Summer is here #lifeinanutshell

Let me start this post in a different way than usual. With a warning. It’s 36°C where I’m from and my brain switches off at around 25°C so I’m overly excerting myself right now. It’s hot, it’s sunny and even though I’m on vacation right now, I’m totally useless.


So despite this lack of usefulness and energy, I thought it would be a nice idea to post some life update again since I haven’t in a long time. Just to keep you up to date even if you’re not interested 😉 (even I’m getting tired of all the reviews)

What have I been up to?

I tried losing some kilos and the only thing I lost was my patience.
I finished my Bachelor thesis, but I do still have to take additional courses at uni.
I’m on vacation and sweating my life out of me since IT IS TOO HOT. Did I mention that already? *my brain is overheating right now*

I’m diligently watching the ongoing BL shows and tried to post some reviews but I kind of get stuck in the middle all the time so no posting yet. I will try to finish the 2Moons 2 review today though, so maybe in the next few days I can release it.


As for general BL news: currently ongoing Theory of Love with #OffGun and like mentioned 2Moons 2 with the new cast. We just finished the re-telling episodes of the story so let’s see how they manage with a whole new story. I’m interested.

So, yeah, there is not much going on but at the same time some things have happened I guess. I hope that after finishing my thesis, the exams and so on I might have some time to release some posts again so keep your eyes open, maybe I’ll manage to keep my promises for once.


So this is the end of my post, it’s a short one, I know.
Bye 🙂




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