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Review: Avengers Endgame (Spoiler free)

So I just watched Avengers: Endgame and like I promised here is my movie review. Since I will make this spoiler free I will only post about my feelings about the movie, the characters, the story line etc. so don’t worry.

It does contain spoilers for Avengers Infinity War though ^.^


Avengers: Endgame – General information

Avengers: Endgame is the second installment to Avengers: Infinity War, also the fourth Avengers installment and the 22nd movie in the MCU franchise. It was released on April 26th in the US and is already breaking records. Personally I think it was funny how the cast for the movie went on a press tour (as if it actually needed promotion) to promote a movie they actually couldn’t talk about. It was a funny time 😀
The movie stars a lot of our favourite Avengers in the main roles while some others -remember the aftermath of Infinity War- are still goners. The movie is about our heroes trying to deal with it while also trying to get everything back together again.

The beginning

The start of the movie is…great. It is the most surprising part of the movie actually. Like the first 20 minutes of the movie? They came really unexpected and it was amazing. I loved how you did not expect what was coming next. You sat in your seat, had waited for a year to see all this happening and this was how it unfolded and it was really interesting. I loved it 🙂 the unexpected-ness as well as how they filmed it. The camerawork, the colours, the general story telling.


The unfolding of the story

Soon though the movie starts going somewhere and you start finding out what this movie is going to be about and well…there is this one show I watched some time before and they effed up so badly in a previous season they just could not repair what they did in a clean way. It’s pretty much the same with Avengers. Infinity War left such a big nothing it’s hard to repair, if even possible. Fortunately the MCU is based on comics so everything can be resolved even if it is cheesy or clichée. I’m not going to mention how they actually repaired their own story but they did…kind of. They at least found a way to repair it, whether they were actually able to save the story, I don’t really know, that’s something everyone has to judge for their own.

The movie is not entirely unpredictable. There are a few scenes where you can kind of guess what kind of action is gonna happen at the next moment but you won’t guess the overall story line. Don’t worry, even if you can predict some of it, you will be surprised at how it happens and how they shot it. There is this one scene where the whole cinema kind of screamed in unison and I think I actually heard someone scream “Kick their ass!” It was great to see everyone cheer for our heroes and hope they can save their planet, their people, their world. If you watch the movie you can probably guess what scene it is. The shot was astonishing, exhilarating and just great!


Marvel also succeeded at something a lot of people doubted. They managed to show everyone. Infinity War and Endgame both had the problem of having a really big cast and a lot of story and places they had to show. And a lot of the story lines happen at the same time. Marvel and the Russo brothers are just a few of the studios/people who actually manage to tell so many story lines in one movie without making it seem over the top and “too much”. No, you definitely walk out of such a movie with the feeling of having watched something.

The cast and acting

Before I talk about the ending (spoiler free) and the bad things about the movie I want to mention the cast. The cast did an amazing job. They really did. My compliments go to Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Karen Gillen and Chris Evans.
Robert Downey Jr. made you understand what his character was doing and feel for him. You understood his motivations, actions and why he was acting the way he did.
Scarlett Johansson showed us sides to her character that seemed to be part of Black Widow since the beginning while at the same time being totally new to us and making us wish we had a whole movie about her.
Chris Evans gets my compliments because while he was always acting as the “perfect” Captain America before, this time he also showed us a side to the character that made him more relatable and well, human, I guess.
We also get a lot of Karen Gillen as Nebula. She did great and while her character didn’t have much to do before, she was an important role in this one. Though I admit, I did not really like her story line in Endgame, although it was good and matched the movie. I enjoyed these four the most since all of it just sucked you in and made you forgot everything around you.


As for the rest, well, some did good, others did…not so good.
Mark Ruffalo was kind of…well, okay, I guess? His acting did not really stand out and felt more like a filler, I admit. Though I think that is less of his acting and more due to the story line and script.
Jeremy Renner gave a great performance, although it did suffer from lack of time. You would have felt his character more if there was more time.
Chris Hemsworth acts quite differently this time than before but I think that is mainly because he was so serious in the last movie, they tried to give him a kind of different role this time. He did nicely but his character wasn’t really that interesting this time around.
Paul Rudd had like a mix between Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth going on. His important scenes were too short and the others were comic relief, otherwise the actor did a great job at showing his character adapting to half the world gone.
We also have Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Just one sentence: You notice that they shot this before Captain Marvel, meaning, you notice her not really knowing how her story is gonna unfold in her Captain Marvel movie. I wish they had shot Captain Marvel before Endgame. Like this though, it didn’t seem sincere.

