Grey’s Anatomy Season 13…Let’s look back

I did not watch Grey’s anatomy regularly tbh. Like the first few season I only watch some parts of it and only with the newer seasons I started watching the newest episode every week. Just so you know.


But season 13 is the newest one and most of the original characters already left, so it doesn’t really matter, right? So let’s get to my review of season 13 and what I’m looking forward to in season 14!

Alex, Jo and oh, there was DeLuca

This was one of the big discussion points this season and tbh…I hated it. This plotline was mostly annoying and didn’t do anything for me except give me some excuse to leave the TV and get something to snack on while those scenes were going on. For those who do not know or do not remember: Jo decided to get drunk since she didn’t have the courage to tell Alex that she cannot marry him since she’s already married to an ass, DeLuca offers her his shoulder and helps her home when she cannot even walk on her own anymore, drunk Jo falls on the bed, DeLuca accidently falls with her, Alex walks in, sees this, thinks DeLuca is using Jo against her will (which was not the case), wants to protect her and decides to punch DeLuca almost dead. They bring him into the hospital, Alex confesses or doesn’t confess (I cannot remember myself), well in the end he is arrested for assault and well…the rest of the storyline goes like this “is DeLuca really suing him? will Karev really go to prison? Will he leave GA?”


That’s about all that happened. In the end DeLuca dropped the charges since he actually does have a thing for Jo (but still didn’t intend to do anything bad to her that night) and he wants to protect her. And Alex and Jo? Well, I wasn’t a big fan of that relationship to begin with. It was nice but nothing special…


But of course that does not explain why I was so annoyed by this whole storyline. Well, Alex is one of the few original characters left and sending him off to prison? Seems like a stupid decision even if the actor may want to leave the show (although I reallyyyyy hope he stays!!!). Putting Alex against DeLuca? Even worse idea. While Alex has his own role in the show and is already a very fixed character of the GA world, DeLuca is new and I could just not side with him…I didn’t know much about him and I mostly thought the character was annoying. Jo and Alex fighting again? Nothing new and it’s starting to get annoying. Also because Jo is starting to get on my nerves with her stubborness. She only sees herself and just when you think: Oh finally she cares about someone else or she is actually really nice, her stubborness comes again and crashes the party. If she stays in the GA world…please make her more bearable!!! So all in all, I wanted a better storyline for Alex, Jo and DeLuca. Also because in this court fight no one was wrong and no one was right. Alex thought Jo was in danger and just wanted to protect her, which is actually a good thing. DeLuca was scared and felt like he was in danger, so he had a right to sue. They should have just packed up their stubborness and talked and the thing would have been solved in one episode…


Side note: I really missed seeing Alex treating the kid patients. I think that was one of the best moves in his overall storyline – making him a kid doctor…him, not anyone else but Alex Karev…I loved that move!

Side note 2: I do admit I like the plotline where Alex found Jo’s ass husband and you can see him make the right decision not to do anything stupid. I liked that one!

Meredith, Riggs and Maggie

I cannot really say if I liked that storyline or not…I think I did like it a lot but wish they wouldn’t have made it go on and off like they did. In the first few episodes where Riggs still has to say No to Maggie and Maggie doesn’t give up, that was ok. Later on, Mer and Riggs realize they cannot stay away from each other but Mer doesn’t want to hurt Maggie. This is the part where I think it gets a little bit strange. One episode Mer and Riggs nearly hook up, the next one there is NOTHING…then they seemingly start having a wonderful heart-touching talk and next episode there is NOTHING. This development was just strange. Of course some of this is because GA does have a big cast but still I wish they at least put something in every episode (of course except for episodes like the Jackson and April one, since they were pretty much the only ones there) – but more about those later. Overall I liked the Mer/Riggs/Maggie storyline because in the end it was really nice seeing Riggs and Mer, two people hurt by the world and life, come together in such a nice and easy way and the sisters bond between Mer and Maggie was tested but held and maybe it was a little deepened, so I loved that.


Also the end? Where Mer let’s him go? I think that just proved that she really cares for him, since she rather let him go to Megan (is it written as Meghan?), Owen’s apparently alive sister, than hold him back. And compliments to Riggs actor whose name I don’t actually know, since you can see him being really sorry after their hug, since he knows this isn’t the best thing for Mer.


Whatever the writers decide to do, make Mer and Riggs good friends or make this a love triangle and get them together in the end, whatever they do, I’m on board with it, as long as they are still at least friends.

