BL recommendations for 2018

A new year and many new projects. Unfortunately I don’t speak Thai or Japanese or Chinese and only a little bit of Korean so I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly when things are coming out but I’m gonna do my best.

Note that a lot of shows just DO NOT have a release date but producers and media labels said they were gonna come out in 2018.



SOTUS S. The Series

Release: already out, still airing


This already started over a month ago but I’m still recommending it, even if it is just to remind you that there may be episodes out that you haven’t seen yet, also because we finally see Arthit jealous and honest…wait was that a spoiler? Sorry #sorrynotsorry

Well, Sotus S did not match people’s expectations (although we all have to admit that those expectations were through the roof) since the story takes place two years later but right in the first episode you’ll notice…nothing much has changed. Well, don’t worry. While there will be episodes where you think “When is this gonna end???” the pace picks up a little bit over time and gives you more sweet scenes. I’m still not happy that the pretty much wasted our time for 5 episodes but with the rest, I’m quite happy.

The show literally stays true to its prequel. Literally ^.^ it’s pretty much an immediate continuation of the previous one. Still I love it…without reason, I have to add. #havetobehonest


What The Duck. The Series

Release: already out, still airing


What the…yeah, I had like zero expectations for this one after watching one episode. It seemed boring. It looks good though. Well, do not worry. The show picks up its pace quite soon and gives you a lot of laughs although I admit that half of my laughing comes from Lazy Subber’s comments. Seriously, check them out. It’s just too hilarious.

Well, What the Duck is about a guy who wants to be a steward but fails the exam and starts working for a airport catering service instead. There he meets his work colleague and well…you can imagine the rest. The drama comes mainly from them not actually giving in to liking other men, the guy having a girlfriend and actually being serious about her and the second couple which gives you more drama than your heart can handle.

In general I like the show, especially the later episodes – it’s still airing. Also the show tries to be as refreshing as possible which I think is great. So the characters don’t immediately fall for each other, but somehow they are still building up the chemistry. So it’s a good mix of comedy, chemistry, stupidity and drama. I like it but my overall rating is still open. Depends on how it goes in the future.


Soulmates. The Series

Release: Hopefully this year…


This is supposed to come out this year, after they announced last year that it is not coming out in 2017. Well, I’m interested in the story.

It’s mainly about a guy who has to decide between a friend he likes and a ghost who might be his soulmate. It sounds interesting enough. With BL shows we never know until we actually watch it, right? It sounds interesting and I’d definitely check it out if it would just air already. Well…let’s see how it goes.

HIStory. Right Or Wrong

Release: January 30 – February 21, 2018


HIStory is another one of those shows that managed to be such a big hit to kind of put the expectations on a whole new level, like with SOTUS. While it was just one of the last three HIStory storylines I loved that one so much that I am very very very excited and expectant.

Right Or Wrong is about a student who acts as the nanny for the daughter of his college professor. And while in the beginning just the nanny, they start relying on each other more and becoming more of their own family instead of just a mentor/student relationship.

Four episodes aired and subbed so far and I actually don’t know how many episodes there are….I just looked it up, 8 episodes. Well, four are already out and they seem promising, so yeah, I’m curious. The chemistry is good and the characters are also kinda cute and funny together, so it definitely cheers you up.


HIStory. Crossing the Line

Release: March 6th – March 28, 2018

The second story arc of HIStory 2. Boundary Crossing or Crossing the Line, whatever you wanna call it #lostintranslation

As far as I know compared to the other story arcs this one has two couples. One is brother-brother couple which I am very suspicious about because I don’t know yet, whether they are talking step-brothers or real brothers, but I think I read step-brothers somewhere so it’s okay. The other couple is about a volleyball player who got seriously hurt and cannot play anymore. He discovers another student who may become the next ace and wants to train him but the other student has some serious anger issues. They fall in love of course XD

Well, I’m very curious how it plays out. The trailer, imo, did not show great chemistry but the acting seemed okay, so I’m open to it but I’m not going into it with a lot of expectations.

EDIT: I watched it, I loved it. The chemistry is – I wouldn’t say “great” but more like “cute”?…I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s a good and cute chemistry and the volleyball is made kind of convincing and on a level that you won’t think they produced this show with a camera in the backyard but actually had a real budget, which is good and makes this even better ^.^

Note: I’m not recommending HIStory 2: Trap because it is supposed to come out on 31st of December…yeah, no, there is still A LOT of time until then.

