Introduction to BL 103 – Actors

EDIT: This post was recently (Oct 2019) updated. You can go here instead: BL Thailand – Who To Know?


Sorry I’m a few days late but I got sick all of a sudden so I could not finish the post on time T.T But without further ado, let’s get into it:
If you have not read them already, here are part 1 and 2 of the “Introduction to BL” series:

Introduction to BL 101 – General
Introduction to BL 102 – History/Origins

This time it is all about the actors. Of course, there are always new actors but there are a few that have appeared in more than one series or are pretty known for their BL shows. I AM going to talk mostly about Thai actors here, since those are the ones I know the most about, but don’t worry, in the next post (“couples”) there’ll be more info about other countries as well.


First off, let’s start with GMMTV and the “GMMTV boys”. I heard someone using that nickname some time ago and since then I just decided to use it too 🙂
GMMTV is one of the main channels in Thailand, we BL fans get our BL shows from. I mean they recently announced their line-up for 2019 and there will be two really big BL shows coming from them. The “boys” from GMMTV now means the actors that seem to have a fixed contract with the channel. At least they appear regularly in their shows and sometimes even get their own shows which are like talk shows, eating shows, traveling diary or gaming shows. And you will see the actors as supporting roles, main leads or guest characters in different GMMTV shows. So yes, some from these shows will be mentioned here since they are pretty well known and popular in the BL genre and have a lot of fans. They regularly fill their fan meetings.


— Newbies —

There are always new faces in this genre. New actors or actors that have only appeared as supporting characters in other shows. I cannot really name that many newbies since there are always new ones. Do note that some of them have done modeling or short shows before but most of them have not appeared in big shows before.

In 2018 we had a few of those actors in shows like Love By Chance. It was a show that impressed many with its innocence mixed with a bunch of feelings and an unusual openness about sexuality.

Because there are a lot of new actors a lot of shows seem awkward in the beginning but compared to shows from other cultures these actors often get together for workshops before they shoot the show. I give it to these workshops that the chemistry in a lot of these shows is off the charts.

— The actors —

There are a lot of actors that are seen more often than others or that you should recognize when getting into Thai BL. In this section I want to talk about them.


Prachaya Ruangroj (Singto) – 24

— Why to know him: He showed perfectly what a perfect boyfriend looks like and while even the viewers may have cringed at some of his lines, he managed to lure everyone in and can make you feel with his character whoever that may be —


He’s gotten himself out there, at least in the BL world, with the series SOTUS. Every since then he’s been in a few supporting roles and quite a few main roles. Compared to some other actors he did play more BL roles even after his initial character in SOTUS had pretty much wrapped up it’s main story (although we all hoped we’d get more). While I wasn’t a big fan of his acting right in the beginning he was getting better every minute and is getting even better and more experienced with each role. I’m curious what to expect of him in the future, especially since he will not be teamed up with Krist (see below) as often anymore. Oh and there will be a new show coming out in 2019 with him and Ohm (see below).


Sangpotirat Perawat (Krist) – 23

— Why to know him: He showed the perfect embodiment of toughness and cuteness in one character. And he perfectly portrayed the character development his role went through during the series. Even if we won’t see him in BL shows anymore, he also amazes in other Thai shows —


He also got famous in the BL world with Singto, playing the couple Kongpob and Arthit in SOTUS. Fans especially loved the fact how he could look tough and cool and at the same time be so cute. We loved how Kongpob (played by Singto above) could make him embarassed any shy (yes, I am still talking about the character). Krist has, since then, acted in multiple shows, mostly in non-BL shows though. He’s played as the second lead, as well as the main lead and is continuing to impress with his acting here and there.


Pawat Chittsawangdee (Ohm) – 18

— Why to know him: He is only 18 and already shows an amazing acting repertoire and showed us what he’s got not only in BL shows but others too —


Ohm was a break out star in the popular series Make It Right and its second season. Especially because he was only around 16 years old back then. Still he managed to make everyone swoon over the sweet playboy character he played in the series. Afterwards he’s done a lot of modeling and some other shows, mainly shows were there are multiple main characters and without romance. Soon though we’ll get another “romantic” series with him and Singto (see above), so I’m excited to see how his acting has improved. But seriously, who is this good when they are 18?


Nawat Phumphothingam (White) – 23

— Why to know him: in the beginning they could only convey feelings with their eyes and he wowed and conveyed all the right feelings for the show to garner all those fans. And since then he has continued building his acting experiences even more —


He starred in the original classic I named before: Love Sick the Series. He was one part of the main couple and made so many people swoon over the sweetness in the show. While still awkward in the beginning you could see how he got better with every episode and with every project ever since then. He’s been doing some movies and a lot of side characters, but also acting in not BL couples but mastering all kinds of roles, so I just cannot wait to see him again in Love Sick Season 3.


Theerachai Wimolchaireuk (Toni) – 37

— Why to know him: he may have only tapped into the BL world with a short 4 episode show but wowed so many fans with just that performance. He’s also played other diverse roles before (also as LGBT characters sometimes) and continually shows his amazing acting capabilities  —


Toni wowed so many people with his role as confused Meng opposite Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor. They were a couple that swooned so many fans and the series only has 4(!) episodes. He is older than all of the people on this list but you can see it in his acting. Right after his role in the afore mentioned Club Friday Season 8: True Love…or Confusion he starred in the project series Project S: Skate Our Souls which tackled the serious topic of depression. And you would be surprised how many people where wondering who he was and why he seemed familiar. I was one of them. I wondered and wondered, only to realise who he was after looking it up. That just shows that he can pull of diverse roles. But he is a very versatile actor and can seemingly adapt to very different characters. This is what you can call an experienced actor.


