K-Pop’s top badass hype songs. Part II

See Part I, I’m too lazy for a long intro. As promised Part II, 24h (something like that) after Part I

Also I’ll include another criteria for the songs here:

  • should sound great on full volume out of the stereo and without anyone near so you can go crazy

This is Part II with this time the real favorites and top spots. Let’s start:



Group 1: Because I could go crazy for them x.X (most of them, I admit)

Block B Bastarz – Zero for Conduct & Make It Rain

Originally I didn’t wanna include subunits but sooo many people named Bastarz, I decided to make an exception for them. I like their songs and I think it’s a great mix of crazy and hype and I even like the rap even though I normally don’t like rapping very much.

BTS – Fire & Danger & We Are Bulletproof & Not Today

I could make a list out of songs for this topic with just BTS songs, not because I’d actually want to but because BTS was in EVERY SINGLE list and most of the time it was named more than once. But well…it’s kind of BTS’s concept to be badass and hype in their songs, it’s what made them as big as they are now, and I definitely love those songs.

C-Clown – Let’s Love

Soooo many people are gonna ask “why? why is this here?” and I admit I thought long and hard and then realised: It’s my list, let me do what I want!! So this is here and I think this song is just hype and loud enough to fit here.

iKon – Rhythm Ta & (Anthem)

I haven’t really figured out if Anthem is an iKon song or just a collab between BI and Bobby…or was that Dumb and Dumber? Ah, I don’t know much about iKon but seriously iKon was named so often I had no idea how to react…also I don’t know if I actually chose the right songs…you should probably keep that in mind, sorry.

B.A.P. – One Shot & Warrior & Hurricane

I’m not gonna but all of the songs named in the lists here, that would be too many but B.A.P was definitely one of the top groups named. I totally know why.

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby & Bang Bang Bang

I agree with Fantastic Baby, since there is a reason it’s such an iconic song but Bang Bang Bang is cool and kinda badass but only the last part of it is really hype before that it’s more like “we’re not drunk enough to totally go nuts yet”. Do whatever you want with that comment…is it noticeable that I’m tired? I’m definitely never gonna proofread this…I’d probably go into shock if I did.

24K – Superfly & BINGO

With most of my list there is this one candidate why I even had the idea for the list. This time it was 24K’s Superfly. Seriously this song kills me EVERY TIME. And thankfully I wasn’t the only one who realised just how amazing the song is because it was also one of the top named songs in other lists.

MADTOWN – New World

I just discovered this song and I don’t really know what to think about it. After 24K it definitely seems less crazy and more orderly but at the same time it’s just…well, as mad as the other songs.

Block B – Narina/Nalina & Very Good

While I admit that Very Good does sound kinda happy, kinda, Nalina is just perfect for this list I think…The catchy tune makes it great to go crazy for.

4minute – Hate & Crazy

While there is no other female representative in this list, 4minute topped the females in this category. Like BTS, 4minute appeared in pretty much EVERY list and Hate and Crazy were named one of the most badass songs out there, especially by a female group.



So, here you have it. I tried really really really hard not to mention just the main stream groups, don’t know if I succeeded. I hope so 😀


If you have any additions (please comment down below and I’ll edit my list), or comments (comment down below…like the name already says) or a different opinion (also comment down below but if you say insults or mean stuff I’m just gonna delete it XP, I’m all for exchange of opinions but not for insulting)

Thanks for reading!!



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