Love Bipolar

Release: March 18 until whenever…depends on the episodes I guess

I don’t know much about this drama but the premise sounds promising. It is about identical twins, one straight, one gay. The gay one gets into an accident and the straight one plays his role. Well, there are many open questions about this one and the ending could go either way, since the guy is actually straight. Still, I’m gonna check it out when it’s out. Hopefully soon and hopefully the acting is good.

EDIT: It’s with Rakkaen Toni…you know Meng from Club Friday 8 or Simon from Skate Our Souls? Yes, that one…oh, I’m SO watching this. 

My Bromance 2. The series

Release: please as soon as possible, I wanna see more of them!!


While a lot of people say, the movie is better, I never watched it and I probably won’t anytime soon. The movie may have been touching and lovely and whatever but it had a sad ending and I absolutely despise sad endings. So when the series came out I decided to give it a try especially because the series was not supposed to be a reboot but more like a continuation. While they are making a continuation of both the movie and the series, I’m looking forward to the series more. If you wanna know what the series/the movie is actually about, read my Thai recommendation lists…it’s on there somewhere 😀

I just hope it comes out soon, I wanna see this couple again!!



My Bromance 2. The movie

Release: This year, they said. So, sometimes in the next 10 months and 17 days, I guess.


Already mentioned it. There is also gonna be a second installment of the movie. I think they are also using the “the bad ending never happened” approach. Let’s see where it goes. Good maybe I’ll watch the first one when the second one came out and people tell me the ending is good. If it is another bad ending…well, screw you, producers!


In Between Seasons

Release: February 22, 2018


This one I’ll definitely wanna watch even if the ending tears my heart apart. It’s about two boys being friends for a long time, then one of the boys gets into an accident and the mother finds out more about the real relationship between her son and his friend.

It sounds really really promising on the feelings side, so yeah, I’m gonna check it out.

Hana wa Saku ka / Does the Flower Bloom?

Release: February 24, 2018


This one is Japanese and normally, like I mentioned in my posts before, I don’t really recommend Japanese BL since they may not be bad but they’re not good either. Well, this time, I’m recommending something to check out, since I read the manga and I absolutely adore it. So, my expectations or high and I’m very curious where it goes.

The story is about an employee at an advertising company and a quiet and young art student. Through his work he meets the art student and overtime the start caring for each other and become close.

This is a very rough description but if you cannot wait for the movie, just check out the manga. I loved it ^.^


So, many of you guys wanted more recommendations but since I’m still working on that one…I watch too much and I don’t want to recommend stuff I did not actually like…I thought you’d like some recommendations for 2018 so you’ll know what’s coming.

Also note, that there were some more rumors and whatever was gonna come out in 2018 but since it’s not sure yet, I did not include it yet.

So have fun and check it out!


“The Unit”: review and finale

If you haven’t watched the finale of The Unit: The Idol Rebooting Project, well be aware there will be spoilers now.

Before you think I’m like the rest of the fans – or at least A WHOLE LOT of them – I’m not here to speak bad about them but actually to praise The Unit. Why? Because I think the show was nice and especially compared to other survival shows, the end results make sense. But let’s start at the basics:

The Unit – General


If you don’t know what The Unit is: The Unit started in 2017 as an idol rebooting project. There are so many idols whose groups did not make it big or did not have the impact to leave an impression. The Unit‘s aim was to give them another chance. Around 500 people auditioned, some well known idols, some newbies and so on and then went through multiple missions where they could show what they’ve got and try not to be eliminated throughout the show. Then in the finale there would be 9 female and 9 male members who would build a Unit G and a Unit B and debut.

So people critizised the show a lot because there were a lot of idols on the show who hadn’t even debuted before – which means it’s not like idol rebooting but more like totally new – as well as idols who had debuted in the same year, which also seemed quite unfair since others had debuted years before and were more desperate.

Well, I’m not gonna go into those critics right now, since all that doesn’t really matter – since the background of the final members are the ones that count in the end, I guess.

The show itself

A lot of people critizised the editing and the overall episodes of The Unit because it showed the idols mostly having fun and not revealing a sad story behind them…okay, I cannot even describe what people wanted without sounding like I think all those fans who hoped for sad stories and tears all the time, are …can I actually curse on a blog? well, just imagine a curse word starting with A here. In my opinion it’s great they showed the idols having fun, building friendships and showing their character – if you haven’t noticed nowadays you can either be popular in K-Pop through a great song (happens very rarely) or by being known for your character. So I love how they showed the idols’ characters as well as revealing some of the stories in the interviews.

But I have enough of shows that only show idols’ crying and being sad and desperate, I mean it’s good they are happy, right? But people weren’t on board with that it seems.

