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Descendants 2 / Review

So yesterday saw the premiere of the long awaited second installment of the Disney movie Descendants “Descendants 2”. I watched and loved the first installment and after watching the second one, I decided to do a review of what you can expect and if the movie lives up to the hype.


Side note: This is not spoiler free for the first movie.

Side note 2: Paragraphs with spoilers for the second movie will be marked with a red ‘#’

The plot

The Descendants movies are mainly about the world of Auradon (like a wonderful and good world only possible in fairytales) and the Isle of the Lost (like villain-island where they put everyone evil or bad) and how one day the young and about to be king prince Ben decides to let the children of villains come to an Auradon school and give them a chance at normal life. The four chosen children are: Mal, daughter of Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty), Evie, daughter of the evil queen (from Snow White), Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians …or was it just a 100?) and Jay, son of Jafar (from Aladdin). It’s about them trying to fit in, make their parents proud and also maybe get some happiness for themselves.


Disney Channel Original movies

Every year Disney or Disney Channel releases a few original movies like in 2014 “Zapped”, “Cloud 9” and “How To Build A Better Boy”. Normally those movies star many actors and actresses known from Disney Channel shows and some new faces. And every few years the release a movie that allows for a sequel, some of them though made for having a sequel, others not so much. In my teenage years it was “High School Musical” and its 3 installments, then they had “Teen Beach Movie” with 2 installments and which was nice and some amazing musical numbers but just not exactly my taste (although I thought it was interesting to see a Disney Channel movie ending not exactly ‘happy’ but kinda open).


In 2015 they released “Descendants” and it became a big hit. And I totally understand why. Having old stories and fairytales reinterpreted or seen in a new light is not something new on TV but Disney took a step no one before really took (except for maybe the TV show “Once Upon A Time” – but that’s much more serious and dark and without musical numbers). Also “Descendants” impressed with amazing and modern music and dance numbers, had interesting and catchy characters, great costume design and created its own little world. I’m really not surprised it got as popular as it is.

So did the second movie live up to its prequel?


# Storywise the movie is definitely a teen movie, you notice in some cheesy scenes and plotlines but otherwise I have to give big compliments to the writers. The trailer for the movie seemed reaaaaally typical and cliché but after watching it, I realised, the writers pumped up the pace and jumped the total cliché of story and went for the showdown of the goodies and the baddies quite fast. And just when you think, the highlight is here and over, the real highlight and big showdown comes (even though the dragon/seamonster and Ben in the water scene CGI was kinda well…obvious CGI, I loved the CGI in the normal scenes, so nice).


# Also “Descendants 2” got a more serious tone than the first one, definitely. It’s not only about not fitting in and faking being someone you are not, this time it is also about being honest and friends helping friends to get through something. The scene where Carlos makes them sit down and talk for real, this scene had quite some depth for a Disney Channel movie.

Side note: Read further in the character section


# The music of the first one was already great but this one…this is definitely step up. Especially because the songs are quite different from each other. There is the ‘wicked’ song, that’s like the continuation of ‘Rotten to the core’ from the first movie. Then there is ‘What’s my name?’ which is just badass and has this strong and deep tone in it which I just love. Also ‘Chillin’ Like A Villain’ which features a totally different vibe than any other “Descendants” song. Ballad/dramatic song ‘Space Between’ which makes you want to have a best friend like Mal and Evie. And there is ‘It’s Going Down’ which was a mix of showdown song and rap battle, also something you normally don’t get from Disney Channel movies. And last but not least ‘You and Me’ which may be the usual ‘we are one and we may make mistakes but we will help each other and do better’ song but still gives it such a nice ending (also the dancing!!!)


Just great and so nice. And it gets better during the movie. Loved the choreo for ‘Chillin’ Like a Villain’ and ‘You and Me’ so much!!!

And big compliments to Sofia Carson and Cameron Boyce…great dancing and they made the stage theirs with their dancing.


The character development in this movie was…more than I expected. You not only got a look into our main main person (no, not a mistake, I repeated it on purpose) but also quite some depth to the feelings of our other beloved characters (and amazingly with just a few lines). Also over the course of the movie I TOTALLY forgot that these people were actors and actresses. Compliments to the cast!!

