BL recommendations 2019 NEW!

Since last year’s BL recommendations 2018 got so many likes and comments I decided to make another one for this year to support all my fellow BL lovers.

So here it is, my BL recommends for 2019, in no specific order. Some of them did appear in last years post too since it wasn’t totally clear abck then when it would come out, Only now we know it wasn’t 2018, so maybe in 2019 we have more luck with those.

2019 is all under the motto: GMMTV and LINE is stepping up the game but let’s see if we get another surprise like Love By Chance 🙂

SPOILERS AHEAD for all the shows where previous seasons aired already

What the Duck 2

What the Duck. You can either love the first season or ask yourself what you just watched for – wait let me look it up – 20 episodes. Yes, I do belong to the second group. I liked it…kind of but I’m not really on board with it.

Story: The story in season one was about Pop who fails his exam to become a flight attendant and ends up working for the airlines’s catering service where he meets Oat. Oat also works at the catering service and starts getting interested in Pop, who has a girlfriend, Mo (you remember Knock’s really mean girlfriend from Together With Me – yep, that’s the same actress). Well, I don’t really get why Pop and Oat seem to get along and than hate each other again every five minutes but I guess there was a nice kiss scene.
Also this show features the one couple everyone thought seemed liked such a nice couple in real life (even though I do think they are just friends…I think, I’m not too sure): Mew and Art, or as they are called in the show, Pree and Rambo. In the show they had serious communication problems and I don’t know whether they will make an appearance in season 2 – wait, I just looked it up, yup they will.

So, I AM curious how it continues but mainly because I want to know how they writers want to save what chaos they created in the first season.

Side note: this show is said to start in 2019 but I don’t think there is a start date yet.

HeartBeat The Series

It’s always a good sign when a series has a trailer. That normally means it’s gonna happen in the span of the next year. If there is no trailer than normally there is no series that soon.
Well, HeartBeat has a trailer and it’s actually quite nice.
It’s about Toy, a (I don’t know what for) famous kid, who’s supposed to sing a song at graduation day and Bas, the vocal and leader of a school band. Both are put together to collaborate on a stage for graduation day. They don’t really like each other and are not really happy about their tasks but it’s a BL story so we know where I’m going with this right?

I don’t know anything more about it but maybe check out the trailer and see for yourself.

motor-Cycle: The Series

This is one of the shows in this list where I am really curious about the story. Because it seems quite different from the other stories I know.
Run is a high school student who sneaks out every night and rides around on his motorcycle. When he has to get it fixed he brings it to Mike, a free spirited but shy mechanic. While they do fall for each other, they are unsure about each other’s feelings and orientation until both find out that the other one has a boyfriend. Suddenly hope comes back…but well, now they both already have boyfriends?

It’s different from the usual story since it is not just about one of them falling for the other but both falling in love and being insecure and also not discovering their feelings together but only AFTER already finding other boyfriends. I am really curious about we are gonna get from this ^.^ Posters are out and with actors so let’s see when we’ll get it.

HIStory 2: Boundary Crossing 2

After HIStory 1 got as famous as it is, HIStory 2 had A LOT of pressure to live up to the hype. Well, it did not just live up to it but it totally triumphed over it and got even better. See below, the producers seemingly decided to cut HIStory 2 at two story lines: Boundary Crossing and Right or Wrong . Right or Wrong was a pretty closed story (although we all want more), Boundary Crossing gave us the typical kiss at the end and then walk into the sunset closure. Well, it seems there were enough fans because we are getting a second season! Which is awesome especially because no one really expected it. We did not think it possible, but it is happening.
I don’t know whether it will really air in 2019, since HIStory 3 is actually planned for 2019, but maybe they give us another surprise and show us Boundary Crossing 2 too.

Oh, and for everyone who does not know: Boundary Crossing Season 1

I’m too lazy to write down the premise. You should check it out anyway, so yeah 🙂

HIStory 3: Trap

Like I mentioned above, HIStory 2 was actually supposed to be three storylines. Probably because there is a second season for Boundary Crossing they decided to make Trap and Miracle to their own part of the series HIStory 3.

Trap is about a police officer falling into the ‘trap’ of a gangster’s son and them falling for each other. I shortened it a lot but that’s pretty much it. I’ve seen a few promo photos so I think we can really expect it this year. Normally HIStory aired before fall so it should come in the next …8 to 9 months 🙂 I am excited for it though, since it seems to be a lot more grown up from the HIStory 2 stories.