We also have Rocket, although CGI. He was a nice addition but not really much happening there. I loved his combo with Thor though.
Also Josh Brolin as Thanos. I just found the character annoying at this point so I think I cannot really judge his acting in Endgame.
Last but not least we have Don Cheadle as Rhodey. I don’t have anything bad to say about him. He did a good job.

Those are all the actors I think of as main characters or something like that. Reading through that I realize…the acting wasn’t as good as I thought, although I have to say, I think a lot of the acting succeeded as well as suffered from the script and directing, depending on the character. But, overall the acting was good enough to make you sit there for three hours and not get bored with the characters…although I did kind of just wait for the scenes of the four actors I mentioned at the top of this chapter.


The ending

Before I start telling you my feelings about the ending (without spoilers) let me tell you a few things. You know the book It by Stephen King? It has around 1500 pages, depending on what edition and in what language you’re reading it, and that may seem a lot. It is but at the same time the book is so addicting and the story so intriguing you are stuck with the book if you make it past a 100 pages. You just cannot stop after. This book though has one bad thing about it and I am not talking about how scary it is if you have good imagination. I am talking about the ending. The ending, like the last 100 pages, just suck. Neither does it fit the book, nor does it make sense, nor do they entertain in any way. If I hadn’t read 1400 pages before that I would’ve just thrown the book away and went with the movie (and I hate scary movies).
Do you know the movie Now You See Me? It isn’t anything special until you reach like the last 20 minutes. Those twenty minutes give the movie what made it such a fan favourite. Those twenty minutes made it possible to produce a second installment.
Or do you know the TV show How I Met Your Mother? The ending was so unfit for the show and so unsatisfying, fans asked for a different ending. And the pressure by the fans was so high -no wonder, the ending was terrible- that they did re-shoot the ending.
Or for a more recent example, do you know the recently released movie After Passion? Overall, the movie is just typical teenie/student stuff and not really interesting in any way but the ending. The ending is gold. The way they shot it, the pace, the light. The ending scene itself leaves you sitting there and re-thinking for a moment what you just watched.


What I want to say? The ending of a movie can make or break a movie. When you walk out of the cinema and you watched a long movie the ending scene is the one stuck in your head. Only slowly are you gonna go through the movie and analyse everything else. You may forget what happened in the beginning since you are filled with excitement at that point and are on the edge of your seat to see what is gonna happen on screen but by the end of a movie you just had a full story unfold and the ending decides what feelings you are gonna have when you walk out of that cinema. Chris Evans said in an interview that the movie is gonna make you feel satisfaction. The movie did deliver satisfaction…until just about 5 to 10 minutes before it ended. Yes you heard right! The Russo brothers, Marvel, the Avengers botched the ending. Like big time.

And before those of you who watched the movie, tell me, I’m only saying that I didn’t like the ending because of what happens – that is actually not what is bad about it. No, the story at the end is kind of fitting for the movie. Did I wish it ended differently? To some parts yes, I wish it did, but it did fit the movie and the franchise. Still, the ending itself was oh-so boring. Seriously. Avengers Endgame let’s you forget that you are stuck in your seat for three hours. You just forget everything around you and then…the ending happens and tbh I should have just left and walked home. If I go and watch an Avengers movie I want to have excitement and feelings until the end but the end just left me…bored. There was no excitement at all. There was this one little moment when you see one of them ask “What happened?” but that takes like a second and then it’s back to boring again. They did try making interesting shots and showing our heroes and make you feel with them but I felt…nothing. No, that’s not true. I did feel something. I felt “oh, so that’s happening. I could see that one from a mile away.” The ending is as predictable, cheesy, corny, slow and unfitting (the way they tell it, not the things happening itself) of a Marvel movie as it gets. And yes, I know cheesy and corny mean pretty much the same thing.


And now here is the problem: The movie is great, it is amazing, but the ending just sucks. That means you leave the cinema, not excited and happy or even satisfied. No, I just left the movie, thinking “And I just spent 3 hours of my life to get THAT?” and “It’s Marvel and the Russo brothers, for God’s sake, I expected better.”
If someone, anyone, left the cinema like that, it isn’t good. Not at all. It means you messed up big time shooting this movie. You had the viewers cheering, feeling, screaming, laughing and crying with you and then you left them hanging. I’m not criticizing just one thing here, no. The acting, the story, the camera work, the sound, the way everything is placed…the ending in general is crap. And the story is pretty much the last thing in that list. It’s like they just gave up around the end and just said “Let’s get it done and finally go home”. I expected better.