# With Mal, soooo many compliments to Dove Cameron. Seriously, I wasn’t a fan of hers before, I am now. She played the overwhelmed girl in a princess outfit like it is usually done in Disney Channel movies, then the rebel going back to the Isle totally embracing her character and finally the hurt and overwhelmed girl who just wants to feel like herself like…well, exactly like a girl in that condition would act like. Dove Cameron is definitely the main and front reason why you’ll forget that the characters are played by actors and are not actual people.


Evie, she definitely became the best friend you could ever have. She understood Mal and accepted her, whatever her choice may be. She was there for her friends while also being honest. Also you could see a lot of her feelings when she made Ben promise not to leave her on the island and when she offered Mal the choice of coming or not coming to the dance whatever she may feel like and not forcing her to come if Mal didn’t want to. And just for fun, Ben and Evie make such good friends, so there for each other!


# Carlos. I really really loved three scenes which told you a lot about Carlos. He also offered a lot of the funny scenes with Doug (was that the dog’s name?) and Chad. Firstly, the scene where he makes his three best friends sit down and talk. He told them the trutht and admitted that he didn’t like it when the girls didn’t talk with the boys about their feelings. They are all family and have been together for a long time, so they should all talk to each other and not just part of them. This scene was very important for the story I think and one of the most honest, deep and open scenes in any Disney Channel Original movie. The other two scenes are kinda connected. First off, Carlos telling Mal that he didn’t want to go back to the Isle since he connects it to his mother. And secondly, the one little comment about him telling Evie, Jay and Ben that they better be quiet and not make their parents notice they were back on the Isle. These scenes makes you realise that these children really did have a very different life on the Isle and that there is a reason why they like it in Auradon and it gives the character more depth since you realise that he is actually afraid of Cruella de Vil, his mother, something that played a big role in his character development before the “Descendants” storyline and maybe explains why he is became such a great person.


# Jay, in the first movie I totally thought he only played a side role which was sad, so I was really happy when he had a bigger role in this movie (officially he was a main character in both). This time he plays a very big role, at least in my opinion. You not only see him breaking some stereotypes or at least some rules to get a talented girl into the fencing/sword fighting school team although women are not allowed (someone wrote ‘men’ and didn’t think of ‘women’ when writing the rule book for the team rules). But Jay also makes you realise that sometimes what you think is right may not be right for others. Mal doesn’t think she fits into the Auradon world and the others who may not think it perfect to return to the Isle accept that after realising her true feelings. And Jay, after all four of them talk for real, even offers Mal to take her back to the Isle personally if she really wants to. Imo that shows that he really understood, that everyone is different and not everyone feels the same. I loved that scene, definitely one of my favourite.



When watching “Descendants” you always have to know you’re watching a movie for the audience of 10 to 20 or so, I guess. But if you feel young inside and like movies like that (like me) or if you are part of that age group and like Disney Channel movies than “Descendants” is interesting and really good.

“Descendants 2” had A LOT to live up to, really. And in my opinion IT DID. Maybe it even reached higher than my expectations. I really liked it and I wanna watch it again and again. I really enjoyed it and I really hope there is gonna be a third installment.

Now I can put “Descendants” on the list of sequels who are actually better than the prequel…and that list is not very long.

So, check the movie out or if you have no chance too than check out the released performances on youtube or the full soundtrack.


I hope you liked the review…see you soon!


Disaster movies, recommendations.

Welcome to another post of my favourites and my opinion. I didn’t know how many films I’d recommend so I just decided, I would write a general title. Please consider, that this is my opinion and not a statistic or something like that. I also know, that there are many disaster movies I did not watch yet.

So what movies are part of this list:

  • disaster movies with natural disasters (ex. tsunamis or drastic climate changes)
  • apocalypse movies where the world changes drastically (ex. zombie apocalypses)
  • movies with big man-made disasters (ex. ‘White House Down’)

Which does not mean I will mention a movie of every kind. I probably will but it’s not guaranteed.

