could take care of Hope before. Last finale, Klaus trusted her with his daughter and left and this time Hailey trusts him to do the best for Hope and tells him the truth. And Klaus did the right thing and decided to still go through with the ritual, another sacrifice for his family and Hope.


As for the happy (?) ending scenes after: Kol and Davina are together and Kol is getting ready to propose. If they appear in the next season or any other season afterwards I would be soooo happy for them, especially if they are married, this would give the whole show another new set of dynamics, since…well, is there any married person in the Originals? For Rebekah and Marcel…aw, I’m so happy for them, but I really want Marcel to have given up his reign of New Orleans to be with her (which he apparently did in a deleted scene), so I love that storyline. Of course it means that when you want to have Marcel back, Rebekah will come back to the show too and the other way around. What else was there? Oh yes, Hailey, Alaric and Hope. I love that this opens sooo many new doors for the show. TVD ended and I think this would be the perfect chance to transition some of the characters to TO (yes, I’m talking about Caroline…leave me alone, I loved her and Klaus and if Klaus cannot be together with Cami, I want him to be together with Caroline). For Hope, I’m happy she will get some kind of normal life and Hailey, well, she’s a strong and protecting mother and I also think she won’t let Hope forget how great her family is but also try and give her a chance at a carefree life. The scene between Elijah and Klaus…already talked about that one.



So, this finale featured a lot of different feels. It closed some doors…not that many actually, but opened up sooo many others. I’m really excited to see what season 5 will be about.


And let me give The Originals another compliment. While TVD and other shows are about the same thing again and again, TO tries new dynamics, new perspectives, new relationships and new possibilities. It doesn’t stay the same show all the time while still keeping its main message of “The Mikaelson family…always and forever”. Of course, that is also quite risky since many people may dislike it, but as for my opinion – I love it.



K-Pop playlist “Happy-go-lucky”

Today I wanna recommend some happy-go-lucky K-Pop songs. Sometimes I’m really down or just the opposite, feeling really great. So either I wanna cheer myself up or I want to support my good mood. This playlist consists of songs which are just nice to listen too. There is no unhappy note in them and I just love listening to them.

First I wanted to include just one song per group even if a group had more than one that matched the theme but then I decided to just go about it as I want and include all the songs I want (also seriously, some groups have soooo many and some have none, not one, nothing)

While I did only include my personal favourites and choices I put a small list at the end at what other people may put on the list (I may put reasons why I did not put them on the list…yeah I’ll do that). Oh yes, AND I will not judge by lyrics. I don’t know all the lyrics in my head so I just made this list with the songs and without knowing all the lyrics. Please keep that in mind.

Side note: This is not a list of just main stream stuff…oh wait, I think those are all pretty known groups…I think…well, that’s because I don’t listen to everything out there. Just know, I did not include songs just because I like the group or because the song was a popular choice among the listeners. Seriously this is my opinion and if I think a specific song does not match, then I won’t include it. Deal with it.

Side note 2: This is supposed to be a playlist so I tried to include more than 10 songs. This is not just a here are 5 songs you can listen on an endless replay and then throw your music player out the window because you can’t hear them anymore without going insane. (I counted. It’s 24 songs on the list. Don’t know how many will be in the ‘Not my choice’ list yet)

Block B – ‘Her’

Block is definitely a group that did NOT make it big at their debut. There fame came slowly with songs like Nalina or Narina or however you wanna write it and then the big success with Nillili Mambo. I still love that song so much. But that is not the song I will include in this list. It would not match…at all.

‘Her’ is an upbeat funky colourful song. It is definitely a good mood song and I always enjoy listening to it when I’m in a good mood…or when I have to do chores ;D

2Eyes – ‘Pippi’

This one I actually discovered while exploring K-Pop videos on Youtube. I really think this song matches the theme soooo much. Everytime I listen to this song I think of fun and sun and happiness. It also features a little bit of a funky chaotic sound, same as ‘Her’ but I’m not a professional musician so don’t ask me what I mean exactly. Just listen to it and have fun!

