Top 10 Movie Ending Credits

Sorry for not writing in such a long time, well…long time haha. It wasn’t THAT long, was it? Well, doesn’t matter now. So, what is this about: A few days ago I watched the movie “The Huntsmen: Winter’s War” and it reminded me about how great the credits of the prequel were. Not just the sound but also the looks of it and the overall feeling. Of course the credits are not as important as the intro or a movie in general but I think a good movie needs good credits so you’ll leave the cinema with the right feeling.

So here are my favourite ending credits in movies.

Side note: Criteria was sound, visual, overall feeling, mixes well with the movie ending.

Side note: Please note that there, of course, won’t be many movies, if any, from BEFORE 2000. Because the visual wasn’t that good back then and because I don’t watch many before 2000 movies. I may have forgot some movies, so if you know ANY amazing credits (and I don’t mean the credits scene but the sequence) then please, do tell!!! 


Extra – Step Up 3D (2010)

The Step Up franchise is a series of movies about dancing and life and…a little bit of romance maybe? Sometimes there are witty comments but in general it’s a dance movie franchise. But where there is dance there is music, normally. So of course the soundtrack would have to be good. Why these credits made it onto the list? Because they cover a nice song mixed with funny but good background. The cast is having fun and also showing their dancing in the credits and I love how the credits work with special effects and the dance scenes combined. Though, I do admit that I like the song for dancing, but not in general, hehe


10 –  Iron Man (2008)

The Iron Man franchise is known for being amazingly popular and crazy about the badass music (like “Highway to Hell” from ACDC and others). So the credits had to be good. I actually couldn’t really decide because for me the visual of the 3rd movie was the best, the song of the 2nd movie was amazing and the 1st one had the best combination, that’s why that one is here now ^.^ it matches with the movie and the ending and shows some new kind of effects for the credit sequence.


9 – Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

The song is not special and the whole franchise is probably highly overrated but the visuals are just sooo good, that I had to include it here. The effects and the visuals are detailed and looking good and mixed with the music it matches the mood of the movie pretty well.


8 – Zootopia (2016)

This one matches the movie itself the best. Probably because the movie is actually still going while the credits are starting. Doesn’t matter, it counts and I really love how the put the credits into the scenes of the movie and also that they showed you who was voice-acting for what character. Also the song is kinda annoyingly catchy.


7 – X-Men First Class (2011)

This one matches the movie itself…kinda. I do think that the credits give you a really amazing feeling when you finished watching. You have the feeling the movie was better than it was (and that from someone who absolutely adores this movie). It gives the whole X-Men thing a badass vibe. Also the visual is a mix between something relevant for the movie (all the x’s and looking like genes) and an old school style (which also matches since the movie is set before the actual X-Men movies). I think it sounds awesome and leaves you with the perfect feeling to leave the cinema.


6 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)/ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

I just could not decide. Harry Potter is known for it’s amazing score and while the just give you normal black screen-white font credits sometimes, those two movies did their own thing and went with a theme that matches the movie. In the 3rd one that is the Marauder’s Map and in the 4th installment it’s the paper in the goblet. I really like the visuals and it matches the sound and overall it goes nicely with the movie itself.


5 – The Hobbit. Battle Of The Five Armies (2014)

I do admit, I’m not a big fan of the song. I like it but I’m not a fan and for me it could be something else too. But aside from that, I love the visuals. It’s amazing how it looks like the drew all those people and the cast and maybe they did maybe not, doesn’t matter, it still looks great and together with the song it gives you a kind of melancholic feeling (which matches since you know this is the last one of ‘The Hobbit’ and you know how the story’s gonna go). Overall it has this “This is the end and goodbye to everyone” feeling which is touching and fitting.


4 – Aquaman (2018)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video of the credits. Well, I guess it’s cause the movie is still in cinemas.

So Aquaman’s ending song is really beautiful and the video and pictures to it are amazing. I actually sat in the cinema not just because there is ALWAYS an end credits scene with those movies but also because I just loved the ending. It showed small replicas of the scenes and locations in the movie and it looked amazing. The song fits really well, although I do admit the song goes on your nerves after a short time. Well, it’s not number 1 is it now?


3 – The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)

The song sticks. It really does. I love it. The visual is just a copy from the first installment, but it still looks good. That’s why it’s number 3. I love how they managed to stay by their concept and have similar credits to the first movie. It gives you this really big badass feeling.


2 – Titanic (1997)

Why is this here? Was there anything special in those credits? Actually I don’t think so. The only thing why it’s here is because there is this special scene where Rose goes into the big hall and meets Jack at the top of the stairs and it’s part of the ending sequence. The famous song “My Heart will go on” is already going strong and you see this scene and it ALWAYS makes me cry because I just think “You, audience, you’re all dead and Rose will never ever experience the happiness she had with Jack again, ’cause he’s dead too.” Titanic just tells such a romantic but tragic story and the song (even though it’s been overly used ever since the movie) just trumps every other movie below it (in this list, I mean ^.^)


1 – Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

So, this movie is probably the one movie why I’m even writing this post. When I first saw the credits for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ I was like “Oh wow, that’s amazing” and my head went kind of blank because I was actually watching the credits with the same concentration as the movie (I watch nearly ALL movies with a serious face, whether they are good or bad…they have to be really boring or bad for me to even think of leaving the room or concentrating on something else).

I love the song, the visuals and the credits give the movie an even more dramatic feeling. Doesn’t matter how much drama was behind the scenes or how good or bad the movie was, no one should complain about the credits. For me this is the best movie credits sequence, there is.



Honorary mentions:

Wreck It, Ralph!, American Ultra, Harry Potter and the Order Of Phoenix and probably a 100 more but I cannot remember, so bleh =P



So, that’s it. I hope the post did something for you, maybe even be a little bit entertaining or interesting, if not, I don’t care, not my fault, if yes, yippie, I’m just THAT good!!!

Hahaha, no joke aside, I hope it was a little different from what you usually read and see you next time.


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