Overall – Conclusion

Let’s not kid ourselves, whatever you are reading here, you are probably gonna go watch the movie anyway. In my opinion the movie is really good and one of the few movies where the story just sucks you in, whether you like it or not. You won’t notice any small flaws there may be in the story or in some of the scenes. That’s how addicting the story of this installment is. The movie is a great movie and a nice break from the real world.
My recommendation? Go watch the movie but maybe don’t expect too much from the ending.
The movie itself is awesome and definitely worth a watch ❤ The storytelling is great and the images are awesome and exhilarating.


I liked the ending of Infinity War better…and half the world died in that one…so…think about that, Marvel.

So lucky #randomremarks

I recently decided that I’d like to post some updates regularly. Updates like: what is new in the BL world, what kind of song releases are interesting at the moment, what movies are in the cinema right now and so on.

You can find the first one of these, here.

So what is new this week?
We got some new BL news also a short review on Dumbo. Maybe I’m gonna give you a full one later on. Also we got some new trailers.

Dreams coming true (BL corner)

Mark it in the calendar, next week is the finale of He’s Coming To Me. I don’t know whether to be excited or afraid …


I think something that has a lot of BL fans taking a big breath at the moment is this little special called Reminders (or ReminderS). If you have not heard about it yet, here is your chance to find out why everyone is going crazy right now: It was pretty clear from the beginning that the widely popular series Love By Chance is not going to get another season. There were so many troubles regarding the airing and channel changing of the series that it was like 95% sure there was not gonna be another one and so a lot of people prayed for another season and a little miracle. Well, we are not exactly getting another season but we are getting something.


ReminderS tells the story of three couples and yes, two of them are build with the actors from Love By Chance. We are about to see more of Perth and Saint and Mean and Plan and can go crazy about them again. One thing you need to keep in mind though – the characters are not AePete/TinCan. Yes, I heard it is because the rights for the story went back to the author recently and since there have been some problems in the beginning when LINE TV took over the airing of LBC, so they probably couldn’t mention the characters anymore and changed it. Do not worry though, since the new characters are just as amazing, maybe with a few additional character traits but all of them having some parts of their initial characters in them.


Another big surprise from ReminderS, though, is nothing other than Phun and Noh from Love Sick coming back! Yes, even before the announced third season of the series, we are getting a little snippet of them and I just could not stop smiling while watching it. I just love them so much and Love Sick is such a classic and started so much for me that I cannot wait!!! So only episode 1 aired already, the other episodes coming on Friday, 19th and I think Sunday, 21st (but not sure about the second one though), and I can tell you, I love seeing the LBC actors together, I love their new character traits but what I love even more: Phun and Noh more grown up, still having some of their charm from Love Sick and the chemistry still being there! I also really appreciate that they seem to be the most stable couple in this 3 episode “reminder” 🙂 Maybe the director decided to keep the big drama to the third season and give us a treat with a drama free short special…hahahahaha, we all know that’s not gonna happen 😀

I mean we all know they just want to make some promotion for Love Sick and also give fans something in return with the LBC couples and PhunNoh but still, I’m excited! So episode one already aired, episode is out on April 20th!!

For BL fans there is also other good news, we are getting some Love By Chance candies in general. While it is not totally clear yet if the whole thing is with the Love By Chance characters or if it’s just the same actors playing different roles – though I doubt that since even two of the couples are the same, did not see AePete though (probably same problem as mentioned above), but Perth (Ae’s actor) is coming back. Well there are gonna be three movies called Love: Must Fight, Love: Must Slap and Love: Must Take It Off and they feature some of our favourite couples bringing us smiles and hopefully no tears this time!! Other good news, release date is May 5th.

Get ready for a full on Disney year! (Movie Mania corner)

Disney has never been a company that releases a movie trailer like a month before the actual release. Usually they release a teaser around a year before and a full on trailer at least three to four months prior. Well, with this in mind, I waited for the actual The Lion King trailer on the edge of my seat. There were some doubts since they could have released the trailer on the same day Aladdin starts in cinema but fortunately they kept to their usual and released it two days ago.