Side note: Yes, I’m writing this intro before actually making my list. 

Before I start I wanna get into why I like watching disaster movies. Roughly it’s the same reason why I like watching super hero movies. Most of these movies are about hope and it’s always like a normal world turning chaotic and dramatic and bad and then the heros whether super heroes or normal people try to do their best to save their family and/or friends and so on. I really like the hopefulness and the overall feelings such movies give, so I like watching them…

Side note: And I do kinda feel guilty about liking them because it seems like I like disasters which is absolutely not true. I just like drama on TV and cinema. 

Let’s get this started now! *slight spoiler warning for the mentioned movies*

World War Z

This movie is not here because it is especially good or because I like it so much. I do not favour it especially, I admit. There is just this one thing I like about it so much, that it made this list. Compared to other movies this one actually delivers a solution to the ongoing apocalypse. There are so many stories and plots with zombies and viruses and aliens and whatever out there, that many of them do not really deliver the message: we can save this world. Most of these only give the message: We can survive this world. Nothing about saving. World War Z is different because it treats the zombies like zombies while also treating them as kinda patients who went into zombie mode because of a disease. And it is kind of resolved in the end, so the world is all good now, right?



Many may hate me for choosing this as part of the list but while the romance story is a big part of the story it is still about a big catastrophe happening based on a real story. Also Titanic is a classic movie and features amazing special effects even while comparing them to newer films. I love the movie and I always have to cry while watching it. Don’t worry, not because of the romance…at least not just because of that. I cry because I always get the feeling: Oh my god, all these people, they are never seeing each other or their families again. Sure it’s also heart-wrenching that Jack and Rose won’t see each other again (making me angry because he could have just tried getting on the wooden door a second time instead of just sacrificing himself, but maybe that is just egoistical me). Still, I think Titanic deserves being on this list. If not for the romance then for the drama of the rest of the plot.


This is the end

I really needed to include this. It’s not especially good and definitely does not deserve an Oscar or anything like that. Still, This is the end features an interesting cast and plot and it gives the whole ‘the world is gonna end’ thing a new kinda vibe, making it funny and pleasurable to watch. While normally I’m not a fan of the Seth Rogen movies I really like this one. Please note: Most of the jokes are American humor though, so if you’re not prepared or used to that, don’t watch, you won’t like it.


Olympus/London has fallen

These are two movies. The first installment ‘Olympus has fallen’ and the second installment ‘London has fallen’. While it is not a disaster in the original meaning of the term, I think, the way it’s filmed and produced makes it seem even more dramatic and touching which makes me a fan. I also wanted to recommend ‘White House Down’ but that would be too much of the same kind of movie. Or similar.


San Andreas

San Andreas does not feature a new plot. I would say it is quite clicheéd but San Andreas is definitely a movie which is amazing because of its cast. Dwayne Johnson as the main star definitely makes the movie different from your usual apocalypse movie. He and the other cast give the movie a specific vibe. While it does feature a lot of action it mainly focuses on what you can do to help others when something horrible happens to everyone. It’s not JUST ‘this is our family. we will protect each other’ but being helpful and hopeful and supporting each other in general. If you want a more recent disaster movie with a nice plot and good acting I’d recommend this one.


The day after tomorrow

I watched ‘The day after tomorrow’ long long long after it was released. I only heard about it before and then one day I decided I’d try watching it. And I really liked it. It was amazing and now I do understand why people say it was like the original disaster movie that seems like the world was going to end. It also has family and friendship as well as sacrifice and hope in it and something I love especially? You don’t only see what happens when it happens but also some time after. With many other movies you see the apocalypse, then you see one good ending scene and that’s it. The day after tomorrow shows a father even searching for his son when the cold is already here.



2012 in my opinion is the best apocalypse movie ever. Many may disagree but I don’t care. I love the movie. I may be biased because I like some of the actors but it’s not like I go crazy over them so it shouldn’t be that much of an influence.

2012 features amazing special effects and a clicheéd storyline but gives it its own special pep and vibe. Don’t know whether it’s because of the actors or because of the plot but it does seem different. Also, for people complaining about the romance, there is not as much in it, as it seems, so I think it should be considered okay on that front. I just love the family theme and 2012 definitely is a movie about hope.


