Review: Ready Player One

I’m not rich, really I’m not. I’m not exactly poor either though. Well, going to the cinema where I’m from is kinda expensive. Let’s just say: Watching an IMAX 3D movie on a Saturday afternoon, even after getting the student discount, costs 15€ for the ticket!!! I still remember a time when we thought 9€ for a weekend ticket was expensive. Now you may ask what I want to say. Well, I’ll tell you: I love Ready Player One so much I actually watched it three times in the cinema. Once in English in IMAX 3D, then in the dubbed version in IMAX 3D and the third time with a friend in the dubbed version and 2D. And if you ask me, I’d like to watch it again. Still I’m gonna try to not to just give you a “I love it, watch it” review but some reasons for it 😀


Steven Spielberg

So there is a big name behind this movie – Steven Spielberg. I’m actually pretty much a Steven Spielberg newbie considering his directing work. Sure, I’ve seen productions where he was a producer/executive producer or had some other connection to it. But considering his directing works, I’m pretty much a newbie. I’ve not seen E.T., I’ve only seen snippets of War of the Worlds and I have only seen one Indiana Jones. I have seen Catch Me If You Can but well, it’s been some time and having seen one movie doesn’t make me a Steven Spielberg expert now, does it? After watching Ready Player One though I can at least say I understand why people praise his work so much. I liked Catch Me If You Can but this new project…I think you just have to put everything you got into it to make it good and I definitely give big compliments to Steven Spielberg. Ready Player One turned out to be great. He himself even said it was one of the hardest movies he ever did.

But with all this, even if there’s a big name behind it, it doesn’t mean the movies gonna be good. The name alone holds a lot of expectations. So let’s get to the movie review.

Non-typical plot

I went to see the movie because a friend told me it was supposed to be good. He didn’t even see it but he heard about it even though he’s not much of a movie person, so I thought I’ll check it out. I did actually watch the first trailer…while doing hundred other things. Which translates to: I had no idea what I was actually gonna watch. I’ve never been so non prepared before watching a movie in the cinema. Seriously. But I’m happy I did not prepare. It was awesome and I was even more awestruck because I had no idea it would be this good.

The plot of the story is perfect for every game or adventure fan. I’m gonna give you the roughest run-down I can manage (of course WITHOUT spoilers): We are in the future, 2045, and people mostly build their life in the virtual reality world, the OASIS. One of them is Wade Watts. And like his friends he is a Gunter, a hunter for the Easter Egg (like a hidden message/treasure) of the late creator of the OASIS, James Halliday.

That’s the roughest plot I can give you. Well, the plot may sound rough but the story gives you a new plot for a cinema movie and I really enjoyed this new premise for a story. The typical real world / video game mix up may be a typical story in some other media than blockbuster cinema but in cinema you seldomly get a movie this good, especially with this production quality. So Ready Player One offers a breath of fresh air.


Cinema-perfect effects

Similar to other movies coming out in 2019, Ready Player One in 2018 showed what mixing CGI with the real world was gonna look like without taking the step of putting it right beside each other like in Alita: Battle Angel or the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. Still…if I ever get the chance to watch Ready Player One in cinema again I would totally pay 20€ for it. This movie’s effects are MADE for cinema, IMAX and 3D. Seriously the effects are awesome and make the movie even better than it is. So any logic faults or light mistakes it has, the effects totally make up for that. Another reason why I watched it in cinema 3 times.


The characters, at least for me, shined with everyone having like two sides to them. The player side in the OASIS and the real one in the real world. Big compliments to the character designers, the computer graphics developers and of course, the actors themselves. One thing I have to criticize here though: The real world characters did sometimes have a different feeling from their characters. At least in some specific moments. There are a few scenes where they show the absolutely same emotions and aura though, so I guess it’s not a total fault in the movie but just a little bit of a thing.


Unnecessary story points

So, here’s the one thing I did not like: There were some characters/some scenes that got a lot of back-story or background which was totally unnecessary or should have been explored more. Watching it the first time, you may not really notice these faults but watching it multiple times you realize that there are some scenes that are totally unnecessary. The movie does not seem disturbed by the scenes though, since the story telling pace it quite balanced, never too fast or too slow – that’s also the reason you don’t notice the unnecessary stuff until watching it multiple times.

Astounding music!

Okay, all faults with unnecessary stuff and a few character mistakes aside, the movie fits together really well, with everything complementing all the different sides of the story, effects, cast and of course, music! The music is amazing and it fits sooooo well 🙂 There’s seldomly a movie that has music that fits so well, as this one. The only other movie I remember that fits its music so well? Iron Man, the first one. This movie also fits the music well, especially with all the easter eggs and pop culture references in the movie. I may not know too many things but even I recognized enough to have fun picking out all the little hints.


Ready Player One, in general, offers an interesting and unusual story line combined with great effects and a lot of grinning when you recognize references to other stories, media, games, novels etc. So if you haven’t watched it, I totally recommend getting you popcorn ready and sit on the sofa and enjoy a wonderful movie date at home (since it’s not airing in the cinema anymore). The movie will give you a great new look story and in my opinion an improved version of the original novel behind it -not because the book was bad but because the book is very childish compared to the movie except for a few scenes and changing that for the movie was a great idea!

Oh and just for the end: Ready Player One is imo one of the top movies of 2018 and my favourite movie together with How To Train Your Dragon (the first one) and Now You See Me (also the first one). I won’t say it is a must-watch but it is definitely something you should try out. You definitely won’t get your usual main stream.


Sorry if this review is kinda messy, I started writing it months ago and just finished it in the middle of the night. I’m tired. I’m gonna sleep now.


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