I understand when people are angry at the editing in the beginning when some of their favourites weren’t shown much, since there were just too many people, so I understand how the editing wasn’t great then but later on in the show I have to say, I think the editing kind of evened out and became a lot fairer. In the finale you could ask me for the names of all the contestants and I could have told you all of them (which was NOT the case for Produce 101 for me, just as a comparison, since everyone seems to think that show was a lot better).

The final members

I have watched a lot of idol survival shows. Some with new trainees, some just about one groups or one label, some big with over 100 idols and so on. I watched a lot. And compared with all the other shows, the results of The Unit seem to make the most sense.

Let’s go to Unit G: Euijin was always number 1, so it’s no surprise she made it. Also SONAMOO is a name we know but well, that’s about it. I know it and I think I’ve heard their songs here and there but otherwise not much impact. Yebin was also always kind of in the top spots and I think she totally deserves being there since her group DIA is actually mostly known for Chaeyeon and I think it’s great Yebin fights to make her group more known as a whole. Most of the top spots in Unit G are ranked with members who had been in the top spots before. Another example, NC.A. She definitely deserves to be there and she debuted some time ago and didn’t leave much of an impact, so she really deserves this chance. Then there is Yoonjo, she fell out of the rankings for a few weeks but managed to get back. I think it is surprising she made such a comeback but it’s in a reasonable frame, so I’m not like “how?” Also she had debuting experience before, so now critics from me. Next in line, Lee Hyunjoo, she also fell out of the top 9 for I think a week? Well, I think she has been in the top 9 ranking every week before, so after not being in there last week, her fans probably came together to vote her into the top 9 in the final. Makes sense. She also has debuting experience, so yeah. I don’t think I have to say anything about Yang Jiwon. She was in the top 9 in every ranking and she was from the group SPICA and proved she is amazing, there is nothing left to say. Woohee of Dal Shabet has also been in the top rankings for quite a lot of rankings, so it makes sense and with Dal Shabet she also has real debuting experience before The Unit. The last two, ZN of Laboum and Lee Suji of – I think – The Ark, managed to fight their way up into the high ranks, so even that makes sense. It’s a steady rise for ZN and an up and down for Lee Suji. Both have real debuting experience, so the show stayed true to its aim here.


So critics, all of the members have a good reason to be in the final 9. Then why do people still critizise the results? Mostly, because some others did not make it. Like Euna Kim and Semmi. For Euna Kim, I think she became victim of the usual “She’s gonna make it anyway, so let’s vote for others”. She finished 10th so missed it very narrowly, so I think some of her fans really did not think she wouldn’t make it and voted for someone else. It’s sad and not fair but it happens in the finale of survival shows quite often.

With Semmi, she is one of the The Unit participants who, I think, made it into the top rankings through the episodes alone and less by having a fandom before the show. Unfortunately for the finale, a lot of fans who had their fixed favourites came together, so she lost her top spot to others who had been in the top rankings before here. This one is just unfortunate and I had hoped for her to get in.

Overall, I think the results for Unit G are, well, within reason? I know people are not happy with all of the results, even I’m not, but it makes sense and we can complain but I really don’t think the voting was unfair or something like this. It seems reasonable.