Deepwater Horizon

I admit this is the main reason why I am even writing this post. I admit I originally watched it because I like Mark Wahlberg and Dylan O’Brien and the trailer looked …well, it seems horrible to say great, so I’ll stick with… impressive. The trailer seemed impressive. When I watched Deepwater Horizon I was amazed at how well the producers made this movie.

Deepwater Horizon is about the oil plattform disaster so it’s about a true story and such things are always hard to realize on film. Especially with such a new background like an oil plattform. There are not that many people who even know how an oil plattform works but the producers managed to make it just understandable enough to understand the plot and the overall system and at the same time enjoy the movie without too many specific explanations. The producing team managed to make Deepwater Horizon such an imposing and heart-wrenching movie that you even hope the bad guys survive. Also the acting by everyone is just amazing. Compliments to Mark Wahlberg, he was amazing.

I may not know the order of the other movies but I do know the number 1 spot. It goes to Deepwater Horizon, a tragic but mesmerizing movie.



Other movies I should have probably watched before writing this list and which I may include in a continuing post of I ever watch the other movies:

Pacific Rim, Independance Day, 10.5, War of the Worlds, The Impossible, Contagion etc etc.


I hope I could give you some recommendations, if yes, great, if no, maybe you know some interesting stuff or want to recommend something. Just comment down below and I will check it out.


Bye bye!


Why I seldomly recommend movies older than me…

I often post lists of things like movies, TV shows and music videos or songs here. Recommendations I liked and hope others will like too. One thing some people may have noticed though, is the fact that I usually do not recommend things older than myself. I was born in 1994 and I actually think I have literally never recommended anything older than that.


Why is that you ask? Well in K-Pop there is not much to recommend there and everything that was before 1994 is pretty much not available on youtube so how should I know about something like this.

With movies and TV shows it’s mainly because I don’t actually watch many movies or shows prior to my birth. Maybe Disney movies or a few other exceptions but I’m a big movie fan, so I really dislike it when the special effects look like something I could have made at home…with Microsoft Paint. In my whole life I watched only one black and white film (‘Young Frankenstein’) because my friend recommended it highly and guaranteed that I would have fun. She’s my best friend so she knew what she was talking about and what I liked and I did enjoy myself.


But in general I’m against everything black and white. When I had to watch the movie ‘Citizen Kane’ for an essay I started watching and was so bored after 15 minutes, I switched it off and watched scenes on youtube, as well as the ‘Everything wrong with Citizen Kane’ video on youtube, where you will get most of the plot and you have good commentary without watching the whole movie.

In my opinion ‘Citizen Kane’ is an interesting movie for its time, like some of the camera angles and effects. They played with natural effects like the scene on front of the unending mirror, or filming something from floor perspective. All those things were uncommon for its time and I accept it when people say it’s a good movie, even if I think the plot really is not that interesting and compelling. What I do not get is when people suggest it as best movie ever made, because seriously? I’ve seen sooo many better movies. I think ‘Citizen Kane’ became the victim of the usual: One person thinks the movie is great, another person agrees and so on and then after a few people agree, the rest of us just accepted it. This happens so often.


It’s similar to the usual search for any ‘Best … movies ever’ and what you get is a list of a bunch of movies, where most of them were made prior to 2000 or 1990. To make a good movie recommendation list it seems like people think you have to recommend old movies no one born after 1990 has watched. I think that’s just stupid. I don’t like movies older than 1990, sure some are good but like 90% of them are definitely not my kind of movie. Special effects were bad or average, the acting was cheesy and superficial, camera work was one-dimensional, colours were nonexistent or bland, music was either over the top or pretty much not there.

Side note: Nothing against actors or actresses who appeared in movies like that. This is just how it was back then. Many actors who acted back then and now are some of the best atm and I really praise them for going with the time and still being some of the best.


