K-Pop’s top badass hype songs! Part I

Never ever search for “hype K-Pop songs” ever! It seems like people have a serious problem and seriously different tastes. I never before thought Oh My Girl’s “Hi”, A-Pink’s “Mr. Chu” or Monsta X’s “Shine Forever” was hype. These songs are many things but definitely not hype.

So I gave up my search for “hype” songs pretty soon and changed it into “badass” songs and “best beat drops” and “break out dancing” songs. The results were much more what I was looking for, than before. So here, after some time researching and giving some of my own opinion, is my list of K-Pop’s best badass hyped songs!!!

My criteria for being in this list:

  • still active or disbanded group. No subgroups (except one – see down below) and no solos.
  • songs you start going crazy too
  • songs with a more dark tone (otherwise there wouldn’t be badass in the title, right?)
  • mostly upbeat!!

Note: I always do some research and later on go over that list to throw out stuff I cannot understand in any way but I always try to be open to other possibilities so I don’t just name one group or only well-known groups

Note II: …haa…I threw out the one song per artists concept after like 2 minutes. Many groups who have one hype song have at least one other song similar to that. 

Note III: Let me already apologize for including more male artists than female ones, but seriously try finding as many female ones as male ones!!! Females are strong with the solo badass songs but groups are much more cutesy style o.O

ALSO I like most of these groups and I do not want to insult any artist or any fandom or anyone else. I actually like all of the songs on this list 😀 (just some more than others ;D )



Group 3: You’ll feel a slight badass feeling…maybe…I don’t always but they got a lot of votes.

EXO – Monster & Overdose

I thought long and hard whether or not to include EXO in this list because if you compare their songs to the top spots in Part II, well, they are very low key compared to the top spots…their songs can be dark and catchy but for me the “go crazy to” part is missing. I like singing to them but well…that’s it. Still there were so many votes, I felt bad to not at least include them here.

Dreamcatcher – Chase Me

While the overall concept of Dreamcatcher’s Chase Me matches well with this list, the overall feeling of the song or maybe an undertone in the song makes it kinda different from the rest of the list, that’s why it is in this category, because I can’t really decide whether it matches or not.

Note: Ignore the really happy label logo at the beginning…seriously I thought I was watching the wrong video XD

Pentagon – Gorilla

This is one of the debut songs I really like and I was really happy when someone included them in their list and I wasn’t the only one who wanted to include them. Still the song is not as …crazy? mad?…as many other songs, so it also lands in Group 3 here. But I have to say, this song is really good for a debut song ^.^

Rania – Demonstrate

Demonstrate…I had to listen to this song again to understand why it was named quite often. Well, I understand now. Why I still only included it in Group 3? Because it wasn’t named that often and it’s not as crazy over the top like the songs in the top spots. At least I have a new song to listen to now 😀

SF9 – Jungle Game & K.O.

I guess one reason why some people named SF9’s songs was also because the choreo is kinda hype and over the top sometimes. I like both songs, I admit and I included them in the list because to some degree the do fit the list’s topic.

T-ara – Sugar Free

Sugar Free is pretty much the only entry in Group 3 where I can tell why this song is here and not higher without a doubt. The song is definitely badass BUT it’s too orderly and on beat. I want more madness here!!! XD

Note: I should probably give an epilepsy warning or so…seriously don’t watch in a dark room or too close to the screen…don’t do that to your eyes, all those lights…your eyes are gonna cry



Group 2: These…well, definitely a level up from before, definitely!

History – Queen

This song has the badass feeling down to a notch, seriously. A little bit more upbeat and the song wouldn’t be here but in Part II.

Hello Venus – I’m Ill

I really had to think some time before deciding into which Group I should put this song. In the end it became Group 2 instead of Group 1 in Part II because the song is too happy in my opinion. I need more darkness!!! (wow, do I sound crazy…)

Monsta X – Trespass & Fighter

Trespass I don’t really know about but Fighter has the same problem as SugarFree…it’s too orderly and too like…cool? Monsta X is great at the cool and amazing feeling but if they want more badass and dark they probably have to get some from History and Queen 🙂

2NE1 – I Am The Best

Do I really have to say anything about this? I guess…maybe. Well, why it’s even here, I don’t have to explain that I guess. The reason why it’s not higher on the list? Because it’s just not my style. Take that.

Topp Dogg – Top Dog & The Beat

Top Dog is kinda still kinda light and The Beat takes it a lot farther and a lot more professional. I kinda love The Beat but it still lacks the kinda…boom. Still I love the songs 😀

f(x) – Red Light

While I did write that I like every song on this list, I admit I’m not a fan of f(x)’s music…don’t know why I don’t like it but well this song was named so often I couldn’t ignore it.

JJCC – Fire

This song shows the first chorus similar to some songs in Part II. It’s well…”let everything go” style. Love it and want more!!!

SNSD – Catch Me If You Can & The Boys

For me The Boys is like the female version of Queen, except that The Boys was released before Queen. The Boys (as well as CMIYC) both have a great badass feeling (while Catch Me’s is more like “cool” like Monsta X’s Fighter) but the madness is kinda missing…we’ll get more of that later on though.

CLC – Hobgoblin

I’m getting tired of writing, so here: There are on this list because this was their best comeback and I absolutely think they crushed the badass feeling. They are here and not in Part II because it’s not crazy enough.


So these were some of my badass hype K-Pop songs. Don’t worry if you think this list is still too soft or so, Group 1 is group 1 for a reason and it’s gonna come soon (which this time, I really mean, cause I already wrote and scheduled it, just too many videos in one post is kinda a bad idea, right?).

Part II coming in…let’s say 24h?




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