HIStory 3: Miracle

No one really could explain to me what Miracle really was about. I mean its premise is kind of mysterious and as rough as it can get.

Something about someone missing someone and then recalling memories, I guess?

I may not be a hundred percent interested but I am intrigued. Also I really doubt it’s gonna come in 2019 but let’s see. HIStory 2 came unexpectedly too.

Your Voice, my Heart

A series from Taiwan. Taiwan is normally less strict about BL stories than Mainland China, but I don’t know. I’m not good about what the laws and restrictions are in both locations. I wanna travel to Thailand and Australia, guys, China is not on my list, yet.
So, the story is quite simple: Su Ye Xin has to move out from his home because his parents don’t support him being gay. He continues supporting his crush but doesn’t want his crush, Sheng Sheng or Xie Xiao Sheng, to think badly of him, so he pretends to be a girl online. Then he also meets the guy in real life and well…the story goes on from there I guess…

The story sounds easy enough but also seems to include a lot of potential. Another thing I liked: the promotional posters only includes guys. Not that I don’t like women but normally women in these posters mean there is gonna be a lot of straight/gay girlfriend/boyfriend drama, which I do not like in BL shows.

I am definitely waiting for this one to come out. It seems fun and exciting enough.

Rouge Debt

A Chinese BL show…we all know what to expect, right? So get your feelings in check, because you may get some sweet time but in the end you’re gonna be disappointed*

*I’m referring to the wonderful (“hear the sarcasm please”) law China has to ban everything too homosexual.

Funny thing is, I don’t actually know whether this is supposed to be BL or what? Since the storyline does read, that one of the characters is actually a woman pretending to be a man and to hide this they have to work together or something like that. But the actors involved, at least some of them, are all male, so don’t ask me what this is gonna be. Let’s get ourselves a surprise, I guess.

The Effect

The Effect is based upon a novel that has two versions and it seems like no one really knows whether it’s gonna be the lighter version or the dark version. Personally I’m hoping for the lighter version but judging from the posters I guess it’s not.
The story is about Shin a university student who doesn’t have many friends and one day meets Keng. They become friends and maybe more but soon rumors start spreading and endanger their relationship.

I don’t know much else but let’s see what we get. Normally with shows like this, they won’t air for a long time and then suddenly get a trailer and some more info and then get released so I bet on a 2020 release although it is said to start airing in March 2019. It’s a LINE show so it’s possible.

Oh, and the guy friend from Love By Chance appears in it I think O.O yay.

Theory of Love

GMMTV is definitely managed by very smart people. Not only did they see the potential in some of the Kiss couples (see down below) but also took their best chemistry duo – Off and Gun – and put them in another show. This time though, they give them quite different personalities.

Theory of Love is about Third, a student who is in love with his best friend, Kaii, a pretty free-spirited guy. And while Third always though he would never confess his feelings to Kaii, a small conversation makes him change his mind and he takes the next step…if only Kaii took his confession seriously.

I love the fact that they gave Gun a more outgoing and confident role right from the beginning. Also they did not just meet but have known each other for years in the story and Kaii seems to be confident in doing whatever he wants to. I think this story is gonna be more about them realizing each others feelings instead of dealing with their homosexuality which was one of the topics in their previous series Puppy Honey. I’m excited 😀

Fly In Shallow

Another Chinese one, oh why am I even torturing myself this much?
Okay, all the summaries of the story are translated in google translate style – meaning they make sense until they don’t and are just a bunch of words put after each other.
What I have found out: It is about a childhood friends turning lovers story but it also features female characters interfering and it’s a big contender for either being very boring and working too much with symbolism or ending in all including tragedy.

But I’m gonna be optimistic: Maybe we finally get a happy and wonderful BL story from China that isn’t banned. Maybe. We can dream. Just watch the trailer and you know it’s not gonna be…if it ever sees the day of light, since the trailer is actually from 2016 and it seems like it hasn’t been released yet.

Dark Blue Kiss

If you are not excited for this, don’t call yourself a BL fan! Seriously, New (from Kiss: The Series / Kiss Me Again / Sotus / WaterBoyy The Series / Our Skyy etc) has always given us great chemistry but his chemistry with Tay (pretty much all the same shows except for Sotus and Waterboyy but he has a lot others too) is just really good. Especially after Our Skyy, where I really got the vibe of good guy dating the bad boy and both being happy and protecting each other, I’m like totally over the top after hearing the news of another Kiss installment. Yes, it is another Kiss installment but this time seems to be central to BL couples which – while I did like the others too – really LOVE! Thank you!