Soooo…The Lion King seems to have the same problem as Aladdin, the villain sounds too smooth and soft but while I was surprised by Scar’s voice I was more interested and excited for Simba’s voice…well, Disney decided to keep that for themselves for some time more. You hear Scar, Timon and Pumba and Mufasa but no Simba. But I did enjoy the little singing snippet of Timon and Pumba at the end. I am still curious how they are going to animate all the other song sequences – since seriously, The Lion King is so famous for its music, you cannot make a movie without the musical sequences – but since they seem to have done a great job with Aladdin, I am going to believe in Disney and trust them to make my favourite Disney movie into a must-watch miracle. (haha…no pressure at all, I know)

As for the Dumbo movie, I just watched it in cinema this week (or since I am going to release this on Tuesday, it would be last week then): The animation is nice and the acting is really great, especially since I watched it in Spanish and I may not have understood everything they said but those parts I did not understand I understood with their acting 🙂 The only flaw the movie really has is the fact that it is sooooo cheesy. Like a serious cringe factor. It is endearing and charming and sweet but if you cannot watch a romance or kids movie without cringing, this one will probably make you cringe too. The few but still existing funny snippets of the movie are great though and the chemistry between all the actors seems really nice and binds everything together. Also Dumbo is so cute ❤


Oh and today I went and watched The Kid Who Would Be King. Short review: the CGI and production of the movie is amazing, the actors are more than just nice, you can see they give it their all and they definitely succeeded. The humor is really funny and the modern spin on the movie is like a fresh breath of air. There are a few overly cheesy and dramatic scenes though, so if you are like me and don’t shy away from watching a movie made for a younger audience even though you are not part of that predicted audience, feel free to watch and enjoy! I had a blast even though I had to go to the toilet in the middle of it…don’t drink too much coke guys!

K-Pop comebacks and dance covers (K-Pop corner)

From the K-Pop perspective or the TV show corner I don’t really have many news for you.

BTS had a comeback which would be awesome but well…I don’t actually like the title song as much as the previous songs 😥 I do like the Dionysos track though. That and its performance version is amazing!!

Also, side note, don’t put “Kpop in public” as a search term in youtube…you will pretty much only get Kill This Love covers…still I have to admit the energy in the one below is awesome!

Renewals and Cancellations coming up…(TV Mania corner)

Game of Thrones is releasing new content to promote its final season and has already started airing. I’m waiting for the finale and then binge watch it but if you want to have a blast and the excitement of not spoiling it for yourself, do it like a normal person and watch it regularly (yes, I’m not a normal person regarding TV shows, if you haven’t noticed ;))

Also renewal and cancellation time is coming up guys. April and May are like the second time of the year (after the new year, new news period of series news) TV channels are releasing news about TV show renewals and cancellations. Also streaming services are giving out some news.

After 7 seasons, Arrow has been renewed for a 10 episode final 8th season. Also Supernatural is getting a final 15th season and ending after, I grew up with this show so it’s quite harsh T.T


Here a very short overview of other shows:

Renewed: A Million Little Things (excited for it and happy for them, the show seems nice and I do plan on checking it out as soon as possible); The Good Doctor (I’m a 100% on board with the original Korean version but I appreciate that a successful remake has finally been made); Modern Family has been renewed for a final 11th season (never watched it, tried it, didn’t like it, sorry); Criminal Minds (gonna end o.O renewed for a final season though); God Friended Me (yes!!!); Magnum P.I. (I still didn’t get to check it out, lucky I get more time now); NCIS; Young Sheldon (for two more seasons even); The Resident (YES!); Brooklyn Nine-Nine (yay :D); Chicago Fire / Med / P.D. (Yay!); Manifest (a surprise tbh, but I like it ^.^); New Amsterdam (it’s getting more awesome by the minute); Legacies (I’m still angry with the ending of The Originals and while I did want to watch it I kind of lost interest); Dynasty (I’m enjoying this show more and more so keep going!); The Flash
Not clear yet are some of the newer shows like Single Parents, Whiskey Cavalier and The Rookie. I only watched Single Parents though and I really hope it gets another season. Also another show hanging is Bull – please don’t cancel it!!! Also MacGyver…I love that show, but no news yet…
Cancelled: Elementary (nooooo T.T); Code Black (I watched a little bit of season one but that was it); The Big Bang Theory (I do think that’s been known for some time that the finale is airing this year); The Gifted (hm…I like some parts of it but not really the whole show); Gotham (I have season one on DVD since some time ago but never watched it, tbh); Midnight, Texas (that show was kind of addicting though)

More detailed list HERE.

On a more positive note, I recently purchased Deadly Class on Amazon after they finally published it there. Still haven’t watched the last two episodes of season one but I guarantee, this show is absolutely awesome and the most binge worthy material I’ve seen in a long time!!!


