BL recommendations for 2018

A new year and many new projects. Unfortunately I don’t speak Thai or Japanese or Chinese and only a little bit of Korean so I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly when things are coming out but I’m gonna do my best.

Note that a lot of shows just DO NOT have a release date but producers and media labels said they were gonna come out in 2018.



SOTUS S. The Series

Release: already out, still airing


This already started over a month ago but I’m still recommending it, even if it is just to remind you that there may be episodes out that you haven’t seen yet, also because we finally see Arthit jealous and honest…wait was that a spoiler? Sorry #sorrynotsorry

Well, Sotus S did not match people’s expectations (although we all have to admit that those expectations were through the roof) since the story takes place two years later but right in the first episode you’ll notice…nothing much has changed. Well, don’t worry. While there will be episodes where you think “When is this gonna end???” the pace picks up a little bit over time and gives you more sweet scenes. I’m still not happy that the pretty much wasted our time for 5 episodes but with the rest, I’m quite happy.

The show literally stays true to its prequel. Literally ^.^ it’s pretty much an immediate continuation of the previous one. Still I love it…without reason, I have to add. #havetobehonest


What The Duck. The Series

Release: already out, still airing


What the…yeah, I had like zero expectations for this one after watching one episode. It seemed boring. It looks good though. Well, do not worry. The show picks up its pace quite soon and gives you a lot of laughs although I admit that half of my laughing comes from Lazy Subber’s comments. Seriously, check them out. It’s just too hilarious.

Well, What the Duck is about a guy who wants to be a steward but fails the exam and starts working for a airport catering service instead. There he meets his work colleague and well…you can imagine the rest. The drama comes mainly from them not actually giving in to liking other men, the guy having a girlfriend and actually being serious about her and the second couple which gives you more drama than your heart can handle.

In general I like the show, especially the later episodes – it’s still airing. Also the show tries to be as refreshing as possible which I think is great. So the characters don’t immediately fall for each other, but somehow they are still building up the chemistry. So it’s a good mix of comedy, chemistry, stupidity and drama. I like it but my overall rating is still open. Depends on how it goes in the future.


Soulmates. The Series

Release: Hopefully this year…


This is supposed to come out this year, after they announced last year that it is not coming out in 2017. Well, I’m interested in the story.

It’s mainly about a guy who has to decide between a friend he likes and a ghost who might be his soulmate. It sounds interesting enough. With BL shows we never know until we actually watch it, right? It sounds interesting and I’d definitely check it out if it would just air already. Well…let’s see how it goes.

HIStory. Right Or Wrong

Release: January 30 – February 21, 2018


HIStory is another one of those shows that managed to be such a big hit to kind of put the expectations on a whole new level, like with SOTUS. While it was just one of the last three HIStory storylines I loved that one so much that I am very very very excited and expectant.

Right Or Wrong is about a student who acts as the nanny for the daughter of his college professor. And while in the beginning just the nanny, they start relying on each other more and becoming more of their own family instead of just a mentor/student relationship.

Four episodes aired and subbed so far and I actually don’t know how many episodes there are….I just looked it up, 8 episodes. Well, four are already out and they seem promising, so yeah, I’m curious. The chemistry is good and the characters are also kinda cute and funny together, so it definitely cheers you up.


HIStory. Crossing the Line

Release: March 6th – March 28, 2018

The second story arc of HIStory 2. Boundary Crossing or Crossing the Line, whatever you wanna call it #lostintranslation

As far as I know compared to the other story arcs this one has two couples. One is brother-brother couple which I am very suspicious about because I don’t know yet, whether they are talking step-brothers or real brothers, but I think I read step-brothers somewhere so it’s okay. The other couple is about a volleyball player who got seriously hurt and cannot play anymore. He discovers another student who may become the next ace and wants to train him but the other student has some serious anger issues. They fall in love of course XD

Well, I’m very curious how it plays out. The trailer, imo, did not show great chemistry but the acting seemed okay, so I’m open to it but I’m not going into it with a lot of expectations.

EDIT: I watched it, I loved it. The chemistry is – I wouldn’t say “great” but more like “cute”?…I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s a good and cute chemistry and the volleyball is made kind of convincing and on a level that you won’t think they produced this show with a camera in the backyard but actually had a real budget, which is good and makes this even better ^.^

Note: I’m not recommending HIStory 2: Trap because it is supposed to come out on 31st of December…yeah, no, there is still A LOT of time until then.

Love Bipolar

Release: March 18 until whenever…depends on the episodes I guess

I don’t know much about this drama but the premise sounds promising. It is about identical twins, one straight, one gay. The gay one gets into an accident and the straight one plays his role. Well, there are many open questions about this one and the ending could go either way, since the guy is actually straight. Still, I’m gonna check it out when it’s out. Hopefully soon and hopefully the acting is good.

EDIT: It’s with Rakkaen Toni…you know Meng from Club Friday 8 or Simon from Skate Our Souls? Yes, that one…oh, I’m SO watching this. 

My Bromance 2. The series

Release: please as soon as possible, I wanna see more of them!!