Well, the show got a trailer pretty much immediately after it was announced and it’s pretty save to say it’s gonna air in 2019 since it’s part of GMMTV’s 2019 line up.

So check out the trailer and tell me your thoughts in the comments down below! I loved it and I’m also excited to see Kao and Pete, as well as the others, again ^.^
And we all wanted the other couple to happen, admit it 😉

My Engineer

This series has been teased for how long now? I think it’s about two years now? If I remember it correctly, the problem was the casting and that the cast has already changed multiple times? I’m not a hundred percent sure though.
I also don’t know what the story is about. Maybe I wrote something about in the last BL recommendations 2018 post but I’m too lazy too look it up. It’s been a year, cut me some slack.
Well, I guess it’s about college students. Oh and funny fact, I saw a picture of Saint (you know the sweet cheeks from Love By Chance – he was also called Pete 🙂 I’m only gonna call him Sweet Cheeks) connected to this series. It could be that the picture I’m talking about is before Love By Chance though, so it’s probably old news.

They DO have an official picture with people on it now, so maybe we are going in the right direction though ^.^

Out Last Day The Series

This one I actually DO remember from my last recommendations 2018 post. Even back then I had no idea what it was about, I only knew it was being recast. Or at least some roles were recast that’s probably why it hasn’t aired yet.
Well, I still do not know what it is about and I still worry for the title and the tragedy behind it but if it airs this year, I’m gonna check it out after all.

Love Sick: The Series Season 3

YES!!! The classic of the classics and the one show that made all this possible. The show Hormones showed it for the first time but Love Sick got all of us BL fans out there and support the genre!
I just cannot get over this series. I think I have probably rewatched it fifty times already and now FINALLY they announced a season 3.

I think I heard, some of the actors confirmed it. I’m still curious who is gonna come back, since there have been some scandals and rumors about the actors but I’d just like all of them to be back.
Of course I am afraid it’s gonna be a total disaster but the joy my heart felt, when I heard about a season three is just so awesome I’m gonna watch this series as long as it keeps going with it’s main couple. Oh, and come on guys, one real kiss has to be in their somewhere, right?
I understand it wasn’t the best thing to do when everything just started out but now we’ve had Together With Me, Kiss Me Again and SOTUS. I’m so excited for this one. Not too sure whether it will air in 2019 or 2020 though.


The Best Twins

I don’t really know whether this is BL or just about a family not being on board with a character being gay. It seems like BL but well…don’t know

Story: Car and Per are twin brothers. Per is straight and Car is gay and is dating their neighbor Ball. When finding out that Car is gay, their sister Pad is against him being gay (as if that was decided by a vote *facepalm*) When Car’s ex-boyfriend Tee returns, the chaos gets even more chaotic.

What I’m excited about is the two actors from the first installment of Love’s Coming being back together. Depending on how the writers handled all the chaos, the series could be awesome or horrible. Let’s see!

2 Moons 2 The Series

OHHH! All the drama around this series. So much drama. So many angry fans when it was announced that the cast would be fully changed.
Well, you may hear a little bit of fun in these lines. No, I’m not making fun of all the devoted fans but I just want to point out that saying bad stuff about the new actors is not right either. They didn’t decide the fate of the others but were recast after the decision was made.

Okay, now that this is done, let’s go to the series. No one really knows whether it is going to be another installment or a reboot or a remake (which is basically a reboot) or whatever. It seems like it is going to be a remake and not a second installment. I am curious though how they are going to work with that and if they can bring the story back again since we all know what the story is about now and how its gonna develop, but I’m totally on board for giving them a chance, so I’m curious.
Though I also don’t know whether it’s gonna come this year or only next year. Since the fans are calming down and getting a little more excited for season 2 I guess, maybe, we can expect it this year.

My Bromance 2: 5 Years Later

The one movie everyone is angry about because it was so awesome and ended so badly. Muahahahahaha, I still have not watched it. I absolutely despise bad endings, so every single part of my body avoids this movie, or at least the first installment.
Well, it seems there were enough fans for the producers to think of a way to continue the story and make a second part.

Okay, just to bring you up to date, there seems to be something like a special that already depicts the story after the movie but I don’t know whether there really was much to it. Well this time it’s captioned as a special so no idea whether it’s a movie, a series or whatever. The main actors from My Bromance The Movie will reprise their roles though, so let’s just wait and see…oh, and the trailer seems ominous so it doesn’t seem like the producers have changed their colors though, so better be careful when watching XD, still gonna watch though.

