My favourite K-Pop groups

I already wrote many posts on K-Pop but I realised I never actually posted a list of my favourite K-Pop groups. Well, I’m changing that now 😉

So here are my favourite K-Pop groups. From now on you know where I may be a little bit biased and where I am not. Please note, that there are only two groups where I don’t have at least one song I dislike. Even with the groups I like there is at least one song I don’t like (I’m good at finding things I don’t like ^.^ I’m a happy pessimist). So here it goes.

Side note: I’m a girl who is totally into K-Pop boys and has problems differentiating Korean girls, yes, of course, there are more boy groups than girl groups on this list. Although there are a few girl groups I like a lot. 





Don’t get me wrong. I like a few songs by SHINee…no actually, pretty much just one song: Why So Serious? Except for that I’m not that big of a music fan of them. I know their songs but especially their newer music style is just not my thing. Although I love when they are on shows (like on Ask Us Anything/Knowing Brothers)

My favourite member: first it was this one, than that one…in the end…I don’t know…all of them?

My favourite song: Why So Serious?

My favourite MV: Dream Girl




First BTS was in a different category on this list but a month or two after writing this post…I don’t actually remember when I wrote this post…I noticed that I like them a lot more than I thought.

Bangtan Boys/BTS


If you ask me “Name your 5 favourite songs by BTS”, I’ll be able to answer within 5 seconds. If you ask me for my 10 favourite songs by BTS…well, I won’t be able to answer. Why? Because, while BTS managed something incredible of not having even one song I dislike or hate, they only have like 5 songs I love. The rest is like inbetween, I like listening but I wouldn’t be able to listen for more than 3 times in a row. So BTS is in its own category because they are definitely not my favourite group but come pretty close. I like their music, their style and their character and their dancing makes me do more fitness too.

The reason why they are not my favourite group…actually I have no idea…really, why aren’t they? *thinkshard* *shakeshead* no clue, just aren’t my favourites I guess.

My favourite member: …I’m not gonna try…no idea…

My favourite song: Fire (I.can.not.sit.still.when I hear this song. It’s impossible)

My favourite MV: Do not ask me to choose between ‘Fire’ and ‘Not Today’. I just can’t.

Side note: I did buy one of their albums…because I wanted to have “Not Today” on CD (I know ‘just because of that?????’) 

Side note II: I did also buy a denim jacket with J-Hope and 94 written on it but mostly because I wanted to have something kinda K-Pop and I thought the jacket was sooo cool. (And I absolutely adore the jacket now. If it wasn’t so warm I would wear it every day)





Mamamoo is actually one of the few groups I know pretty much nothing about. I know their songs and their names and…well, people say they are funny and crazy in a positive way, but I don’t know myself (haven’t watched that much with them). I do say, I like most of their title songs. Since I don’t know any songs except for promoted or title songs, I can’t judge for the rest, that’s why they are in this category. Maybe I’ll research more about them in the future.

My favourite member: don’t know much about them variety wise

My favourite song: Décalcomanie

My favourite MV: Taller Than You





Astro is on the best way to become one of my favourite groups. I love their songs although their newest comeback “Baby” did need some convincing and replaying to grow on me. I am still not much of a fan of that one and I’m worried about them deciding to change their image or something like that in the future. I hope they won’t do it anytime soon. I love their upbeat and fluffy songs. They make my day. Also I saw them on variety shows and they are so talented and also funny ^.^

My favourite member: mostly JinJin, but Eunwoo is funny and Moonbin reminds me of a teddy bear.

My favourite song: Breathless

My favourite MV: Breathless (they were bottles…try to best that XDXD)




I didn’t know what to think of them in the beginning. I liked their debut “Glass Bead” but wanted to wait for the future. And before I knew, they grew on me. I just love their music and their style and they are funny ^.^ and can I just say: I really appreciate seeing a girl group who has choreos just as active as boy groups but still manages to incorporate the girly. So talented!! The one thing I don’t like? I wasn’t a big fan of “Fingertip”.

My favourite member: Sowon and Yuju

My favourite song: Love Whisper

My favourite MV: Rough




When they debuted I checked out their debut because I thought “ok, JYP and I’ve seen JB and Jinyoung acting in a drama before, let’s check it out”. So, I did, did not like their debut song and decided to wait for the future. What made me get into them? Unfortunately, it only happened when they released “Just Right”. That song got me like…wow. And from then on they’ve grown on me so much. I like them in variety, in reality shows, their music, their videos…pretty much everything, except their song “Fly” (just not my thing). I even grew to like their debut “Girls, Girls, Girls”, kinda.

My favourite member: JB

My favourite song: Just Right

My favourite MV: Just Right




This group…is killing me. Seriously, if there wasn’t there newest comeback “Movie” which I didn’t like very much, this groups would be in the following category and not in this one. I like all their previous songs, I like their videos, their choreos and most of all, their character. BTOB is definitely like the crazy aunt or uncle character everyone seems to have. They are crazy and I love every minute of it. They do their own thing and while in the beginning they still had to tone it down since they are, after all, an idol group, but soon it became their trademark and since then they go crazy one minute and show us their serious and cool attitude the next. I love it and I hope they’ll stay together for a long long time!!

My favourite member: BTOB is a bunch of bias wreckers. When you decide on one, the others come along and you fall for someone else and so on. It’s an endless cycle. Love all them.

My favourite song: too many I like (note: “The Winter’s Tale” is my favourite K-Pop winter song)

My favourite MV: You’re so Fly (note: but I also love the “The Winter’s Tale” costumes so much)





So Infinite was one of the first K-Pop groups I liked whole-heartedly. I like their music, their music videos and they are funny. I’m a sucker for funny leaders of K-Pop groups it seems and Sungkyu was one of the first K-Pop crushes I had. My hype over Infinite calmed down (to some degree, at least ^.^) some time ago but I still love the group so much. I also think that while they tease each other a lot they seem to have good chemistry. Okay, I’ll be honest, I still go crazy every time they have a comeback. Also, their music is, well, exactly my kind of music.

My favourite member: Sungkyu

My favourite song: Bad (it took me a very long time to decide…love all of them)

My favourite MV: Destiny (soooo many choices)




Usually when someone asks me which group is my favourite, I name VIXX. I just cannot get enough of them. They are funny, I love their songs, their MVs…I just love them. I think I watched every single show they were on and I just love these concept idols. They tease each other but also support each other. They know how to have fun with each other and know when to not take something too seriously. At the same time they are also talented and show that in every comeback. One thing, though, I love their songs, compared to Infinite, though, I wouldn’t listen to their songs on a everyday basis (except for ‘Eternity’ and ‘Voodoo Doll’ – first one I listened to for 3 days without any other song and I didn’t get bored at all, second one I bought the album because I loved it so much).

My favourite member: N (told you I love wacky leaders XD)

My favourite song: Eternity (3 days constant repeat…it’s one of my all-time favorite songs for a reason)

My favourite MV: Voodoo Doll (watch it and you’ll know, one of the best made MVs in K-Pop, for me at least)



Wanna One – SF9 – Pentagon – Winner – note: Girl groups always get me out of nowhere, so I can’t name anyone yet…but there are a lot of debuts and comebacks this year, so maybe soon

So, this is my list. What are your favourites?



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