CineMania. 2017. What’s on, what’s gone, what’s coming?

2017. A new year full of TV shows, movies and other stuff. But let’s put all that aside and just talk about what’s coming to the cinemas this year. It’s already April, I know but there are still….12…4…around 8 months left, so enough time to plan your savings and think about when to watch something.

Please note, that I’m mostly mentioning movies I want to watch or I know about or movies I’m a little bit interested in. I’m not going to go through the general cinema schedule, since half of this movies I’m not interested in. Also note, that there may be some changes with the release date depending on the production, the actual release and the country you live in. And third, please don’t forget that December is still a long way to go, so it’s possible that over the next few months other movies will be added which nobody knows about yet.


I know January is long gone but let’s just talk about it a little bit… tbh there isn’t much to talk about. There was the new Underworld movie Underworld: Blood Wars but other than that I was only interested in Monster Trucks because it was a funny weekend movie and I liked the actor. Nothing special and nothing noteworthy on the storyline or picture in January. The new Underworld movie was more like Underworld Awakening and less like the 3 originals, which made it a lot less interesting and it seemed kinda forced. And Monster Trucks was a nice movie, better than many others, but it doesn’t make my Top ten movie list. It was cute though.


What was in the cinemas in February. Another two movies and nothing more I was interested in. First, there was The Space Between Us which seemed promising and was kinda interesting but left many expectations open and didn’t deliver as much feelings and excitement as I hoped. The other one was Fifty Shades Darker. This one…what should I say about this one? It fits the first movie and it’s definitely more focused on the story than the first movie which would match the books, since the 2nd book also focuses a lot more on story then on the sexual parts. The chemistry between the actors seems a lot better and more believable now but the movie wasn’t as great as I hoped it to be. I think it’s probably expected, since the three books kinda go like: Introduction and sex – story – sex and ending. Considering all three books, there was more story in the 2nd one than in the 1st one and 3rd one together…which is kinda sad. So of course it’s hard producing a movie which includes most of the storyline of Fifty Shades. Still I think Fifty Shades Darker is probably the first movie where the second installment is miles better than the first. That’s it for February.


March. Here we have a few more movies than before. Four in total, which I’m interested in. Let’s start with the one I heard about and which I’m not really into. Power Rangers. It probably has some kind of undertitle but I don’t know which one. I only mentioned this movie because I think it’s funny that there will be a mainstream reboot movie about this. Another movie I heard about but don’t really know anything about is Kong: Skull Island. Some people say it’s nice, some people disliked it a lot. I don’t know what it’s like but maybe I’m gonna watch the DVD when it’s out. Now a movie I’m actually interested in, kinda, is Logan. Another Wolverine movie. I’d be lying if I said I liked Wolverine, because I really don’t. Just not my kind of superhuman. But many people said that the movie is great, so I’m considering watching it and see for myself. Also it may be important to watch for the next X-Men installment. And finally my favourite movie of March 2017: Beauty and the Beast. Some may say Seriously? But I will just answer YES! I love Disney movies and I was really excited for the newly filmed versions. First Cinderella which featured the original story with just a little spice since it’s been some time and they really used all the changes in history. It was colourful and touching. And Beauty and the Beast is amazing too. While I did watch it in German and the synchronisation of the 1st song was way off, I did enjoy it a lot, especially since they stuck to the original story and didn’t try to match it to modern stories. They did include a lot of updated jokes but I think that was just a plus and not something to dislike. Watch it and get enchanted in the Disney world!


When I first heard, there’d be another Smurfs movie, I was delighted. Amazing, the others were really funny. Then I heard it would be fully animated and not an animated/live-action mix, I was disappointed and deleted it from my list. Sorry Smurfs but I’m just not that into you. The other interesting movie in April, is The Fate Of The Furious, the 8th installment of The Fast & The Furious franchise. I do like the franchise a lot since it has a lot of action and some plot, but I don’t really wanna watch this new one. I always liked the movies for being about family and sticking together and since they’ll take this from me now, I’ll skip the cinema and watch it when it comes out on DVD…maybe.