Ossan’s Love 2

The Japanese hit BL is back. Yes, Ossan’s Love which first started with a really nice movie and continued (or redid itself) with a series is getting a season 2. The decision between the two men is done and the story is gonna continue from the ending of the first season or shortly after I think.

I’m really excited for this one especially since Japan does have some BL movies but not really that many shows, so yay, cannot wait for it! Don’t know how long production is gonna take though, so maybe it’s only gonna air 2020. I’m hoping for a 2019 release though!

He’s Coming To Me

This one definitely has one of the most interesting couple’s in this whole list. I don’t know whether it will be a real BL story and not just a one sided love story though. (I have the feeling I’m repeating myself with the “I don’t know…though). Well, it’s Singto (Sotus / Sotus S) and Ohm (Make It Right Season 1 and Season 2) and Singto is gonna be a lonely ghost who one day meets a boy who can see him. They become friends but Met (Singto) starts developing feelings for Tunwa (Ohm).

It sounds like the perfect premise for a one sided love and tragedy but who knows. Maybe it will end good? It’s a production by LINE and GMM so I’m definitely gonna watch it ^.^

Oh, we also have a lot of our other GMM boys in other roles.

Why R U? The Series

I know absolutely nothing about this series, except it is supposed to be from a pretty popular novel it seems. I think they are still casting, so it’s probably not gonna be 2019 but a 2020 release.

That’s My Umbrella

No idea what to expect from this one. If I knew which channel was airing this, maybe I knew more but I have no idea.
It’s about Kondee and Fahfon. Kondee confessed his love to Fahfon before – in front of their whole university campus – so afterwards he is avoiding Fahfon at all costs, while Fahfon tries to spend more time together.

It sounds interesting enough but I’m getting different vibes regarding when this will be out and what kind of series it will be. I will check it out though.

Club Friday The Series Season 10: Khon Tee Mai Yorm Rub

The premise for this one definitely made me laugh. I don’t know whether there will actually be a BL couple. There will definitely be a gay guy dating a girl and realizing he really is gay.

Well, at least he didn’t just decide he likes girls after all, so I’m on board. It’s by GMM and it actually has a release date, yes! February 2nd til February 23rd. It’s a Club Friday series so only has 4 episodes but I’m looking forward to watching it in February. After Club Friday 8 with Meng and Tod I’m happily giving them another chance. The chemistry back then was awesome so let’s see if they can top that ^.^


So these are all my recommendations for 2019. You may see it’s more than the year before and I think that is because the fans are so devoted and the channels, like GMMTV or LINE, are listening to the fans wishes and bring us more amazing BL stories. Let’s continue supporting them the best we can!!!

Welcome to my new Website

Welcome, welcome! I just recently returned to my page, after being away for…some months. I haven’t written anything in that time, honestly I was just lazy and had writer’s block I guess. I was busy.

But now I revamped the website and put everything in a new order and re-designed a lot. I kind of like it like this even though I did not in the beginning. Well, I hope you like it too.

What is new?

  • There is a featured area! The newest posts and some updated versions of old posts will be posted there

  • I removed the overall “All posts” section. I will now update the posts per menu items and with the featured area. You can also find posts by clicking onto the Corner sections in general

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In general it’s just a little bit more in order and not just an unending series of posts. If you want something specific but cannot find it, please tell me, so I can help – just post it under any post 😀


I hope you enjoy the new look. Of course, you can still find all the posts with the search button of the site ^.^

BL recommendations for 2018

A new year and many new projects. Unfortunately I don’t speak Thai or Japanese or Chinese and only a little bit of Korean so I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly when things are coming out but I’m gonna do my best.

Note that a lot of shows just DO NOT have a release date but producers and media labels said they were gonna come out in 2018.



SOTUS S. The Series

Release: already out, still airing


This already started over a month ago but I’m still recommending it, even if it is just to remind you that there may be episodes out that you haven’t seen yet, also because we finally see Arthit jealous and honest…wait was that a spoiler? Sorry #sorrynotsorry

Well, Sotus S did not match people’s expectations (although we all have to admit that those expectations were through the roof) since the story takes place two years later but right in the first episode you’ll notice…nothing much has changed. Well, don’t worry. While there will be episodes where you think “When is this gonna end???” the pace picks up a little bit over time and gives you more sweet scenes. I’m still not happy that the pretty much wasted our time for 5 episodes but with the rest, I’m quite happy.