Some may say I sound superficial or I don’t appreciate the development of movies but I say: I do appreciate it very much, that is why I love movies after 1990 so much, because I know how much it changed. I think it’s just insulting to the movies and the movie industry to always recommend older films. That’s as if you are saying: Nothing better has been produced since, which with many movies is just not true.

I think movie ‘experts’ and ‘fans’ who write recommendation lists and reviews should try to go with the time a little bit. The movie industry changed and so did the whole movie production. You can’t always recommend stuff from the old times, it’s the same as if I only recommended movies after 2010, can’t be true either. So, please, update your lists and try to stay on track. If something was good back in the days and kind of a revolutionary movie making then make a list for ‘movies which changed the industry’ or something like that but don’t include them on lists like ‘top romance movies’ or ‘top disaster movies’ or ‘top western movies’ or something like that. And even if something has an interesting plot or is special (ex. Pulp Fiction) you have to know your audience. If this movie came out now, would it still be so popular (and I purposely say popular and not successful. Successful movies today may not be good but popular movies can be something not on the top money makers list)


Well, I really wanted to say this. For you to understand why I don’t recommend stuff made prior to 1990 (except Disney, classic Disney is always recommendable) and for me to rant about being annoyed by reading old lists of movies I never watched and never will watch.

I hope you understand me a little bit, if you want to comment, comment down below and I will see you next time! Bye.


CineMania. 2017. What’s on, what’s gone, what’s coming?

2017. A new year full of TV shows, movies and other stuff. But let’s put all that aside and just talk about what’s coming to the cinemas this year. It’s already April, I know but there are still….12…4…around 8 months left, so enough time to plan your savings and think about when to watch something.

Please note, that I’m mostly mentioning movies I want to watch or I know about or movies I’m a little bit interested in. I’m not going to go through the general cinema schedule, since half of this movies I’m not interested in. Also note, that there may be some changes with the release date depending on the production, the actual release and the country you live in. And third, please don’t forget that December is still a long way to go, so it’s possible that over the next few months other movies will be added which nobody knows about yet.


I know January is long gone but let’s just talk about it a little bit… tbh there isn’t much to talk about. There was the new Underworld movie Underworld: Blood Wars but other than that I was only interested in Monster Trucks because it was a funny weekend movie and I liked the actor. Nothing special and nothing noteworthy on the storyline or picture in January. The new Underworld movie was more like Underworld Awakening and less like the 3 originals, which made it a lot less interesting and it seemed kinda forced. And Monster Trucks was a nice movie, better than many others, but it doesn’t make my Top ten movie list. It was cute though.


What was in the cinemas in February. Another two movies and nothing more I was interested in. First, there was The Space Between Us which seemed promising and was kinda interesting but left many expectations open and didn’t deliver as much feelings and excitement as I hoped. The other one was Fifty Shades Darker. This one…what should I say about this one? It fits the first movie and it’s definitely more focused on the story than the first movie which would match the books, since the 2nd book also focuses a lot more on story then on the sexual parts. The chemistry between the actors seems a lot better and more believable now but the movie wasn’t as great as I hoped it to be. I think it’s probably expected, since the three books kinda go like: Introduction and sex – story – sex and ending. Considering all three books, there was more story in the 2nd one than in the 1st one and 3rd one together…which is kinda sad. So of course it’s hard producing a movie which includes most of the storyline of Fifty Shades. Still I think Fifty Shades Darker is probably the first movie where the second installment is miles better than the first. That’s it for February.


March. Here we have a few more movies than before. Four in total, which I’m interested in. Let’s start with the one I heard about and which I’m not really into. Power Rangers. It probably has some kind of undertitle but I don’t know which one. I only mentioned this movie because I think it’s funny that there will be a mainstream reboot movie about this. Another movie I heard about but don’t really know anything about is Kong: Skull Island. Some people say it’s nice, some people disliked it a lot. I don’t know what it’s like but maybe I’m gonna watch the DVD when it’s out. Now a movie I’m actually interested in, kinda, is Logan. Another Wolverine movie. I’d be lying if I said I liked Wolverine, because I really don’t. Just not my kind of superhuman. But many people said that the movie is great, so I’m considering watching it and see for myself. Also it may be important to watch for the next X-Men installment. And finally my favourite movie of March 2017: Beauty and the Beast. Some may say Seriously? But I will just answer YES! I love Disney movies and I was really excited for the newly filmed versions. First Cinderella which featured the original story with just a little spice since it’s been some time and they really used all the changes in history. It was colourful and touching. And Beauty and the Beast is amazing too. While I did watch it in German and the synchronisation of the 1st song was way off, I did enjoy it a lot, especially since they stuck to the original story and didn’t try to match it to modern stories. They did include a lot of updated jokes but I think that was just a plus and not something to dislike. Watch it and get enchanted in the Disney world!


