Introduction 2.0

I read through my posts a while ago and realised…wow, so many things changed. Especially regarding my introduction. So what would you do if you realise that? Easy, write a new one. Well, let’s see how easy it actually is…


About me…physically

I haven’t grown even one centimetre since I was 13. Back then I was almost the tallest person in my class and I hated it. So every night I went to bed thinking “I don’t want to get taller” and see there…it actually worked. Now I’m 1,67m and my mum and my brother are at least 5 cm taller than I am. Well…

I’m chubby. Not the kind of chubby “she looks like a big blob” but the chubby “she could look good in the right clothes”

I’m have the annoying habit on going on diets right before birthdays, celebrations and other festivities where people eat a lot…Very smart, right? T.T


About me…emotionally

Living after the principle: I’m not moody, I’m emotionally creative.

I’m optimistically pessimistic. Figure out yourself what that means.

I want to have an epic romance. A love that’s so great you cannot live without the other and where you’re connected to someone like never before. Although I think I’m never gonna get a love like that. Still I want it. – get the “optimistically pessimistic” yet?

About me

I love Christmas. I love it!

I’m one of those people who know they cannot sing and don’t even think of showing up at a casting show. Seriously I’m bad…

I love ice skating so much I go regularly. It’s the only sport I really like. I already hurt myself twice in the last few weeks and still I’m gonna go again XD

I cook with recipes and ignore the recipes halfway through. Except for two times, where it was more than just gross, it worked out perfectly.

I love reading, eating, listening to music, writing stories and watching movies and series.

I have no problem remembering the names of 300 K-Pop idol with mostly Korean names but I have difficulties telling how far 20metres are and where it goes north.



So, apart from all that there is not much to know, at least not at the moment. I’m very happy with my life and recently I found a really good and enjoyable job so yes, it’s going well…let’s continue doing well and trying our best!!


2 thoughts on “Introduction 2.0

  1. Ice skating! I’d really like to try, especially after being baited by Yuri on Ice, but the nearest skating rink is roughly 1700 kilometers from my town (so it sucks) .

    I totally get the height thing! I was tall (not the tallest) but taller than most boys when I was in elementary school. It was awkward, especially in dances and I prayed that I wouldn’t grow tall so much. Years later, all the boys in the grade (including the shortest) is taller than me (so again it sucks).

    I shouldn’t prattle so …. Merry Christmas!

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