Review: Mr. Merman (Series)

Let me make this clear, I love mermaid and merman shows, I really do. Also movies. But the quality has to be really good or at least the storyline and the characters have to be interesting. Otherwise I won’t enjoy it much and drop it after just a little bit of watching.
I did not know about Mr. Merman for a long time but when I discovered it I was over the moon since I could finally watch another mermaid/merman show and it was good and not just some lousy effects 😉

So here, even though it has been like a month or two since I watched it, is my review of Mr. Merman.


General Information

Mr. Merman is a 29 episode long 2018 Thai TV show about three men, Payu, Talay and Plangton, trying to uncover an ominous organisation while keeping their origins as mermen a secret. One day an unfortunate event leads to Talay having to rescue Fahfon and accidentally turning her into a mermaid too. While that may come as a shock there is also the little problem of mermaids turning into sea foam after three months. So the three men and Fahfon have to figure out a way to save her and keep their secret hidden from the mad scientists of the organisation.

The show stars Boat Tara Tipa as Talay, Namwhan Phulita Supinchompoo as Fahfon, Kiak Wattikorn Permsubhirun as Payu, Best Vichayut Limratanamongkol as Plangton, Namnung Suttidachanai as Ploysai (Fahfon’s best friend and Plangton’s love interest) and Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor as Nannam (Fahfon’s other love interest and a powerful CEO).
Except for Tao I didn’t know any of the faces.


The story

The story itself is sometimes quite cheesy (especially the ending) but overall the story flows nicely and the number of episodes fits well. I did not think I’d like it that much but I did. It was nice to see another mermaid/merman show with quality like this. I especially liked that they showed strengths and weaknesses for our main leads and didn’t just put it as “the strong merman save the weak mermaid”. No, everything made sense in that regard and the dynamics between the characters where really nice. The one thing I loved about the story line: It did not take long for some of the main people to figure out the mermen’s secret and tbh I loved that. That brought a whole new dynamic into the mix. (But don’t worry it is not revealed right away).

I did not like all of the story developments but over time I learned to trust the writers and saw that they handled everything quite well. They did try to keep some things secret for as long as they could but sometimes you could just see the discovery from a mile away.


The characters

The characters are really nice and while some characters may have an obnoxious or annoying side to them the writers definitely tried not to put focus on it for too long. So even Ploysai, the funny best friend of Fahfon and with a mad crush on Plangton, wasn’t annoying but seemed really charming and grows on you over time. Also the chemistry between the romantic interests was charming.

There were some whiny characters though and they annoyed the hell outta me but don’t worry, like I said, “supporting” characters. They don’t appear that often.
Also while watching I read a comment that someone though the mad scientist’s laugh was as fake as it could get. In the beginning it seems okay, I guess, but the viewer was right. Be prepared that around the end it is totally fake and annoying.

My favourite characters are Talay and Ploysai. Talay because he could be caring, tough but also show a weak side. I love that they included a story line where he had to be cared for by Fahfon and not just always the other way around. That supported the chemistry so much. As for Ploysai, normally I dislike characters like her, but this time I really enjoyed it. While she did go over the top for impressing Plangton, she also showed that she knows when it is too much and she wasn’t just a madly in love character but still had time to get embarrassed, hurt or annoyed.



Comedy-wise the show is lacking. There are some comedic scenes but it seems like the writers did not know how to put them and it’s quite an awkward humor. But don’t worry, that does not destroy the overall story. Like someone told me some time ago: The story may not be funny, but it is fun.

Another minus point though, is the sound. Seriously I have never seen such a noisy TV show. I don’t think the producers knew how to add the sound in the right scenes so there is like music all the time or at least some background sounds. Those moments when it is finally quiet, seem really dramatic though, since finally there is no music.

Why I’m recommending it

Mainly because I think there might be mermaid/merman fans out there that love shows like these and while there are many minus points, I did binge-watch the show since I was totally into it. The story is addicting. And since I needed some time to discover it, I’m recommending it here, because maybe there are people who also don’t know the show and maybe want to check it out!

I highly recommend watching the first five episodes and then decide. Don’t judge by the first episode though, because you won’t see much of the dynamics yet.


I know this was a short review but I thought I could finally write a review where I did not gush about a show or movie like a crazy person and also recommend something that I did not love but just liked. Sometimes we have to try new things, right? 😉

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