Introduction to BL 104 – Couples

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Every fan has his/her own favorites. It’s always been like that and will always be like that but there are always those things you know about even if they are not your favorites. So in this post I’m gonna talk about the couples that you should know about/should check out when diving into the BL world.

The following couples are sometimes “character” couples (as in it’s a couple made of two characters in a series) and there are a few “actor” couples (as in actors that are paired up very often)

Note: this time not just from Thailand.

Arthit x Kongpob (SOTUS)


Everyone who ever watched is totally wowed by this couple. If you don’t know this couple you definitely have to get to know them to really get into the BL world. I also think this is a good couple to start. No story line is too harsh and there are a lot of sweet scenes without them being sexual as with some other couples on this list. Arthit and Kongpob, as far as I know, finished their storyline after two seasons of the series and a part in the 5 epsiode special Our Skyy. But even after completing their story people still wish for more and the two characters (as wella s their actors) are well known household names in the scene already. SOTUS is also one of those shows where there’s not much action in the first season but the actors chemistry carries the story well and you won’t be able to stop rooting for them 🙂

Off x Gun (actors)


I already named this couple when I was talking about the actors. Of course, they are not really a couple but they are paired up really often. Their chemistry is off the charts, especially because they seem really comfortable with each other, which can not always be the case in BL shows (although it’s normally better than normal shows since the casting people actually try to find people who go really well with each other). Off and Gun’s chemistry and fandom is so awesome they even got their own show in the 2019 line up of GMMTV, as well as a second season of their variety show OffGun Fun Night. And to think it all started with the show Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey. They seemed like such a typical couple but it turned into something really awesome. They are definitely a couple you should recognize.

Earth x New x Tay (actors / Waterboyy The Series & Kiss franchise)


This one is quite fun. New, one of the actors I introduced before, appeared in a few shows before starring as Kao in Kiss: The Series. His couple with Tay, or the character Pete, was only a side story but still people noticed. His big break out in the BL fandoms came with the show Water Boyy The Series, though. The show originally comes from a movie that was highly praised and loved in the BL community and the series got a lot of negative feedback, also because it wasn’t mainly BL like the movie, anymore but had BL couples and straight couples. Well, still no one could say Earth as Waii and New as Apo didn’t have chemistry. One other reason why the show blew up kinda big though, was the kiss between Earth and New. No one had seen such a deep kiss in a BL series, or at least not that many of these kisses. And the kiss was really wow 😉 Well, after that the couple was always named together and then came a second part of Kiss: The Series. The second season was set up as a pre-story and people absolutely loved Tay as Pete and New as Kao in it. They got so popular there’s gonna be a third part of the series called Dark Blue Kiss but with mainly Pete and Kao as main characters, as far as I know. With this New became a general household name in the genre and fans still cannot decide whether they like Earth x New or Tay x New more. After Dark Blue Kiss though, I bet it will be number two, keke.

Video: Water Boyy kiss – see 3:21.

Bai Luo Yin x Gu Hai (Addicted Heroin)


The one couple that carried a whole series and is still making BL fans around the world pray to heaven for there two be a second season one day. While the premise of the story did not sound like something new, the story, when watching, is pretty different. Fans loved the passion between the two characters, Bai Luo Yin’s embarassed face when Gu Hai continued confessing his love and how he slowly gives in to his own feelings and starts showing it to Gu Hai. The chemistry of the show is especially good because in the beginning, when you still don’t know the characters very well, the chemistry is also only building. But over time the chemistry just sky rockets and you won’t get away from this couple anymore. It’s really unfortunate that there’s no second season.

Haruta x Maki (x Kurosawa) (Ossan’s Love)


This one, I know many don’t know this one. The reason why I still named them? Because it’s (finally) a series and not a movie for Japan BL media. And I think that why it is important to know them. Japan is great at releasing BL movies adapted from Shonen Ai and Yaoi manga but they are not that good when it is about BL TV shows. That’s why I’m naming this couple (or trio) here. Check them out and start giggling ^.^

Korn x Knock (Together With Me)


If you don’t know this couple…well, then you are definitely new. Korn and Knock, played by Max and Tul, are the one couple fans name when it’s about chemistry. They are always in the top 3. I have not seen any list where they are not in the top 3. I think the reason why they are always on the top is because the couple is a lot more physical than others and also seems physically compatible. The story actually starts in the multiple couple TV show Bad Romance. Max and Tul got so much love for their characters, they got a sequel (that chronologically regarding the story line in the show, is a prequel) called Together With Me that, well, it blew up BIG TIME. It was different than other shows. There was a lot of intimate scenes and it really starts right in episode one. There is no time to prepare you for the series but it just throws you right in there. After Together With Me it did not take long for a trailer for a new season coming out and I still remember, the whole fandom kinda freaked out. And while the third installment did get a lot of criticism, they writers did kinda save it around the end, so yeah…I’m ready for another installment 🙂 if there’s gonna be one.

Wayo x Phana (2moons)


I already talked about how a lot of the couples on this list have amazing chemistry or are very compatible. Well, Wayo and Phana is a liiiittle bit different. 2moons comes from a novel series originally and fortunately I can claim I have read most of it. So people knew the shy and love struck Wayo and the perfect doctor Phana before watching the show. Well, I’ve never seen people get so excited about finally seeing it on screen, than with this show. People got soooo excited…and disappointed when they recast all the roles after one season. I admit I was not in the best mood after those news but at least I did not rant to anyone since I wanna give the new actors a chance. Well, Wayo and Phana, whether series or novel, definitely do have chemistry but I think another reason why this got so popular was because the characters are really well-written. Well, all the actors from 2moons, especially the one’s playing this couple, definitely got their name out there with this show.