When I told my friends what’s coming to the movie theatres in May, everyone was shocked because there are so many things to watch…Well, many…actually just three movies but compared to the months before it’s actually three movies I really want to watch and not just think about it. My poor purse. The first one would be Pirates Of The Caribbean – Dead Man Tell No Tales. There are rumours that the producers tried to make it more like the 3 originals and less like the 4th movie which was kinda like…well, it wasn’t that great. I really hope that’s the case since I would love to see more Captain Jack Sparrow and some of the other characters. Second movie I wanna watch is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It’s one of the big movies coming out this year and I’m really excited for it. I loved the first one, I like Chris Pratt and I’m definitely gonna watch this movie. And now to the third movie I really wanna see. This one I wanna see because I think the mix of actors is great and funny and I wanna see what they did with it. It’s Baywatch. It’s a reboot and I’d really like to see what they did with the amazing cast and if the movie is as funny as it seems. Maybe not, but we will see.

(oh yeah, did you know there’s gonna be a King Arthur movie in May? I’m interested, the question is, am I interested enough?)


June has a lot of movies coming but tbh I’m not really interested in any of them. So, there is Transformers: The Last Knight, another Transformers movie. Really? I thought this franchise would stop after the originals but no, there are still more. Another movie is Wonder Women. I’d love to support DC and go see the movie but I’m not really into Wonder Women. I will watch Justice League though (but that’s coming at a later date and not in June). What else is there? Ah, yes, Despicable Me 3. It wasn’t as fun as many people said, in the first one and I think the craziness going around the Minions is too much. So I’m probably not gonna watch until one of my friends asks me to watch the movie at home with pizza a few months after. And the last movie, which I really don’t wanna watch but I’m kinda intrigued with the movie. I wanna see if they can make go back to their first installment glory or make such a miserable fail like the 2nd one. It’s Cars 3. I’m interested how it’s gonna go.


July has exactly one movie I’m going to mention. Spider-Man: Homecoming. ANOTHER reboot of Spider-Man and hopefully the last reboot of the franchise for some time. I don’t wanna watch it, since it focuses on him being a student and just learning how to cope with everything else, but I probably have to watch it, since there’ll probably be something leading up to The Avengers: Infinity War. That’s Marvel’s technique. Link everything together and people will have to watch it even if they don’t want to. Bleh.


I’m not totally into horror movies, still I’m going to mention is, since there’s not much else in cinemas in August. Annabelle 2 is coming and I think there are only a few things more scary and creepy than dolls, so great…

Oh and there’s The Emoji Movie, which I’m definitely not going to watch but I think it’s funny that someone is actually making that.


I know, it’s sad, but there’s actually nothing interesting in September T.T


A movie I’m kind of excited about: Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The first installment was funny and a little bit touching…but mostly funny, so I am interested in what the producers will show us in the 2nd one.


November will be a direct rivalry between Marvel and DC. Thor: Ragnarok against Justice League. The 1st one I’m not interested in but I already know I have to watch it for the next Avengers, the 2nd one I’m actually interested in. Less because I’m interested in Batman, Wonder Women and so on but more because I wanna see the actors and characters interact with each other. It seems fun. I’m curious about November.


Last month. So there isn’t much for December but I think that’s probably going to change since normally there are always movies in December (Christmas movies and other movies matching the season). The only thing I could find so far was Pitch Perfect 3, which I don’t know what to think about. I didn’t think the 1st one was as good as everyone said, and the 2nd one just went off the rails and crashed (in my opinion). The 3rd one…haaa…I don’t even know anymore.



And the following movies will come out in 2018 or around the end of the year with not fixed release date yet (which means they could come in November/December 2017 or January/February 2018).