The show literally stays true to its prequel. Literally ^.^ it’s pretty much an immediate continuation of the previous one. Still I love it…without reason, I have to add. #havetobehonest


What The Duck. The Series

Release: already out, still airing


What the…yeah, I had like zero expectations for this one after watching one episode. It seemed boring. It looks good though. Well, do not worry. The show picks up its pace quite soon and gives you a lot of laughs although I admit that half of my laughing comes from Lazy Subber’s comments. Seriously, check them out. It’s just too hilarious.

Well, What the Duck is about a guy who wants to be a steward but fails the exam and starts working for a airport catering service instead. There he meets his work colleague and well…you can imagine the rest. The drama comes mainly from them not actually giving in to liking other men, the guy having a girlfriend and actually being serious about her and the second couple which gives you more drama than your heart can handle.

In general I like the show, especially the later episodes – it’s still airing. Also the show tries to be as refreshing as possible which I think is great. So the characters don’t immediately fall for each other, but somehow they are still building up the chemistry. So it’s a good mix of comedy, chemistry, stupidity and drama. I like it but my overall rating is still open. Depends on how it goes in the future.


Soulmates. The Series

Release: Hopefully this year…


This is supposed to come out this year, after they announced last year that it is not coming out in 2017. Well, I’m interested in the story.

It’s mainly about a guy who has to decide between a friend he likes and a ghost who might be his soulmate. It sounds interesting enough. With BL shows we never know until we actually watch it, right? It sounds interesting and I’d definitely check it out if it would just air already. Well…let’s see how it goes.

HIStory. Right Or Wrong

Release: January 30 – February 21, 2018


HIStory is another one of those shows that managed to be such a big hit to kind of put the expectations on a whole new level, like with SOTUS. While it was just one of the last three HIStory storylines I loved that one so much that I am very very very excited and expectant.

Right Or Wrong is about a student who acts as the nanny for the daughter of his college professor. And while in the beginning just the nanny, they start relying on each other more and becoming more of their own family instead of just a mentor/student relationship.

Four episodes aired and subbed so far and I actually don’t know how many episodes there are….I just looked it up, 8 episodes. Well, four are already out and they seem promising, so yeah, I’m curious. The chemistry is good and the characters are also kinda cute and funny together, so it definitely cheers you up.


HIStory. Crossing the Line

Release: March 6th – March 28, 2018

The second story arc of HIStory 2. Boundary Crossing or Crossing the Line, whatever you wanna call it #lostintranslation

As far as I know compared to the other story arcs this one has two couples. One is brother-brother couple which I am very suspicious about because I don’t know yet, whether they are talking step-brothers or real brothers, but I think I read step-brothers somewhere so it’s okay. The other couple is about a volleyball player who got seriously hurt and cannot play anymore. He discovers another student who may become the next ace and wants to train him but the other student has some serious anger issues. They fall in love of course XD

Well, I’m very curious how it plays out. The trailer, imo, did not show great chemistry but the acting seemed okay, so I’m open to it but I’m not going into it with a lot of expectations.

EDIT: I watched it, I loved it. The chemistry is – I wouldn’t say “great” but more like “cute”?…I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s a good and cute chemistry and the volleyball is made kind of convincing and on a level that you won’t think they produced this show with a camera in the backyard but actually had a real budget, which is good and makes this even better ^.^

Note: I’m not recommending HIStory 2: Trap because it is supposed to come out on 31st of December…yeah, no, there is still A LOT of time until then.

Love Bipolar

Release: March 18 until whenever…depends on the episodes I guess

I don’t know much about this drama but the premise sounds promising. It is about identical twins, one straight, one gay. The gay one gets into an accident and the straight one plays his role. Well, there are many open questions about this one and the ending could go either way, since the guy is actually straight. Still, I’m gonna check it out when it’s out. Hopefully soon and hopefully the acting is good.

EDIT: It’s with Rakkaen Toni…you know Meng from Club Friday 8 or Simon from Skate Our Souls? Yes, that one…oh, I’m SO watching this. 

My Bromance 2. The series

Release: please as soon as possible, I wanna see more of them!!


While a lot of people say, the movie is better, I never watched it and I probably won’t anytime soon. The movie may have been touching and lovely and whatever but it had a sad ending and I absolutely despise sad endings. So when the series came out I decided to give it a try especially because the series was not supposed to be a reboot but more like a continuation. While they are making a continuation of both the movie and the series, I’m looking forward to the series more. If you wanna know what the series/the movie is actually about, read my Thai recommendation lists…it’s on there somewhere 😀

I just hope it comes out soon, I wanna see this couple again!!