Takuya x JunJae (The Lover)


This couple you should know not because they are that big or had that much of a story but because they were part of a normal Korean drama. And if you know anything about South Korea they are not big with LGBTQ shows. It doesn’t happen often in dramas. Mostly they mention bromance and so on but this one was actually promoted as a couple or at least two people secretly in love with each other and spoiler alert kind of ending up together. That’s the main reason I wanted to mention them here. Another reason why this “couple” was special in my opinion was because it wasn’t turned into bromance even when one of the actors is a K-Pop idol. That’s why I assumed for a long time it was just a tease but no there is no doubt in this one it is a love story. So yes, check them out if you want to watch a Korean one. 

Phun x Noh (Love Sick)


Phun and Noh are the two main characters of the one show I have rewatched like 50 times now and they proved to everyone that you don’t really need that much physical action to portray falling in love and loving someone from the bottom of your heart. The actors did an awesome job, especially for a show where the BL topic was not that big with fans yet. But Phun and Noh’s story and their awesome chemistry, from caring, helping and supporting each other to being jealous of people getting to near to their loved one; all this made the show a big hit and started making the BL fandom into what it is now. I won’t say you have to like all of them but I do say, you have to know them. Also 3rd season YAY!

Ming x Kit (2moons)


While I totally rooted for Wayo and Phana in 2moons there was another couple that made so many fans crave for KitKats (yes, I mean the candy) and also cheer for the cute quarreling couple Ming and Kit. I’ve never seen fans go this much for a second couple except for Frame and Book (see below). Normally the most cheered for couple is the main one but I think Ming and Kit almost had the equal number of fans as Wayo and Phana. The characters were awesome as they did start out quarreling and nagging each other but in the end you could see that something was gonna happen and that they did get closer and closer. I wish we had the actors for another season and could see them develop the relationship but well, I’m gonna have to put my hope into the new cast 🙂

Hsia Yu Hao x Qiu Zi Xuan (HIStory2: Boundary Crossing)


The HIStory couple have always wowed audiences and made people fall in love with the short stories. Well, this couples topped it, without a doubt. People went crazy over their sweetness. Both of the characters have a tough and strong side but also show cute characteristics and a weak side. Yu Hao may be the tough guy in school but when in fron of Zi Xuan he is like pudding…or you know…like those anime characters with hearts in their eyes…he’s like that 😀 and Zi Yuan is definitely a leader and very strict but when faced with Yu Hao he learns to let go and let someone take care of him instead of pushing them away or staying objective. I mean, they got so popular that the producers of the show are giving us ANOTHER season. Yes, we are getting a season 2, which has never happened in the HIStory series before. I’m excited to see this couple again.

Frame x Book (Make It Right)


Frame and Book are the biggest example how chemistry and a great story line can do wonders. While the main couple of Make It Right were Tee and Fuse, people went crazy over the secondary couple of Frame and Book. The active playboy and the good student falling in love may be a clichéd story line in normal shows already but such a typical premise in a BL show, we haven’t had that one before and the actors portrayed it really well. I’m still kind of surprised about their age difference, especially in regard to their roles but they did an awesome job and the couple wowed so many with how well they fit together. IN the second season their story got a lot more serious and fans were a little bit disappointed that there wasn’t as much sweetness between them as in season one but they still managed to stay true to their couple colors and gave us an awesome second season. I did hear their was some trouble after the show regarding one of the actors girlfriends but I don’t know more about that, so I’m just gonna appreciate the great couple we got.


So this is the Couples post in my BL Introduction series. I hope you liked it. I have to admit I had the most fun with the actors part (the previous part), since with the couples I tend to repeat a lot of phrases and reasons why you should know them but well…can’t do anything now. So, next week you’ll get the last part BL Introduction 105 – Important Knowledge.
Originally I wanted to do a post for Series’ and Movies but I changed my mind, since you can just read my recommendation posts to find some shows 😉


4 thoughts on “Introduction to BL 104 – Couples

  1. Hi! You’ve done great! I already know all of the couples, but my faves are korn and knok (or maxtul, really) from TWM, bai luo yin and gu hai from addicted, frame and book from MIR and mingkit from 2moons. I hoping to see more f their story on 2moons2 🙂

    • Thanks so much ^.^ I tried my best. I’m totally with you on the couples. Interestingly I wasn’t really into Ming and Kit in the beginning but really started liking them when I rewatched the show. I’m curious how it’s gonna be with the new cast 🙂

  2. Nice post – appreciate all your work! I feel the need to pimp my own favourite couple, though, which are Ae & Pete from Love by Chance.

    I just feel that they brought something new to the BL table – such a sweet chemistry, while also exploring a more physical side. (Honestly, I don’t know which scenes I like better – when Ae tenderly touches Pete’s cheeks and hair or when he aggressively pushes him against walls or onto beds… *g*) The fact that there likely won’t be a second season breaks my heart.

    • Yeah, I wanted to include them but when I wrote it, I thought they might be quite new and even if there is no second season I wanted to wait and see how people think about LBC after some time since there are couples that were favourites from the beginning and couples that became popular later on.
      But I totally agree, I love those two too ^.^

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