So, let’s go to Unit B: Fans definitely voted for who they liked in the finale and less for who they thought did well. Sorry to say it like this, but while Unit G is very explainable with previous results, Unit B seems like fans were like coming together and voting like crazy for their favourites. But let’s go member by member. Jun, no need to say anything here, He’s been in the top spots every ranking, he’s talented and with U-Kiss he has real debuting experience as well as a reason to be here, since the group lost some members and while it is known, it never left a HUGE impact. Second place, Euijin, also in the top spots since Ep…7 I think? so that makes sense and with BIGFLO he has debuting experience. Tbh, I had only known there was a group like BIGFLO but that was about it, so this time rebooting really seemed to be achieved. Number 3 Go Hojung, also in the top spots for the last few ranking and from the group HOTSHOT, meaning rebooting is succeesful here too. Next is FeelDog. He has also been in the top spots ever since the beginning, he is talented and he already debuted under BigStar before, so yeah. So, the next one is critizised a lot and I understand why, although I don’t support it. Marco has a always been a charming boy of The Unit and tbh I’ve asked myself, why he didn’t make it into the top spots before. It is surprising he made it now but not totally unreasonable. He always had fans and managed to even charm fans who had other favourites, so I guess people came together and really pushed the voting for him. Also ever since the screen time got evened out a little bit and in the last few episode he showed more of himself and people noticed him more. So, I understand how he landed where he is. As for debuting experience. He debuted in a group in 2017, the same year when the show started but tbh I have never heard of their group before. I get why people critizise him being even in the show. Still, he managed to get in the top spots by his charm and his talents, so I forgive the show for that. Next one is an even worse case of why is he even in the show: Ji Hansol, no previous debuting experience and I cannot really fight for him in this argument. I mean if he was pushed out of his previous debuting chance I get it, since this would be like another chance, but I don’t he was pushed out, but I don’t know exactly. As for the voting, well, he has been in the top spots enough times before so that makes sense. Finally someone again, where I do not have to look for a reason for them to be in the show, Daewon of MADTOWN. Well, MADTOWN lived through some tough times but did debut and left not enough impact to make it big. So Daewon has debuting experience and he’s always been a top contender in the show, so this result makes sense too. Next one is Kijoong and while I don’t have to explain how he made it there, since he’s also always been in the top spots, he debuted the same month as the show started I think so about debuting…it’s debatable I guess. I mean I saw the debut of IM and well…wasn’t really impressed and forget them the moment I clicked on something else, so I guess there was no impact but it’s debateable whether he really counts as rebooting. Last but not least we have Chan of A.C.E. I think he is like the Semmi of Unit B. He managed to get to this spot not by having a lot of fans beforehand but by getting the fans through The Unit. He climbed his way up to the top and I think the reason why he managed to get so high up in the ranking – he also shined more when the editing evened out, as well as leaving an impression through performances. At least for me he left a real impression in the performances. As for debuting experience, he did debut with A.C.E and this time I think it is just mean when people think he is in the show unfairly. A.C.E got small recognition in the beginning but they did not make it big even though their song was really good and you could see them disappearing in the shadows, so at least I give it to him, for being in The Unit for a reason.


So what about the members who did not make it? Well, Seyong has been on an up and down path over the whole show so I’m not surprised he did not make it into the final 9. It’s unfortunate but within reason. Jeup is the same, he has also been on an up and down and it’s reasonable he’s not in the top 9. Unfortunate but reasonable. The two people where fans are furious: Kim Timoteo and Donghyun. Well, Timoteo lost a lot of his initial voting where he was still number 1, but he was still number 5 last week. I think he also fell victim to the “he’s gonna get in anyway” so people used their voted for others. He’s been in the top rankings even after not being number 1 anymore, so even I thought he would make it anyway – well, the unfortunate and mean side of survival shows. Donghyun…one reason why he’s not in the top spots is the same as Timoteo’s. People just assumed. Here, though, is another reason. A lot of his support for the finals came from international fans. Translates to “People who couldn’t vote”. Marco and Kijoong got a lot more popularity from locals than Donghyun, who is amazingly loved by international fans, but unfortunately we couln’t vote the same way locals did, and so it ended this way.


Overall I think the results make sense and for at least 70%-80% The Unit managed to achieve their goal of rebooting idols. I think the biggest reason why fans are critizising the show so much, is because the editing was crap in the beginning and they wanted to see sad sobbing stories…well, sorry, that the boys and girls are happy to get another chance, and also because their favourites didn’t make it into the top spots. I’m also not a 100% happy with the results but for me it makes sense so I don’t complain.

I also think the show seemed a lot more fun than other survival shows, even though I was a big critic in the beginning, but in the end, the show could win me over.

I hope Unit G and Unit B make it big and get the recognition they deserve!!!


“Maze Runner: The Death Cure”…an epic finale

I’ve been a Dylan O’Brien fan ever since Teen Wolf, I admit that and when he appeared less on the show I was devastated…well, not really, just not as into the show as before, I guess. But okay, he appeared in the Maze Runner franchise, so I was okay.

After waiting for a year because Dylan O’Brien got injured – can I just say, great work for actually waiting for the stars to heal and get well again, we all know those situations where people don’t wait and the stars have to suffer through work, thanks for thinking about your actors! – we finally get the last installment of the Maze Runner franchise.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few tears just because of that. Okay, so here you have my personal review for the movie! You can tell me in the comments below if you have a different opinion or want to add something.



The storyline

So the storyline of the Maze Runner: The Death Cure is pretty much where we left off: Thomas saying he won’t leave Minho with WCKD and they are off to rescue him even if it means they won’t make it back.


Well, here it is good to know what even the director Wes Ball himself said: The first installment was green and there were trees and limited space. The second one was different and more like brown and sand and desert as a theme. – At least he said something similar like that in an interview.

