TV shows with unique concepts

I love K-Pop. I love TV shows. And this post is gonna be about my second interest…TV shows. This time I’m gonna present a list of TV shows I think have a unique concept or unique perspective which make the shows great. I will also include shows that started new trends in the TV world even if there were some following shows that copied some storylines. Let’s not spend so much time writing stuff here but let’s get right on the list!

Note: I’m gonna ignore most of the streaming site shows, mostly because I don’t like them, yes, even if they have unique concepts sometimes. I just think the editing of those shows is a nightmare and makes them hell on earth to watch, so leave me be. This is my list and not a general opinion, so I can do what I want 😛

Once Upon A Time

or “Fairytales meet flashbacks and the 21st century”. So it’s not that much of a new concept to use old stories or fairytales in a modern context. Look at all the “A Cinderella Story” movies, or the Barbie movies which also incorporate some fairytale background. There are just a lot of projects out there, that use that kind of approach, but we all have to admit that never did anyone go as far as Once Upon A Time. The used so many stories everyone knows and so many stories we didn’t even know about. OUAT brought fairytales into 21st century TV and it looks so good, that you can’t put down the remote after you started watching.

Also give credits to the writers for being able to connect the stories all together in a way no one thought is possible…you know Rumpelstiltskin (or was it Killian?) wasn’t so wrong when they said it doesn’t come as a surprise anymore at how many people are related to each other in Storybrooke.


Breaking Bad

or “I never thought a show about drugs could be so captivating it seems”. I’m not gonna say much about this show since I didn’t actually watch it but I wanted to include it because Breaking Bad opened the door for so many shows afterwards that include a story about illegal activities. And we all have to give compliments since writing a show about illegal stuff is pretty hard since you have to write and end the show in a way that people love it and enjoy it but also don’t go out on the streets and say “that guy didn’t face any consequences so I don’t have to either”



or “Supernatural just put the game on a whole different level”. There have been supernatural TV shows long before Supernatural itself, but most of them were about mysteries or about vampires. Supernatural was one of the first shows that incorporated supernatural beings of every kind with folklore and some captivating characters. Also the show pushed the whole genre into the new century and set a new level for supernatural shows.


The Vampire Diaries

or “Vampires were never better”. I mentioned before – there have been a lot of vampire shows before TVD, like Buffy. And let’s be honest, Buffy was big, even if I didn’t watch it, I know about it. The reason I’m naming TVD and not Buffy here? Because TVD is like “We want a show about vampires but how can we adapt that to the new trends in TV?” While TVD and Buffy have a lot in common, both about vampires and the main character in high school in the beginning, the producers managed to give the show a whole different and more modern feeling. The producers adapted the show to the modern TV trends and I mean – TVD became really big, so they did a good job I guess.



or “The start of the superhero trend”. I don’t have to say much here. Before Arrow most of the superhero game was done in the cinemas and as blockbusters. Then came Arrow and whether it was an attempt by DC because Marvel took over the cinemas I don’t care…Arrow started the whole superhero TV trend and took the whole thing to another level.


Ugly Betty

or “The ugly duckling meets the modern fashion world”. The story of the ugly or mistreated girl becoming a princess or the ball room queen has been around for a long long long time. But Ugly Betty managed to really push the ugly outsider term and put the whole thing in a different context. While everyone has to admit America Ferrera is a 100% beauty the producers of the show managed to give her everything to maybe not make her totally ugly but…well, different?…actually the worst thing about her was her fashion style I think (in the first few seasons, of course). What I admire about the producers and writers is the fact that they kept Betty’s look going for a few seasons before the slowly changed it. Most of the time TV shows give you a good looking lead and claim the lead is ugly for the other characters in the movie or show while everyone with eyes can tell, the person is beautiful af. In Ugly Betty they at least managed to keep up the appearance until later on and captivated the audience with story and character likeability.


The Originals

or “Bad guys never looked better”. Like with the ugly duckling trend, the the bad guy is a good guy trend has been around for some time now too. The reason why I still included TO? Because it was a first, that a show didn’t say “well, the bad guy is not so bad because he may do bad stuff but he has a good reason” but they included A LOT of scenes and storylines where the main characters just do bad things because they want to or because they are the kind of people who wouldn’t think of a “good” way to do things but just go for the worst kind of way out of habit. But we have to be honest, TO just amazes with those characters.



or “Music just opened a whole new door for TV”. I don’t think I have to say much about this show. I mean nearly every other show that aired at the same time as Glee or afterwards suddenly included an episode where everyone was singing…enough said?



or “We had enough vampires and werewolves. Angels…how about angels?”. When they actually used an actor to portray God in Supernatural I was like “Wow, they really did that, hm?” and I’m not really that religious. And when I heard there was going to be a show about Lucifer himself? Oh I could not miss that. We have had vampires, werewolves, angels, all other kinds of supernatural beings…we even had Lucifer but always as the antagonist and bad guy. This time he is the protagonist and not entirely a bad guy, you could say. So, I’m very curious where this is gonna go and if the show opens some doors for new stories.


Grey’s Anatomy / Scrubs

or “The era of doctor-shows”. The TV show ER was pretty big and pretty long and made a lot of people famous but, and I’m actually really sorry to say this, ER is so last century. Scrubs was one of the first shows that started the whole serious and story but actually a comedy show trend (and had following shows like How I Met Your Mother, also influenced by Friends of course, or Big Bang Theory). And Grey’s Anatomy brought the whole drama genre in TV (and that is a lot of shows) to a whole new level with all the drama going on (seriously, a hospital shooting, nearly drowning, a plane crash, explosions, what hasn’t the main character been through already?). Both those shows didn’t just set a new standard for doctor shows but also for drama and comedy shows in general.



Degrassi (all seasons, all shows)

or “You thought Pretty Little Liars was a dramatic teenie show?”. If I had to name a teenie TV show that impressed me the most it would definitely be Degrassi. There is pretty much no serious life topic they haven’t at least mentioned yet, I think. And while they sometimes use the general approach to a topic they also show new perspectives sometimes (like Lola’s abortion in the Next Class season. She thought it was the best decision and didn’t cry afterwards like most people in abortion storylines).



So, of course there are a lot more, but I’m mostly too lazy to think about more shows now, so I’ll leave it at that. But you can comment down below and mention your game changers and I’ll mention them in Part II ^.^



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