Ending: Don’t forget Avengers: Endgame is coming! And beware the movie is 3h (and I think, 58 seconds) long and there is NO INTERMISSION. Since I hate going to the toilet while in the cinema (but it always happens, since the coke seems to go in and want to immediately come out again), my mind is like YES! My head who knows I’m gonna have to visit the restroom for sure, decided to just bring someone along who can go with me and tell me what happened while I was gone 😉

So, this is the newest #randomremarks update. I hope you liked it. I’m thinking of posting it like every two weeks or whenever there is something new coming out. Hope I can keept that up ^.^


Let me bring you up to date #randomremarks

So I went on a work trip yesterday and I’m going to go on a vacation today. Since I’m not actually taking my computer with me, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to post anything, so here is just a small update about recent shows/songs etc.:

First off, currently there are a few currently airing BL shows. Coming out on top at the moment is definitely He’s Coming To Me, a show we all watch even though we all know it cannot really end well. For everyone who doesn’t know the show – there’s a lonely ghost who doesn’t remember anything about himself or why he’s actually dead, and a young boy (later on young man) who can see ghosts and decides to help the ghost remember. While there was some doubt in the beginning whether it was really a BL show or just a tease as a one-sided BL love, the latest episode (no.5) washed away all doubt. Let’s enjoy the good ride while it lasts because as you may have noticed – one of them is a ghost…as in dead…yeah. The show is awesome though, so I’m definitely gonna continue watching.
Currently airing every Thursday on LINE TV and I think later on on GMMTV.


Not convincing at all is the currently airing second season of What The Duck: Final Call. So the first season was already a mess and the second season isn’t any better it seems. Last season the only chemistry came from the PreeBo couple and since we won’t get much from them this season it seems…well, the chemistry between everyone else is way off. There is a spark between Bo and Pent but like I said, a spark, no real chemistry yet. Also because Rambo is pretty much a total troublemaker and mess in this season. His moral compass has not changed yet it seems. I heard there were some problems between the actors but seriously, if it would be that serious they shouldn’t make a second season. I am gonna continue watching even just to see if anyone can save this show or if it is gonna sink to the ground of nowhere.
Currently airing every Monday on LINE TV.

Another currently airing show is The Best Twins. To be honest, the chemistry is not awesome but kinda nice. They fit well you could say. Still, I don’t know where this show is headed AT ALL. I am gonna continue watching for all the cute and funny scenes but there’s still this big question mark over my head every time I watch it…
Currently airing every Saturday on LINE TV.

We also finally got the trailer for the third season of HIStory: HIStory3 – Trap. Let me be honest, I did not expect what I saw at all, I expected it to be more like the Obsessed episodes but well, if there are some writers I trust, then it’s the HIStory writers. Cannot wait to watch it – mark it in your calender, start day is April 16th.

No news about HIStory3: That Day or the second season of Boundary Crossing yet…

Another show that just ended and left many fans thanking Thailand for its awesomeness – Great Men Academy. SPOILERS AHEAD


To be honest I’ve only suffered once from second lead syndrome and even more, I’ve never seen the second lead actually get the “girl”. Well, GMA gave us just what all the fans wanted. A happy ending no one really expected. For those who don’t know: GMA tells the story of a young girl named Love who fancies one of the best students at Great Men Academy, called Vier. One day she meets the mystical unicorn by the lake and after helping the unicorn she gets a free wish. She wished for her love to be fulfilled and the unicorn allows her to turn into a boy. To get closer to her crush she decides to enroll into GMA and soon learns a lot more about life and love than she could hope for.
But let’s be honest we all just expected them to maybe have an open ending, no one expected that kiss ^.^ well, I’m not complaining, I loved the ending and if there was a second season I’d totally watch it. There probably won’t be one though since it was a project for the 9×9 group.

As for songs, we got a few new releases and a few news. Currently, with all the scandals in Korean entertainment, it is not the best time to be a K-Pop fan I guess, but what to do, I just love the music.

As for new releases, there are a few: We have KARD‘s amazing come back with Bomb Bomb. No one can say the ylaways sound the same after this one ^.^ I totally love the vibe of this one and the music video is really beautiful. VAV‘s Thrilla Killa shows their usual charisma with a little bit of a new vibe and amazing visuals. Also there is IZ*ONE‘s Violeta. I’ve not been a fan of them yet and tbh I won’t become one after that song. It’s good but now my kind of song. We also have the big come back of Black Pink with Kill This Love and I admit I didn’t dislike their songs but also didn’t really favour them much. Kill This Love though…wooo…it’s on replay on my phone already and the music video is nothing less than absolutely awesome. We also have Kang Xiwon with Click Click. The song has a really interesting chorus and kind of a nice melody. It’s kind of stuck in my head….
We also have DALsooobin with Katchup…this one is just really strange but also gets stuck in your head and won’t disappear once you hear it. As for a new rookie we have EVERGLOW with Bon Bon Chocolat. They are delivering a pretty strong debut song so I’m curious what’s gonna come in the future. We also have another strong comeback with Stray KidsMiroh…I did not expect that AT ALL, but I oh-so love it ❤