The last one starts off in the same theme as installment two but quickly turns into a sci-fi theme I guess. While normally I have a problem with that, in the Maze Runner they adapt it pretty well, so I’m okay with it.

I won’t say any more about the storyline because pretty much everything past “they go rescue Minho” qualifies as a spoiler I guess…


The characters and perspectives

One thing you’ll notice in this movie quite early. The pace is a lot faster. One reason why it seems that way is because it features more than one narrator you could say. Before you saw most things from Thomas’ perspective. This time you see a lot of different people and what their thinking and life is like. There’s WCKD in general with Ava Paige and Janson, as well as Teresa. Then we have Thomas, Newt and the other gladiers that are left. There is also Minho. And of course our new guys from installment two: Brenda and Jorge. So, yeah, you get a lot of different perspectives, storylines and plots.

But do not worry, they actually managed to not make a total chaos out of it but actually but an order into it and make it into quite a good storyline with a very fast pace.

Oh, yeah I said two reasons right? Well, the other reason is mainly, that IT IS faster paced than before. It’s not just imagination of the mind.


One thing though: I think one of the reasons why they could do it like they did, like with all the perpectives: because the characters have been established in the movies before and everyone has a background and a storyline. They did not have to re-introduce the whole cast.

Also the cast seems a lot more comfortable in their roles than before. This is a movie where you forget you are watching a movie and the actors are really into their characters. It wasn’t that good in the previous ones but in this one, it seems like it finally clicked a 100%. They definitely gave their all for this one!


The good / the bad

The good thing about this movie is at the same time the bad thing. This movie is an awesome third installment. It ends the trilogy in a perfect ending for the whole story. Maybe I’m not a 100% on board with everything but in general it is perfect. Not just the ending but I mean the whole movie as a end to the trilogy.

How can this be a bad thing? Well, this movie is great for people who already know about the franchise but is probably not as half as good for people who are not up to date with the franchise. As a single movie it is pretty useless I guess because you won’t understand half of it and not really feel with the characters.

That’s how their biggest advantages (that they used established characters and did not need to reintroduce) is also their biggest disadvantage.


But one thing is quite sure for me: this trilogy managed to be one of the best trilogies I’ve ever watched. Definitely.


Easy. Watch the other installments. Then watch Maze Runner: The Death Cure!

Recommendation: Watch it in IMAX if possible. I watched it on monday in IMAX and it was so awesome I wanna go again!!!


“Fifty Shades Freed”…what we’ve been waiting for

So, I don’t know why but it seems like Fifty Shades Freed started earlier in cinemas where I am from compared to the US. As far as I know, the premiere was yesterday on the 7th and I booked tickets for the 8th, so I could watch it as soon as possible. And wednesday I actually spend the evening rewatching the first and second installment just to refresh my mind and get into the right mood…why does that sound kind of sexual???

Well, doesn’t matter. After watching it today, I decided to write a review for everyone out there who has not yet watched it yet. SPOILER-FREE!!!

Note: I just love this poster…I don’t know why but I love it ^.^


General and books

Fifty Shades Freed is the last installment of the Fifty Shades film franchise. It’s based on the three books by E.L. James. And while I think it has a great storyline and premise I think the books are really mainly book porn…at least half of the first and last book. The second is actually the one with the most storyline of the book series. I should know, I read them – even before the movies came out. So well, it became a big thing and when the books were made into movies soooo many people freaked out, especially because everyone wanted to know who was gonna be Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. I was one of them too. And while I did think “I don’t really know if this casting is the right choice” I was on board with the choice after watching the first movie.

Before you say anything now: I’m not an intense fan of the franchise. I liked the books but I’ve read better stuff and as for the movies …well, the first one is kinda strange but good, it just lacks a little bit of the catching charme of the first book. The second installment definitely lacks compared to the book. The second book was the best, it really lured you in and I read that book in just two days because you really start feeling with Ana and Christian and believe me you won’t get away from them anytime soon. The third book though…well, half of the book is book porn and it took me quite some time to finish that book because seriously, after 50 pages of sex, I wanna read different stuff and not continue with just erotic stuff. Well, after you get over the sex stuff you get to the real storyline.


