Review: ReminderS

Filling every BL fans heart with giggles and a big smile was the short series ReminderS. Here a short review about the series and why you should probably check it out. But judge for yourself.

I tried to skip any spoilers but I probably didn’t succeed all the time so sorry.



ReminderS is a 3 episode short series (more like a special) aired on LINE TV. It was released from April 17th to April 20th 2019 and features actors from the popular BL series’ Love By Chance (2018) and Love Sick (2014 – 15). The trailer came out like a week before the special actually aired…Okay, maybe it was a month before but I’m not too sure. It definitely wasn’t long before the show actually aired. The full title of the show is REMINDERS Because I Miss You. While it was not clear in the beginning if the LBC couples would feature in the show (which they are not), the trailer already told all the fans that we would see the long-awaited return of one of the original BL couples, Phun and Noh from Love Sick. As for the LBC actors, it features Perth and Saint (originally acted as Ae and Pete in LBC respectively) as Pin and Son, and Mean and Plan (originally playing Tin and Can respectively) as Two and Wish. All three are already couples in the series and it is about them facing some drama in their relationships.

Do not be confused now though – this is a special. Which means the episodes are at most 30 minutes long and there are just three (!) of them, so there isn’t much to the story, since the show is, in fact, mostly a reminder and to remember some of great feelings we had when watching the original shows.

Also I had some people asking again why the LBC actors are not acting as their LBC characters. Check this out, I mentioned some possible reasons there: HERE


The story

So the story of the series is pretty simple. All six are students at university, some of them studying together but as far as I understood, most of them are studying different subjects. Not that that fact is sooo important but well…
In general, the story skips a lot with introducing the cast as couples right from the beginning and PinSon/ TwoWish already knowing each other but getting to know PhunNoh in the series. And getting to know each other more leads to more misunderstandings than you would think.

The series also features some cameo appearances. Some, we already saw in the trailer, but some are a welcome surprise. I won’t spoil them though 😉

The new couples

I won’t say more about the story but let’s just talk about the couples. As for the PinSon and TwoWish couple, it’s like they took the LBC characters’ best traits, added some spice and fun to it and created them for this show. Which translated to “it’s awesome to watch”. Also the new characters seem to be a little more natural for the actors and seem to represent more of their own character than the previous characters, making the couples seem even more convincing, which is really needed since we don’t actually see them falling in love but are just stuck in the middle of their relationship, so chemistry and convincing feelings are a must. And Perth, Saint, Mean and Plan deliver. One thing I really appreciated here was also that it wasn’t just couple scenes but that we got some Perth / Mean fun scenes too. It was interesting seeing them acting together, especially since this time their characters didn’t hate each other. Really enjoyed that.


The comeback couple

As for the Phun / Noh couple. The chemistry those two had…well, after 5 (!) years I was afraid it would be really awkward and it wouldn’t be there anymore, BUT IT IS! Yes! Right from the first episode of the special it’s there. The actors and the characters seem so comfortable around each other that you just get the feeling they actually spend their time from school until college together and didn’t follow their own paths and projects like in real life. And I think that says a lot for their acting abilities and chemistry that it’s still as strong as ever after 5 years. Here I also want to compliment them on their acting in general. Love Sick was always a classic and I love it but we all have to admit, a lot of the acting was awkward in the beginning because they did not have much acting experience. Well, seems they learned a lot in those 5 years, because they were really really good in ReminderS. They really give you the feeling they’re not actors but you have their characters in front of you. And this is one of the things I liked about Love Sick in general. It just sucked you in. ReminderS isn’t any different. It’s short, it’s not much story, but all of the couples suck you in and you won’t be able to stop watching them and cheering for them.


One thing I loved in the series – while there was drama for all three couples, some had more and some had less and all of them actually featured different problems. And I loved how Phun and Noh helped the other couples while also facing some insecurities of their own.

Okay, but…

Since it wouldn’t be a real review if I did not mention the bad stuff too, here it is: ReminderS big bad thing is…it’s not any good if you haven’t at least watched Love By Chance or Love Sick. ReminderS is, like its name says, pretty much a “reminder” of the couples, the actors, the memories, the shows. It is mostly a sentimental show. Which means if you neither enjoyed LBC or LS, don’t watch it. If you enjoyed one of them though, this is definitely a must-watch. Especially since it is a promotion for the long awaited upcoming third season of Love Sick.

The memories

I kept the most important stuff for the end. If you are a hard-core Love Sick lover, like me, you will pretty much stop three seconds into the first episode. At least I had too. The music just takes you right back and I just remembered the time I started watching Love Sick and actually getting into the BL world. I had watched other shows before but this one introduced me to the Thai BL world and ever since then I have to say, my life changed. While others watch Game Of Thrones and bet who is gonna die next, I’m sitting here grinning like a fool because I get a major flashback from 3 seconds of a song.


For those non-Love Sick fans or viewers, you have to understand: I had never before watched a show like Love Sick and its chemistry before. Remember the first time you watched a Thai BL series and how you felt back then. The one show that made you fall in love with Thailand and Thai BL. For me that is Love Sick. And seriously, we have so many shows where we won’t get a another season (Love By Chance, Addicted, WaterBoyy, 2Moons – at least not with the same actors, etc.) that a lot of LS fans thought that we won’t ever get more from Love Sick. Technically it has a second season and after five years you just stop thinking about it…until they announce it and you go crazy. Also because it wasn’t clear if the actors are coming back and still have the same chemistry. Well, ReminderS settles that I think (although I don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll keep praying for it even now).


ReminderS for me was like a trip back to innocent little me starting to watch her first Thai series, not knowing what to expect, and experiencing for the first time a couple she cheered, cried, laughed, screamed and giggled with more than ever before and finding out that being close to someone doesn’t necessarily mean being physically close but it can also mean that you care for someone more than for anyone else. I think that best describes it.


So, yes, ReminderS mostly has sentimental value for me but whether you are a LBC or LS fan, ReminderS is a great heal for you heart and for watching something light and short to enjoy yourself.

And while I almost fainted in the first three seconds of the series, seriously the ending sequence pretty much killed me ❤


If you are a LS or LBC fan, watch it. If you are not a fan of at least one of those shows…why not? And if you haven’t watched them, please watch them and be sucked into this craziness with us, so we can all wait together for the third season …that still has no release date T.T

Bonus for Love Sick fans – just found this one, I could not stop laughing remembering. Still remember this scene?


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