Review: Avengers Endgame (Spoiler free)

So I just watched Avengers: Endgame and like I promised here is my movie review. Since I will make this spoiler free I will only post about my feelings about the movie, the characters, the story line etc. so don’t worry.

It does contain spoilers for Avengers Infinity War though ^.^


Avengers: Endgame – General information

Avengers: Endgame is the second installment to Avengers: Infinity War, also the fourth Avengers installment and the 22nd movie in the MCU franchise. It was released on April 26th in the US and is already breaking records. Personally I think it was funny how the cast for the movie went on a press tour (as if it actually needed promotion) to promote a movie they actually couldn’t talk about. It was a funny time 😀
The movie stars a lot of our favourite Avengers in the main roles while some others -remember the aftermath of Infinity War- are still goners. The movie is about our heroes trying to deal with it while also trying to get everything back together again.

The beginning

The start of the movie is…great. It is the most surprising part of the movie actually. Like the first 20 minutes of the movie? They came really unexpected and it was amazing. I loved how you did not expect what was coming next. You sat in your seat, had waited for a year to see all this happening and this was how it unfolded and it was really interesting. I loved it 🙂 the unexpected-ness as well as how they filmed it. The camerawork, the colours, the general story telling.


The unfolding of the story

Soon though the movie starts going somewhere and you start finding out what this movie is going to be about and well…there is this one show I watched some time before and they effed up so badly in a previous season they just could not repair what they did in a clean way. It’s pretty much the same with Avengers. Infinity War left such a big nothing it’s hard to repair, if even possible. Fortunately the MCU is based on comics so everything can be resolved even if it is cheesy or clichée. I’m not going to mention how they actually repaired their own story but they did…kind of. They at least found a way to repair it, whether they were actually able to save the story, I don’t really know, that’s something everyone has to judge for their own.

The movie is not entirely unpredictable. There are a few scenes where you can kind of guess what kind of action is gonna happen at the next moment but you won’t guess the overall story line. Don’t worry, even if you can predict some of it, you will be surprised at how it happens and how they shot it. There is this one scene where the whole cinema kind of screamed in unison and I think I actually heard someone scream “Kick their ass!” It was great to see everyone cheer for our heroes and hope they can save their planet, their people, their world. If you watch the movie you can probably guess what scene it is. The shot was astonishing, exhilarating and just great!


Marvel also succeeded at something a lot of people doubted. They managed to show everyone. Infinity War and Endgame both had the problem of having a really big cast and a lot of story and places they had to show. And a lot of the story lines happen at the same time. Marvel and the Russo brothers are just a few of the studios/people who actually manage to tell so many story lines in one movie without making it seem over the top and “too much”. No, you definitely walk out of such a movie with the feeling of having watched something.

The cast and acting

Before I talk about the ending (spoiler free) and the bad things about the movie I want to mention the cast. The cast did an amazing job. They really did. My compliments go to Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Karen Gillen and Chris Evans.
Robert Downey Jr. made you understand what his character was doing and feel for him. You understood his motivations, actions and why he was acting the way he did.
Scarlett Johansson showed us sides to her character that seemed to be part of Black Widow since the beginning while at the same time being totally new to us and making us wish we had a whole movie about her.
Chris Evans gets my compliments because while he was always acting as the “perfect” Captain America before, this time he also showed us a side to the character that made him more relatable and well, human, I guess.
We also get a lot of Karen Gillen as Nebula. She did great and while her character didn’t have much to do before, she was an important role in this one. Though I admit, I did not really like her story line in Endgame, although it was good and matched the movie. I enjoyed these four the most since all of it just sucked you in and made you forgot everything around you.


As for the rest, well, some did good, others did…not so good.
Mark Ruffalo was kind of…well, okay, I guess? His acting did not really stand out and felt more like a filler, I admit. Though I think that is less of his acting and more due to the story line and script.
Jeremy Renner gave a great performance, although it did suffer from lack of time. You would have felt his character more if there was more time.
Chris Hemsworth acts quite differently this time than before but I think that is mainly because he was so serious in the last movie, they tried to give him a kind of different role this time. He did nicely but his character wasn’t really that interesting this time around.
Paul Rudd had like a mix between Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth going on. His important scenes were too short and the others were comic relief, otherwise the actor did a great job at showing his character adapting to half the world gone.
We also have Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Just one sentence: You notice that they shot this before Captain Marvel, meaning, you notice her not really knowing how her story is gonna unfold in her Captain Marvel movie. I wish they had shot Captain Marvel before Endgame. Like this though, it didn’t seem sincere.

We also have Rocket, although CGI. He was a nice addition but not really much happening there. I loved his combo with Thor though.
Also Josh Brolin as Thanos. I just found the character annoying at this point so I think I cannot really judge his acting in Endgame.
Last but not least we have Don Cheadle as Rhodey. I don’t have anything bad to say about him. He did a good job.