My Bromance 2. The movie

Release: This year, they said. So, sometimes in the next 10 months and 17 days, I guess.


Already mentioned it. There is also gonna be a second installment of the movie. I think they are also using the “the bad ending never happened” approach. Let’s see where it goes. Good maybe I’ll watch the first one when the second one came out and people tell me the ending is good. If it is another bad ending…well, screw you, producers!


In Between Seasons

Release: February 22, 2018


This one I’ll definitely wanna watch even if the ending tears my heart apart. It’s about two boys being friends for a long time, then one of the boys gets into an accident and the mother finds out more about the real relationship between her son and his friend.

It sounds really really promising on the feelings side, so yeah, I’m gonna check it out.

Hana wa Saku ka / Does the Flower Bloom?

Release: February 24, 2018


This one is Japanese and normally, like I mentioned in my posts before, I don’t really recommend Japanese BL since they may not be bad but they’re not good either. Well, this time, I’m recommending something to check out, since I read the manga and I absolutely adore it. So, my expectations or high and I’m very curious where it goes.

The story is about an employee at an advertising company and a quiet and young art student. Through his work he meets the art student and overtime the start caring for each other and become close.

This is a very rough description but if you cannot wait for the movie, just check out the manga. I loved it ^.^


So, many of you guys wanted more recommendations but since I’m still working on that one…I watch too much and I don’t want to recommend stuff I did not actually like…I thought you’d like some recommendations for 2018 so you’ll know what’s coming.

Also note, that there were some more rumors and whatever was gonna come out in 2018 but since it’s not sure yet, I did not include it yet.

So have fun and check it out!


CineMania 2018. What’s on, what’s gone, what’s coming?

So, it is another year, 2018, and with that comes a whole new season of movies.

Like its predecessor CineMania 2017 this post will be about all the movies I’m excited about (or not excited about) for the year 2018. And some movies I thought I should mention.

Note: Not all new cinema movies for 2018 will be in this list, of course.

January offers some good starters for the year while also not being overwhelming I guess. There are some leftovers of 2017 which are a good choice if you haven’t watched them already. New movies: There is 12 Strong which is a war film about special soldiers after 9/11. I don’t know much about it, I’ve only seen the trailer which was interesting but kind of a mess. For Chris Hemsworth fans this is a must but otherwise I’m not too sure whether I’m actually gonna watch the movie in the cinemas…maybe on DVD later on. Also in January, The Commuter which is kind of a thriller film about a man suddenly spiraling into a conspiracy after meeting a strange woman on a train. I’m not a Liam Neeson fan which means I’m not too sure about this movie either but at the same time it reminds me so much of the 2003 movie Phone Booth with Colin Farrell which I loved, so maybe I’m gonna watch it. Another new movie this month is Insidious: The Last Key, for everyone who loves horror. I watched some of the other installments but I’m probably gonna watch it on DVD later on, if ever. My favourite for January, though, is definitely Maze Runner: The Death Cure. After having to wait a year (Dylan O’Brien was hurt so I understand and agree but it isn’t easier to wait knowing that) it’s finally out and we can finally watch the last installment of the Maze Runner trilogy which is kinda sad when I think about it. Well, I love the trilogy (I did try reading the books but I failed since the books have a very different vibe I think) so I’m definitely gonna watch that.

Note: Maze Runner: The Death Cure doesn’t start until February where I’m from, that’s why I haven’t watched it already.

The second month of the year offers us a lot more choices than the first one. Especially because there are many different genres. First off, we have the always-Valentine’s-Day special, Fifty Shades Freed. What are we gonna watch in 2019 when so many trilogies end in 2018??? While I’m definitely not a hard-core fan of Fifty Shades I’m definitely gonna watch this movie. Why? Because I read Book 1, Book 2 and half of Book 3. Book 3 is pretty much book-porn before it gets interesting with the plotline and I just had enough of all the erotic scenes before getting to the actual story part, so I stopped reading. That’s why I’m gonna watch the movie – instead of reading through 100 pages of porn again. Also after watching the others (on DVD, not cinema) the leads kind of grew on me, so I’m interested how the chemistry develops. For everyone who doesn’t fancy this choice, there is also action on the table with Black Panther. Marvel gives us another superhero, this time, I think, a little bit more interesting, since it’s set in a whole different background story than the others. I’m too interested where it goes to not watch it. Also Marvel kind of made all of its MCU movies a must-watch with all the connections…my poor purse. Still nothing for you? Maybe family comedy? There is the comedy movie Peter Rabbit coming out. I might really watch it, just because the trailer seemed really really funny. That’s the power of trailers!