There is the Star Wars movie, Star Wars: Han Solo which I don’t know anything about because I’m still trying to diligently avoid watching Star Wars alltogether. Then, of course, The Avengers: Infinity War, which has breathtaking production costs and which I want to see. I think it can go either way. Either it goes great and the movies (since there are 2) will be awesome or they will be a big big fail (not cost-wise since people are at least interested in what the movie is like and Marvel isn’t paid for how great the movie is but how many people actually go see it). Then there’ll be another Tomb Raider I know nothing about but if the cast is right, I may go watch it. Another Mission Impossible movie, which I thought would be impossible by now. After a long wait, there’ll be The Incredibles 2. Good thing animated characters don’t age with the years like actors, right? I’m interested even though I wasn’t a big fan of the first one. Then there’ll be the Black Panther movie, which many expect to come before the Avengers movie. I don’t know if I’m going to watch that one. Maybe if the trailer seems interesting. Also there will be the third and final installment of The Maze Runner, Maze Runner: The Death Cure. I’m a big fan of this movie franchise and the cast, so I’m definitely going to watch that one. And last but not least there’ll be a 2nd installment of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them in 2018. At least they plan to release it in 2018. Let’s hope so. I’m excited.


What movies are you gonna watch? Did I miss some great movies or recommendations? Comment down below and I will adjust my list accordingly 😀

That’s all for today, have fun and bai bai ^.^


Top 10 Hardest K-Pop dances (Male edition)

So here is the male edition of the Top 10 list of hardest K-Pop dances. Enjoy!

Again, the criteria is:

  • difficult movements (hard to follow, hard to dance movements)
  • very fast tempo (can be easy or hard moves but in a very fast tempo)
  • high stamina necessary (can be easy or hard moves but needs a lot of stamina over the duration of the song)

Some of the following songs/dances fit into all three categories, some in two and some only in one. I put this list together by looking at videos on YouTube and reading lists online to see what dances were called out the most.

Side note: I wasn’t a 100% on board with this list, tbh. I think people focused too much on groups they already knew where good at dancing, while some other choreos, which were definitely hard to do were ignored or not as high on the list…also, more popular songs got more attention than songs that weren’t that known. So I kind of changed some of the placements in the top 10 (though I did NOT change the Top 10 overall). All of the following groups were in the top 10, I just changed some of the numbers. 

10 – Infinite – The Chaser / BTS – We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 / Monsta X – Stuck / NCT U – The 7th Sense

Like with the female edition there were a few songs, that all deserved to be on this list and actually made it but all on number 10. Since I didn’t want to decide which one is the best I just put all four songs here. Infinite’s ‘The Chaser’ for its sometimes difficult and clean moves, which are hard to dance perfectly, and its fast tempo. BTS’ ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt.2’ which has some amazing choreo and is often disregarded since they had more known and popular since then. Monsta X’s ‘Stuck’ which was just one of the songs of Monsta X people considered as hard (seriously, I think Monsta X had so many songs. There was at least on of their songs in every list). And NCT U’s ‘The 7th Sense’ which is a song I don’t like at all but the choreo does look hard and difficult to follow. So all of them deserve to be here and I’m definitely not gonna dance to them anytime soon, I’m not that fit T.T

Infinite – ‘The Chaser’ Dance Version

BTS – ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt.2’ Dance Practice

Monsta X – ‘Stuck’ Dance Practice

NCT U – ‘The 7th Sense’ Dance Version

9 – BTS – Danger

BTS is known for powerful, detailed, fast and difficult dances and ‘Danger’ is just another proof for that. While some of their newer songs focus more on tempo and looks (though that doesn’t make it easier at all), ‘Danger’ features many detailed and clean moves which are hard to dance. Unfortunately ‘Danger’ is often ignored since the group had so many more popular songs since then. Still it’s included here and while I wish I could dance the choreo I will probably never try…I would probably think about one move while the choreo is already at the end of the song ;D

8 – SHINee – Everybody

Every group has their own dance style. BTS has power and fast tempo, Seventeen has specific moves and synchronisation, VIXX has details and concepts…SHINee has difficult moves mixed with just enough power and tempo. For their choreos you need training to learn the moves exactly and stamina to make it even halfway through the song. SHINee is mostly known for having difficult choreos and Everybody mixes that choreo with a fast tempo which makes the song really hard to dance to. I would probably only make it for 20 seconds…yes, I know the song starts by lying on the floor XO

7 – GOT7 – Hard Carry

GOT7 is an amazing group but kind of disappeared in the shadows behind other groups for the last few years…which I think is really sad, because they are amazing. While other groups get praised a lot for their choreo, I think GOT7 deserves a lot more of that too. Their dance is always strong, fast, detailed and on point. ‘Hard Carry’ made their dance talent even more apparent since it is a step faster and more powerful than some of their previous songs.