Side note: I was not totally on board with the Riggs and Mer idea in the beginning I admit but after the episode where Mer actually asks him why she should date him and he cannot really find an answer as well as the plane episode really made them a cute couple for me…

Jackson & April

This storyline…haaa…what to do with it? It was amazing in the last few seasons I admit, it was really touching. But now…I think this season was like this because the writers wanted to end their relationship in a believable way. It didn’t end with a crash but slowly. I do have to say, nowadays, I like Jackson and April as characters but together it seems a little bit forced since there relationship did end…kinda. They are still connected since they do have a kid together but still, I think romance isn’t the best way for them.


Jackson and Maggie

Something about the future…since I watch like 20 TV shows every week I sometimes miss some hints or there just weren’t any. Whatever it is, I love this one. Why? Because they. were. so. cute. together. in the last episode of season 13. Like how Maggie cared for Jackson and how Jackson looked at her and listened to her. I just wanted to roll around the room and giggle. If they get together…this would be awesome!! In GA it is important to have equal pairings which means couples where both have the same weight as a character. Meredith and Derek were such a couple although it shifted a little bit to Mer’s side before Derek’s death. Richard and Catherine are such a couple. They are both headstrong but also loving. Bailey and Ben are such a couple, surprisingly, I admit. In the beginning I thought they would not be since Bailey is such a strong character but maybe it’s because she reacts so differently when it’s about Ben, I just think they are cute.


So I think Maggie and Jackson could be such a couple. Let’s see where it goes in season 14!

Minnick (& Arizona)

Since I already talked about couple chemistry, let’s start with that. Minnick and Arizona…they did not really have that. Arizona is such a strong GA character, so it’s hard finding someone who can be equal to that. And Minnick didn’t do it for me. She was an interesting character and had a strong storyline but they just didn’t mix well. I am curious where Arizona’s story is gonna go, though.


So, Minnick’s storyline in general…The storyline was good. I liked it. It was mean for some characters but in general I liked it. It gave some freshness to the season. And here I’m gonna say, I think it was the perfect ending to fire here in the last episode. While the storyline was interesting, I think it was great to prove that Grey Sloan is not just about rules and standards and being the best. Grey Sloan is about the people and caring and being a better person. So while I did like the storyline I do think they closed it in the right way.

Richard vs the rest

Speaking of the Minnick storyline we get to Richard Webber. I already said I liked the whole who is on whose side idea, so now I’m mainly gonna write about Richard and Catherine. A definite power couple in the GA world. While I do not really like how Catherine is bugging Grey Sloan and making decisions by manipulating others, I did like the plotline where she and Richard went against each other silently, with him sleeping in the hospital and her also not really saying anything. And in the end she went to him and he also reached out a hand…I loved that one! It showed – you can fight as a couple but in the end you have to admit your mistakes and forgive. It just proved how strong of a pair they are.


Maggie’s Mum

I don’t want to say much about this. I cannot. This storyline was heart-breaking and amazing at the same time and I do say it gave Maggie a deeper role in the whole GA world. This was so amazingly beautiful and sad at the same time.


Megan’s alive

There’s not much to say about this. I like how it brought Owen and Amelia back together (also I found it really annoying how stubbornly Amelia was about not going back to him and not even talking to him) and after first not liking Amelia this season I started liking her again for taking the initiative when she saw that Owen wasn’t well. About Megan (I looked it up. it’s without an H), I cannot say, since there wasn’t much on that front yet. I think it can bring in some fresh wind and some interesting storylines though.


Stephanie’s leave

So last but not least, Stephanie is leaving. Her character…I loved her, I liked her and I think there was never a moment where I hated her, which probably is a first in the GA world. I think the only other characters like that were Meredith and Christina. I really liked Stephanie, especially because most of her plotlines, reactions and decisions seemed reasonable which is not a given in the GA world.


Her leaving…well, I’ll miss her but her announcing to Webber she was leaving? That scene was amazing. It was touching but oh so believable. It seems like the right thing to do after what she’s been through and while I will miss her, I think this is the right choice for the character.


So this is pretty much anything I want to mention. Grey’s Anatomy has many storylines and a lot of characters so it’s hard keeping track of everything, so forgive me if I missed anything. You can comment down below and I will put it into the list.

This is just my opinion.

If you liked this, thanks and press like, if you didn’t, well, you were the one spending your time reading it, not me, so yea…

Bye and see you next time!!


All pictures can be found on google with “Grey’s Anatomy” + “name of the character(s) on the pic”. I do not own anything.

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