Akdong Musician – ‘How People Move’

When AKMU came back with this and ‘Re-Bye’ I could not stop listening to this song. I actually do remember the music video very clearly. I really enjoyed watching and listening and this song features all the positive craziness this brother-sister duo has. They are amazing and this song makes me smile whenever I hear it.

Twice – ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’

Let me say this once and for all, I. Am. Not. A. Twice. Fan. Seriously. I’m not saying they aren’t good or cute or funny or talented. No, they are cute, sometimes funny, talented sure…still I don’t like them. There is pretty much only one song by them I like…and it’s acually not the one I’m recommending right now. I really like ‘Knock’ but that one is a little bit more down than this one. ‘Like Ooh-Aah’, their debut song, is not just annoyingly catchy (and I mean annoyingly quite literally, sorry) but also matches the theme and I felt unfair to not include it since even I listen to it when I’m feeling good. So, listen and decide for yourself!

Eric Nam – ‘Can’t Help Myself’

This song is one of my favourite songs ever. Seriously I listened to it for days and not get annoyed at all. I just like it so much!!! It has this feel good vibe which is exactly what I meant when I started this list. I love listening to this song whether in a good mood or bad mood. It makes my mood better and more positive immediately.

Also Eric Nam has many upbeat and funny songs but this one definitely is the best of the happy go lucky ones, I think.

Mamamoo – ‘Décalcomanie’

‘Décalcomanie’ is…wow. Not only is the song itself amazing, the group is awesome too (and I’m not a die hard fan but mainly someone who appreciates some of their songs) and while the song seems dramatic and strong it has an undertone of happiness and ‘I can do anything’ in it, that makes me include it in this list.

Seventeen – ‘Mansae’

Seventeen has so many happy-go-lucky songs I didn’t know which to choose from and so I decided to just include all the ones I like as a mood maker. You can thank Seventeen and Sistar for having so many songs, that I decided to just throw the ‘per group only one song’ rule. So, ‘Mansae’ is another perfect example of happy song. It just makes you wanna dance around stupidely and not care about anything. That song is also amazingly catchy XD

Sistar – ‘Shake It’

This is definitely a summer or spring song and it matches well with the concept here. ‘Shake It’ is an upbeat happy song that makes you jump around like a crazy person and not thinking about anything stressful or annoying at all. I always enjoy listening to it whenever I feel down. It helps me smile everytime.

VIXX – ‘G.R.8.U’

Musically this song may not offer anything new or special but it is definitely a song that gives you the feeling of ‘happy day, perfect weather, wonderful time to do what I love, let’s all be happy and smile’. Also, the MV is really cool.

(wow, three lines for my favourite K-Pop group…well, tried to keep it short, I think I managed, hehe)

Miss A – Only You

I am no miss A fan either. And until ‘Only You’ I didn’t even like their songs, tbh. ‘Only You’ is the first song of theirs I liked and still like. Compared to the others it starts with a little bit of drama and there are also some drama sequences in it, but in general I really like the chorus and how it gives a hopeful feeling. If you’re really looking for the 100% happy go lucky songs though, this one may not be the perfect choice for your playlist. If you can handle a little bit of drama and a rise in the song, this one is good.

GOT7 – ‘Just Right’

I wasn’t really a fan of GOT7. Though not because I didn’t like them but because I didn’t know about them. I knew they were a group by JYP Entertainment and that their were seven of them and…that’s pretty much all I knew. Then one day I saw a short clip of some of their songs…mainly this one, yes, and I fell in love with the group. GOT7 is actually one of the few groups I started liking through their music alone and not music and shows and so on. And ‘Just Right’ is probably in my top three songs I want to listen to when I’m in a bad or sad mood. It makes me think positive and smile.