6 – Seventeen – Very Nice

Seventeen are known for being a self-producing group and therefore being extremely talented. ‘Very Nice’ shows their typical perfect synchronisation mixed with a fast tempo and some hard to follow dance moves. If I had to vote for one of Seventeen’s songs though I wouldn’t even known which one had the best choreo. All of them are great and awesome. Although I do have to mention one difference between this song and the others in the list. This is probably the only song who also focuses highly on synchronisation and not just detailed moves, power or fast tempo, since synchronisation is one of the main charms of Seventeen.

Side note: Yes, I know other songs are also synchronised and stuff like that but while they look better that way, it is one of the reasons why Seventeen’s songs made it here. It is not just hard but one of the hard points is getting it done at the same time and matching 13 people. 

5 – SPEED – Don’t Tease Me

First off, this is one of the main reasons why I told you before that I changed some of the placements in this list. SPEED isn’t very well known, so many people just disregarded their choreos or dances and didn’t include them in the list. But in my research I noticed, that when SPEED was mentioned people vehemently claimed it was one of the hardest ever. And I agree. ‘Don’t Tease Me’ features a simple main choreography which needs a lot of stamina plus some awesome stunt moves which I would scream about if I saw them live. I also heard the members did actually get hurt while doing it, which I’m not really surprised about…you won’t be either when watching the whole dance practice. The stunts are hard and difficult and tbh I have never seen such stunts in a K-Pop song before. That’s why I changed it’s placement a little higher than it was originally. (but it was always part of the top 10, like I mentioned before)

4 – BTS – Dope

I don’t have to tell you who dominates this list, do I? BTS does have many of the most difficult or hard choreos ever. Either because the moves are hard to follow or because it is just too fast. Sometimes both. Dope does have some difficult moves and also easy ones but I think the hardest thing about it is still it’s fast tempo and powerful performance. While many people complained that it was only mentioned so often, because it is a popular song, I do say that’s the case but it also deserves to be called out as one of the hardest choreos and dances there are. But judge for yourself!

3 – SHINee – Lucifer

I just wanna say, this was originally at the top spot and I totally get why, still I decided to pull it down a notch because while ‘Lucifer’ does have a hard choreo its tempo is only slightly fast and it has breaks inbetween. ‘Lucifer’ is hard because it has detailed moves which are hard to learn and memorise and it definitely made SHINee the known dance group it is know. It had interesting choreos before but ‘Lucifer’ topped all of them. Even today it is still one of the best choreos out there.

2 – BTS – Fire

People are probably getting bored with ‘Fire’ always being at the top of such lists and I understand why. But at the same time we all have to admit that ‘Fire’ is hard. It consists of some difficult movements, a powerful performance, a lot of jumping and hand moves and it is overall stamina exhaustion everywhere. While many moves are repeated over time its tempo is still straining and when you actually dance to it you realise that near the end you are just wishing “End…end…END!!!” I still love it, like so many other people, and use it for my workout because afterwards you will feel like you definitely did something ^.^

1 – Teen Top – Rocking

Aaaaand number 1 is…Teen Top’s ‘Rocking’. While ‘Fire’ is straining your stamina and ‘Lucifer’ includes difficult moves Teen Top’s ‘Rocking’ is like…like a dance with a normal choreo and a crazy part where you think “OMG, if I could do that I could do anything”. Okay, let’s talk about the normal choreo and just ignore the jumping part for a minute. The choreo is difficult. It is fast, it has a lot of big moves mixed with minimal movement of another part of the body, both at the same time, which translates to: You have good coordination? You should definitely try this. You don’t have good coordination? Goodbye! So while the normal choreo is already detailed, fast and annoyingly complicated they also added the jumping and leg kicking part which makes everyone go “Wow”. It kicks the tempo up a notch and while I would already consider it hard doing it that fast and just in one direction, they even move their positions while doing it. So, whoever choreographed this made a crazy hard choreo and added some extra madness. For me, Teen Top’s ‘Rocking’ is like the tempo from ‘Fire’ (sometimes faster) plus the difficulty of ‘Lucifer’. And that is why it is Number 1 on this list.