Let’s see about TV shows…
Since I watch pretty much internationally I’m gonna mention different ones: From South Korea, since we just talked about K-Pop, I have three shows I highly recommend. First, He is Psychometric, starring Jinyoung from GOT7 but also featuring a really nice brother relationship and a few funny but really dramatic scenes. Airing every Monday and Tuesday on tvN. We also have The Fiery Priest, a show that is hard to place but impresses with it’s all around characters, scenes and overall build up. Also if you had told me it was an OCN drama I would have believed you. It is really unlike the usual SBS shows, so check it out. Airing every Friday and Saturday on SBS. My biggest recommendation, though, is Kill It. Every other year we Kdrama fans need a show like City Hunter or also Healer. Kill It has a very similar vibe to that with the difference that the main character is less open and more closed up and quiet. Still the show impresses me again and again. Airing every Saturday and Sunday on OCN.


As for non Korean shows: check out Shadowhunters. It is in its last season and I have no idea what ending we are going to get but I’m excited. Also we have Chicago Fire finally back on air, as well as the whole Chicago franchise, except for Chicago Justice of course, but let’s be honest, no one really watched that one…airing every Monday, I think. 
We also recently got the new trailer for season 8 of Game of Thrones and it looks interesting. Whether it’s going to be good or not, I’ll leave that to the real fans though. My recent knowledge of GoT comes from wikipedia and people around me, I stopped watching at season 3 or 4, don’t really remember.

My last update, movies: New releases are Dumbo, a movie where even my mother decided to watch it with me, so while I’m visiting on vacation, we’ll go watch it. Therefore I have no opinion on it yet. Maybe I’ll post a review though, after watching it. The pre-sales for Avengers Endgame have started, guys!!! I’m gonna watch this movie even if I’m totally angry at the producers for the ending in the last movie. Also there is the new movie Shazam!…I really don’t know what to think of that movie. Okay, no, I know what to think of it. It may be a super hero movie but don’t take it as one, take it as a comedy or a parody…because if you take it like that it is definitely awesome ^.^
We also have Pet Sematary and I already promised my college friend I’ll go with him, so I cannot say anything about that one yet. I’m just happy he accepted to watch this one instead of The Curse of La Llorona…seriously I think I’d scream in the cinema for the first time if I had to watch that one. I just hope Pet Sematary still allows me to sleep later on.
Oh and we also got the new trailer for Annabelle Comes Home, the third installment of the Annabelle series. I’ve watched the previous two and while I nearly fainted and couldn’t sleep after I’m probably gonna watch this one too…the trailer is actually really interesting and while really scary the Conjuring franchise does feature some of the best story telling in the whole horror genre, imo. The only thing I’m not looking forward to? The Warren’s managed to survive two Conjuring movies…I don’t think their luck stretches to another one…
Oh, and did you see the newest trailer for Aladdin? I know it’s coming in May but still…I watch the trailer pretty much three times a week since I’m so in love with it ^.^ I love how they solved the animation of all the musical songs and how Will Smith adds a little bit of a modern humor to the Genie. I did not start out watching the English version of Aladdin so while I did love Robin Williams, I never got as engaged in it as some other fans who watched the English version first. Aladdin is one of my two favourite Disney movies (the other being The Lion King) so yes, I am overly excited! Release date May 24th.

So…that’s it. Now you should be up-to-date with everything. Sorry that there won’t be a review or so this week, but I wanna enjoy my vacation XP


Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians, the romance comedy hit of 2018. The one movie that was a big hit in the US but unfortunately only aired for 2(!) weeks in my own country. So I couldn’t actually watch it in cinema but recently I bought the DVD and checked it out and I have to say. I did not really expect what I got. Read on to find out more 😉


Crazy Rich Asians is a 2018 American romantic comedy drama. The director is Jon M. Chu…yes, the guy from the Step Up dance franchise and Now You See Me 2. I did not expect to see his name when the credits started rolling but yeah, a pleasant surprise I have to say. The movie is based on a 2013 novel by Kevin Kwan. I saw the book in stores before the movie even aired and that was the thing that made me watch the trailer and get interested in the movie in the first place. The movie features a cast mostly with Asian descent which is pretty rare in Hollywood movies, so points on that.
The story is about Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), a professor at NYU who grew up in the US and Nick Young (Henry Golding), Rachel’s charming boyfriend who wants to introduce her to his family in Singapore. Well, after deciding to go there, Rachel finds out Nick is part of one of the richest families in Singapore and next in line to inherit the whole fortune. Of course, his family is not all happy about him bringing his “common, American” girlfriend to meet his family.


