“Chemistry” in (Asian/Thai) BL shows

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I know I gave recommendations already but recently I watched some montages of BL couples online and I was wondering: What makes the chemistry between two people so great? Why do we like this chemistry? What are the differences/similarities between those couples? In this post I’m gonna try and put some of the most popular BL couples in Asian (mostly Thai) shows in categories.

The light and sweet couple


Example: Sotus (Kongpob x Arthit)

Features: Light kisses, light touches (nothing too erotic/romantic), staring/looking for a long time, actions/drama showing their feelings for each other

This kinda couple mixed with a catching storyline will make all BL fans swoon and cringe the moment the even hear “end” and celebrate when they hear “season 2”. Seriously, who didn’t after hearing there’s gonna be a second season of Sotus? This couple can mainly be seen with light kisses and gives you the closeness you want with stares and hugs and small touches but mostly no erotic touching or kissing. Still people love it because these couples are build on their actions apart from skinship. These couples mostly have a lot of scenes where one shows how their decisions etc are influenced by their feelings for the other person and how they are worried about their partner or put their partner’s wishes before themselves.

Other couples that would fall in this category are: Lovesick (Phun x Noh) and probably Make It Right S02 (Fuse x Tee) – I put the S02 there on purpose-, as well as 2Moons (Phana x Wayo)


The “I hate you but I love you” couple


Example: Puppy Honey (Pick x Rome)

Features: almost no kisses, showing caring actions but trying not to show the caring side, a lot of banter, confused stares

This couple is mostly featured when at least one of the two character has never ever thought of being gay and maybe even had girlfriends before. Couples like this manage to catch the audience attention with cute actions where one guy takes care of the other person but still saying they don’t like them. Like being tsundere – look it up, please – and just not admitting how influenced someone is by the other person. When you love someone, you love someone.

The “Cannot stay away from each other” couple

Example: Club Friday 08 (Meng x Todd)

Features: Kisses, skinship, irresponsible actions, drama

Note that some couples should probably include multiple categories. This is one of them. One other couple that could probably be in this category is Korn & Knock from Together With Me.

This category can be seen like “omg the chemistry!!” Why is this category so popular with audiences? One reason, because we all want a love where you’re so into one another that you’d do anything for each other, like an epic love, like a passionate love – like this category. Second reason, because of the passion. These couples don’t have to feature a lot of kisses or touches to be honest but most of the time the touches and kisses that DO appear are passionate and strong. There is a minimum of light pecks and staring and more like staring-kissing-seriously kissing. And in this case it’s really more passion-> more passion from the audience. For me this is perfectly portrayed by Meng and Todd.

The protector and guardian couple


Example: 2Moons (Phana x Wayo) / Advance Bravely (I forgot their names, sorry T.T)

Features: minimal or no kisses, some touching, lots of actions showing someone’s feelings

This sometimes goes one-in-one with the “I hate you but I love you” category, but only sometimes. This category doesn’t shine with its skinship but mostly with actions and actions showing how much they love each other. A problem many have here – it’s often just a tease and you’ll get nothing in the end. That’s the annoying part about it. Thankfully there are shows like 2Moons. 2Moons also combines this category with a character like Wayo who sometimes turns into the stronger part of the couple and just tells Phana what to do – which turns into some kinda funny scenes.

The increasing skinship couple


Example: Addicted (GuHai x Bai Luo)

Features: skinship, actions showing the couple getting closer, maybe some kisses

These couples are the ones where you cannot explain their chemistry. At all. Mostly because they only have chemistry because they build it overtime and make you fall in love with them, while they fall in love with each other. Though with this couple you are guaranteed skinship and skinship getting stronger. These couples are usually very satisfying and sweet.

The “real” couple


Example: Together With Me (Korn x Knock)

Features: kisses, touching, actions showing their feelings, drama – lots of drama

Of course, I know that the actors are not really a couple. That’s why the real is with “”. Still I named it the real couple because these couples are the ones where you think “This could be real”. Most of the time these couples/this chemistry is created when the actors are totally comfortable with each other – which is here the case, as far as I know. Korn and Knock have a lot of drama and a lot to overcome but compared to some other shows there is not one sign of awkwardness or hesitation (except for the character’s but not the actors’ it seems). It is kinda funny watching them watch their make out session at the beginning of Together With Me, because they seem so embarrassed – so I can only say…wow, professional work then!


I know a lot of you probably knew all that before but I still thought I could publish a post about it. Okay, I admit, I was also kinda bored ^.^

I hope you enjoyed the post and tell me in the comments what you thought! Bye bye


5 thoughts on ““Chemistry” in (Asian/Thai) BL shows

  1. I had a small scale heart attack when I read THE “REAL” COUPLE and my cognitive functions must have overloaded because I didn’t comprehend the quotation marks. So uhh … I hate you for making me hopeful but I love you for your recs and for being such an amazing person.

    Moving on, I watched Advanced Bravely! It was a bit too cliche for my taste but the actors were phenomenal. The ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ roles were a bit too defined (I would’ve loved it on other couples but I’m wholly contradictory so I didn’t with them). I’m still tuning in for the next episodes though.

  2. Sorry for getting your hopes up on the Korn/Knock couple 😉
    Thanks for the compliments
    I totally know what you mean with Advance Bravely. I thought the same thing, it’s interesting how we want different things from different couples 😊

  3. Your assessment and classification of the type of couples are spot on. The way Tul and Max act and how well they do their fan service sometimes makes you think if they haven’t something going on (or at least hope for).


    meng and todd’s series was the first fucking bl series that broke my heart, i knew it was an open ending but im the type of person that doesnt get satisfied unless i see it and now im a bit teary remembering them. Also, have you seen spike (project s the series) coz its 1% bl and maybe u wanna watch it too HAHAHAHAHA also, the story is pretty good too.

    Thanks for your content! love it very much ❤

    • I hate bad endings and I’m on the edge with open endings. But it’s kinda the trend at the moment. Open endings where it’s not clear where it’s gonna go ^.^ let’s both support each other through such hard times XD
      1% hm…gonna think about it, definitely! I saw the trailer, looked like a good story.
      Thanks so much!

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