Here, a few honorable mentions: B.A.P. – One Shot / EXO – Monster / VIXX – Voodoo Doll / GOT7 – If You Do / SPEED – What U / EXO – Growl

I hope you liked the list. If you want to add something or have questions leave a comment down below. I’m thinking of making a list of the best K-Pop dance groups, should I? Well, I don’t know much about the dancing in girl groups so it would only be a male version but I think it sound interesting.

Also I’ll be releasing some posts to K-Pop every monday…at least that is the plan. Let’s see how long it works ^.^

So that’s it for today, bye bye!!


Top 10 hardest K-Pop dances (Female edition)

I love dancing. Not just K-Pop dancing but also like the dancing in the movies Step Up or let’s just say dancing in general (excpet for the standard waltz and stuff like that…I’m not much for formal dancing). Maybe I’ll make a list with the Top dance movies one day…maybe not, depending on my mood. But since I love dancing and K-Pop I decided to make a list of the hardest K-Pop dances.

Just so you know, this isn’t just according to me. I spend a long time watching other people’s lists and reading articles and tried to collect what songs where called out the most. If you know any dances I forgot (please, if the dance came out in the last two months, it’s probably not included, because no one mentioned it yet) then comment down below and I will have a look at it and adjust the list.

The choreos include at least one of the following criteria:

  • difficult dance moves (like very specific or very hard to do moves)
  • very fast tempo (can be hard or easy moves but very fast)
  • needs amazing stamina (can be hard or easy moves but no rest and moving all the time, strong movements)

Let’s start with the female version first.

10 – Miss A – Breathe / G-Friend – Me Gustas Tu / WJSN – MoMoMo / Black Pink – Boombayah / KARA – Mamma Mia

Number 10 on this list wasn’t very clear as you may see. All of these dances were called out a lot for different reasons. ‘Breathe’ by miss A for being hard on the stamina and the body, because of the hip and core movements and the few and precious breaks in the dance. G-Friend’s ‘Me Gustas Tu’ for its fast tempo and continuous movements. Cosmic Girls’ ‘MoMoMo’ debut track for its big movements and fast tempo. ‘Boombayah’ was also named as one of the faster tracks with big as well as sometimes complicated moves. And KARA’s ‘Mamma Mia’ was often named as a dance that needs stamina and has many little movements. All of these deserve a place on this list and I just didn’t think it was right to just choose one and put it in this list. So here you have number ten =D

Side note: Don’t worry, this is the only place where I’ll put more than one song

miss A – ‘Breathe’ Dance Version

G-Friend – ‘Me Gustas Tu’ Dance Practice

WJSN – ‘MoMoMo’ Dance Practice

Black Pink – ‘Boombayah’ Dance Practice

KARA – ‘Mamma Mia’ Dance Practice

9 – SNSD – Catch Me If You Can



When I started watching videos and reading lists of the hardest K-Pop dances I was kind of suprised at how often SNSD or Girls’ Generation was named. So I decided to watch their dances again and I admit, it looks hard and probably needs a lot of stamina but because the girls do it so flawlessly you don’t really realise how good they actually are.

‘Catch Me If You Can’ features a few complicated moves but I think mostly it is hard because it tests your endurance. It exhausts you stamina and I’m amazed that the managed to sing while doing this.