Those are all the actors I think of as main characters or something like that. Reading through that I realize…the acting wasn’t as good as I thought, although I have to say, I think a lot of the acting succeeded as well as suffered from the script and directing, depending on the character. But, overall the acting was good enough to make you sit there for three hours and not get bored with the characters…although I did kind of just wait for the scenes of the four actors I mentioned at the top of this chapter.


The ending

Before I start telling you my feelings about the ending (without spoilers) let me tell you a few things. You know the book It by Stephen King? It has around 1500 pages, depending on what edition and in what language you’re reading it, and that may seem a lot. It is but at the same time the book is so addicting and the story so intriguing you are stuck with the book if you make it past a 100 pages. You just cannot stop after. This book though has one bad thing about it and I am not talking about how scary it is if you have good imagination. I am talking about the ending. The ending, like the last 100 pages, just suck. Neither does it fit the book, nor does it make sense, nor do they entertain in any way. If I hadn’t read 1400 pages before that I would’ve just thrown the book away and went with the movie (and I hate scary movies).
Do you know the movie Now You See Me? It isn’t anything special until you reach like the last 20 minutes. Those twenty minutes give the movie what made it such a fan favourite. Those twenty minutes made it possible to produce a second installment.
Or do you know the TV show How I Met Your Mother? The ending was so unfit for the show and so unsatisfying, fans asked for a different ending. And the pressure by the fans was so high -no wonder, the ending was terrible- that they did re-shoot the ending.
Or for a more recent example, do you know the recently released movie After Passion? Overall, the movie is just typical teenie/student stuff and not really interesting in any way but the ending. The ending is gold. The way they shot it, the pace, the light. The ending scene itself leaves you sitting there and re-thinking for a moment what you just watched.


What I want to say? The ending of a movie can make or break a movie. When you walk out of the cinema and you watched a long movie the ending scene is the one stuck in your head. Only slowly are you gonna go through the movie and analyse everything else. You may forget what happened in the beginning since you are filled with excitement at that point and are on the edge of your seat to see what is gonna happen on screen but by the end of a movie you just had a full story unfold and the ending decides what feelings you are gonna have when you walk out of that cinema. Chris Evans said in an interview that the movie is gonna make you feel satisfaction. The movie did deliver satisfaction…until just about 5 to 10 minutes before it ended. Yes you heard right! The Russo brothers, Marvel, the Avengers botched the ending. Like big time.

And before those of you who watched the movie, tell me, I’m only saying that I didn’t like the ending because of what happens – that is actually not what is bad about it. No, the story at the end is kind of fitting for the movie. Did I wish it ended differently? To some parts yes, I wish it did, but it did fit the movie and the franchise. Still, the ending itself was oh-so boring. Seriously. Avengers Endgame let’s you forget that you are stuck in your seat for three hours. You just forget everything around you and then…the ending happens and tbh I should have just left and walked home. If I go and watch an Avengers movie I want to have excitement and feelings until the end but the end just left me…bored. There was no excitement at all. There was this one little moment when you see one of them ask “What happened?” but that takes like a second and then it’s back to boring again. They did try making interesting shots and showing our heroes and make you feel with them but I felt…nothing. No, that’s not true. I did feel something. I felt “oh, so that’s happening. I could see that one from a mile away.” The ending is as predictable, cheesy, corny, slow and unfitting (the way they tell it, not the things happening itself) of a Marvel movie as it gets. And yes, I know cheesy and corny mean pretty much the same thing.


And now here is the problem: The movie is great, it is amazing, but the ending just sucks. That means you leave the cinema, not excited and happy or even satisfied. No, I just left the movie, thinking “And I just spent 3 hours of my life to get THAT?” and “It’s Marvel and the Russo brothers, for God’s sake, I expected better.”
If someone, anyone, left the cinema like that, it isn’t good. Not at all. It means you messed up big time shooting this movie. You had the viewers cheering, feeling, screaming, laughing and crying with you and then you left them hanging. I’m not criticizing just one thing here, no. The acting, the story, the camera work, the sound, the way everything is placed…the ending in general is crap. And the story is pretty much the last thing in that list. It’s like they just gave up around the end and just said “Let’s get it done and finally go home”. I expected better.

Overall – Conclusion

Let’s not kid ourselves, whatever you are reading here, you are probably gonna go watch the movie anyway. In my opinion the movie is really good and one of the few movies where the story just sucks you in, whether you like it or not. You won’t notice any small flaws there may be in the story or in some of the scenes. That’s how addicting the story of this installment is. The movie is a great movie and a nice break from the real world.
My recommendation? Go watch the movie but maybe don’t expect too much from the ending.
The movie itself is awesome and definitely worth a watch ❤ The storytelling is great and the images are awesome and exhilarating.


I liked the ending of Infinity War better…and half the world died in that one…so…think about that, Marvel.

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