An introduction…

Hi everyone out there who reads this…probably not many if anyone at all but let’s be positive and optimistic, k’?

So, I think everyone should start a blog with an introduction of themselves. That does not mean everyone has to do it and of course, you have to be totally stupid to reveal everything online but a little introduction can’t hurt, right? Right? Right?

Well, I’m not going to bore you with infos like me being a university student and living in a European country, no that would be so general and boring…oh wait, I did just do that, didn’t I? Oops…but no, that’s not what I’m here to tell. My intro will be…well, about my thoughts, some random, some not, and what my life is about.


First things first, why is this blog named pumpkincrash?

Because I love the word pumpkin and pumpkincrash sounds better than a single pumpkin or pumpkinbomb, pumpkinparty, pumpkinprom, pumpkinsoup, pumpkinlife, pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin…like I said, I love that word

Side note: a) I’m an idiot, I wrote all those pumpkins instead of just using copy+paste T.T b) I actually dislike everything with pumpkin in it except for pumpkin soup…or was it pumpkin creme soup?? So confusing, life, that is XP


Also, what will this blog be about?

I like things orderly and neat. The problem there: I make lists and soon I have lists for lists and afterwards I have lists for lists for lists…I think you know what I’m getting at, right? But back to the blog: I would love to write regularly, like writing about something, a special topic, on mondays or something like that, and I will seriously try keeping that up…it probably won’t work when university starts again…but let’s be positive and optimistic, shall we? (wait…I’m having a deja vu)

Side note: a) neat and orderly…all except my room, you should see that…XO b) is that how you write deja vu? I think some of those signs on top of the letters are missing…what are they called again…Argh!!! English…or in this case, French…is such a difficult language sometimes


What will the posts be about?

Probably about some parts on my life like: Everyday experiences, university life, annoying friends, work life, books, films, food, nail design, clothing, jewelry…probably those things, not necessarily in that order.

Side note: a) one moment…what is the category for this blog again…darn it, I forgot b) …wait there’s no b….


About myself?

Hm…let’s but this in a few sentences…:

  • I’m a university student studying sociology
  • I’m a girl
  • English is not my motherlanguage but sometimes I think in English and confuse it with other languages which gets really annoying…
  • I love strawberries, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cheese and homemade red currant juice.
  • I dislike pumpkins and carrots.
  • My family has a dog and a rabbit and they do not get along at all!!!
  • My favourite movie is “How to train your dragon”
  • My favourite song is “Severely” by FTIsland
  • My favourite actor is Jesse Eisenberg
  • I’m a KPop fan who is proud to have been a Kpop fan years before Gangnam Style
  • I love sleeping in although morning (and I mean the general morning, not the it’s-4pm-morning) is my favourite time of the day
  • I love rain and winter and drinking hot chocolate in front of a white snow landscape
  • I’d love to dance and do more sports but neither do I have the money nor the coordination…Seriously my arms-legs coordination is similar to a broom…who, as you may have notices, does not HAVE any arms or legs
  • I can speak English and German fluently, understand some French and Spanish and currently I’m learning Korean
  • I talk too much
  • I write too much
  • I think too fast

Side note: a) that was NOT a few… b) does this actually tell anything about me? If not, well, better luck next time, if yes, YESssss! Mission accomplished!


What do I want from life?

…ok, seriously, note to myself, where did that question come from???

Side note: a) I’m bored b) …again, no b…


Any ideas what the next post will be about?

Yes, actually I do have some ideas. Either just life or some easy nail design everyone can do (and be informed, that from someone who does this at home as a hobby…I’m not a professional beautician nor am I very talented with make-up or beauty products in general…seriously, I thought ‘foundation’ was another word for ‘concealer’ or BB cream and what is the difference between creme foundation and a powder foundation…or wait, was that something else and not foundation??? Argh…I’m confused)

Side note: My next post will probably be up by friday…maybe thursday…if everything goes well


What do you do in your freetime?

Laze around, play corpse on the sofa, stare into my computer screen, curse at my computer, clean up the house, read read read read

What would you like to do in you freetime?

read read read read write read write write read

Side note: a) again I wrote that without copy+paste…idiot me c) oh wait, it should be b, right?


Do you wanna share more? 


Side note: a) I’m bored b) no idea what I should continue with, so let’s wrap it up


Okay, so that’s my introduction. Maybe it was useless, maybe not, but I’ll be positive and optimistic and just convince myself I’m great

(“I’m great I’m great I’m great I’m great I’m great I’m great”)

Side note: Copy+paste…is that so hard?

I’m an idiot



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