BL recommendation Part III / Asia

Also, check out the other parts

Since I’m kinda running out of ideas of just Thai BLs I decided to widen my geographical range to all of Asia…with some exceptions.


  • BL*, duh
  • chemistry
  • at least some kind of physical affection
  • Asian as in Chinese/Thai/Korean/what else was part of the recommendations?…well, I won’t recommend a lot of Japanese ones as example because after watching Thai ones some Japanese BL just seem kinda awkward.
  • I watched it

I removed the happy ending criteria, if you want to know whether it ends bad or good or inbetween, ask in the comments.

*if you didn’t know BL meant boys love, you are probably wrong here…

Let’s start!

Let’s start with something I’m totally on the edge for. I watched it years ago and still don’t know whether I like it or not…probably more on the “not” side right now but I thought the chemistry was good, so I’m gonna include it here.

Eternal Summer


ES is a Taiwanese movie from 2006 and imo left a lot of viewers aggravated and unsatisfied. Why? I’m not gonna tell you but believe me expect something totally different from the things I recommended til now. Still for an inbetweener on a rainy day it’s a good movie I think.

Falling In Love With A Rival / Counterattack


or whatever it’s name is. The last time I checked it was available on youtube with ENG subs, so check it out there if you want to. Counterattack is the next aggravating think. It starts strong and ends strong and has good chemistry (not amazing but good), and you’ll have no idea how you landed where it ends. Seriously I watched it three times and still had to check whether I haven’t missed some episodes. Still, it’s a nice inbetweener. Also I heard that the actors said they actually kinda liked each other…hehe

Happy Together


So we started with the aggravating ones, so we’ll go to the cutiepie happy ones now. Why? Because the couples are actually already together. HT is really nice, the chemistry is good and the characters are funny. You’ll get some story, you’ll get some handsy scenes, you’ll get comedy…don’t expect something too deep though. HT is there to enjoy, not to make a drama about. Personally I loved it since it portrayed a couple living together and being happy and having some drama without the whole world ending…it was actually kinda believable if I think about it.

Life Is Beautiful


Giving you all my “it’s sweet, it’s good, I just want to have my plushie toy now” recommendations at the same time. I watched LIB before I even knew what Thai BL series where (haaa…it seems like a lifetime ago). LIB is amazingly real and very very very slow paced. Also it’s great at teasing. You’ll think you’ll get some and then they won’t give it to you. It’s Korean BL, what’d you expect? Still, the chemistry was nice and the couple was just sweet. If you have time (it’s 63 episodes, I hope you have a lot of time) and have enough of all the “am I really gay? Why do I like him? Do I like him? How r my mates gonna react in school? This doesn’t fit with my role here” drama just watch this BL drama/family show in typical Korean style.

HIStory – all 3 parts

It’s the Taiwanese hit, yay! When it came out it was kinda “Oh there is something” and now I seldomly meet someone who hasn’t watched it. If you’re new though, you probably haven’t. HIStory is a series with three different storylines in three differnt episodes. There is “My Hero”, “Stay Away From Me” and “Obsessed”. Let me tell you right here: The best one of the three, and I have yet to meet a soul who think differently, is Story 3.


My Hero is about a girl dying and not wanting her bf to be alone, so she goes into the body of a boy and…well, finds out that the boy has been in love with her bf all the time and so on and so on. HIStory and yes, I’m gonna just spoil now, only has Happy Endings. My Hero though shows a storyline where you’ll feel like you’re missing some scenes and some explanations and the chemistry is off, totally.

Stay Away From Me is better in the chemistry department. It’s about two boys, a normal guy and a model? idol? I can’t remember, becoming flat mates because, I think, their parents married?, and soon discover that there are more than just brotherly feelings. Like I said, the chemistry is better and the only thing lacking…well two things: the idol/model part was only believable as the guy was handsome af but otherwise I thought he was a normal dude too, also his acting was awkward and stiff at times.

Story 3, Obsessed, makes up for all the mistakes in the other parts. The chemistry is amazing, they are getting really really close and the storyline is great for all those “epic romance” fans out there. It’s about a guy who is in a relationship with another guy. One day his bf meets him and tells him he’s gonna marry a girl. Heartbroken he runs out aaaand…is hit by a car. He wakes up years before and has the chance to relive his life again, this time planning to make some changes. I just love this part. I watched it 5 times already and cannot get enough.

I recommend all three and decide for yourself what you like best.

The Boy Next Door


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…why am I laughing? ‘Cause this is just a tease but it is such a good one. I can’t even say anything anymore but I just enjoyed this so so so much without really getting something. Just check it out, you’ll laugh your ass off!


So and now, I’m too lazy to write more even though I made myself a list. Maybe I’ll make a Part IV soon. Edit: Definitely, since I just remembered I haven’t recommended one of my faves yet.

Good night (for now)


5 thoughts on “BL recommendation Part III / Asia

  1. Okay. I just mentioned how excited I am for your next batch of recs and voila I just found out you posted this. 😂 Definitely checking out HIStory! Keep it up please ❤

  2. Okay. I just finished HIStory, and I gotta say ‘Obsessed’ was wonderful! It was sizzling as fudge, my heart loved it. The chemistry was discernible and the acting was great, but the plot and execution… not so much (but that’s pretty much the trend with all the BL series I’ve watched, except Sotus, that was on a higher level obviously).

    I like the actor from ‘My Hero’, the guy whose girlfriend got killed, I liked his face specifically. And that water-drinking scene, that was hilarious and heart-fluttering. But that last scene though, that was particularly brilliant, not cinematically-wise, but the symbolism…it got me.

    ‘Stay Away From Me’ got me excited with the plot. Famous- non-famous and stepbrothers dilemma? Turns out it’s the one I liked the least. But the actors were great! Especially the non-famous brother, his expression was worth millions. I’m just miffed that the famous factor wasn’t demonstrated at the degree it was conveyed, but oh well.

    I really wanted to try Korean BL shows, but I’m quite uncertain about it over-all. Korea’s great with portraying the heteronormative environment, but I’m not sure how they will depict homosexual relationships against the backdrop of heteronormativity, and I don’t know if they produced shows without that problem. Do they? Like cutesy and all? Basically, without people clenching pitchforks and trying to burn gay people at the stake? I just assumed that it’s a problem that they would surely address, if not however, please point me on the nearest korean BL drama on your recommendation.

    Oh and is Antique Bakery really BL? And if it is, on what degree? Shounen-ai(ish) or Yaoi-ish?

    I’m so sorry. Please do inform me if you find this unceasing questions annoying. You can choose not to reply as well, I’m still grateful for the rec list. Lovelots!

    • I’m totally with you on HIStory. You can describe it even better than me =D

      Well, most of the Korean BL shows either end bad or are mostly about the “is it right/wrong” dilemma or they are really really superficial with touching and so on. There are some exceptions I think but not that many.

      Antique Bakery is a lovely story and nice but not really BL. I was tricked by it years ago and it’s like a slight tease but won’t give you anything in the end. It’s still nice to watch though ^.^

      Like I said, ask away, I love talking about this and that and answer questions. Since I’ve been into this genre some years I know what it’s like to have many many questions 😀

  3. I enjoyed watching History both seasons. For season 1 I actually like Stay Away From Me more than the other two. Have to say the idol brother is so handsome. For Obssessed maybe because the story line is not new to me. But overall I like it!

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