There is also The 15:17 to Paris movie about terrorism in a train. It sounds and seems interesting enough to consider watching it in the cinema but it depends on how much money I have left in February.

March offers so many movies I had to reorder my list multiple times. Just…I don’t actually want to watch any of the movies this month. Not really that interested. Still I’m gonna mention some possibilities. There is Isle of Dogs which kind of flew by me. I think it’s an animated movie about a dog landing on an island…of dogs? Judging from the trailer, that I think belongs to this movie, I cannot really judge whether it is like a big metaphor for something else or whether it is comedy. But maybe the trailer I watched is for something else and I’m confusing things. Another animated movie, family and kids friendly, Sherlock Gnomes. I can guess what it is about but I don’t actually have any idea. Another movie, this time more suited for grown-ups, A Wrinkle In Time. Even after watching the trailer I have still not really got any idea of what the trailer is about. They wanted to show how many great images and effects are included in the movie but at the same time the trailer isn’t what a trailer should be but more like a short video, so I wasn’t hooked by it. If you wanna see great effects and images though, I guess it is a good idea. For thriller and/or Jennifer Lawrence fans, we have Red Sparrow, about a spy. For me, this pretty sums up the movie and, for me, the trailer wasn’t that inspiring or interesting, so I guess, I’ll skip that. A trailer that was a mess while kind of hooking me to it was Ready Player One. So, the trailer is an absolute mess but the movie itself seems quite fancy and interesting. Although I’m not too sure if the storyline is worth watching. We also have something like a brutal comedy, Death Wish, with Bruce Willis. Don’t know what to think about that one though. Maybe, probably not, I guess.

Two movies left. First there is the long awaited reboot, Tomb Raider. While I did like the first movie and did have a game of the franchise a long time ago, I do not know what to expect of the movie. I think it is either going to be pretty okay or a total fail. Since cinemas can be kinda pricey, it might not be enough to make me watch. Second, there is the second installment of the Charlie Hunnam film, Pacific Rim Uprising. Except for the fact that Charlie Hunnam is not participating in this installment…wait, did he die in the previous one? I don’t think so but I have no idea. Been some time since I watched it. Well, I have no idea whether to watch it or not. The trailer seems nice though.

Yes!! April gives you recovering time for your purse. Believe me, you’re gonna need it. The only movie I found was Rampage and the trailer seemed to only include action any typical stuff, so that I actually looked at something else after like one minute because I lost interest. For action fans, I think, it may be interesting though. Oh, and there is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in it.

May takes away a lot of money you collected the month before because after a lot of rumors and a lot of cheers we get Deadpool 2 as well as Avengers: Infinity War. And if these two blockbusters aren’t enough, there’s supposed to be another Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story. I’m glad to say, I’m one of the few souls who hasn’t and probably never will watch a Star Wars movie but unfortunately I am kind of right in the MCU, so I’ll definitely watch the Avengers movie because I wanna see all of them together. I’m taking the risk of an epic cliffhanger and leaving the cinema unsatisfied and angry because I wanna see the ending. And Deadpool 2, well, I like the actor and I wanna see where it goes even if the movie probably includes a lot of American humor again, which means I’ll only like 80% of the comedy scenes. That’s enough to make me go to the cinema I guess.

And the summer begins. It starts off with another second installment, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This is a DEFINITELY because I loved the previous Jurassic World and because of…well, Chris. Pratt. Enough said for me. He is one of the few actors where I watch pretty much every movie. I don’t have that many of them. Another new movie in June, The Incredibles 2. This one depends on the actual trailer. The teaser didn’t really do it for me but maybe the actual trailer is better. Also there is Ocean’s 8, which I’m not gonna watch even though I’m interested because I’m too big of a fan of the original movies and the actual connection is missing for me.

