BL recommendations 2018 V.2

So here finally BL recommendations V or if you wanna have it 2018 Version 2. After a lot of thinking I decided to just recommend stuff that I know is coming out this year, so please don’t hate me if I recommend bad stuff…I also wouldn’t know since I haven’t watched all of it.

Also, I will correct something I published in the last BL recommendations for 2018 post.

Correction – Love Bipolar

As it turns out, this show does have a BL character and really nice acting but overall it’s about a straight couple. Still I recommend watching it, it’s nice for inbetween.

So, now, let’s get right into it.

Our Last Day The Series

First off, I don’t really know what this is about. Seriously, I have no idea. But it seems this is one of the few shows coming, that has a BL couple as main protagonists, so let’s hope it’s gonna be released soon. It was supposed to come out in March, I think, but apparently there were some problems with the cast, because some of the cast is currently being recast. Also the name seems perfect for a sad ending, so I’m suspicious of this series, but hope dies last, right?

Sapai Ka Fak

So this came out some time ago I think, still 2018 though. Well, it has 29 episodes, I did not watch it, but I know that the main couple is straight and right of a soap opera according to what I heard about the plot. Still the drama got good recommendations, so I guess, check it out. Also it features Tul, who played Knock in Bad Romance and Together With Me and I think Max, or Korn, also has a character in the show – just be open to Tul falling in love with someone else in this one ^.^

Mr Yan Dong! Don’t Come Over

I don’t know much about this one, either, but I’m gonna watch it. It’s available with subs and the photos I have seen make me curious. It’s not Thai though, if you just want Thai ones. The plot and story got a lot of good reviews although a lot seem to be unsatisfied with the presentation and picture, so well I’m gonna stay open. Also there are supposed to be 10 episodes but a lot of people think there are supposed to be more…in general there seem to be a lot of different rumours surrounding this series. Still, I’m gonna check it out 😀


My Brother’s Husband

3 episodes and quite different from what you might think. This actually tells the story of twin brothers who kind of separated through time and one day, one of them dies and his non-Asian husband comes to his brother and lives with him then. Both struck with the loss of someone dear to them I guess, it tells the story of building a new family and dealing with loss. At least that is what I think it is gonna be about. I’m curious and excited.

Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru

Remember in my last post I talked about BL shows going on a break? Well, in general there are less shows with BL couples as main couples it seems and just as side couples or as second leads. Well, this one is another example. It is actually about a straight couple trying to get pregnant I think, and I think the BL couple are just their neighbours??? Honestly I have no idea…yet…But the BL couple got a lot of compliments and the story seems to be really cute, also the picture and presentation seems to be nice.

Love By Chance The Series

Yes!!! Please come out soon! This is pretty definitely a show with BL couples as the main protagonists. And not just one. Also the (comedic) reactions in the trailer are just so so so good ^.^ I wouldn’t be a serious BL fan if I didn’t check this one out, when it’s out.

My Engineer The Series

No news, no idea, what this is about. It’s about engineering college students I guess…let’s see.

Soulmates The Series

See the link on top for the last recommendations post. It’s still not clear when this one will be out.

Together With Me The Next Chapter

It’s not exactly clear whether this will come out in 2018 or 2019 but after being with KornxKnock for Bad Romance and Together With Me there is no chance I’m not watching The Next Chapter. Until it’s out we’re just gonna have to wait T.T

Kiss Me Again

This series has…I think…4 or 5 couples I think? Well, one of them is BL. Also it stars New, who played Apo in Waterboyy The Series or M in Sotus The Series. I love this actor and I am currently watching the series so I can tell you, the storytelling is slightly confusing but overall it seems to be going in a very sweet direction. Accidental kissing, trying not to like each other and hidden looks included!!!

PS: In general it stars a lot of Waterboyy The Series actors, just jumbled up in different couples ^.^


So here you have it. Some recommendations for the coming year. Sorry it is sooooo late…well, I hope you enjoy and check out some of the shows. If you have other shows that you know are coming out, please comment down below and I will check them out and include them in the next recommendations post ^.^

Should I make a recommendations post for BL manga and anime? What do you think?


14 thoughts on “BL recommendations 2018 V.2

    • Finally another person who is excited about it. So many people are sad because apparently the actors are changing and they want to boycott a season 2. I’m not happy about actor changes but I watched it for the story too, so I’m giving possible new actors a chance 😀

  1. My Dream is a new Thai BL drama that just started airing. Trailer looked good though I know it’s still too early to tell.

    Also, maybe a list of good BL stories on Wattpad?

  2. Since a long time I subscribed to any link..and that was urs…would love to chat with u..if u could just lemme know ur email Id..I started watching Thai bl series just two months ago..and they r so cute…just wanna chat n discuss

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  4. Okay but how good was Together With Me The Next Chapter tho?!?!?!