When I first heard, there’d be another Smurfs movie, I was delighted. Amazing, the others were really funny. Then I heard it would be fully animated and not an animated/live-action mix, I was disappointed and deleted it from my list. Sorry Smurfs but I’m just not that into you. The other interesting movie in April, is The Fate Of The Furious, the 8th installment of The Fast & The Furious franchise. I do like the franchise a lot since it has a lot of action and some plot, but I don’t really wanna watch this new one. I always liked the movies for being about family and sticking together and since they’ll take this from me now, I’ll skip the cinema and watch it when it comes out on DVD…maybe.


When I told my friends what’s coming to the movie theatres in May, everyone was shocked because there are so many things to watch…Well, many…actually just three movies but compared to the months before it’s actually three movies I really want to watch and not just think about it. My poor purse. The first one would be Pirates Of The Caribbean – Dead Man Tell No Tales. There are rumours that the producers tried to make it more like the 3 originals and less like the 4th movie which was kinda like…well, it wasn’t that great. I really hope that’s the case since I would love to see more Captain Jack Sparrow and some of the other characters. Second movie I wanna watch is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It’s one of the big movies coming out this year and I’m really excited for it. I loved the first one, I like Chris Pratt and I’m definitely gonna watch this movie. And now to the third movie I really wanna see. This one I wanna see because I think the mix of actors is great and funny and I wanna see what they did with it. It’s Baywatch. It’s a reboot and I’d really like to see what they did with the amazing cast and if the movie is as funny as it seems. Maybe not, but we will see.

(oh yeah, did you know there’s gonna be a King Arthur movie in May? I’m interested, the question is, am I interested enough?)


June has a lot of movies coming but tbh I’m not really interested in any of them. So, there is Transformers: The Last Knight, another Transformers movie. Really? I thought this franchise would stop after the originals but no, there are still more. Another movie is Wonder Women. I’d love to support DC and go see the movie but I’m not really into Wonder Women. I will watch Justice League though (but that’s coming at a later date and not in June). What else is there? Ah, yes, Despicable Me 3. It wasn’t as fun as many people said, in the first one and I think the craziness going around the Minions is too much. So I’m probably not gonna watch until one of my friends asks me to watch the movie at home with pizza a few months after. And the last movie, which I really don’t wanna watch but I’m kinda intrigued with the movie. I wanna see if they can make go back to their first installment glory or make such a miserable fail like the 2nd one. It’s Cars 3. I’m interested how it’s gonna go.


July has exactly one movie I’m going to mention. Spider-Man: Homecoming. ANOTHER reboot of Spider-Man and hopefully the last reboot of the franchise for some time. I don’t wanna watch it, since it focuses on him being a student and just learning how to cope with everything else, but I probably have to watch it, since there’ll probably be something leading up to The Avengers: Infinity War. That’s Marvel’s technique. Link everything together and people will have to watch it even if they don’t want to. Bleh.


I’m not totally into horror movies, still I’m going to mention is, since there’s not much else in cinemas in August. Annabelle 2 is coming and I think there are only a few things more scary and creepy than dolls, so great…

Oh and there’s The Emoji Movie, which I’m definitely not going to watch but I think it’s funny that someone is actually making that.


I know, it’s sad, but there’s actually nothing interesting in September T.T


A movie I’m kind of excited about: Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The first installment was funny and a little bit touching…but mostly funny, so I am interested in what the producers will show us in the 2nd one.