SNSD – ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Live

8 – Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb



I don’t like the song so the moment it appeared a second time on a list I decided to look up the song and watch the choreo a few times. Many may ask why ‘Dumb Dumb’ is supposed to be hard, it looks easy, doesn’t it? But that’s the whole trick behind some K-Pop dances. It looks really easy and in the end you realise it is not…not at all. ‘Dumb Dumb’ features constant movement and no breaks, as well as complicated moves in terms of details. You have to complete every move perfectly to make it look good and that plus the constant moving makes the dance hard and difficult. Compliments to Red Velvet for making it look very easy even though it isn’t!

Red Velvet – ‘Dumb Dumb’ Live

Red Velvet – ‘Dumb Dumb’ for Weekly Idol 2x tempo

7 – Wonder Girls – Like This



‘Like This’ falls in the same category as ‘Dumb Dumb’. Looks amazingly easy but is very hard. ‘Like This’ has shaking, jumping, shaking, sweeping and so on…it features more movements that you think and if you actually manage this song with your stamina in one go and without dying you can definitely count yourself as a person with quite some endurance and a fit body.

Wonder Girls – ‘Like This’ Dance Practice

6 – T-ara – Lovey Dovey



‘Lovey Dovey’ looks like a lot of fun and interesting but don’t be fooled. ‘Lovey Dovey’ has so much shuffling, it fills most of the song. So, sure, you don’t have to learn many moves, but just try to do shuffling without falling, looking stupid or doing something that doesn’t really count as shuffling but just jumping around and ruining the floor. T-ara manage to make it look easy and I cannot even imagine how long it took them to be that good at it.

T-ara – ‘Lovey Dovey’ Dance Practice

T-ara – ‘Lovey Dovey’ Live Performance

5 – SNSD – I Got A Boy



SNSD’s ‘I Got A Boy’…ha, this song is not only a little bit longer than other songs but it also includes so many different music styles. And when the music changes, the dance has to change too, right? So ‘I Got A Boy’ features a lot of different dance moves, not necessarily difficult ones, but some of them need a lot of stamina, some are just plain easy but really fast and some are hard to do without looking like a dork. And while they do stand around in the beginning there aren’t many breaks during the song itself. Good work, Girls’ Generation!

SNSD – ‘I Got A Boy’ Live

4 – G-Friend – Rough



G-Friend is known for being one of the fastest rising girl groups in the K-Pop industry at the moment. Why? Many reasons but one of them are their dances. Their choreo matches the songs really well and while girl groups normally feature sexy, cute or funny moves, G-Friend’s dances are fast, big, sometimes complicated and often without breaks. Rough is a really good example of that. It’s fast and has big as well as small and complicated moves. These girls definitely have some stamina.

G-Friend – ‘Rough’ Live

3 – G-Friend – Navillera


So another G-Friend song right after. Well, I understand why. ‘Rough’ is hard and ‘Navillera’ isn’t any easier. It shows G-Friend’s dance style: big and small moves, complicated and easy ones and moving continuously with no breaks even when you are the one singing (which is often the point where one gets to rest).

Also, for all those you don’t know: G-Friend actually went onto the variety idol show ‘Weekly Idol’ and performed a 2x tempo version of …I think ‘Rough’ and ‘Navillera’? I’m not sure which songs they were exactly but since all of their songs feature an amazing dance choreo it doesn’t really matter. They danced twice as fast and were amazing!

G-Friend – ‘Navillera’ Dance

G-Friend – ‘Navillera’ for Weekly Idol 2x tempo

2 – SNSD – Into The New World



This, I think, is the oldest song on this list…yea, I’m actually quite sure it is. I never really watched a performance of the song before but when I did, I totally understood why people said it was hard. ‘Into The New World’ is hard because it is fast, powerful, cheery and with big movements. It is SNSD’s debut song and it features an amazing but definitely stamina-testing choreo. Maybe I should use this for my workout, I would definitely get some endurance training!