In July I have to avoid a horror movie fanatic friend of mine, otherwise he is gonna make me watch The Nun, a spin-off of the The Conjuring movies. And while I loved these movies, there were sometimes scary af and the nun made me check dark corners for a whole month after watching, so NO, definitely not gonna go that. I recommend it to horror movie fans though. Another July movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp. If this is actually like a second installment of Ant-Man I’m probably gonna watch it since I like Paul Rudd and the other actors in the movie but if not, then no. Also, we have Mission Impossible: Fallout. I don’t know which installment of MI this is but I haven’t watched any of them in the cinema but more like two months ago on a compilation DVD, so yeah…maybe this year does the charm? And for all the comedy and animation fans we have Hotel Trannsylvania 3. Didn’t like the first one and haven’t watched the second one so very little chance I’m gonna watch the third one but people say it is a good franchise so I’ll recommend it. And last but not least, we have another second installment, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Maybe I’m gonna watch that with my mum or if I have too much freetime and money. It seems interesting enough but I think by that time I’d know pretty much every corner of the cinema so maybe I’ll take a break.

August gives me nothing this year. At least, nothing I know of yet.

And we are already starting the new semester…although university starts in October here, so yeah…there is this one movie that was announced, The Kid who would be King, which sounds like another Arthur Pendragon thing but since I like that, I’m interested but I don’t know anything more about it, so I don’t know whether to recommend it or not…it’s something to keep in mind I guess.

October, where university starts and where people get busy again. Fortunately, there seems to be no reason for me to go to the cinema in October, so I’ll have enough time for everything else.

Two months left til the end of the year and we are getting more options again. So, there is The Nutcracker and the four realms, which I know zero about but the title is funny. Then there is Ralph breaks the Internet, the second installment of Wreck It, Ralph, I guess. It still has to convince with a trailer though but I’ll keep it in mind. Then there is X-Men: Dark Phoenix which I am very very very interested in and excited about. The trailer really has to be crap for me not to go. Otherwise I’m definitely going but normally the X-Men franchise does not disappoint, at least not since X-Men: First Class, imo. And last but not least, we have my personal favourite of the year 2018, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. I’m excited, I’m interested and I totally cannot wait. I wanna see our new heroes again, as well as a young Dumbledore and Johnny Depp as Grindelwald. It seems very promising. Of course, my expectations for this are higher than for any other movie on this list.

December brings Christmas, usually snow, the end of the year and a lot of fireworks. As well as too much shopping and stress but I still love Christmas and December. This year December brings us a lot of movies I know nothing about like Crooked HouseHolmes and Watson, Mortal Engines and Mary Poppins Returns. Still it promises to be an interesting month. I still remember, after watching Justice League, I was like “I wanna see more of Aquaman” and see there, this december there is a movie about him. There are not enough movies playing around water and superheroes, imo ^.^


So this is my review…or preview for the coming year. Let’s see how many I’m actually gonna watch 😀

I’m probably gonna write a post about what I actually watched and what I did not watch around the end of the year because there may be movies I kind of crushed here but ended up watching and liking them. It could happen ^.^

Introduction 2.0

I read through my posts a while ago and realised…wow, so many things changed. Especially regarding my introduction. So what would you do if you realise that? Easy, write a new one. Well, let’s see how easy it actually is…


About me…physically

I haven’t grown even one centimetre since I was 13. Back then I was almost the tallest person in my class and I hated it. So every night I went to bed thinking “I don’t want to get taller” and see there…it actually worked. Now I’m 1,67m and my mum and my brother are at least 5 cm taller than I am. Well…

I’m chubby. Not the kind of chubby “she looks like a big blob” but the chubby “she could look good in the right clothes”

I’m have the annoying habit on going on diets right before birthdays, celebrations and other festivities where people eat a lot…Very smart, right? T.T


About me…emotionally

Living after the principle: I’m not moody, I’m emotionally creative.

I’m optimistically pessimistic. Figure out yourself what that means.

I want to have an epic romance. A love that’s so great you cannot live without the other and where you’re connected to someone like never before. Although I think I’m never gonna get a love like that. Still I want it. – get the “optimistically pessimistic” yet?

About me

I love Christmas. I love it!

I’m one of those people who know they cannot sing and don’t even think of showing up at a casting show. Seriously I’m bad…

I love ice skating so much I go regularly. It’s the only sport I really like. I already hurt myself twice in the last few weeks and still I’m gonna go again XD

I cook with recipes and ignore the recipes halfway through. Except for two times, where it was more than just gross, it worked out perfectly.

I love reading, eating, listening to music, writing stories and watching movies and series.

I have no problem remembering the names of 300 K-Pop idol with mostly Korean names but I have difficulties telling how far 20metres are and where it goes north.



So, apart from all that there is not much to know, at least not at the moment. I’m very happy with my life and recently I found a really good and enjoyable job so yes, it’s going well…let’s continue doing well and trying our best!!