While a lot of people say, the movie is better, I never watched it and I probably won’t anytime soon. The movie may have been touching and lovely and whatever but it had a sad ending and I absolutely despise sad endings. So when the series came out I decided to give it a try especially because the series was not supposed to be a reboot but more like a continuation. While they are making a continuation of both the movie and the series, I’m looking forward to the series more. If you wanna know what the series/the movie is actually about, read my Thai recommendation lists…it’s on there somewhere 😀

I just hope it comes out soon, I wanna see this couple again!!



My Bromance 2. The movie

Release: This year, they said. So, sometimes in the next 10 months and 17 days, I guess.


Already mentioned it. There is also gonna be a second installment of the movie. I think they are also using the “the bad ending never happened” approach. Let’s see where it goes. Good maybe I’ll watch the first one when the second one came out and people tell me the ending is good. If it is another bad ending…well, screw you, producers!


In Between Seasons

Release: February 22, 2018


This one I’ll definitely wanna watch even if the ending tears my heart apart. It’s about two boys being friends for a long time, then one of the boys gets into an accident and the mother finds out more about the real relationship between her son and his friend.

It sounds really really promising on the feelings side, so yeah, I’m gonna check it out.

Hana wa Saku ka / Does the Flower Bloom?

Release: February 24, 2018


This one is Japanese and normally, like I mentioned in my posts before, I don’t really recommend Japanese BL since they may not be bad but they’re not good either. Well, this time, I’m recommending something to check out, since I read the manga and I absolutely adore it. So, my expectations or high and I’m very curious where it goes.

The story is about an employee at an advertising company and a quiet and young art student. Through his work he meets the art student and overtime the start caring for each other and become close.

This is a very rough description but if you cannot wait for the movie, just check out the manga. I loved it ^.^


So, many of you guys wanted more recommendations but since I’m still working on that one…I watch too much and I don’t want to recommend stuff I did not actually like…I thought you’d like some recommendations for 2018 so you’ll know what’s coming.

Also note, that there were some more rumors and whatever was gonna come out in 2018 but since it’s not sure yet, I did not include it yet.

So have fun and check it out!


9 thoughts on “BL recommendations for 2018

  1. HELLO!!!

    – I’m so confused about my bromance the series season 2 because i havent seen any “legit” announcements or anything and I fucking loved the first one and im looking forward to the 2nd season and i do not want to falsely hope coz that would break my heart XD , im just gonna ask if they posted like a legit announcement somewhere? (cant understand thai so yeah… )

    – OMG. didnt really pay attention to love bipolar, and reading what the story is about makes me excited, thank you so much hahaha. I love tonirakkaen too but i fucking hate the ending of their series together with tao 😦

    – i kinda stopped watching what the duck coz its awkward/ weird for me HAHAHAHA but meh ill probably come back to it soon enough

    – i wanna add, but these are just side couples i guess in an upcoming series.
    -Singto and idk who in friendzone
    -from Kiss me again, tawan and newwie, from waterboy the series (and its pretty cute too coz they seemed v close on their insta stories).
    -together with me next chapter (season three)
    -love by chance the series
    (i sadly dont know what the story is about coz everything is in thai and I CANT UNDERSTAND IT 😦 hahaha)

    -i love ur recommendations ❤

    • They did officially announce a second season 2 for My Bromance 2 but no one “really” knows when it’s coming out…but if I remember right, the actors also confirmed it. So we have to wait and see *hopehopehope*
      I know I hated that ending too, so I hope we get a good one in that movie!
      WTD is kinda strange and has an even stranger pace, also the ending is…well…strange…open…just strange. But there is probably gonna be a second season.
      I heard about a lot of shows and so on with BL but I didn’t know whether the characters would be main leads or just supporting characters, that’s why I skipped out on them. Maybe later on in the year when there is more news on it ^.^
      Thanks ^.^

  2. sankyuu! :* looking forward to bromance. also….ive dropped watching what the duck & sotus s 😦 sad but emmmmmmm just cant stand catching up with the slow plot development //guilty

  3. Lol. I accidentally pressed enter. Anyway, last year I followed Sotus S for 2 episodes. I’ve been exceedingly excited (who wouldn’t?) … and inevitably I got bored. The pacing was too slow and the whole setting too unappealing. It’s not as gripping as the first season, although I liked how Arthit admitted that they were dating in ep 15. That took guts. I stopped after two episodes and just watched ep 14 and 15 recently. After the disappointing second episode of Sotus S, I kinda got swept into a tidal wave called school and I just realized that I haven’t visited your site. So I hurriedly came here because I had a feeling you had new recommendations. Ha! Guess what, I was right. You had new recs. Moving on, I was hesitant to watch ‘What the Duck’ because it has infidelity, or that was what I gleaned from the posts/comments of the people in BL cafe. Does it? Anyway, the summary for HIStory Right or Wrong is compelling! And you know how much I loved HIStory! I’m going to watch it now.

    • Thanks for coming back ^.^ I’m also currently swept with college exams and work T.T
      What the duck has infidelity (and a lot of it) and it’s kind of a mess…but I guess it’s cute. Just don’t have too many expectations of the show and it will be okay.
      HIStory Right or Wrong – definitely great and really nice and I recently watched the second part HIStory Crossing Boundaries – also great and compelling and while some things seem rushed, overall it’s really a great watch!

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