CineMania. 2017. What’s on, what’s gone, what’s coming?

2017. A new year full of TV shows, movies and other stuff. But let’s put all that aside and just talk about what’s coming to the cinemas this year. It’s already April, I know but there are still….12…4…around 8 months left, so enough time to plan your savings and think about when to watch something.

Please note, that I’m mostly mentioning movies I want to watch or I know about or movies I’m a little bit interested in. I’m not going to go through the general cinema schedule, since half of this movies I’m not interested in. Also note, that there may be some changes with the release date depending on the production, the actual release and the country you live in. And third, please don’t forget that December is still a long way to go, so it’s possible that over the next few months other movies will be added which nobody knows about yet.


I know January is long gone but let’s just talk about it a little bit… tbh there isn’t much to talk about. There was the new Underworld movie Underworld: Blood Wars but other than that I was only interested in Monster Trucks because it was a funny weekend movie and I liked the actor. Nothing special and nothing noteworthy on the storyline or picture in January. The new Underworld movie was more like Underworld Awakening and less like the 3 originals, which made it a lot less interesting and it seemed kinda forced. And Monster Trucks was a nice movie, better than many others, but it doesn’t make my Top ten movie list. It was cute though.


What was in the cinemas in February. Another two movies and nothing more I was interested in. First, there was The Space Between Us which seemed promising and was kinda interesting but left many expectations open and didn’t deliver as much feelings and excitement as I hoped. The other one was Fifty Shades Darker. This one…what should I say about this one? It fits the first movie and it’s definitely more focused on the story than the first movie which would match the books, since the 2nd book also focuses a lot more on story then on the sexual parts. The chemistry between the actors seems a lot better and more believable now but the movie wasn’t as great as I hoped it to be. I think it’s probably expected, since the three books kinda go like: Introduction and sex – story – sex and ending. Considering all three books, there was more story in the 2nd one than in the 1st one and 3rd one together…which is kinda sad. So of course it’s hard producing a movie which includes most of the storyline of Fifty Shades. Still I think Fifty Shades Darker is probably the first movie where the second installment is miles better than the first. That’s it for February.


March. Here we have a few more movies than before. Four in total, which I’m interested in. Let’s start with the one I heard about and which I’m not really into. Power Rangers. It probably has some kind of undertitle but I don’t know which one. I only mentioned this movie because I think it’s funny that there will be a mainstream reboot movie about this. Another movie I heard about but don’t really know anything about is Kong: Skull Island. Some people say it’s nice, some people disliked it a lot. I don’t know what it’s like but maybe I’m gonna watch the DVD when it’s out. Now a movie I’m actually interested in, kinda, is Logan. Another Wolverine movie. I’d be lying if I said I liked Wolverine, because I really don’t. Just not my kind of superhuman. But many people said that the movie is great, so I’m considering watching it and see for myself. Also it may be important to watch for the next X-Men installment. And finally my favourite movie of March 2017: Beauty and the Beast. Some may say Seriously? But I will just answer YES! I love Disney movies and I was really excited for the newly filmed versions. First Cinderella which featured the original story with just a little spice since it’s been some time and they really used all the changes in history. It was colourful and touching. And Beauty and the Beast is amazing too. While I did watch it in German and the synchronisation of the 1st song was way off, I did enjoy it a lot, especially since they stuck to the original story and didn’t try to match it to modern stories. They did include a lot of updated jokes but I think that was just a plus and not something to dislike. Watch it and get enchanted in the Disney world!


When I first heard, there’d be another Smurfs movie, I was delighted. Amazing, the others were really funny. Then I heard it would be fully animated and not an animated/live-action mix, I was disappointed and deleted it from my list. Sorry Smurfs but I’m just not that into you. The other interesting movie in April, is The Fate Of The Furious, the 8th installment of The Fast & The Furious franchise. I do like the franchise a lot since it has a lot of action and some plot, but I don’t really wanna watch this new one. I always liked the movies for being about family and sticking together and since they’ll take this from me now, I’ll skip the cinema and watch it when it comes out on DVD…maybe.


When I told my friends what’s coming to the movie theatres in May, everyone was shocked because there are so many things to watch…Well, many…actually just three movies but compared to the months before it’s actually three movies I really want to watch and not just think about it. My poor purse. The first one would be Pirates Of The Caribbean – Dead Man Tell No Tales. There are rumours that the producers tried to make it more like the 3 originals and less like the 4th movie which was kinda like…well, it wasn’t that great. I really hope that’s the case since I would love to see more Captain Jack Sparrow and some of the other characters. Second movie I wanna watch is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It’s one of the big movies coming out this year and I’m really excited for it. I loved the first one, I like Chris Pratt and I’m definitely gonna watch this movie. And now to the third movie I really wanna see. This one I wanna see because I think the mix of actors is great and funny and I wanna see what they did with it. It’s Baywatch. It’s a reboot and I’d really like to see what they did with the amazing cast and if the movie is as funny as it seems. Maybe not, but we will see.

