My all-time favourite songs

If you looked at my posts once you’ll immediately realise: I’m a KPop fan (and I’m proud to say that I have been since 2008/09 and before Gangnam Style).

But there is something you may not know – I can listen to some songs for 3 days in a row and NOT GET ANNOYED. I call these songs my all-time favourites and I thought about it, I have it with a few non-KPop songs too, but well, not as much as KPop. So here I present a list of songs I can listen to like for such a long time and not get annoyed.

Note: I realised there are no girl groups or female singers in there. I don’t really know why that is. Women usually have a higher voice and there songs are usually in a higher key or all high and scrinchy…so yea. If you still want me to add some female touch in there…I think the closest would be Mamamoo or Lee Hi with their songs

EDIT: I did add the duo recently so finally some female influence ^.^

VIXX – Eternity

VIXX is one of my alltime favourite groups so of course I have a song from them in this list…no actually being one of my favourites doesn’t really have anything to do with it, since there are VIXX songs where I just cannot click replay after listening. Eternity though is when I really knew VIXX is my total doom and I just really like them.

Note: I really did listen to this song and nothing else for 3 days and it was awesome ^.^

U-Kiss – 0330

This was my first all-time favourite K-Pop song and my second all-time favourite song in general. U-Kiss was one of the first K-Pop groups I found out about and I just love 0330. The music video, the song, the choreo, the piano, just everything. It is a ballad mixed with some upbeat parts that keep the song going pretty smoothly. I even learned to play the song on piano.

Akdong Musician – Dinosaur

This is I think the newest song on this list…yes, just looked, it is the most recent song. I like AKMU songs in general, although I’m not as captivated and amazed by them like some others but I really love Dinosaur. Their voices mix so well and the song is just soooo great. I could listen for a long time.

K.Will – I Need You

I Need You is actually not my favourite song by K.Will and doesn’t even have my favourite K.Will music video (can you guess what my favourite MV is??? =] ) but I could still listen to this song for days and even after all these years I have no clue why.

VIXX – Voodoo Doll

I admit that a big part why I like Voodoo Doll is because I love the music video and absolutely adore the choreo, but I also really like the song. I bought the album, darn it, so of course I like it ^.^ I don’t like buying things, I don’t actually like. But Voodoo Doll, I love this song. It is a perfect allrounder. Great song, great MV, great choreo, great voices, great charisma. Perfect all-kill.

Eric Nam – Can’t Help Myself

This song…I go crazy for this song…let’s be honest, I could listen to all the songs on this list for a long time but there are only three songs here where I won’t be able to sit still. Two are still coming, Eric Nam’s Can’t Help Myself is the first of the three. You can play it whenever in whatever weather and my mood is lifted, at least a little bit. This song is a great protection against my chronic depressions and just a delight to listen to.

B1A4 – A Lie

When this song came out I sat in front of youtube with my mouth hanging open and thinking “I. Love. This. Is. This. Real.” I absolutely love this song. This song is always part of my favourite song list, whether it’s favourite upbeat song, favourite K-Pop song, favourite group song, favourite ballad, favourite whatever…I would always name this song in the list, whether it matches or not…I wouldn’t care 🙂

GOT7 – Just Right

Just Right, well, this song made me fall for GOT7. Just Right is the same as Can’t Help Myself in that regard, that I immediately have a better mood than before. It just makes you feel happy and quirly inside and makes you wanna jump and dance around like a crazy person…this is also one song where I’m currently learning some choreo since I want to use it for my workout.

Note: My workout goes like a KPop/fitness workout routine with sometimes constant repeat of the same song, which means I need songs I can listen to often.

BTS – Fire


Fire is the one reason why I have such a hard time winning Try Not To Sing/Move Challenges. Play the right part of Fire and I go crazy whether I want to or not. No seriously, I listened to some music and walking through the city streets a short while ago, without me consciously noticing Fire started playing in the headphones. Well, before I knew it I was jumping around on the street and when my favourite part came, I must have looked soooo crazy.

FT.Island – Severely

Another song, I never thought would be so addicting to me. Also this song made me into a real KPop fan. Severely was the reason why I bought my first KPop album (although it was another FTIsland album and not the Severely one). Without it…I don’t know where I would be and what kind of fan I would be.

Block B – Nillili Mambo

Nillili Mambo is the reason why I love Block B so much and I think my second album was the respective album of the song. I love the music video so much and the music makes me seriously throw all choreo to the ground and just jump and react like a crazy person. Nillili Mambo is my kryptonite.


So this is my list of favourite K-Pop songs. What are yours?

See ya


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