Final chapter

While the second installment didn’t meet the expectations of the second book, the third installment overthrew the third book and with that it is the first ever movie I know (and I know A LOT of movies, I’m pretty much addicted) that is better than its respective book. A rarity. Now you may ask, how is that possible? I can explain that, even without major spoilers. The reason why the last installment of Fifty Shades is as good as it is, is thanks to

  • the chemistry
  • the soundtrack
  • the fact that it is a movie




In the first movie, while of course, Ana and Christian have just met, but still you could feel the actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson just getting to know each other. Their was a little bit of awkwardness but well…let’s see how anyone else does after meeting someone and filming sex scenes with them right after…

Well, in the third installment you can actually see them knowing each other better and not being awkward which means they feel much more like Ana and Christian than before and it actually feels very convincing. Also the movie does not just show them caring and loving each other with erotic scenes but also with little things: looking at each other, holding hands, laughing with each other, just hugging, having fun with each other…and such stuff, normal everyday things that don’t happen in the bedroom.

That makes this couple much more real and lovable.


Fifty Shades has always been great with soundtracks but Fifty Shades Freed steps it up a notch. The soundtrack supports the chemistry, helps overcome time sequences in the movie and delivers the feelings of the characters quite well. There are many different songs but all of them very good and supporting the movie as a whole. I always say a soundtrack is good when it’s right at that line where you actively notice it but aren’t bothered by it.



The biggest problem with the third book is the thing, that when you don’t read like a crazy person, it takes some times to overcome scenes or similar stuff that takes like 50 pages to overcome. Try reading 50 pages about pretty much the same thing and let’s see how far you get. The movie has the advantage that it can make a montage of things. Like a montage of landscapes or a cut and edit version of a sex scenes. Fifty Shades Freed like its predecessors has a lot of erotic scenes but in a movie you can add some action to it by changing perspectives, adding music or even just making the scene happen faster.

The third installment definitely has the advantage that it is a movie.



The movie seems like the previous installments were made just so they could show us this one. Sorry to say this, but for me this movie is better than the other two put together. I mean it’s the same actors so I guess it’s still a compliment? Well, I mean it as a compliment, because it means they got better. The storyline is full of interesting plotlines and catching characters and I love that the movie also concentrated a lot on other characters and not just Ana and Christian.

For returning fans: This is what we all waited for. Watch it and love it, because it is awesome.

For new fans: Do watch the first and second installment first…believe me, you will like the movie without watching but you won’t get the chemistry thing and miss out on a lot of plotlines because you didn’t know from the other movies

Once in a lifetime


You know all those movies/shows etc where you think “Will we ever get something like this again?” As example, Harry Potter. The books and movies opened a new world so big, magical and detailed everyone knows about it. Maybe not everyone read the books or watched the movies but everyone has at least heard the name. And tbh, I’m really curious if there’s actually ever gonna be another fictional world as big as Harry Potter again. Well, Fifty Shades is another milestone you could say. I mean the movie made erotic scenes mainstream. I’ve never seen such a sexual movie that was ever seen by so many people in the cinemas and that was so big. It also is one of the few popular blockbusters that tell the story of a rich, famous and public man falling in love for a shy, innocent but strong woman and the other way around. We all know that premise from books and so on but I don’t think there has been such a successful adaptation of that storyline ever.


In general, I’m very happy with the third installment and I might even cry a little because after this movie I actually do want more but at the same time it is just such a perfect third installment for a trilogy. Seriously, Fifty Shades – first ever movie to be better than the book and first ever movie trilogy where the movies get better and not worse…=D compliments to all the actors, actresses, producers, film-makers, directors, assistants, helpers, supporters, fans and everyone else who made this movie possible!



The Most Intense Couples on TV

Let me just clarify this here. I would have loved to go international here, really I would’ve, but then most of the couples would have been either US-american or Thai…and no other countries, so that wouldn’t be fair. Since I already wrote a post about chemistry in Thai series, I’m gonna write about US-American shows now.

What do I mean with “intense”? I mean those couples that keep you on your seat, that make you believe in true love (even if they are just actors playing their roles), those couples that have insane chemistry, but also those couples that are together even if they know they are not good for each other. I love couples that have this intense connection to each other where you know, even if they tried they could not stay away. I mean those couples.

So some side criteria here:

  • I have watched the show the couple appears in, regularly or at least more than half of it
  • I do not differentiate between same gender couples or male-female couples
  • There has to be some kind of romantic connection, I’m not counting pairings that never got together but are amazing
  • and I think…well, that is pretty much it, I guess.

Note: This is heavily opinion-based. So it’s my opinion. If you think I should add someone, just comment down below and I will see what I can do ^.^ – ALSO NOTE that you may be surprised by some choices but maybe read my reasons why. 