(oh yeah, did you know there’s gonna be a King Arthur movie in May? I’m interested, the question is, am I interested enough?)


June has a lot of movies coming but tbh I’m not really interested in any of them. So, there is Transformers: The Last Knight, another Transformers movie. Really? I thought this franchise would stop after the originals but no, there are still more. Another movie is Wonder Women. I’d love to support DC and go see the movie but I’m not really into Wonder Women. I will watch Justice League though (but that’s coming at a later date and not in June). What else is there? Ah, yes, Despicable Me 3. It wasn’t as fun as many people said, in the first one and I think the craziness going around the Minions is too much. So I’m probably not gonna watch until one of my friends asks me to watch the movie at home with pizza a few months after. And the last movie, which I really don’t wanna watch but I’m kinda intrigued with the movie. I wanna see if they can make go back to their first installment glory or make such a miserable fail like the 2nd one. It’s Cars 3. I’m interested how it’s gonna go.


July has exactly one movie I’m going to mention. Spider-Man: Homecoming. ANOTHER reboot of Spider-Man and hopefully the last reboot of the franchise for some time. I don’t wanna watch it, since it focuses on him being a student and just learning how to cope with everything else, but I probably have to watch it, since there’ll probably be something leading up to The Avengers: Infinity War. That’s Marvel’s technique. Link everything together and people will have to watch it even if they don’t want to. Bleh.


I’m not totally into horror movies, still I’m going to mention is, since there’s not much else in cinemas in August. Annabelle 2 is coming and I think there are only a few things more scary and creepy than dolls, so great…

Oh and there’s The Emoji Movie, which I’m definitely not going to watch but I think it’s funny that someone is actually making that.


I know, it’s sad, but there’s actually nothing interesting in September T.T


A movie I’m kind of excited about: Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The first installment was funny and a little bit touching…but mostly funny, so I am interested in what the producers will show us in the 2nd one.


November will be a direct rivalry between Marvel and DC. Thor: Ragnarok against Justice League. The 1st one I’m not interested in but I already know I have to watch it for the next Avengers, the 2nd one I’m actually interested in. Less because I’m interested in Batman, Wonder Women and so on but more because I wanna see the actors and characters interact with each other. It seems fun. I’m curious about November.


Last month. So there isn’t much for December but I think that’s probably going to change since normally there are always movies in December (Christmas movies and other movies matching the season). The only thing I could find so far was Pitch Perfect 3, which I don’t know what to think about. I didn’t think the 1st one was as good as everyone said, and the 2nd one just went off the rails and crashed (in my opinion). The 3rd one…haaa…I don’t even know anymore.



And the following movies will come out in 2018 or around the end of the year with not fixed release date yet (which means they could come in November/December 2017 or January/February 2018).

There is the Star Wars movie, Star Wars: Han Solo which I don’t know anything about because I’m still trying to diligently avoid watching Star Wars alltogether. Then, of course, The Avengers: Infinity War, which has breathtaking production costs and which I want to see. I think it can go either way. Either it goes great and the movies (since there are 2) will be awesome or they will be a big big fail (not cost-wise since people are at least interested in what the movie is like and Marvel isn’t paid for how great the movie is but how many people actually go see it). Then there’ll be another Tomb Raider I know nothing about but if the cast is right, I may go watch it. Another Mission Impossible movie, which I thought would be impossible by now. After a long wait, there’ll be The Incredibles 2. Good thing animated characters don’t age with the years like actors, right? I’m interested even though I wasn’t a big fan of the first one. Then there’ll be the Black Panther movie, which many expect to come before the Avengers movie. I don’t know if I’m going to watch that one. Maybe if the trailer seems interesting. Also there will be the third and final installment of The Maze Runner, Maze Runner: The Death Cure. I’m a big fan of this movie franchise and the cast, so I’m definitely going to watch that one. And last but not least there’ll be a 2nd installment of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them in 2018. At least they plan to release it in 2018. Let’s hope so. I’m excited.


What movies are you gonna watch? Did I miss some great movies or recommendations? Comment down below and I will adjust my list accordingly 😀

That’s all for today, have fun and bai bai ^.^


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