Techaapaikhun Thitipoom (New) – 26

— Why to know him: Whatever role he is playing you can see he is giving his best and can portray so many different character traits. Also his journey as Kao in the Kiss Series is not over yet… —


The new cutie on the BL sky. He’s not only appeared as a side character in shows like SOTUS but also been part of the main couples with shows like Water Boyy the Series and the longtime series Kiss Me. He showed a little bit of himself in the first part of the series Kiss: the Series and then got even more famous with his set partner Tay (see below) after the sequel Kiss Me Again came out. And this year we can expect Dark Blue Kiss, where the trailer pushed a lot of fans of their seats and glued to the screen. He’s also acting in other movies and shows and I’m excited for the future for this cutie.


Tawan Vihokratana (Tay) – 27

— Why to know him: He’s showed us multiple times how good he is at portraying different feelings and how many layers one character can have. We cannot wait to get him back as the jealous but loving boyfriend Pete —


BL fans also mostly know this one from the Kiss series but he’s acted in a lot more shows and movies than one would think. That’s probably one of the reasons where you can see he has experience in acting and can show a lot of different sides to himself. I also love that he seems to have a great character, or at least that what it seems like in the various shows he’s appeared in. I’m curious in what direction he’s gonna go in the future.


Jumpol Adulkittiporn (Off) – 28

— Why to know him: He is part of the popular OffGun couple and shows continually what great chemistry means. And just when you think he is always playing the same character you discover that there is another side to the character only he has known about until that moment. There’s always something to discover —


Off is one part of one of the most popular couples in the BL world out there. Without being an actual couple…at least not an official one 😉
No seriously, Off started getting into the BL world with the the show Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey and its second season, as well as having a supporting role in Sotus. Puppy Honey, though, was the one show that started it. He was coupled with Gun (see below) and everyone loved the bad boy and shy junior routine they had going on. The chemistry was really good and it got even better when they seemed to become really good friends in real life. Gun even calls him Papi and they regularly kiss on the cheek and on the neck. I mean they are getting their own show in 2019, as well as getting a second season for their variety show OffGun Fun Night.


Atthaphan Phunsawat (Gun) – 25

— Why to know him: He is part of the popular OffGun couple. He’s probably acted in more BL related shows and movies than any other actor on this list and it shows in his acting. He has experience, couple chemistry, a good character and the looks to pull of A LOT of diverse characters —


Someone once told me that Gun is definitely like the king of BL actors. He looks amazing, does modelling, appeared in movies (most of them with a BL theme) and different shows. If you want to know how popular his coupling with Off is: When he appeared in a special (like 5 minutes long) clip in SOTUS where he appeared in Off’s bar and offered working there, fans went crazy over his short cameo in the show. One thing I have to say, while he definitely is one of the big stars connected to BL he seems really professional about acting, which I think is even more important considering he always jokes around with Off. I think they do deserve to be one of the biggest couples out there, definitely. Besides BL topics he’s also showed great acting in a lot of dark and serious shows so there goes another compliment!


Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai (Tul) – 26

— Why to know him: He’s part of the popular MaxTul couple and has continually surprised us with his deep portrayal of the character Knock. He continues to amaze us with all the feelings one can show —


About OffGun (see above) I said they were one of the most popular couples out there. Well, this is the other one. MaxTul, in this paragraph, Tul, build one of the biggest BL couples out there. Compared to others on this list though, it is mainly because they have over -the-top chemistry. They showed acting and chemistry that has not been seen before in other BL shows and fans went crazy. Tul acted in a few other shows etc too but fans recognized him even more after appearing in the series Bad Romance. It was the first part of a (until now) three-part series. After Bad Romance came Together With Me and it was over. People went crazy over this couple. Even if the third part wasn’t the best, people still name them as one of the couples you just cannot forget because the chemistry is just unbeatable.
Can’t even say much about Tul himself, since this greatness behind the character chemistry just proves how great of an actor he is.


Nattapol Diloknawarit (Max) – 24

— Why to know him: He’s part of the popular MaxTul couple and showed us what the embodiment of a perfect boyfriend is, just to surprise us that even someone perfect has flaws. He’s continued to show us sides to his character no one ever expected and portrays his character in a believable and loving way —


At first you do not notice that Max is the younger one of the two but after some time, I think, you can see it a little bit in the way they communicate with each other. Well, does not change that the chemistry is amazing. He’s also been acting in some other shows as well and I think he also did modelling on the side but I’m not a hundred percent sure. Well, with his body I’d understand how he is great as a model.
And even if Together With Me: The Next Chapter was not as highly praised as the previous parts of their story together I really hope we get to see Max and Tul in more story lines of Korn and Knock.


So these are actors whose name I recommend knowing in the BL world. Of course with every show and movie things can change and maybe this post would look very different if I’d write it at the end of 2019. Still I hope I could give you some knowledge about the actors behind some of the biggest shows or those actors BL fans expect a lot from because let’s be honest, the more famous the more fans expect from you, right? ^.^well they have not let me down yet so’ll let’s see where this goes…

If I don’t get sick again, the next part “Couples” gets released on the 11th of February. I may be late, so around the 13th probably?


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