ALSO can I just give compliments to whoever decided when each member should sing. The pre-chorus (or whatever it is called) as well as the chorus are just great. Youngjae makes a nice rise for the chorus and then JB and Jinyoung’s voices for the chorus. The tone of their voices make the chorus even more friendly and happy then the whole melody already is. Compliments compliments!!!

Sistar – ‘Touch my Body’

I may not have a perfect body or be much of a fitness person. I’m also not a very beach body person. I’m more the library, DVD, and creative kind of person. Still I always enjoy listening to this song. I may get some complex when watching the video and seeing the perfect Sistar members but who cares. The song is fun and happy and I just love it.

Block B – ‘Tell Them’

For a moment, let’s forget all the drama behind Block B and their change of labels because their label was not really as good as it seemed. Let’s forget all that and focus on this list. This song…I totally forgot about that one, although back when it came out, I loved it soooo much (ha, I was a Block B fan before ‘Nillili Mambo’ and ‘Nalina’ and I’m proud of that). I actually discovered this song again while listening to the other songs on this list and when I did I was like ‘oh YES this one I have to included immediately’. So I did.

This song shows a very different side of Block B but still the song is so happy and good that it’s impossible not to smile. At least for me.

Strawberry Milk – ‘Ok’

Can a song be so cute and happy that it will kill you? If yes, then I nominate this song. ‘Ok’ is…a lot. It’s cheesy-ly cute, crushingly happy and not-surprisingly catchy. Also they are twins…What else do you wanna know?

Side note: I just noticed while watching the video. Isn’t the OK-character/person/man really cute when they are in their strawberry costumes and he sits in the back and he moves his feet around…that’s so cute!

IOI – ‘Dream Girls’

This is very different from ‘Ok’. While ‘Ok’ features pure happiness and cuteness, ‘Dream Girls’ sounds more like hope and (yes yes I know) achieving dreams. It sound very very different but it matches the theme and I like it.

B1A4 – ‘Solo Day’

‘Solo Day’ is probably different than anything on this list. While all the others are mainly about being happy, hopeful and so on, ‘Solo Day’ features happiness mixed with a little bit of a melancholic feeling. Still I think it’s perfect for this list, since the whole song gives the feeling of being in a not satisfying life and then one day just packing your things and deciding to explore and experience life how you want it.

Sistar – ‘Loving U’

Summer. Love. Fun. This song is a total summer song. No doubt. It starts slow and let’s you get into the song but you already know you will get a whole lot of sweetness and happiness. It’s coming your way and I just noticed I kind of make this sound like something bad…I didn’t mean to. No, this song is great for a day with weather (according to your liking) and doing whatever you want to. This song is a happy song about doing things you want to do.

Girl’s Day – ‘Darling’

‘Darling’ is pretty much ‘Loving U’ with a little bit different vibe. While ‘Loving U’ seems like traveling somewhere and enjoying your time there, ‘Darling’ seems like spending some time with your loved ones at home and being cheesy and loving. So stop cringing and enjoy the song!

Astro – ‘Breathless’

This song just HAD to go on this list. ‘Breathless’ is another perfect example for matching the theme of this list. Not only the song is fun and pure happiness but the MV is funny and enjoyable too. I can’t stop listening to this song whenever I start feeling down. ‘Breathless’ is fresh and summer-ly when it’s hot outside and you just wanna have a great time.

Brave Girls – ‘High Heels’

The topic of this song may be very different from some of the others but the overall melody is really really upbeat and happy. I don’t know why but everytime I hear this song I just wanna jump up and dance crazily with a big smile on my face.

Red Velvet – ‘Russian Roulette’

I feel like a broken record but I also have to say here: I’m not a Red Velvet fan. Their music is too strange for me. There is one song I like though, and different from before, it is actually the song I am recommending. ‘Russian Roulette’ is catchy, fun and happy. It is definitely worth listening to it.