November will be a direct rivalry between Marvel and DC. Thor: Ragnarok against Justice League. The 1st one I’m not interested in but I already know I have to watch it for the next Avengers, the 2nd one I’m actually interested in. Less because I’m interested in Batman, Wonder Women and so on but more because I wanna see the actors and characters interact with each other. It seems fun. I’m curious about November.


Last month. So there isn’t much for December but I think that’s probably going to change since normally there are always movies in December (Christmas movies and other movies matching the season). The only thing I could find so far was Pitch Perfect 3, which I don’t know what to think about. I didn’t think the 1st one was as good as everyone said, and the 2nd one just went off the rails and crashed (in my opinion). The 3rd one…haaa…I don’t even know anymore.



And the following movies will come out in 2018 or around the end of the year with not fixed release date yet (which means they could come in November/December 2017 or January/February 2018).

There is the Star Wars movie, Star Wars: Han Solo which I don’t know anything about because I’m still trying to diligently avoid watching Star Wars alltogether. Then, of course, The Avengers: Infinity War, which has breathtaking production costs and which I want to see. I think it can go either way. Either it goes great and the movies (since there are 2) will be awesome or they will be a big big fail (not cost-wise since people are at least interested in what the movie is like and Marvel isn’t paid for how great the movie is but how many people actually go see it). Then there’ll be another Tomb Raider I know nothing about but if the cast is right, I may go watch it. Another Mission Impossible movie, which I thought would be impossible by now. After a long wait, there’ll be The Incredibles 2. Good thing animated characters don’t age with the years like actors, right? I’m interested even though I wasn’t a big fan of the first one. Then there’ll be the Black Panther movie, which many expect to come before the Avengers movie. I don’t know if I’m going to watch that one. Maybe if the trailer seems interesting. Also there will be the third and final installment of The Maze Runner, Maze Runner: The Death Cure. I’m a big fan of this movie franchise and the cast, so I’m definitely going to watch that one. And last but not least there’ll be a 2nd installment of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them in 2018. At least they plan to release it in 2018. Let’s hope so. I’m excited.


What movies are you gonna watch? Did I miss some great movies or recommendations? Comment down below and I will adjust my list accordingly 😀

That’s all for today, have fun and bai bai ^.^


Top 10 Movie Ending Credits

Sorry for not writing in such a long time, well…long time haha. It wasn’t THAT long, was it? Well, doesn’t matter now. So, what is this about: A few days ago I watched the movie “The Huntsmen: Winter’s War” and it reminded me about how great the credits of the prequel were. Not just the sound but also the looks of it and the overall feeling. Of course the credits are not as important as the intro or a movie in general but I think a good movie needs good credits so you’ll leave the cinema with the right feeling.

So here are my favourite ending credits in movies.

Side note: Criteria was sound, visual, overall feeling, mixes well with the movie ending.

Side note: Please note that there, of course, won’t be many movies, if any, from BEFORE 2000. Because the visual wasn’t that good back then and because I don’t watch many before 2000 movies. I may have forgot some movies, so if you know ANY amazing credits (and I don’t mean the credits scene but the sequence) then please, do tell!!! 


Extra – Step Up 3D (2010)

The Step Up franchise is a series of movies about dancing and life and…a little bit of romance maybe? Sometimes there are witty comments but in general it’s a dance movie franchise. But where there is dance there is music, normally. So of course the soundtrack would have to be good. Why these credits made it onto the list? Because they cover a nice song mixed with funny but good background. The cast is having fun and also showing their dancing in the credits and I love how the credits work with special effects and the dance scenes combined. Though, I do admit that I like the song for dancing, but not in general, hehe


10 –  Iron Man (2008)

The Iron Man franchise is known for being amazingly popular and crazy about the badass music (like “Highway to Hell” from ACDC and others). So the credits had to be good. I actually couldn’t really decide because for me the visual of the 3rd movie was the best, the song of the 2nd movie was amazing and the 1st one had the best combination, that’s why that one is here now ^.^ it matches with the movie and the ending and shows some new kind of effects for the credit sequence.