    I binge watched it in one go after all the episodes came out. It seems like Korn and Knock’s actors just get more and more comfortable and „pro“ as time goes on, it’s very rare to see a BL series that has some honest to God good acting with the main couple. Especially Korn’s actor just blew me out of the water during their more emotional and dramatic scenes.

    I’m SOOO hoping that they don’t discard this winning formula and that they continue the series, with Korn and Knock as the focus. Wouldn’t mind hearing from Cho and Yihwa as well though, or Farm, or Fai. After watching Together With Me plus The Next Chapter, I’m pretty attached to all of them lol 😀 Though I gotta say, I preferred Farm with Rit rather than Bright.

    What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts about TGWM:TNC!

    • Yes! I loved it too! I mean it got a lot of criticism and the beginning episodes didn’t start off very well but it got so much better later on 🙂
      And I’ve no idea why but I love farm with bright. No idea why though. I just find them nice together.
      Hopefully we’ll get more and the criticism did not ruin another season T. T

      • It did? Wow, from international fans or Thai ones? Because so long as Thai fans are happy, I think they’ll keep going because that’s where the money comes from. I liked it right off the bat tho. What didn’t people like about the first episodes?

        I know a lot of people don’t like cheating with their OTP, period, and I usually don’t either but I liked the way they handled the plot line so I didn’t mind it. I thought that might’ve been a deal breaker for a lot of people, not the start of the series lol. I’m just praying they make another season.

        I dunno what it is about Bright that I just despise with my whole being. Maybe it’s the whole sleazy older man shtick he has going on, or maybe the fact that Farm as an assertive young hot totally wild top is my headcanon 😀

        I’m watching Make It Right now and I must say, after being pampered by the natural chemistry and mature themes of Korn and Knock, it’s quite challenging at times to handle this awkward and juvenile atmosphere of MIR 😀 It has its own charm but it certainly takes some getting used to.

      • Yes I think the criticism came mostly from international fans because TWM started out right away and The Next Chapter took a little bit of time to get started, so the start wasn’t perfect and when the cheating came in, a lot of fans lost it with the writers but I think the way they handled it in the end calmed everyone down quite a bit. I also wasn’t a fan of the cheating but since everything went well in the end and they handled it quite well, I’m okay with the progress of the story.
        Yea, I know what you mean with sleazy Bright but I kind of love the new more self-confident Farm with sleazy Bright more than the couple in the TWM as well as Farm with Rit. It’s just such an unusual combination between the two ^.^
        Yes, Korn and Knock are one of the reasons why its hard to watch other shows because they have this really mature and great chemistry.

  5. Yeah, TNC did take a while to get going and now that you mention it, I could see people not being interested in Knock and Korn’s (or Yihwa’s) career escapades 😀 I personally didn’t mind it since it gave the couple a sense of realism. You know, going to work and dealing with workplace conflicts and all in all having a pretty normal and uninteresting everyday life 😀

    Personally, my jaw dropped when Korn cheated on Knock. I saw it coming but I was still flabbergasted because he was always the more responsible and possessive party. Then again, it was an interesting decision story-wise because it really shifted their dynamics. Suddenly, Knock was the more devoted and responsible one who had put in more effort to make their relationship work. I think the whole storyline with Korn’s dad was slowly leading up to the realization that Korn’s the one who’s more afraid of all the things that truly committing to Knock would entail, and that he’s more likely to react badly to stressful situations despite his self-imposed role as Knock’s guardian and caretaker (though that aspect might have more to do with how heteronormative Thai society usually is, so as the bottom Knock is the „feminine“ party and thus Korn feels socially obligated to take care of him lol).

    That being said, I liked how they handled the cheating. It was a devastating misstep that had real, long-lasting consequences for their relationship. Korn is crushed by guilt and driven to the point of near-obsession trying to get Knock back. Knock is trying to make any sort of sense out of the situation where he loves someone and that someone, despite loving him back, destroyed his trust and hurt him in a way no one ever saw coming. They didn’t reconcile overnight, Korn didn’t win him back by bringing flowers and saying sorry. What it took was time and communication, showing genuine remorse and promising to do better in the future.

    Farm and Bright surely are an unusual combo and I would ship it if Bright didn’t give me such creep vibes lol 😀

    Well I’m six episodes into Make It Right and the series is only now picking up some speed when it comes to our two main couples. The story is still kind of stagnant and not going anywhere. The beginning was kinda all over the place and really messy, I wasn’t sure at all I was going to like it, but after four or so episodes it got better and I’m now somewhat invested lol. Mostly because I just adore Frame, I love how he’s a playboy but not an asshole (looking at you Bright…). Instead he’s pretty easy-going, caring and straightforward with both what he wants and what others can expect of him.

    Also, sorry for blabbering and clogging your comment section, it’s just that I know no one who watches live-action BL so I never get to discuss them ^_^‘ It’s also refreshing to see a fellow European fujoshi, I usually only see Americans.

    • Yes I agree with you a hundred percent. Don’t worry I like talking to other BL lovers too. Yes I normally only see fans from the US or other East Asian countries 😉

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