Astro – ‘Hide & Seek’

Astro again. Well, they are just too bubbly. ‘Hide & Seek’, their debut song, definitely started the bubbly image and I really hope they stick to it…at least for the time being. I love this song and it matches the list. Listen and have fun. I listened twice and started singing the chorus XD

Hyuna – ‘Bubble Pop’

‘Bubble Pop’ may not be the newest song but it definitely has a happy melody and makes me wanna dance with them. I haven’t listened to the song very often but I will definitely start after writing this list. It’s a summer song bringing happiness.

Seventeen – Pretty U

Someone said ‘Pretty U’ has this typical melody for songs that are just ‘happy’. I totally agree. ‘Pretty U’ is pretty much ‘Happy U’ while not being too ‘into your face’, like some others on this list. It is more of some happy music accompanying you then you being right in the middle of happiness. Nice and enjoyable.


Other songs recommended, but which I do not listen to or didn’t wanna include in the list: Infinite – ‘Man in Love’ (my other favourite group but I did not include them…’Man in Love’ just sound a little bit one-dimensional and flat…sorry), Twice – ‘Cheer Up’ (others may say it matches, I say the chorus ending note of each line is just to high…it sounds too much like shrieking at the end, so I don’t enjoy listening to it), Seventeen – ‘Very Nice’ (too strong and less happy more like upbeat), Big Bang – ‘Sober’ (too much like happy to party, than happy, just happy), I.O.I. – ‘Very Very Very’ (too annoyingly catchy), Crayon Pop – ‘Bar Bar Bar’ (not as happy as I thought. Upbeat and funky yes but otherwise…), SNSD – ‘Gee’ (too typical), Kara – ‘Mamma Mia’ (not happy enough, too much drama), GFriend – ‘Me Gustas Tu’ (a few dramatic desperate undertones), B.A.P – Feel So Good (just not my style)

So this was my list, I hope you liked it. It was nice going through my memories again.

See you next time, bye bye


Disaster movies, recommendations.

Welcome to another post of my favourites and my opinion. I didn’t know how many films I’d recommend so I just decided, I would write a general title. Please consider, that this is my opinion and not a statistic or something like that. I also know, that there are many disaster movies I did not watch yet.

So what movies are part of this list:

  • disaster movies with natural disasters (ex. tsunamis or drastic climate changes)
  • apocalypse movies where the world changes drastically (ex. zombie apocalypses)
  • movies with big man-made disasters (ex. ‘White House Down’)

Which does not mean I will mention a movie of every kind. I probably will but it’s not guaranteed.

Side note: Yes, I’m writing this intro before actually making my list. 

Before I start I wanna get into why I like watching disaster movies. Roughly it’s the same reason why I like watching super hero movies. Most of these movies are about hope and it’s always like a normal world turning chaotic and dramatic and bad and then the heros whether super heroes or normal people try to do their best to save their family and/or friends and so on. I really like the hopefulness and the overall feelings such movies give, so I like watching them…

Side note: And I do kinda feel guilty about liking them because it seems like I like disasters which is absolutely not true. I just like drama on TV and cinema. 

Let’s get this started now! *slight spoiler warning for the mentioned movies*

World War Z

This movie is not here because it is especially good or because I like it so much. I do not favour it especially, I admit. There is just this one thing I like about it so much, that it made this list. Compared to other movies this one actually delivers a solution to the ongoing apocalypse. There are so many stories and plots with zombies and viruses and aliens and whatever out there, that many of them do not really deliver the message: we can save this world. Most of these only give the message: We can survive this world. Nothing about saving. World War Z is different because it treats the zombies like zombies while also treating them as kinda patients who went into zombie mode because of a disease. And it is kind of resolved in the end, so the world is all good now, right?



Many may hate me for choosing this as part of the list but while the romance story is a big part of the story it is still about a big catastrophe happening based on a real story. Also Titanic is a classic movie and features amazing special effects even while comparing them to newer films. I love the movie and I always have to cry while watching it. Don’t worry, not because of the romance…at least not just because of that. I cry because I always get the feeling: Oh my god, all these people, they are never seeing each other or their families again. Sure it’s also heart-wrenching that Jack and Rose won’t see each other again (making me angry because he could have just tried getting on the wooden door a second time instead of just sacrificing himself, but maybe that is just egoistical me). Still, I think Titanic deserves being on this list. If not for the romance then for the drama of the rest of the plot.