The introduction

While the first scene and introduction to the movie wasn’t that important it was a nice introduction into the movie. In the end it is mainly about showing what money and connections can do and how first impressions can be wrong sometimes.

After the intro scene we get a musical title sequence which I really enjoyed especially because the song is really nice too. Afterwards you’ll get to know our protagonist and her as well as Nick’s introduction is as normal as it can be. You see what they do, how much they like each other and how they get along.

In general, the introduction to the movie is very natural and you get to know this new world together with Rachel herself. Except for the fact that Nick comes from a rich family and that people are not that happy about him dating a common girl, you find out all the other things together with Rachel and get to experience everything with her.

The drama

The drama of the story stays true to the initial start: It keeps everything natural. Unlike other rom-coms there is no overly dramatic drama where people throw water at each other or slap the rival or something like that. No, the dramatic moments of the show seem like stuff that could actually happen which makes the movie even more enjoyable because it is not too cringy like other movies. And cringy scenes are kept pretty short. For me that makes this movie more suitable to watch with friends who may not be into romantic movies than when you want to watch movies like Love Actually or stuff like that.


Also it features not only our main couple but other couples too and I think it’s interesting to see that they are not perfect either and that some couples might not get the happy ending they wished for, because…well, life, you know.

Rachel and Nick

I really enjoyed the dynamics between Rachel and Nick. Even if there were problems they were your everyday normal couple going through good times and bad times but at the same time being there for each other and trying their best for each other.

Also it was a fun to see them joking with each other like you joke with your partner and family in real life. They were not just lovey dovey and kissing but they had natural dynamics that showed they could just enjoy their time together withouht needing to be all “we are in so in love”. They could laugh, talk and have fun with each other. Another thing I thought was really good: While, yes, Nick did not tell Rachel he was from a rich family, overall they did not have communication problems. There were bad times yeah, but they talked about things and when someone wasn’t feeling good or something happened they talked and supported each other whatever was coming their way.


The comedy

So after mentioning the romance let’s get to the comedy. Like 50% of the comedy came from Goh Peik Lin’s family. Peik Lin is a college friend of Rachel’s and has been asking her to visit her in Singapore. She becomes Rachel’s support during the tough times in Singapore and Peik Lin’s family is just a comedic joy. From the parents to the kids they were an awesome family, not just funny but also loving and supporting their friends.

The other 50% of comedy came from small little comments here and there, some offered by Rachel, some by Nick, some by Nick’s best friend Colin and so on. In general though, the comedy is kept low. I think that’s because if they had more it would’ve been a more ridiculous movie and less serious and honest. So I like that thing about the movie.


The minus

I wrote a lot about what I liked about the movie, now let’s get to the part, where I talk what I did not like about the movie. It’s easy to find that one. Sometimes the story or reactions did not make sense. Like when Rachel meets Nicks mother Eleanor: the only bad thing Eleanor said was a comment about Rachel following her passion, said in a kind of mean tone, but other than that the conversation was all well…so where did Rachel get the “she hates me” from. And there were more scenes like that where I had wished they did put a little more drama into it. Of course, not putting so much drama in kept the movie more like real life but still, it’s called a romantic-comedy drama so yeah. other than that I had nothing to complain about.




Overall the movie is really enjoyable and different from other rom-coms, not just because of the cast, but also because of the story, the acting, the dynamics and relationships. The chemistry between the leads but also all the other actors was really good and enjoyable and I really recommend watching the movie if you have not already. It’s good entertainment, especially for spring time 🙂



Review: Ready Player One

I’m not rich, really I’m not. I’m not exactly poor either though. Well, going to the cinema where I’m from is kinda expensive. Let’s just say: Watching an IMAX 3D movie on a Saturday afternoon, even after getting the student discount, costs 15€ for the ticket!!! I still remember a time when we thought 9€ for a weekend ticket was expensive. Now you may ask what I want to say. Well, I’ll tell you: I love Ready Player One so much I actually watched it three times in the cinema. Once in English in IMAX 3D, then in the dubbed version in IMAX 3D and the third time with a friend in the dubbed version and 2D. And if you ask me, I’d like to watch it again. Still I’m gonna try to not to just give you a “I love it, watch it” review but some reasons for it 😀


Steven Spielberg

So there is a big name behind this movie – Steven Spielberg. I’m actually pretty much a Steven Spielberg newbie considering his directing work. Sure, I’ve seen productions where he was a producer/executive producer or had some other connection to it. But considering his directing works, I’m pretty much a newbie. I’ve not seen E.T., I’ve only seen snippets of War of the Worlds and I have only seen one Indiana Jones. I have seen Catch Me If You Can but well, it’s been some time and having seen one movie doesn’t make me a Steven Spielberg expert now, does it? After watching Ready Player One though I can at least say I understand why people praise his work so much. I liked Catch Me If You Can but this new project…I think you just have to put everything you got into it to make it good and I definitely give big compliments to Steven Spielberg. Ready Player One turned out to be great. He himself even said it was one of the hardest movies he ever did.