SNSD – ‘Into The New World (Remix)’ Live

1 – After School – First Love



This song was on nearly every list I looked at. And I didn’t have to think about it more than 1 second. Why? Because its choreo features pole-dancing and pole-dancing is one of the hardest sports. You have to train and commit to it and really know how to use your muscles and body in the right way or you’ll fall down like a rock. After School not only managed to show us amazing pole-dancing, they even sang and performed while doing it. And the song is actually more of a ballad than a dance song, so I think it is amazing that they didn’t just stand behind the mics but gave us fans such an amazing dance ^.^

After School – ‘First Love’ Live


Here a few honorable mentions: The Ark – ‘The Light’ / Hyuna – ‘Red’ / Chocolat – ‘Syndrome’ / BoA – ‘Only One’


So, this was my list for most difficult K-Pop dances, the female edition. The male edition is also ready and I will upload it in a few days. I hope you liked the post, if yes, yippie yay yay! If not, not my problem, I had fun. If you have questions, comments or additional suggestions comment down below =D

Thanks for reading and bye bye!!!


8 typical presents when you don’t know what to give someone

We all know this, it is someone’s birthday and you have absolutely NO IDEA what to get them. So what to do? Well, we all go back to the typical clicheéd gift ideas since we tend to be uncreative in our most urgent times. If you need to get a present for someone and have no idea what to get them? You can take this post as advice or as warning because these presents can either be awesome or be a total flop. Take the risk or be save, that is the question ;D

Side note: I do consider myself a perfect present giver. I may sometimes give random stuff but everyone likes it, so…I guess I’m good at that. Yes, this side note is just some self-praise I needed =P

No 8. A card


Yes, seriously. There are really people who think that giving someone just a card (and nothing else) is enough. As long as there is no money or a voucher or some amazing poem or message inside, it is the crappiest present ever. This is what you give the person at the office you always forget the name of but you didn’t want to leave her/him out when giving out the presents. It’s what you give someone when you’re too lazy or busy to look for a present or when you couldn’t care less and you just want to be polite and never hear from that person again.

Of course, in some countries it means more than in others. Like sending a christmas card with family photos to relatives or colleagues…yea, that’s ok, but as far as I know that’s not common. The only reason why I would just give a card to someone? If someone lives far away and I don’t have the money to send more than a card. That’s it. For me that is the only reason why I would send just a card. Otherwise I would find it very strange or sometimes even rude. Just imagine how you would feel to get a card as a present which just says: Happy Birthday. Greetings, Esmeralda. (no idea why I chose that name right now) I would feel like “That’s it? At least write something inspiring or nice and not just Happy Birthday”

An inspiring message is the least you could do.

No 7. Dinner


I don’t mean the candlelight dinner someone gives their lover or future fiancé or something like that. Also not the dinner someone makes for the partner at a special anniversary. No, I mean the dinner you plan to make for your friend when you say “Hey, Happy Birthday. How about we meet on your birthday and I’ll make you some yummy dinner?” That’s the dinner I am talking about. It’s different if you say I’ll bake you a cake for your party but this dinner is just plain laziness. Or more like stinginess. You don’t wanna buy anything so you propose making a meal for the other person. Sure, it seems like a lot of effort (which is why it is often used as a present, because it looks good and like you actually DID something), but it’s mostly just you being too lazy or stingy to buy a present so you’d rather spend an evening with the birthday person so you’re done with the presents. I mean it can be nice in some cases but with many it’s not. And who said the person wants to spend time with you? XD

No 6. Something for someone else


You know that thing that happens when you have kids or pets or you are in a special group of some kind? I can tell you. People tend to give you things which are not exactly for you. Like giving you presents that are for your children or something for your pet or there is also the case where they invite all of your teammates to some lunch/dinner in the next fast food restaurant. And overall it’s a very nice gesture but not rea~~~~lly a present for you (except when your kid is a small little baby – then it’s cute – or your pet is your best buddy – then it’s sweet). So maybe think of something more personal.

No 5. Sweets


This is such a typical present I can’t even think of anything to write about it. Sweets are great if it’s premium chocolate from switzerland or your friend really wanted to try a specific kind of candy and you bought exactly that but otherwise? Sweets are something most people can use, since it’s something to eat and you don’t have to be on the look out for sizes or something. In the last few years it’s become a little bit harder since there are more people who don’t like sweets (really whyyyy???) and/or are allergic to something (example, chocolate. Many people can’t have chocolate because of the milk, because of lactose intolerance).