14 – Rory Gilmore & Logan Huntzberger (Gilmore Girls)


This is one example of a couple that wasn’t good for each other. At least in the beginning. For me the end game was always Rory and Logan. Why? Because Rory/Dean was a highschool romance, Jess and Rory were like soulmates and matched each other but Rory and Logan, while in the beginning not great for each other, managed to reach something where they made each other better and greater. Logan started being more than a playboy and a rebel against his father after being together with Rory and Rory started being more than the shy girl from Chilton. They both had great character development and had to experience so many hiccups and challenges in their relationship but they managed, they changed, they learned together. I think the chemistry between the characters is really nice to watch, especially because the first time I saw Logan I did not think they would end up together. Their relationship was developed throughout the storyline and they started out as friends and not right away as love interests. Also I just love the episode where Logan goes to Lorelai to get back Rory even if he didn’t know whether Lorelai would actually help him.

I just think this is one of those couples that had some troubles but in the end they always came back to each other.

13 – Emma Swan & Killian Jones (Once Upon A Time)


Soooo many people said I had to include them…well, I love this couple, I do, but I watched Once Upon A Time as a marathon the first time I watched it and when you do it like that it feels a little rushed. But still, they do have quite some intensity in their relationship. Not only is Hook a bad guy in the beginning but he and Emma are really on opposite sites. Compared to the couple before though, they have some things in common right from the beginning. The thing that makes Emma and Killian so intense is the fact that they’d go to the end of the world for each other. They would do anything to save each other – seen in many episodes and even some story archs.

12 – Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)


This couple is just strange. They are horrible for each other while at the same time being great for each other. Blair is Queen B and knows how to get what she wants and Chuck is just the same. The couple knows how to get what the want and how to make others do things for them. They know how to play the game in the Upper East Side (I think that was it, right?) and while they had so many troubles and challenges to overcome throughout the whole series, they did it and they got together. For me this couple is definitely a power couple with great chemistry.

11 – Klaus Mikaelson & Caroline Forbes (The Originals)


While some other couples on this list got here by chemistry alone, this couple got on this list per intensity and chemistry. Chemistry between characters nowadays is usually build over time. Klaus and Caroline…well, the first moment they actually talked to each other (since in the beginning Klaus was the villain in The Vampire Diaries, so there wasn’t much talking and only threatening and so on) viewers could feel the chemistry and intensity between the characters. I don’t actually know if the shows producers really wanted to get them together but I would believe it if it was a spur of the moment thing, where they saw the intensity and decided to make a fling of it. There is a reason why viewers of The Originals want Caroline to appear in The Originals. This couple could be so much more if they just had the time for it.

10 – Clarke Griffin & Bellamy Blake (The 100)


There are some couples on this list, where the characters were not supposed to end up with each other. This couple here is kind of the opposite. Everyone who read the books (which I did not by the way), knows Bellamy and Clarke are the end game. Still the producers decided to develop the relationship between the characters and not just throw them together. A decision I love. Currently, I’m like wishing for them to finally get together and become a couple but I’m thankful that they weren’t together from the beginning. The three seasons so far build up the intensity between the pairing and I just cannot wait for the first sparks to fly and the first real kiss, because judging from the writing behind the show ’til now, the first kiss has to be epic. Maybe even just because we had to wait so long for it. Bellamy and Clarke also just balance each other out in the right way, as well as keep each other in check. They are definitely a power couple to lead the 100!

Just one comment here, pleaseeee get them together in season 4. I really! cannot wait any longer. Take the moment and make it official after teasing us such a long time.

9 – Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak (Arrow)


This couple is on many people’s lists, mainly because these two characters were not actually supposed to be with each other. The chemistry though was just too good not to go this way. The thing is, I don’t actually think anyone knows where the chemistry between the characters/actors is coming from. They are very different people, they would do anything for their friends, but still they are very different people. They have different ways to think and different reactions but still they found their way to each other and to support each other.

Why they are so good together, I will never know but they are and I hope now it’s gonna be definite between them and the overall love drama for Oliver and Felicity will get some time to smooth over and not have to challenge another obstacle so soon.

8 – Snow White & Prince Charming (Once Upon A Time)


Admit it. There was a moment where you wished that you could be part of one of those fairy tale couples, always to be fated to be together, to go to the earth’s end for each other, to not be able to stay away from each other, to support each other whatever the challenge. I think everyone has wished to be part of that at least once in their life. Well, Snow White or Mary Margaret and Prince Charming or David are one of these couples. First off, the storyline is about them actually being a fairy tale couple but 6 seasons of OUAT proved that they are exactly that. Over the season the couple shows what true love means and what it means to be there for each other and do whatever needs to be done for each other.