This is the end

I really needed to include this. It’s not especially good and definitely does not deserve an Oscar or anything like that. Still, This is the end features an interesting cast and plot and it gives the whole ‘the world is gonna end’ thing a new kinda vibe, making it funny and pleasurable to watch. While normally I’m not a fan of the Seth Rogen movies I really like this one. Please note: Most of the jokes are American humor though, so if you’re not prepared or used to that, don’t watch, you won’t like it.


Olympus/London has fallen

These are two movies. The first installment ‘Olympus has fallen’ and the second installment ‘London has fallen’. While it is not a disaster in the original meaning of the term, I think, the way it’s filmed and produced makes it seem even more dramatic and touching which makes me a fan. I also wanted to recommend ‘White House Down’ but that would be too much of the same kind of movie. Or similar.


San Andreas

San Andreas does not feature a new plot. I would say it is quite clicheéd but San Andreas is definitely a movie which is amazing because of its cast. Dwayne Johnson as the main star definitely makes the movie different from your usual apocalypse movie. He and the other cast give the movie a specific vibe. While it does feature a lot of action it mainly focuses on what you can do to help others when something horrible happens to everyone. It’s not JUST ‘this is our family. we will protect each other’ but being helpful and hopeful and supporting each other in general. If you want a more recent disaster movie with a nice plot and good acting I’d recommend this one.


The day after tomorrow

I watched ‘The day after tomorrow’ long long long after it was released. I only heard about it before and then one day I decided I’d try watching it. And I really liked it. It was amazing and now I do understand why people say it was like the original disaster movie that seems like the world was going to end. It also has family and friendship as well as sacrifice and hope in it and something I love especially? You don’t only see what happens when it happens but also some time after. With many other movies you see the apocalypse, then you see one good ending scene and that’s it. The day after tomorrow shows a father even searching for his son when the cold is already here.



2012 in my opinion is the best apocalypse movie ever. Many may disagree but I don’t care. I love the movie. I may be biased because I like some of the actors but it’s not like I go crazy over them so it shouldn’t be that much of an influence.

2012 features amazing special effects and a clicheéd storyline but gives it its own special pep and vibe. Don’t know whether it’s because of the actors or because of the plot but it does seem different. Also, for people complaining about the romance, there is not as much in it, as it seems, so I think it should be considered okay on that front. I just love the family theme and 2012 definitely is a movie about hope.


Deepwater Horizon

I admit this is the main reason why I am even writing this post. I admit I originally watched it because I like Mark Wahlberg and Dylan O’Brien and the trailer looked …well, it seems horrible to say great, so I’ll stick with… impressive. The trailer seemed impressive. When I watched Deepwater Horizon I was amazed at how well the producers made this movie.

Deepwater Horizon is about the oil plattform disaster so it’s about a true story and such things are always hard to realize on film. Especially with such a new background like an oil plattform. There are not that many people who even know how an oil plattform works but the producers managed to make it just understandable enough to understand the plot and the overall system and at the same time enjoy the movie without too many specific explanations. The producing team managed to make Deepwater Horizon such an imposing and heart-wrenching movie that you even hope the bad guys survive. Also the acting by everyone is just amazing. Compliments to Mark Wahlberg, he was amazing.

I may not know the order of the other movies but I do know the number 1 spot. It goes to Deepwater Horizon, a tragic but mesmerizing movie.



Other movies I should have probably watched before writing this list and which I may include in a continuing post of I ever watch the other movies:

Pacific Rim, Independance Day, 10.5, War of the Worlds, The Impossible, Contagion etc etc.


I hope I could give you some recommendations, if yes, great, if no, maybe you know some interesting stuff or want to recommend something. Just comment down below and I will check it out.


Bye bye!