But with all this, even if there’s a big name behind it, it doesn’t mean the movies gonna be good. The name alone holds a lot of expectations. So let’s get to the movie review.

Non-typical plot

I went to see the movie because a friend told me it was supposed to be good. He didn’t even see it but he heard about it even though he’s not much of a movie person, so I thought I’ll check it out. I did actually watch the first trailer…while doing hundred other things. Which translates to: I had no idea what I was actually gonna watch. I’ve never been so non prepared before watching a movie in the cinema. Seriously. But I’m happy I did not prepare. It was awesome and I was even more awestruck because I had no idea it would be this good.

The plot of the story is perfect for every game or adventure fan. I’m gonna give you the roughest run-down I can manage (of course WITHOUT spoilers): We are in the future, 2045, and people mostly build their life in the virtual reality world, the OASIS. One of them is Wade Watts. And like his friends he is a Gunter, a hunter for the Easter Egg (like a hidden message/treasure) of the late creator of the OASIS, James Halliday.

That’s the roughest plot I can give you. Well, the plot may sound rough but the story gives you a new plot for a cinema movie and I really enjoyed this new premise for a story. The typical real world / video game mix up may be a typical story in some other media than blockbuster cinema but in cinema you seldomly get a movie this good, especially with this production quality. So Ready Player One offers a breath of fresh air.


Cinema-perfect effects

Similar to other movies coming out in 2019, Ready Player One in 2018 showed what mixing CGI with the real world was gonna look like without taking the step of putting it right beside each other like in Alita: Battle Angel or the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. Still…if I ever get the chance to watch Ready Player One in cinema again I would totally pay 20€ for it. This movie’s effects are MADE for cinema, IMAX and 3D. Seriously the effects are awesome and make the movie even better than it is. So any logic faults or light mistakes it has, the effects totally make up for that. Another reason why I watched it in cinema 3 times.


The characters, at least for me, shined with everyone having like two sides to them. The player side in the OASIS and the real one in the real world. Big compliments to the character designers, the computer graphics developers and of course, the actors themselves. One thing I have to criticize here though: The real world characters did sometimes have a different feeling from their characters. At least in some specific moments. There are a few scenes where they show the absolutely same emotions and aura though, so I guess it’s not a total fault in the movie but just a little bit of a thing.


Unnecessary story points

So, here’s the one thing I did not like: There were some characters/some scenes that got a lot of back-story or background which was totally unnecessary or should have been explored more. Watching it the first time, you may not really notice these faults but watching it multiple times you realize that there are some scenes that are totally unnecessary. The movie does not seem disturbed by the scenes though, since the story telling pace it quite balanced, never too fast or too slow – that’s also the reason you don’t notice the unnecessary stuff until watching it multiple times.

Astounding music!

Okay, all faults with unnecessary stuff and a few character mistakes aside, the movie fits together really well, with everything complementing all the different sides of the story, effects, cast and of course, music! The music is amazing and it fits sooooo well 🙂 There’s seldomly a movie that has music that fits so well, as this one. The only other movie I remember that fits its music so well? Iron Man, the first one. This movie also fits the music well, especially with all the easter eggs and pop culture references in the movie. I may not know too many things but even I recognized enough to have fun picking out all the little hints.


Ready Player One, in general, offers an interesting and unusual story line combined with great effects and a lot of grinning when you recognize references to other stories, media, games, novels etc. So if you haven’t watched it, I totally recommend getting you popcorn ready and sit on the sofa and enjoy a wonderful movie date at home (since it’s not airing in the cinema anymore). The movie will give you a great new look story and in my opinion an improved version of the original novel behind it -not because the book was bad but because the book is very childish compared to the movie except for a few scenes and changing that for the movie was a great idea!

Oh and just for the end: Ready Player One is imo one of the top movies of 2018 and my favourite movie together with How To Train Your Dragon (the first one) and Now You See Me (also the first one). I won’t say it is a must-watch but it is definitely something you should try out. You definitely won’t get your usual main stream.


Sorry if this review is kinda messy, I started writing it months ago and just finished it in the middle of the night. I’m tired. I’m gonna sleep now.