9 – Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

The song is not special and the whole franchise is probably highly overrated but the visuals are just sooo good, that I had to include it here. The effects and the visuals are detailed and looking good and mixed with the music it matches the mood of the movie pretty well.


8 – Zootopia (2016)

This one matches the movie itself the best. Probably because the movie is actually still going while the credits are starting. Doesn’t matter, it counts and I really love how the put the credits into the scenes of the movie and also that they showed you who was voice-acting for what character. Also the song is kinda annoyingly catchy.


7 – X-Men First Class (2011)

This one matches the movie itself…kinda. I do think that the credits give you a really amazing feeling when you finished watching. You have the feeling the movie was better than it was (and that from someone who absolutely adores this movie). It gives the whole X-Men thing a badass vibe. Also the visual is a mix between something relevant for the movie (all the x’s and looking like genes) and an old school style (which also matches since the movie is set before the actual X-Men movies). I think it sounds awesome and leaves you with the perfect feeling to leave the cinema.


6 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)/ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

I just could not decide. Harry Potter is known for it’s amazing score and while the just give you normal black screen-white font credits sometimes, those two movies did their own thing and went with a theme that matches the movie. In the 3rd one that is the Marauder’s Map and in the 4th installment it’s the paper in the goblet. I really like the visuals and it matches the sound and overall it goes nicely with the movie itself.


5 – The Hobbit. Battle Of The Five Armies (2014)

I do admit, I’m not a big fan of the song. I like it but I’m not a fan and for me it could be something else too. But aside from that, I love the visuals. It’s amazing how it looks like the drew all those people and the cast and maybe they did maybe not, doesn’t matter, it still looks great and together with the song it gives you a kind of melancholic feeling (which matches since you know this is the last one of ‘The Hobbit’ and you know how the story’s gonna go). Overall it has this “This is the end and goodbye to everyone” feeling which is touching and fitting.


4 – Aquaman (2018)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video of the credits. Well, I guess it’s cause the movie is still in cinemas.

So Aquaman’s ending song is really beautiful and the video and pictures to it are amazing. I actually sat in the cinema not just because there is ALWAYS an end credits scene with those movies but also because I just loved the ending. It showed small replicas of the scenes and locations in the movie and it looked amazing. The song fits really well, although I do admit the song goes on your nerves after a short time. Well, it’s not number 1 is it now?


3 – The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)

The song sticks. It really does. I love it. The visual is just a copy from the first installment, but it still looks good. That’s why it’s number 3. I love how they managed to stay by their concept and have similar credits to the first movie. It gives you this really big badass feeling.


2 – Titanic (1997)

Why is this here? Was there anything special in those credits? Actually I don’t think so. The only thing why it’s here is because there is this special scene where Rose goes into the big hall and meets Jack at the top of the stairs and it’s part of the ending sequence. The famous song “My Heart will go on” is already going strong and you see this scene and it ALWAYS makes me cry because I just think “You, audience, you’re all dead and Rose will never ever experience the happiness she had with Jack again, ’cause he’s dead too.” Titanic just tells such a romantic but tragic story and the song (even though it’s been overly used ever since the movie) just trumps every other movie below it (in this list, I mean ^.^)


1 – Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

So, this movie is probably the one movie why I’m even writing this post. When I first saw the credits for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ I was like “Oh wow, that’s amazing” and my head went kind of blank because I was actually watching the credits with the same concentration as the movie (I watch nearly ALL movies with a serious face, whether they are good or bad…they have to be really boring or bad for me to even think of leaving the room or concentrating on something else).

I love the song, the visuals and the credits give the movie an even more dramatic feeling. Doesn’t matter how much drama was behind the scenes or how good or bad the movie was, no one should complain about the credits. For me this is the best movie credits sequence, there is.



Honorary mentions:

Wreck It, Ralph!, American Ultra, Harry Potter and the Order Of Phoenix and probably a 100 more but I cannot remember, so bleh =P



So, that’s it. I hope the post did something for you, maybe even be a little bit entertaining or interesting, if not, I don’t care, not my fault, if yes, yippie, I’m just THAT good!!!

Hahaha, no joke aside, I hope it was a little different from what you usually read and see you next time.