Snow White and Prince Charming are definitely relationship goals (though maybe without soooo much drama)

7 – Meredith Grey & Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)


If I ever made a list of the power couples on TV, this one would be number one. They started out as romantic interests right from the beginnning 0f the show but their actual relationship was developed over time. Grey’s Anatomy has a lot of life threatening drama and romantic drama but Meredith and Derek managed to get through it all…well, until season 11. But I never actually watched the episode where the bad things happened, only the drama before and afterwards, but I just could not stomach losing the power couple. Still, even I have to admit, that the best prove for them being a power couple and their chemistry and intensity is the fact that the show runners have not found a solution for Meredith’s love life after Derek. There were some chances, there was Riggs but that thing was nice and all, just not enough. Imo even the show runners realized that and found a nice way for him to exit the show.

After Derek left the show I was always a fan of Meredith getting together with someone that is already established on the show or is introduced as someone that is not mainly her love interest but gets a different storyline for the beginning. I guess it all depends on how many more seasons the channel is giving us. Recently though I rewatched a whole lot of GA and also the new season on TV and I saw something that made my heart jump, so I hope some of the producers see it too and think of bringing Meredith and that other person together somewhen in the future. But there is definitely a lot of pressure since it is going to be really hard to make people think of anyone else together with Meredith and not Derek. They were just too good.

6 – Ian Gallagher & Mickey Milkovich (Shameless)


Out of all the couples on this list this is the one where it really matches the saying “they are not good for each other”. Seriously Ian and Mickey have an intensity together, that just makes you watch them and not get away but at the same time they really weren’t good for each other. I think in the end even they realised that but everyone has to admit, that they were awesome together. The intensity between their interactions were just great. I still wish we would’ve seen more of them, even if that meant more drama too.

5 – Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)


Another couple that the producers just had to make. Especially since the interactions between Elena and Damon had so much more intensity than hers and Stefan’s. In the beginning of TVD I would’ve never thought she’d end up with Damon especially since she was so great with Stefan but soon the chemistry between her and Damon took over and it was an unavoidable step to make them something like a couple. While they had drama and more to live through, the intensity between them never diminished but stayed the same from the beginning until the end.

4 – Alexander Lightwood & Magnus Bane (Shadowhunters)


I didn’t read all of the Shadowhunters books, I read some of them though. So after the movie was kind of a flop and they started producing a series I was very very suspicious how it was gonna turn out. Especially since Malec (their couple name, for everyone who doesn’t know) has a really big fanbase. The thing is though, the show is really good and the couple got even more fans after being portrayed on TV. I think Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. have an amazing chemistry and are great actors for portraying these characters so amazingly. Just watch their first kiss and you’ll know what intensity I’m talking about.

3 – Veronica Mars & Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)


I watched these two years after Veronica Mars actually ended. I only heard about the show but was too young when it actually came out. So when I decided to watch it I was surprised about how much I liked the show. The show had their own respective female lead-playboy couple but they had a chemistry that seemed great but toxic at the same time. They were so different but at the same time you saw that they really liked each other. Even if they did not end up together in the show (watch the movie!!) every of their scenes showed some intensity that kept me glued to the screen and the show. I think this was one of the first really popular female lead – play boy couples out there.

2 – Richard Castle & Kate Beckett (Castle)


Compliments to Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Seriously, Castle has one of the couples with the most chemistry out there. Why I give even bigger compliments to the actors? Because everyone seems to know that the two of them didn’t actually like working together. There were some problems in the real world but still they managed to give us one of the most awesome couples on TV. That’s why they are on spot two. Not liking each other, not even as friends in real life and portraying such a power couple on TV…that’s pretty badass.

1 – Brian Kinney & Justin Taylor (Queer As Folk)


I had to think long who to include in this list but I did not have to think long who takes the number one spot. Brian and Justin…well, while many people may not know who they are and maybe not watch the show since it is quite intense and open. But let me just tell you, the intensity between these two is there right from the beginning. Brian, a playboy, who doesn’t care who he sleeps with and who seems to not fall in love ever and Justin, the young closeted boy who is still discovering this new world he landed in and falls head over heels for Brian. Over the whole course of the show you can see the intense attraction between the two of them. Even if they are not together, you can see they still love each other. It took five seasons for them to finally reach a stage where both could admit it, but that makes this couple so amazing. You always know they will end up together. I watched one season and I knew they were going to end up together. This is one of the couples where you just know because everything else is just not a possibility. This is what I call the most intense TV couple.


So you could say my list was very diverse, I think. But I stand by it and I thought about it quite a lot. If you have additional couples or wanna recommend others, just comment down below and I will look them up and see if I have to adjust the list ^.^