Lucky for me, I live in a city where we have a special sweets shop. It’s expensive and has many interesting flavours you don’t normally get, so it’s always nice to give something from there as a present to someone not living here ^.^ If you have something like that sweet are a great idea, if not…well, maybe think a little bit more.

No 4. Beauty products


Soap, shampoo, perfume or similar stuff is often the content of a present for women. Interestingly enough it is mostly a present from women to women and sometimes from women to men. Of course, there are exceptions, especially since nowadays you can just walk into a beauty shop and say you need a present and they will put a basket of things together and decorate it nicely. Present done!

With beauty products…I wish I could say something bad about it but as long as it’s something special and not like a message “Clean yourself up a bit” it’s actually a great present. There are so many interesting things there: special bath soaps and cremes, perfumes, special shampoo and so on and so on, so I can’t really say it’s without any thought, although it does kind of say you ran out of other ideas.

No 3. Candles

Beautiful candles with flowers on wooden background

With this one you have to be careful …to not burn yourself, ha! See what I did there? Okay, let’s be serious. Candles, normal ones but also the scented candles are a number one gift with many people. I think this is something that started like 5 years ago and the trend is still going strong since candles come in so many different shapes and with so many different scents nowadays that you have a ton to choose from. The reason why I said to be careful? There are people who absolutely adore candles (like me, I have like 20 to 30 scented candles and I’d love to have more) and there are people who think it’s a waste of time and space (like my mum. She doesn’t really have anything against candles but she does think it’s a present that definitely says you had no idea what to get her). So normally it goes either like this: “Oh my god, this smells delicious and it looks so cute, oh my…wow” or like this “oh wow, thanks so much, it’s really nice” As you may be able to guess (or not) the second version was a person being sarcastic and trying to be polite. So as long as you don’t know whether the person likes candles or not, I wouldn’t recommend buying that for them.

No 2. Flowers


And here we are with the most classic of classic present. Flowers. With flowers you have to make the distinction between pot flowers, garden flowers or a bouquet of flowers. Here a short list of when to get what:

  • Pot flowers: when the person absolutely adores flowers / when it’s a special kind of flower and the person is known for being good with them / when it’s a relative or friend living in the dorms or somewhere in a small room, so flowers will make the room brighter and more enjoyable
  • Garden flowers: when the person loves gardening / when the person loves flowers and likes to go and work outside / when the person looked for a flower like that for a long time and knows just the right place for it
  • Bouquet: when you want to wish someone “get well soon” / when you want to get someone to date you / when you pick someone up for a date / when you meet your partners parents for the 1st time

And here a short list when you should NOT get someone these flowers:

  • Pot flowers: When the person is known for killing flowers with negligence or the unability to take care of them (like me, I’m horrible with flowers and great with cacti) / when that person has pets who love to dig in flower pots
  • Garden flowers: when there is no garden (duh!) / when the person hates to go outside / when you live in a country where that specific flower wouldn’t last a week outside / when you have pets who like to dig out flowers in the garden
  • Bouquet: when the other person is a kid / when the other person hates bouquets (like my mum, she says: the flowers are only gonna die after a few days, so why?) / your best buddy (the ONLY exception to that would be at a wedding but that’s it)

No 1. Gift certificate / cards


The new typical thing to get someone: gift cards. They are easy and can never really be wrong. Gift cards are great as a present because you don’t have to decide what to get someone, you only have to know their shop preference. And sometimes even that isn’t that hard if you just get a gift card for amazon or other online shopping sites. They are like multiple shops in one so it’s more than just a little bit easy.

In my opinion gift cards are not so great if you are someone really close since you should know what that person likes while it is a perfect present if you only have a vague idea what someone likes and you don’t wanna mess it up. Better give someone a gift card, then something they don’t really like or use.


So this is my list of things you can get someone but sometimes shouldn’t get someone. Like I said you can use it as advice or as a warning what to get or what not to get. I hope you liked the list and it helped you choose a present for someone dear to you (or not)

G’bye and c u soon (or not, depending on my mood and yours)